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thank you uh good morning everybody uh so i'm going to uh i'm cutting the but this
isn't about thirty p. f. l. onto the i would like to talk to you about
the uh any of in the middle things are european but the colour or the curve in
green in this in this context for the last ten years on is more where
um i think everybody knows about in the the thing is uh sorry cab
basically you can see in these uh i remember clearly wearable psyche element
a lot of things because the idea is that because the the what else is not only things that we bought our sort
but can also be on carson can also be you're not that's then basically you want to have everybody money don't
and the idea of the the the thing is that this information can provide new insights how
they can interact ultimately with each other things to the use of technical computing so
yeah he is that you can rely on me they don't really these machine learning and all
these elements can really interact together to create new business opportunities now the question is
we think about these contests and these are we having is probably my love for the last
probably almost ten years is it possible and are we really ready for release so
we focus specifically on medical we can see that the week early
on is the idea of developing extremely tiny sensors that can
sends the information and happily transferred to a smart hub can be typically smart phone and
for this is more phone if you need you can also communicate to adopt
so and then there are few as their speaker particularly hot burial for cardiovascular disease
a brain many doreen and even the score altering for british so we think about these and we have
been looking quite a lot in this area the main issues that you have for two for one
this is the only last five to six days so there's no way to make this it can last in this context
see because it become occasions still expensive and second what happens if i don't have communication
be young does not phone to uh to the hospital to this business a
person that's when you don't have a way to report anything so you'd
white feet so since two thousand and then we have been working with
issue to try to extend this approach and make assistant really smart
so we had developed is a number of its business multiprocessor resigns a
microcontroller that and specific target in that regard to them analysis
and things that we can also in bed in the sensors not really on the phone but in the sensors
noise filtering we can also do the nation that you wouldn't possibly that even with
messy learning we have been able to include classifiers that the doctors will
used to reduce the volume of the the recognition so having all these
we can definitely port to the hospital what is really needed
if it's maybe we can also compress the data so that little two teams irrelevant information and everything
most intimate normal fashion so you don't really need to have the osprey that all the time
and to intervene so we tried to do these and we put it in place
with double the medical community and see what happens and what turns out is that they
are very interested so you could actually have assistant really working out on the mostly
um for that for a person just lead lead the personally the
hospital angled to be money don't in case something was wrong
the host be that easy informal dramatically things to the business answers didn't you didn't have it also because you could
even have extremely cheap one about uh systems to do that and in the end what you get is
date phone weekends only an interface to the person was to see something but otherwise system works autonomous states
so overall yes it's possible to have a small white also created even us that
the colours not catnip is imperfect because when actually quite a lot of work
don't in the us that they're interested in this area and in case something goes wrong i
guess the doctor receives on a regular person receives information to really call the person even
the bylaws that actually going to try this adventure with as functional imposing managed to sort by
the cheaper on the wall so i think it's actually put the was with local
and then what is next so what they would like to mention today is that this is not the the end is is
just the beginning we can do many more things i'm showing here two examples of cumbersome process that we can have
one uh progress supposedly helping to the senate one isn't that when you let's i you see
i found that when we can actually do blood pressure knowing to see blood pressure many domain
by using a camera and microphone for for second we can have on the right side
um ah our device which is a non priest and also uh can be used as a watch
and it can actually more need all these things are done with so what is coming
is really more diplomatic sensing and adaptability for the parts so that can actually worked out so
that's one of the things i would like to mention that we're not only here for
the process but also like within the as the um nation we're also here to help you so in
this case we also have a quarter we're trying to understand professionals how these i. u. t.
a new religion is coming up so it's actually a corset with one really wanted can actually come explosively target to
do hands on with industrial cases that is that we have them in the p. of an industrial companies
and i would be very not happy to want to actually have more discussion on that so
that's all for my side the thank you very much so i hope we can work together to even the

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Stefano Battaglia, Frontiers
16 March 2017 · 5:19 p.m.
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16 March 2017 · 5:25 p.m.
Closing remarks
Sebastian Gautsch, STI-EPFL
16 March 2017 · 5:30 p.m.

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