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um what is the largest threat to support integrity
it will the landslide victory for him driving
i don't know where if that's a surprise to many people write a little bit of a
surprise the noise of the uh the the the the lead for their agreement one
okay so let me quickly introduce three a hand weights i'm beginning with a friend of the
pen widths could take the place is pretty uh uh starting from the left please
um geology wanted to curl up there is the into
a special adviser to the international labour organisation
mayor garcia who is the managing director of integrity of you a file
welcome you're a mike miller who is the chief exact through the world the olympians association
but relevant to this conversation he was all through generals retrieve international rugby board
uh you don't look monet down a who is the president of the world lottery association
oh she'd who is the uh uh director of amnesty international in switzerland
so welcome to our panelists thank you for joining us um
interesting results of three uh of of of how um
and maybe i could start by just going around each of you and we'll start with your giovanni perhaps
and ask what you think is the biggest threat a sports integrity what concerns you
most uh about sports integrity and and how can that for a recall method
at the bottom of it
okay yes because presses for the district i i actually
uh the the even the the pull that was a an advertise i i have a i have
a sense it i i'm not even i'm not in agreement with the fact that the the
the the worst all the biggest rate is actually a dropping to support and the
reason is that um i think that sport is no longer independent um
and when you look at that make a sporting events you have uh many actors from outside of the
sports arena screwed in icing motor sport is doing and i think we will ever example so we
and therefore to maybe use the ease the the fact that there is a lack of all the v. show know about sustainability
of sport that it's just inability to be yeah yellow went to the u. n. nice actually he's a strictly
related to integrity and in these prospective of like to
mention something out of the pit keynote presentation before
when you add an official to be you when uh your of main competence
ease i actually about integrity if you if you do not mastered integrity you cannot be unofficial of us
and so for asking technically means uh everything because it is very big
and therefore sport to my views ease value based any these perspective i want to give you any doctor
was in rome at the conference organised by the vatican on on sport and the global was actually
opening the conference of course i do see place it was the un secretary general was there
actors for sport all over the place with yeah and the the pope was mentioning actually the values for
so the the conference was based on the five main
eighty s. which actually the competencies related to sport
and then at the end of the conference was it was very devious divide that there was also one
a lot about oh oh oh in other view another vision of sport which was integrated by
one all the c. e. o.'s all the sought and found that they actually both so
formula one forty billion dollars and twenty yeah the light that was a funny like this one
um this friend or colleague or see a sports for that sport lactose it
you know we yeah we we bought if one and actually we export
so you you see one of the issue that i think we need to discuss and we
income passes that that sport is is on is not only these export comes from files
and then from values it was developed through because actually the something related to
humanity in fact i'm called upon to see something of of workers
some people may see okay but what work is not to do with sports organisation and then i think we can discuss this
but to my news coming back to the first question is intended
to evaluate base when you're the man they they mandated since
screen in volumes is ensuring that fourteen integrity and therefore uh some
of the notion that we're discussing presented that yet on
shoot the basic only be related to sustainability and i think we if
a morse now for sustainability and sport is not unrelated to
those friends who've only can you just before you i'm don't press
you can define what you mean by sustainability in this context
okay so sustainability at for those of you when following the developments of the global agendas
um you may know you may remember that in september two thousand
and fifteen sustainable development goals were adopted by the international community
and then this is not an un agenda sustainable development goals i go by gender
it should one of us we do have a responsibility with respect to it
so what if they have to sustainability to me just to give you the framework sustainability is to me
a good references sustainable development goals because everyone is
attached to those schools including sport in fact
oh i use you adopted the agendas went it went in december two thousand and fourteen
and adopted the i i. r. c. sustainability strategy enough december two thousand and sixteen
if in the this in it in march two thousand seventeen so is is very new
so it doesn't refer to the edges we can all refer to these digits now i'll that what we have in g. o. c. d.
so on why we work together on this because we actively on those goals
and they are all related to conventions they are
related to national lois back this is policies
and therefore we can evaluate those bodies is because there are gaps that we can
actually evaluate let me you just is that what was in a conference
two basic one not a professional panel is that sometimes i got on at the top and that he was on the c. video
and there was somebody coming from doctor who collect coming from the university pain yeah
any was defending the principles of how inclusive or should be policies related to
oh not disable in sport sport of fourteen the the idea was we have to make sure that they enter
the but market in the end that there's a site it will support and they was mentioning that
all the yeah yes well actually from the u. n. conventional disable the
he was actually implementing those policies that they can yeah level so
he was taking up the issue with the government by saying you know
you have ratified the conventional let's stay oh no you when
oh i disabled the which is relatively new any that any uh not implementing those policies so
it was going from the level which is global label all the national level meaning yeah
voices back this is any legislation he was actually also showing our legislation
can be um uh uh i know i just to gas
sometimes contradiction i i i think every meeting is the the way we talk about specifics
and then he was able to implement programs anyone projects for the
disabled so i think that i was struck by the file
you know i is is the what is happening at the international level you are no longer
providing for a most why this and yeah this meaning that you know the the physical these are
not in charged with the responsibility to protect different i think this is that really into
not only available agenda we had ah was in we work collectively the
words uh yes or for for example in this case we want
to put it into it with with a with a combination of
that and the and i'm not in a than a standard
oh and my last point is uh i come from the un and so oh i the new and for for
my life that basically so i'm everything i you don't roll
the u. n. is always your white noise finder
the good reference the good framework thought because it is done by this a
good value at the un is not bound by the u. n.
it is actually a dialogue with the international community these
all of the yes particularly with that point yes
rage by yeah i proceeded so side is extremely active and proactive
uh yeah yellow is actually unique organisation that is
based on three but i don't know which means they we delineate what 'cause organisation unimpressed organisation
so i will i will give you a couple of examples of how what this organisation at the
international level i actually have taking steps to what we really they should not forfeit malls
it therefore we need to have that kind of you open to us because actually we enrich ourselves and then
we're not oh somehow frustrated by the finnish and steal all what
is moral what is eh it they get the what actually
i i think we yeah that sufficiency examples although responsibly they can buy
'em up by me for example private oh these this is
um for example by lawyers individually all the implementation of remotes is accepted
by the international community you may be surprised to know that that
well one of the companies that was actually the leaving the the
is they you mean the cat i think that that was the
sole don't buy a lawyer in in place a french company
the reading was the the way it was like oh which bases all the
any declaration by the way c. so we we i mean they kind of
framework i think number one that's what does not already have it
number two basically jesus did i it's not something that counts from
you any he's out but when they are five and we
to actually it is for individually alaskan collectively and that but the sport is part of it
because all accepted it at the level of the shows i yeah well yeah it
the twenty and now we yeah it was it was the right time still only
i mean here um same question to to you um forthright uh sports interpretive
or that concerns you most and and how can that be better combative ah
well thank you limits well first of all morning everyone the signal pressure and to be
here i have to admit they're coming from a very specific and vitamin football
and and and when it comes to integrity football means a
lot of things for me fest integrity means common sense
show you know when we speak about integrity you know in my mind have you have to apply common sense
and this is part of my life and and and and we should
say and i have to say that these path of the
daily activity of my company in football now in way fat intake
heated means to differing areas so you can tell it is
means the fight against several problems in the field of play on the feel of play in the
full of play and outside the feel of play outside if you don't play way identify
finance after play outside if you play intended to mean for us finance half of play
so we need to guarantee the stability of football clubs in europe up line
commonsense game so you know i'm sorry you cannot to spend more money
demanded that you received this is common sense to life and even exact particular
approach finance suffered play regulations against common sense i'm sorry you ah
participating that way for competitions so you receive one hundred three hundred four hundred we
don't notice from as possible stick it in t. v. so you can spend
four hundred million dollars a year that's in the field of play what does
it mean for last means the big fight against and the top him
fight against stopping in this case if i take as much fix him in fight against violence in football
so uh as you know was wow more a little more or less aware
cafe the new way five elected and you press it and and some months ago
in september two thousand sixteen mister alexander suffering from is living yeah he was
a pressing of the is living in football last yeah yeah federation
uh and when he was elected the first thing that he did was
we need to change the structure of the company for several reasons openness on
the tough but i am going to lounge kind of protecting digging division
and is protected making division which has just been established two months ago
easy in church of protecting the game in the sense that integrity in the field of play and it'll
be much victim by less the sibling ethics class outside if you don't play finance have a plea
for last right now i have to admit that the
one of the crucial and title problems uh an
the main problem by now is if i can smack fixing you know easy spread
at a lower level in europe as well we're suffering in some particular countries
and it's really really really complicated to tackle because behind
magic same you will find their mafia organised crime
so in the sense we need the cooperation of photo poured into power public authorities
and you know in the end wife awfully far we affable organisations private associations we know more or less
how what a night football matches away for chump usually they way fold open a cassette and the seventeen on the night then
but you know in the m. m. earlier by profession school uh you know it's
really really difficult to tackle this problem only from the perspective of really useful
this is an example a few days ago we have just finished a process
in other to select the face intended investigator for twenty five so
we're selecting a cop sold two weeks at all we signed the face
contradicting way fat and a former copper format a local copy
he will join way far in september two thousand and seventeen in order to
have passed and in this area docking and match fixing because you know
the sport has changed a lot in differing areas t. v. sponsors et cetera et cetera et cetera but also in the
area of the province in this case in the area of integrity and particular in the area of match fixing
it's interesting that you identify financial for players integrity era when some people would say the typical
cases players more laws aaron's and goes out of business that simply out of a bad
business decision is not and uh i don't integrity issue of why the integrity issue
well for last uh a financial for bass part of thing technically strategy because
again i think that we need to guarantee the stability of the competition
and we need to guarantee that the claps wow very close to this report this ah they are and will be there
for the next one hundred years so you know i can respect and we can respect that
you know we have a clap funny since he's paying now it's popular all him inland
and premier league when some guy standing outside united states for instance
all from kept ah the ah coming to inland they're coming
to london they're coming to moderate say we put money on these clap and then in four five g. s. ten belief
and a clap is destroyed the only for the simple fact that in three years they put a lot of money
but then when the dalai it's not really fashion and you know i'm not boring i
don't like the toy so i can leave but the the cat is this story
and you know we are they organise of the competition we care about football this is the mark
of the company and it's not only a motto we believe there are some colleagues here
uh from my fat and we believe in this model so you know we care about football and if we care
about football we need to guarantee that the class they are very close to the support this out yeah
third becomes integrity issue because a cop is not just a business the clubhouse supporters
yeah they didn't do this is this is the this is the idea of course you can say well you know way fluffy file d. i.
l. c. yeah making a lot of money with t. v. rights i'm
so long they are not longer privatisation zack companies of koch
of course i l. c. wife effie found the average of annotations of course we cannot hide these
but at the same time we have values we have principles and we need to protect the spanish
some principles and the money is used in the benefit of football in the benefit of sport
this is that the of course grey pants and a um like a from your
point of view what's the biggest threat to sports integrity that concerns you most
and um uh yeah i mean but you can speak both from the point of view of the
world indians association but that's also that's of for a gentle sector within flash around the board
thanks so come morning everyone um or
i was one of the six percent of those in the year in the questionnaire
and it's and uh not too long the importance of the four main topics
um i i think that so you can to force sport from society
um and so there for for maybe the main
issue is the moral framework of society
if um if you have a society where winning
is the most important thing where people see
um big business get away with all sorts of things which are which are
attempting to banks being find uh people who or um in government um
benefiting for themselves rather than for the people that are supposed to represent
if that's the more framework sport fits within that's um and then you have to
the difficulties in sport arise from the general difficulties that you
have in society so for me part of it
is to ensure that we have for we try and individually um
try and live our lives in them in a more wary
to build the sort of society that we we all want and them uh specifically
in sport if it comes to anti dumping or match fixing or whatever
put rules and regulations in place so that those people but most
people are good and want to do the right thing
some people are bad i mean that's just the way it is all walks of life not just for
and there's some people who get tempted to do things they wouldn't normally do because either they
think they won't get caught or because the temptation is too great take with the temptation
make it so that it's more likely that they'll be caught so be frightened doing things they shouldn't do
then you have more chance of having a level playing field for everyone and getting rid of the the bad side
of sport never everything else in society so what was your summarise that was your actual answer to the question
oh that's my uh as one of the six percent of bothers us it's the
to me the main concern is the more framework of society and the fact that
uh if you have a society that says winning is the most important thing um
forget about the rules that is very difficult for sport to be any different
um and then you try i'm in shore that sport
espouses the via the the correct values that you want to see and then you put in
the rules and regulations in place and reinforcements in place to make sure that um the back can happen right
that's why i don't look um what what's the biggest threat supported technically more like i'm
sorry melissa and and also uh you know how cannot write better combat or
so maybe before i can answer your question a few
words about uh the association have the privilege
the chair the the well the lottery association is uh the the the the biggest association of
but only laurie operators but also sports betting a
operators worldwide on five continents we have one
hundred and sixty members uh so choose the shoes lowery nine uh uh uh the manager
uh but also with the the the french for you determine known the well on on on all
five continents eighty percent of our members of the to operate a sports betting a as well
and uh the mount them the two biggest uh operators
worldwide uh the chinese uh suppose florida and um
oh well so whether the d. d. italian a lower rio
operator so we are very much involved in sports betting
so the answer to your question is of course that we are concerned but there were threats
uh to spurts whether you choose a to paying for the lack of sustainability the lacrosse
financial sustainability the lack of social responsibility everything uh related
to two separate but in the centre of
our activities sports betting then uh the fact that we identified to be the most uh important
won this match fixing but uh that's obvious i think that compared to well uh de de
de other possibilities that we had the um the
pope to answer the match fixing his
dangerous in the sense that it is really to
to international crime and duties where about money
of course propane use the danger the support but there is no
this much money and uh as much uh international legal
activities related to coping ban the use the case to uh
to support putting so what we want to protect
in putting a measures in place to prevent to match fixing as much
as we can is not only our operations as a sports
betting operators but also teeth integrity uh and then you didn't agree
to your of support that the second part of your
question is how to tackle a how to uh contribute because uh
i think that we can only contribute uh it's robust decoders
who should be the import of course the u. f. o.
and all the so the international support for the ration
uh it starts from the the grassroots sports a duplication of the
young athletes uh to the low level the the two
lower leaks because it's where uh uh there's the the match
fixing a is the more and more much more than
the bigger the the major leagues so with about indication it's about
information of where the stakeholders the it's maybe even somewhat
surprising sometimes to me when i'm travelling in my capacity of
uh the well the uh the president of the world
dorian sports betting organisation to revise that in some countries well the
the law enforcement authorities the government's the regulators in charge of sports
betting that do not realise that uh if we could be
the uh associated to a a form of very dangerous uh
criminal activities so it's about information and as far as we are a concern it's
uh about the detection of what we call look suspicious betting patterns so
uh we can go up for the into the details during the the but
the the panel and i can that you know what but we do
uh as a ah an association to prevent them to detect uh incorporation
with you with a few via you see on the whole international
for the russian through our membership just before we had on the panel um uh
an interest and other other other trends and that fixing other particulars board so that that your
graphical areas at the moment without that or multiple rubble to battery that they all
sports up hon to to to match fixing a if you are a review the international
press every day uh uh i guess that there is not as one single baby
we're when you can not read something about match fixing a it all
started to find may see the with the development of the internet
internet has changed tremendously the extent of match fixing it was probably
twenty years ago um and it all started with cricket
and then uh the sports that are the most frequently uh
do you uh well uh the centre of the match fixing you shoes
or football or of course soccer but not only pennies uh
badminton cricket and uh uh cycling for minimum
a everything all sports are uh
possibly at the centre for much fixing activities i think many people
find it hard to understand how it can be things go
on what 'cause that means having to know you know eleven players not just one player or a fifteen dollars it right
i think that uh uh we have someone on the panel can uh let us know uh about
how we can happen but what we experience is that it doesn't require the entire team
but maybe group of the the players it can be also
the the referee and to keep in mind that
we do not that uh currently not only on the
final result of the competition but also on haven't
it's that or not concede you to put the final result it can be uh uh well the the
result that the halftime uh uh uh the number of
corners of a red card yellow cards and
so many different elements uh uh that are possible to bet on
in what we call would be a good match live the betting so that it's making it very
very difficult from our point of view support operator to monitor okay like that
a man all i'm saying question q. will write a sports integrity concerns you might
i think it's very uh good morning and thank you for the invitation i think
it's very interesting to see that for every one of us of course
it's uh our sector uh uh which is there of course
a very important and i see many dangers that
what you what you were mentioning and what i missed i think
the most uh in the in the presentation this morning
and this is why was i i uh i chose there the answer but there are there for the plot is
a it is the word and rights and i think it
in sports and there is uh something very important
it's not only about i think it's not only about sustainability
it's about riots because uh and we have a that this part
as you as you mentioned is part of the society
and so for example in the guy that a sporting
event eh you have people involved you have
worker it's you have people uh building stadiums and
they can be migrant workers uh you have the local population
for example when there is a a big gains
eh maybe the government will uh uh for example
say and you as a journalist you
can at a treaty size uh they're in big games you good to jade
so they ah plenty of routes around sports
that can there be violated in relation
we set a with part and i think bases far as as a
human rights organisation and see the society very important always to and i could put
back uh uh the the the human rights at the centre and to say
a sporting organisations have a responsibility to protect human rights
in me guess sporting events okay and and
a in in this context are you defining right or human rights of course is is
a very broad but they are conventions uh and uh as a divinely mentioned
uh there are conventions that say for example that a work as it should be
for example respected should be should be paid when they
worked uh and there for example the uh
it shouldn't be like a in a situation where the can at
uh get there a passport back and be kinetic the country
these are basic human rights that we see that
are violated it uh in that context
of and the guy sporting events freedom of expression is a basic human right
and uh is frequently violated a in a in relation with for example
uh i mean big gains in countries where they're already problems at least yeah with freedom of expression
uh our freedom math than i asked somebody and
so we can really like say that many
fundamental human rights are violated in relation with me guess sporting
events uh when uh it goes to a for example
uh as i i mentioned assembly uh expression workers rights
and so on and not to mention of costs
and time and to rights so for example for a person the right to leave in uh
uh in a situation where the environment is not what you did and so on
uh there are plenty of examples uh of uh in
a situation where these right whales or violated
are you concerned uh about three fourths um depiction of
well resins of of uh places where for example
a hundred or even bolder those issues yeah
and i think yeah we have also uh and here in uh in in the room
as an organisation that there have been very active against a a force that makes
sense for example industry you know some communities and where a ethic did
uh it was also the case in a eighteen where uh and
that's of people where i think did a forced addicted
and that this is of course a the right to housing which
is they're violating in in in this case and and
the problem is that not only a day local communities are
evicted with people trying to define defend these communities
uh received threats and intimidation says and they cannot like try
to defend this people so this is also a
something back we uh unnoticed in the context of make
a sporting events in that in many situations
right is violated and people if we who is trying
to like defends uh the local communities because
in many occasions they cannot defend themselves are the they don't have
like an access to journalists to to fee factual you see
so it usually they go to access stations to to
organisations and then people trying to defend them
they are oh so uh put a into a
situation where they had their rights are violated
where a d. r. put into jail and so on so and
i think this is a it shows that uh they are
basic human rights that have it to be defended and uh it
i think it's very important to track the not only
uh eh a whole stink city our host state so
with the the the can't read the government
but all still uh that the uh and uh uh bodies that
are organising a is a big games okay nice in there
uh the the cap uh it's it's very
important also that they take their responsibilities
are that it should be resold i'm sorry my vocal contingent is that
how can that they should be resold in the sense that uh you
know if it's easy once those the um major bad and
the side that is designated has some people living on it is it
simply a question of a sufficient financial call compensation or other other
issues and so i think it's a a very important uh
it's not so please uh actually beating the games
are uh the cap and it's very important that uh
it it should be already at the beginning discussion
uh and also maybe a patch from at this stage we'll who will organise it i. d. c.
t. will be out in i think how they will built the stadium how they will
uh and uh do it because of course uh if a fee
for our diocese just like attributing and then saying we have
nothing to do with that now you are they the organising body and so we have nothing to do with it
this is not response about this is not accountable so we what we ask now is that really to
change the mindset and to ask uh oh right d. d. okay nice actually saying how they will
be able to the stadium and so for example of course a
financial uh uh compensation for the people who will be
i think takes a from the place informed consent rights to descent
uh rights to organise themselves and so on these are basic human rights
usually are a a guy guaranteed a in a situation where
uh you build something else than a efforts that's feasible says they do that
certainly when it goes to support it should be okay that you lose your
uh your house and actually use all your rights no that's not okay
even if it's fights part even if it's far and nice
uh and uh i i i quit football match so
i i'm really enjoying guy uh like uh uh watching their their the next well but the problem is that
i cannot enjoy it knowing that people where if it had lots of people lack killed
at building stadiums let's have people had a their rights violated i think it
for the public it's very important or know what so to know okay
this was done in a manner that last respecting the
people uh the local population the migrant workers
and then of course the rights of the uh the the people doing the spot right about all of my view was coming but
i think that is working or uh can you hear yeah that's what i am um yes that well
that's very important issues and come back to the morality of of society but um
without athletes well olympians without football is the reason is for uh
um and so it's important that you look at the
rights of the athletes of the of the participants um and
as far as athletes and olympians are comes so
there's two main rights that they would put at the top of of the top of the list
although i put other i'm speaking is not for the world limping dissociation which is the alumnus
twenty thousand living olympians in the world they would put anti dopey at the top of the list
because there are two rights which are abused by joking one is the right to compete
on a level playing field so that the rules everyone competes with the rules and
you know that you have an equal chance as anyone else well uh
uh according to natural talents and the way you trained and everything but uh you have
an equal rights of one else within the rules uh to compete and and when
and the other is that you should have the right to be able
to compete i'm in such a way that you want forced
to do harm to yourself physically and hoping it's not
just about cheating it's also about the fact
of what it does to your body both at the time the competing but also for
for the rest of your life so it's important that we
keep the rights of the athletes because without them
none of this exists keeps that the forefront which is one
very pleased that uh that the ayers see um
wants to keep athletes at the at the forefront of their thinking for the olympic movement
as far as anti dumping is concerned the w. a. has a three point plan which we think can help
um one is totally independence anti dumping testing no matter uh i
was the c. of the international report for for ten years
we had a really good anti dumping plan it costs a lot of money um
i was independent from me or anyone else who was organising the events
but there's a perception as well i mean how are you supposed to know that
it's independent if it's part of our organisation and also how you know
could i'd be tempted to do something part of organisation it should
be independent anti dumping testing um should be independent from sports
from governments and from event organisers that's the first first part the second part
is more money needs to be spends on on and the doctor um
we also have a medical committee looking it's um the the issues
for athletes um both when they're competing when they retire
um and it's um you know one of the one of the the the big issues uh
is what happens to your your body um by competing at at
all the level and the the supplements that you take
or what you take has has a huge um effect on that um so
independence is the first thing the second thing is more money needs to be spent on investigation
um and on fighting sort that the point about the medical committee
was we looked into what money was being spent so long
in terms of um health and fitness for athletes around the
will most money is being spent on performance enhancement
and also being spent on cheating on topic how to do it so well money needs
to be spent on uh keeping ahead of the game keeping ahead of the
of the cheaters and the third thing um which is probably more specific to the
uh to the big movement is that there should be some sort of
independent and ongoing mechanism if a country or sport is sanctions
then clinging athlete should not be punished as well there should be some way for them to be able to compete
even if their sports is found to be guilty of them of them fractions of an interest in in your
um example lovely interest around the board and it's successful draping occur program
i look at other ugly fat i look at that size role requires that last time yet but have they've got you really would
go up top and you look at some later but they really
are they really clean cardinal your uh this though that's all
um i think first point to make is you can't win because if you test
and the cost of testaments as are the sport is sports not clean um
if you test and you don't find anyone they say oh we're not trying
hard enough um so you really can't win one way or the other
we have in competition testing we have out of competition testing
uh um so it's not we and yeah so right b. has in competition testing of competition
testing all you can say is someone is clean at a particular moment in time
which is why you need to spend more money on technology in order to be able to say people clean all of the time
and so i think the way things are going with wearable technology is
it you'll be able to wear wrist band that can attract you
all the time and so you'll note that someone is clean you can also use things like like detection
uh in order to ask people from coming from another point of view whether they've
done something um illegal arrest human rights are are are kind of flat
my my headache yeah but you signed up to something if you wanna compete uh if you wanna join the club the rules for the club
um these are clubs right if you wanna come p. these are the rules if you don't like the rules don't complete
um i think it's important that everyone understands a and
has the the the confidence in sport that is
clean it is real it's a real contest uh and then take an investor emotions in it
uh and understand that if they do want to place a bet that it's a fair
that if they want to fall the team they know they're trying their hardest
uh in order to try to win and that um there aren't false barriers against them being
able to compete for great things like um if we can get back to giovanni um
uh and from from the point of view of uh yeah yeah quickly
one comment on it yet because i was making the point though
it will also stated located for example it will instruct
a e. e. cost a bit now so e. e. in i used it just said
my is it okay we'll that we're going to this that these pointing directly
but i enact leaf football is all before becoming
a professional athlete was was like one
of us it was training to become somebody else away any we finishes care yeah
yeah we eh work would be somebody taking active or
a professional live so i think this is
the kind of life cycle we we also when we talk about values and the in
the importance of the sports it within the source i this is something that we need to remind everyone of
um so otherwise i i thought i would you and and i think it correctly
was uh was is often mention is structure we haven't inside that will do
well but i think we need to where the in the as far as i know all of this being something
on the the yellow sort of dialogue on the conditions of athletes vertically football is which which is stark
we need to own stock it yeah you always looking into it the way
the request of the professional players uh a fee for all the affiliation
to see if the visa in need for a convention or a recommendation which will be allies
two thousand eighteen by that actually but that's okay i wanted to ask you
in your role as a special voice of international labour organisation um
were you involved in addressing the apply to indentured workers um
uh oh working on the cats are twenty twenty two infrastructure um and i think for those that
are not fully aware of what the problems are
can you describe the indentured system um and
what's wrong with it and uh and is it also uh in operation and
others sort of supporting infrastructures around the world o. e. i mean
from institutional point again not responding to uh personally but i after you put up so just
to indicate because there is not a structured bitsy dealing directly with the case of uh
it john actually look at that's up to you a little background very
very briefly the background is uh the we're talking about workers
employed by companies to believe any infrastructure so those who are responsible for the
for those workers are actually the workers unions are out of work and particularly
it to be precise the leading good workers uh international because they they are pointing your on
what they know what's going on at the level of the infrastructure he gets on
and we also have the capacity when that i wanted to raise the issue directly both at the
government level with the cat that government as well as the companies and this is what happened
yeah they should they to perhaps is important to mention the
ideal is not uh easy is an important structure because
oh on creative in nineteen eighteen because normally i mandate is to
make sure that the eventually was that that uh opera
in connected so weakly not at the level of this that it but the community over all of us still constituents
create the those standards and then we this is a good idea to master provide support to
the comedian expect to make sure independently in the point was made about independence yeah
the comedian expect what actually supervise the the the implementation of this that's so for example
the than a a basic uh a human rights that that's awfully them associate
they respected in some of those countries are now and we we are
not going after the the countries by saying you're not expecting
the government's right to five those conventions and i want to make it easier because
uh we yeah the colouration of nineteen ninety data actually in many for
i got an encounter with these men but of yeah yellow but it's
not ratified the convention those convention are so important because they are
related to human rights like freedom association nondiscrimination it what
you put duties child labour forced to a label
they even if they didn't ratify the convention they subscribe to the convention so this is the phase where
actually you know even in what government does it comply with their own
oh on a assessment all of the all the international conventions so
they we eva it technical assistance role to play so
is that you know we go there and say okay let's let's work together to make sure that your legislation is
up to par with respect to the complex number one not but all we can prevent uh i to go
which is the we most of the international body related to a free for yeah um
unions for example to complain to go the act of easy to complain to ask for inspections and so on
b. w. i. we're always mentioning before the is actually i'm getting there we think about
or it is to inspect the places so they actually don't in a more you
from december two thousand and sixteen n. in march up to thousands seventies soul
couple months it will actually they contacted inspection to the press so
they say that it it is what we what are the the shoes now the one that conventions that are out
there is it maybe the shape of those governments of joining the a low these options to be also another
a yes that that we're not related to sport or not i or other areas for example environment yeah yeah
you see and um uh and they they have all these they thought entitle not only to
twenty eight to complain but also to seek immediate in the in
this respect i want to make it any information we
work we got the stakeholders in a multi stakeholder initiative which is called make a sporting events in human rights
and we're not alone i mean that was i
initially volvo international organisation eyeball is it
to people international trade union configuration it initially will coca cola
initially what we just because they have sponsors of
the beings in the sponsors of all display the sporting events and they want to make sure that
you know the the issue they say i image attached to that i guess sporting events
how do we deal with these and i think he's he's famous connected with integrity
yeah if we know all the line of trees get then we can manage it take
anything we can have a vision on integrity which is three hundred sixty degrees
and this is what is happening in sports and i think over the last two yes a lot of steps it be done with respect to it
seen it so side including honest intonational that is or mothers ah ah ah of this
initiative so we we do not at the this same deals on those issues
yeah not is not the only go all about the implementation only what rights
of course what when it comes to label right you can ask yeah it'll what is the interpretation what is the
jews prove it's how the convention that should be integrated in this is what we ought to provide for free
but others scandal in the case of the w. i. e. that the only way to
look at that and say you know we want to know what's going wrong
we want to know what we want to avoid the because our projection is that that we have a hundred the
injuries and fatalities we're going to have by the time the the if you forgot his organised thousands of
so we need to avoid bits and pieces that collectively and i think that's
that's what is new with respect to the new frameworks any it does
it does it leave all the businesses into it which i think it's
it's important okay thanks give money media if i can um
well first of all i have to admit that that the i feel a little bit uncomfortable because you know um
in in the syrian folk you i'm focus some match fixing dropping and so on so forth
and you know by hitting the statements that that really statements we actually speaking about
rights of individuals and so on i feel a little bit and confirm because in
the amount focus on not very specific it is if it begins max fixing
oh the face against my yeah and developing on or top in that you know it's important
but is not so important like lisa yeah yeah input understand it's not the coming
from to click so well i've got of corruption question uh for you um
um yeah there's some graffiti in in less than is just up the other
a railway station that's been there for about two years i imagine that
quite a few people in this room within it if you i in if
you haven't and it says a lot of football i the file and
i think that's a really interesting graffiti um it can be read various ways but
one when you can read it i think it's this is to say
uh you know even if you hate what happened that fee file it doesn't stop people from loving football and
you know there is no sign of a support for football
drawing off because of of corruption that happened beefed up
so does that mean it doesn't really matter what some ad inserts into a fair
i know each other a money which they shouldn't be so long as it doesn't actually affect what's on the field
um why does it matter if if you have corruption among the sits in football
it's a good question how how it will try to to to find a a proper answer
first of all by looking at the system and i have to admit that these part of our policy freedom of expression
so you know all the absolutely free to to to to to use these islam and indeed
i'm bad yeah well adapted to this islam i know some of those likely from
half yeah so it's recommended him in um in in football stadiums in europe
and first you have to respect approach of course uh yeah this approach sometime this coming
from supporters sometimes are coming from the these approaches are coming from all the areas
but of course now i have to admit it's not the case of way from maybe so um
i would prefer not to speak about three five because i'm not a fee five employee and i don't expect to
be employed by fee fat in in the future because somebody
and i'm very satisfying to french part of switzerland
that uh you know uh uh personally i have taught me that
of course the there is ah oh ongoing in our
past interconnection between mm indeed was supporters and the football organisations
because most likely we have behave improper on properly
and this is real and we cannot hide the situation so
you know in the pass something emotional in week from
and we have to speak up and we have to say whether they'd be drawn weekly drawn in we need to change
and and this is what we're trying to look like now it's not easy because the coach are the everything is
there so you know when the press even of a football
organisation is there for more than twenty five years
so you know the the coaches yeah as we yeah yeah it's all clear a few minutes
ago no so we need to change with the drum and we have to change
and i think that at fee for level and at wafer level now that output examples in this way
within the fee face trying to change is trying to show that they have to change and they
have to implement some book government's policies on the top at the top of the organisation
you are we you disagree i think that they're doing well right now and this is the same situation uh and wafer
fourth way face not prefab so everybody's looking at fee files the one governing body so we always
you know second level but you know the the way for congress passed some important measures
yeah i'm i'm football we're going to implementing some all the ethical prohibitions on now in in in in
in july and for instance when it comes to stop him and and just have some common
in the lives of individuals so in in you only have the intention to pass some important messages
between dropping and price of indeed was for instance for the first time in terms of
integrity with individuals in dublin we're going to guarantee before the way for
the security bodies the guy lake comparable local sound from four place
the second point that we are going to guarantee in the future
is public hearings in dropping cases so if an individual
once upon a caring when it comes to adopt in case we will allow
any with and meet these requests so you know we can not
we don't like the plague behind max behind closed doors to know it
is an important case it affects the rise of indeed was
so we're going to what anti barbecue beans proceedings will be free of cost
so they don't need to pay anything so and these really messes that that smaller steps can show
that we had when something of course it's apple package but you know just hear these comments
in the fight against it dublin in football and the rights of individuals and you know it can show
but you know the it something usable been not only outweigh fat and uh i
from you know because i know a little bit the the the the
the the current v. for president he was the former general secretary of wafer
and i'm convinced that he can do a lot full full for the future of football
okay because he's honest and and he knows the business okay good thank you yes that quickly like yeah you're just
speaking to the question why does it matter of a bunch of suits are cropping take money have support
well the reason that matters is because any federation international or national
their job is to promote and grow the sport if they take money out
and stick in their back pockets instead of putting it into the sport than people who are involved in the sport suffer as
a result the athletes suffer and the people who the who should we should be trying to get to play the sport
or something 'cause they're not spending the money on promoting currents for okay
i'd like i don't look at um a question for you um
but that would be one certain way of preventing that fixing and that is the band decibels board
why not do that yeah because the complex the question does not uh implies a simple
uh so it's a very very complex phenomenon the the
manipulation of sports competition so called match fixing
then you have to realise that the in some cases just to give you an example
the the match fixing occurs when a a
map yeah located in singapore for example
decides that they want to invest because from their point of use investment of their money in
match fixing so uh there uh and service the money the financial reserves use from china
so it's already two countries and maybe they decide to try to fix
the football match in slovenia why not because they have a
coal good contact where they have identified but the planet
uh we used to have a big investor all of a sudden they have lost interest and so
the the very weak they're in a difficult situation they need money so bit target this club
and then to uh and talk to the the players who will be involved in the in
in the in the fixing they were with the uh well compact to deal then enough
so can you imagine how complex it is they are ready for five countries
the implied and maybe they would use a bank account about mass
so it's very complex so the only a possible answer to try to tackle
the match fixing these you used to increase the collaboration between will
be in both stakeholders and in that respect i think that the initiative
that was taken by the council of europe a few years ago
but finally led to the adoption of the convention of mccullough it two years ago to
very good one uh because it implies it is putting in place the the
for the very first time putting plays the
framework list of principles that will the
conferees who would sign and uh finally i hope put in place measures to
the people up a real entertainment fight against match
fixing meeting girls purpose decoders but i'm well
i have to say uh i'm really sorry that very few countries i've actually signed
and ratified uh to consider few up the convention but i think it puts movie start
so this way implies of course the support for the regions i think that the
and it went to do we pack to lead they have to develop the education programs
for the younger players before the lower leagues the onto raj the coaches they will have to
realise what is match fixing it's not just change a little bit the result and not
maybe not even the final result of the competition but just an event that will be
uh happen sometime during the competition but it is really being part of the criminal activity
so that's one thing uh another think is of course uh well the the law enforcement authorities
they have to have the possibility to shoot a to pictures which is not always
possible depending on the the load they had they have at their disposal
the government's the minister's uh the regulators and finally
pass the sports betting the operators the
first thing is to ban well you're betting cued by the legal betting on mean
betting that is not the lower would in the jurisdictions where the player use located
okay and not the openness or that's one thing that is important to give
but when force mandatory to used to soup where it actually happens
and the forest a support betting organise ours it's the the detection of
the it's what we call suspicions betting pattern in a few words
if we uh have from our experience i don't know uh one
hundred thousand francs played on such a kind of a
football match on the the more we're league and if all
of a sudden it's five hundred thousand that are played
in in that special we we must have to put in
place to detect that it is suspicious and then to
give the the information to the uh to the federation the
these what we do we have created a recently
and then an entity that is called the global laurie monitoring system but the space post you
both you he removes and and uh in denmark and we are slowly putting together
all the information that we received from our one hundred and fifty members
worldwide and we collaborate exchange information uh in order to detect these
suspicious betting patent so having said that uh this is
well what we can do and then the difficulty think about
match fixing used to establish the proof that there's been
a a match fixed the because when we when the association it's
after well it's maybe during the game and more often after the game
uh that we can uh detect that there is something suspicious and
then it's very difficult for all the law enforcement authorities
considering the number of possible stakeholders the number of possible countries involved in defeating in
the fixing to uh finally have people sued and content okay like what
radio i think wants to make a quick comment uh then uh well i've got
a question from and all and then we'll open it to the row
it's a small coming i fully agree with dan look of course x. v. he's
maximising you said global phenomenon is playing with the clean l. e. d.
and sometimes for us full full full blown decisions model incisions eh it's
really really complicated nana and right now we've been monitoring system
so they they have just implemented the system we have a contract
with ah suisse company know that too many told wafer competitions
but you know bearing in mind that sometimes act as eh he said somebody's willing difficult to
bulk loading yeah and to come bins the pulleys all the prosecutors that well you know
some class affixes matches here so you need to help last one look excellent meal but we asked suffering he is is
traffic of human beings racks a terrorist and et cetera et cetera et cetera we don't get about football matches
and we don't get about match fixing up with these new monitor systems seems a last year
and it was the face case which was referred to the cold of reputation for the sport is encased within
it being a clap and way for so for the first time we where i could say uh and
brave enough to go to class with betting patterns and to
convince jackass panel that based on the betting patterns
you can conclude because we have already conclude that these matches with fix of course what date a
standard of proof is not the same before the court of arbitration forcible rather than a clinical
but we don't play it in principle about cleaning our decisions we care about the security features
and when it comes to d. c. parameter settings of course the standard of proof might be
balance of probabilities this is the standard full suggested by the international committee
all comparable satisfaction the small the standard of proof a completely different that
the kinetic standard of proof beyond dreaming about a reasonable doubt
so you know now with these monitor system in place so we have saved and resources to protect
the competition because for the first time this is a case of risk and that will
validated by the gas we got all the yeah we come look
at detecting patterns and we can say these match was fixed
and now it's up to the cast wanted to say well you are comfortable satisfied with the set begins with
these experts that these match was fixed again for the first time gas validated the the system like
in analogy with the biological pass for eh last summer and we
were able to screw the clap from the wafer champions league
okay really interesting i mean oh my no i'm a subject i
think you touched on that we haven't really discussed um um
what role can major international sports events play in opening up societies
where there are restrictions on freedom of expression and human rights
um i've seen uh that uh i recently in takes in china and
in russia um this issue with was raised um did those
force any last thing changed you think in these areas and could
three twenty twenty two winter olympics in beijing enable further progress
and if you remember at two thousand and eighteen uh in bay
clean i think uh of course a we were saying
and then you're at the human rights organisation we were saying that uh there
is a problem uh of a restriction of a freedom of expression
and eh i think nobody wanted to hear it and t. and twenty five
thousand journalists came to by jane and tried to access on internet
and it they typed uh amnesty international our human rights and everything but lacked and
then suddenly they realised oh my god there is censorship uh in in
china and and uh it it was the moment where the i. e. c.
which lets really reluctant to have their conversations with a human rights organisation
a a a a at least a told the the the
chinese that charities now you have to open it
so they open it and uh that was that free access at least for
jen at least for for internet east and and i think and
uh the situation wise then backed uh of course these openness was only for for a tourist
that the chinese journalist out the chinese activists bailout put in
jail and some of them where just realise that
some some years ago and we are now in two thousand and seventeen so almost ten years later
and and uh so i think these shows that a. b.
c. to the the the i didn't games where not
how to fall in the sense of opening the tiny society uh to a freedom of
expression and and uh and human rights and i think this is a problem because
in this part and in it the olympic charter it's really sad that
she no freedom of expression is one peter it's it's really
uh it's really of value that they the olympic a a committee wants to defend
so what we were hoping is of course that situation would change
what happened in so t. insult she uh environmental activists tried to
uh say that where they were not happy we said the way that a big games where uh organised and
they were also put in jail cell and some that people and dennis from then of eighty uh
it internet this we also put in jade some uh uh for some hours it to so we see
that this is not something where we can say okay now it's over and the situation will be
better so not now what we think is exactly what is happening oh still in the match fixing i
think we need now to involve all state quarter and to be open to it i like
and this is now happening i think it's something quite new uh chinese
that it's changing since two years now that eh all stakeholders
are uh in a conversation and back to our uh uh trying
to uh uh identify and be sure is how can we
handle in terms of responsibility of hosted yes
they are host city of companies involved
end of uh again i think bodies such as the i. s. c. n. she fat
where are the responsibilities who should do what at what stage in or to
to be sure that there will be no like restriction of freedom of expression that eh
that their workers rights will be respected that's on and i think this is
it's something that we have to do colour activity because it cannot
be taxed one actor is saying well we don't care it's
still uh it's it's not our part and it's only the problem
not the chinese authorities it's not so it's a collective
responsibility now to put enough pressure on of course the
chinese authorities but also on organising bodies okay
like spinal so um any questions from from the room with right some interesting uh oh
opinions uh and covered some crime i would i would like to ask a question
yes we have one here
have now and first of all thank you very much it was a really interesting and my name's christy have worked for later
and uh you all talked about a different stakeholders and my question is and
you know john attached or read about it on there is no in which
one do you think on this can make a difference to integrity
yes good good question um third year round it you'll start with that one
it's a them in one thing that i myself while i was in uh
uh for example a coca cola has a a
and even broadcast uh all of sport uh
against uh is that they they these days it ma image number one
and number two i think the i i i. e. four e. uh
uh the athletes uh the performance even the source or a a social ah all right
something that doesn't go whale in in in these reporting
on television it begins easy story any patches
and i think there is an understanding that it cannot be done uh against uh it will stand that's
or a against even that i just mentioned one
so i think that that that i think these these prong asked to be more
raw it any more than one on state about the fact that we
if we go from one perspective only sometimes we features you watch what you know
and i think that that you have a chance now whoa whoa great i uh i think what you are well
well you you the day i think it was not a a few years ago so i think we are
yeah i think you mentioned thinking dialogue in yeah you meet
i just want one issue i use yeah top to the e. a
budget that like it when it the phases of the gates
the games that now the body shot the the the the the lakers
in the preparation phase the a a split it dialogue with c. d.'s
that that i appreciate that there is no more something you know i think that what we
the idea is even to improve or even though you're not selected so
that these italian okay yeah i dial they call it really e.
uh well why don't i stand that it
uh if i may say just one one issue we do these and all all these conversations brings up
'cause we enter academic environment something about music you really just all these
box out something which really like you know yeah uh of course we're working only uh
so we know what i mean but we also need where i will approach those all we are we worked worked
late for us and i think this is something that the young people you know students and others might
look from their own perspective because it's it's it's different from what we were doing before we we went
okay trying something like um i love you only the role of sponsors in ensuring integrity or
yeah um it costs money uh to have anti dumping it costs
money to fight against match fixing 'em it costs money
to ensure sustainability so the way a sponsor can help is
to sponsor the programs so you could have the
coca cola and ticketing program for instance um money and promotion
that's where they can help okay right on that
so that the well re association we think that
uh sports betting organise those should never
with the sponsors of a club or whatever to support is uh i think
that uh first of all for a it's a matter of image
the and and a matter of the integrity in our opinion it's impossible to
big bets on the competition where your personally involved where your companies
involved because it is the you are the sponsor of the a team
but but we admit and we to a finance the federations
leaks the especially the four became a using my own example in switzerland
we give a lot of money to uh the streets for both
a ration but they're using this money for the uh the training of
coaches duplication of young players and and mainly progress through supports
so it is something that that is really a huge conflict of
interest that we uh would prevent our members to do
when you got about on your hands on your because a lot of
a betting companies articles yes but they are not members of our
association uh i have to well uh i will not enter into
that discussion that would be a little bit tricky i think
but we we consider that in most cases these operators they're acting illegally in the
sense that uh they have licensees in places like your proctor and mouth up
uh the belief that these licenses allow them to say oh uh uh
internationally there the bets uh even in places like switzerland with where
they have no licenses and the rights to do so
um and at the same time they're using uh the the the the the fact that they're out the
sponsors of big teams to promote their image and that
their their activities are approaches to be different
we're focusing our were financial resources on the federation's leaks the promotion
of educational support and graphs for sports okay right um no
just a word about a companies i think they had that
big a responsibility a you know a tactic uh
uh they'll begin eighty nations adapted guiding principles on business
and human rights and these guiding principles i
i'm not a legally binding that they are uh
saying that for example the company should not
invest money in an event where a a deck put clothes a human rights violations
so it's very important to put also pressure on companies that they wouldn't sponsor
an events that will add contribute to human rights violation okay fine
well the question for me although as well um i think that's so this gentleman here first uh towards the back in the middle
i think you uh i'm actually from today is um a running the children when campaign
i should have a kind of three remarks starting with the quick questions actually to all of us
a link to to what mister garcia was saying about integrity integrity is
good sense solely in a bit provocative way i would say
you know easy good sense that a mega sporting events which is a competition that last three
weeks or a six weeks if we include the pearly picks for example the olympic games
uh easy to good sense you know that for these six weeks we change the lives of
uh maybe a thousand people on on uh all affected communities and
and i think it's it's of course a a question mark that but
he chose that the reason we you need to organise these mega sporting events
uh taking carefully into consideration uh of course the rights though the
aspects and uh we we you organise these mega sporting events
and in that way i think sport governing bodies are as well in a very unique position
actually to set the standards about how they want this mega sporting events to be organised
and he sees the work we are trying to to to to get the roll the ball rolling on
uh about uh i haven't you know standards in terms of workers rights labour rights
uh all all types of rights in terms of organisation i think that's
that's very important because right from the start from the bidding process
the sport governing bodies can actually oblige energies released what you were saying suggesting
about bringing changes in the country you know through the mega sporting events
if they want to host just the mega sporting events they need to fulfil that
the mega sporting events he's organised along these of for example human rights that
and uh i think the the the last point uh i wanted to make easy he's more the
fact that we are seeing right now changes happening
within the sport governing bodies on these issues
uh but these changes are of course on you now on paper
so the bidding documents are changed to hear the host city contract
is change there and use are really positive changes we
need to continue on but of course the reality test is
not yet passed and he sees the challenge we
or facing on this issue all the coming uh coming years thank you very
much media maybe i could come to you on that one you are
are you ready for which is the right holder for major sporting event uh that your internship that the
next one and you're twenty twenty is gonna be in several countries not just one comes right
uh do except for the us speaker with saying about the responsibilities you have
as they uh as the rights holder for like a sporting event
well first of all we still have feel was my father so i mean we'll
thank you very much for the treatment so yeah of course i fully
because in the end what he's trying to to to say spot of common sense of course i think
that we have our responsibilities builder twenty twenty will be
a little football for everyone so it's yeah
really any gate then we thirteen see teens is haiti's eh involved
but i fully agree with these comments no so you know
i i just mentioned these yea petitions bias by the way for congress in helsinki
two months ago in one of these efficiency it's for the future
with the beacon process so sound that these will be implemented
and the process will be transparent so for now long life i will not be side where the wafer champions league final
will be might read only lawn don't for whatever reasons no not the process will be absolutely open
and the the the painting is the the the the c. d. c. countries will pass some integrity
check special him holding all and in conclusion i fully agree with this approach absolutely okay great
and we've got five more minutes and and several more questions um so we're trying
get rumours as quickly as we can the gentleman with when voyager that
thank you and my name's nigel colour on the city of uh uh the digital isn't cycles style up
we don't want to work with smalls organisations and more questions about digital
because i think um i mean inside the biggest problem was much fixing
within football and joey was saying uh that much writing problems of the national last twenty is with the utterance of the internet
so we're really talking about is the internet and digital technology for soliciting these problems
so because we build these colour solutions that fix these problems what
else can we do what can the digital community do
to fix what are essentially digital problems right question yeah i don't like
um it's not the digital problem digital gives the platform
to be able to have the uh the issue
um to be work through is what you need to have this enforcement in place
and the enforcement can take place in the physical in the digital world
i think that it's all about the ability to collect information
uh to detect suspicions betting patterns or suspicious uh
match fixing so i think that you've to digital environment
can contribute to the enlarge and develop the possibility
we have to change efficient and precise uh information on a a suspicions that we may have
on on match fixing that uh that that is the the good way we could use we could
be using the development of the digital word that uh whether question down here somewhere what yes
good morning i'm i'm with uh but i yeah i'm working with the institute for human rights and business
uh based yeah you long dunno working from geneva we work as the secretariat for the biggest sporting
events platform that germany mention before we have a
a different institutions such as yeah i low
and it's international data does on a product companies governments involved in this
uh and it's not uh my question is a more related to
the highest values of sport and integrity being one of one yeah one of
them and devalues the um outline by the spirit off till only piece
uh it's partisan enable enabler of social
economic double match as an enabler
uh all of the conditions of many people uh in a
different uh areas of the word um what kind of
role cool sport governing bodies and all this decoders that are
involved in sporting agenda play twenty sure that sport
could play these fantastic role of any bull
enabler of uh development uh from a
social economic perspective if only like to also that one huh yeah my
um yeah thanks for that we um the well the princess's system was set up
partly to do just that i'm very modern olympic movement was
set up by pure to keep returning or to create
better in his euro man uh but it was supposed to be to create better people who are guided by uh
the spirit of of in integrity and wanting to have have
fair play and so um sport's governing bodies um
the governing the the bodies it's a represents the athletes were involved
um the business you're involved they should all be promoting the values of sport
and helping to go back to my original point hoping to change the
the moral compass that we all engaging in world so it's about
having a vision and promoting that vision and that vision is that you know sport
can help to make the world a better place okay fine that's like
um in the interest of just getting round everyone that one more question ever that i think that would probably have to be the last one
okay i'm i'm refined work for the rights not used to them and try to bring
i have a question about your inner collective responsibility to make it better you said it was a tuesday
but most of the people in the room painted including is is important
and from pretty funny don't you sponsored uh_huh onto onto lupin program
indian we should carry huge should be independent
uh and if it's independent in if you prayed in your stakeholder and your involvement was right so
we should pay for for for for the program yeah great question i mean uh uh i
think that probably everyone in this room where they hire c. has recommended that that
should be our uh a global independent at the the testing body there is still a
big question about would i for that um that anyone um what do i yeah
well maybe set to teach busy people we should say that it's we have fallen reservations is probably see
so you know full time it's not so it seems that at least they would like to know more
of these independent testing oh sorry i i or whatever that i i
well first of all we don't know anything about this project so it's right in the media
well the speaking about these independent testing on it in the end you know nobody shows
the the the the idea i apparently will be these gas application of the
board meeting of what that in a few days apparently they're not the
full in line so there are some reservations as well so in principle we would like to know more
about independent testing authority i think that maybe these independent thirty now totally makes sense for some sports
but can play differing in other sports i don't know it depends on the structure of the federation's it depends on the system
but eh we're all happy to know more about these project from the i. o. c. might be a very good project
uh i have to admit that for the time being it was these costs hum you know um you know
closed the concept behind closed or use ineffable expression
and you know we're happy to morrow to to know more about this project in the future might be interesting
but we would like to know what about the question or do you think should be bankrupted anything
i think that these may set the responsibility of the sports organisations is is maybe you should you know
we need to pay so we receive a lot of money coming from t. v.
cutting from sponsors so it's our responsibility to take care about the sport
of course through the independent testing authority in correlation with yeah you'll see so
it depends on the structure i think is the the the money
eh it should come from from from the sport this is my my understand that's clear like uh
just as water is funded by governments i'm biased for um it should be the same thing it should be
independent testing authority should be funded by government 'cause government's
benefit countries benefit by having big sports events
and also why people being health your infertile so you don't have the medical issues as well
the government's um sports should page be paid into it should
be a separate bodies and no one individual has control
of it no one government has control of it you pay the money into a big part okay great
i think i'm sorry product of time i'm sorry i didn't get right your question but i think

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