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okay thank you it's never easy to be the one standing between you and the lunch break
so how i will try to stick to the rules and you get two three minutes
um sports is really rarely considered heritage a a traditionally every page is linked to
our culture while sport will revert to local show at least popular culture
if the average age of sports meaning some element of its histories getting more
and more popular let's think about the olympics newsroom all stadium related tools
sport has every cage the capacity of sport to be an integral
part of the local identity is still not really recognise
however if we think about that people by uh oh wimbledon what a more local level because the less
cannot or not but we did last year we have this feeling that some events have something special
they managed to distinguish themselves on all the more or less similar
events not only through the longevity but also throughout the dimension
in my to this i try to understand why and how certain events are becoming an
integral part of los destination that can represent the competitive advantage for the territory
without going into details we can identifies three major a heritage sporting events
the first one has had to just be more guys the cool
future uh it can be intangible and showcases a local tradition
we can then tangible and take place in or around the tried and every th recognise side
but was can represent a great opportunity for the was destination it can
promote a tourist attraction was site while it can also uh uh
engage with choice that interested to have a more intimate interaction with the local culture
the second type of heritage sporting events have sports as a cool future
however they can also appeared to manage distinguish themselves usually through narrative symbols
the display of a specific know how to be perceived as an authentic future of the territory that the the
opportunity for the joystick territory's a bit different since the event can be perceived does the total weasels
uh that can link a specific activity with those
destination therefore given to promote the territory
and vice versa finally does so type of heritage sporting events we can identify
a display usually having a movable heritage um movable outages rarely
considered since it's not coming to a a specific group
however they will usually cover narrative values
symbols that can be used as a lever for development by
those destination if we can identify some of those events
national international does it ever meant preacher where and the other begins might be one of the best example
um as we can see heritage sporting event can represent a
great opportunity for those definition but they often neglected
but was in the academic lecture literature and a bios things strategy
if we want them to have proper enters it impact for the
territory they need to be fully integrated you know things strategy
not especially against international one off events but in addition
tracking down all the objective of the hosting strategies

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