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hi everyone ah um
maybe such structures on the contribution of forensic science one a nice the structure of the ping markets
little is known about the markets because it falls
off onto the binghamton season are mainly focused
on the detection of but of the ping substance in biological son it's
so this approach is only effective to punish an object and uh has proven to
to have difficulties to on the the whole the insistent
so in this context we propose a profiling approach
imagine you have a that can produce scenes by yeah customs but they are not related
by contextual information like the location of the a seizure or the people involved
what the proposal is to take advantage of the chemical
and physical analysis of the product to come pardon
so on the uh of physical profile is based on
all observable characteristic and the packaging of the product
and uh i can get profile is based on the chemical composition of the product then
we assess the similarity based on in high and uh
viability assessment between the product by comparing the profile
if we consider the products are similar we can move on
to put disease of a common knowledge and like
the same supply chains of physical profile or
the same producer or can we can provide
so it is also possible to detect particular models apparently
like the air conditioning of the products by smugglers
and there are several aims to exploit the guise of intelligence
for example
that you thinking says or you can detect crime series by
detecting crime series you can identify the most pretty contenders
therefore you will proactively investigates the problems and avoid
the are actively case but it is approach
by observing the markets you can follow trends and sometimes you can detect new activities

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