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okay well there's for another round and the talk back session and i know i
go on a bit about this but we love this little bit of it
oh that's not getting used very often is something we can throw out to you toss questions in the audience
so please do have a think about a question you might whatever race and i want
one or two of you do it it'll be ready to to take part so
um and we can throw this that you when you can uh engage with
off a panel let me introduce that panel because we're gonna discuss now
well one of the one of the big issues who is gonna be
calling the shots in the future all sports which is a pretty
brought a question to be asking but i fundamental one as well and we've got just
the panel to do that so let me introduce found the all time highs for
also joining us from the time i have a plan
just one then from asia they will strategic initiatives the i live about cloud international joey time
from not quite so far field but just as exotic if you're an englishman uh from a pasta learned from
the past the innovation half se boss laid at the head of the knowledge department i'll them on that
for just one uh welcome all of you with foreign flat on our faces on the diversity uh elements
of this panel that the gender balance sorry about that was all that for next yeah yes a
long time in in sport uh what i want to do as we've been doing is get a a
a sense as to why we have awful speakers i know but you you weren't necessarily so
and leave at gonna start with you've got one minute to pitch the wire on that's to me
great well good afternoon for thank you for having me here david graph and everyone the pleasure to be here
a showcase fourth is a company focusing on the very
growing fast growing market of sports in china
uh we were founded in two thousand and ten with a focus on focusing
on the chinese uh sports market we also have offices here in switzerland
and we focus on the the four main areas that are
revenue producing for rights holders which is to getting hospitality
media rights sponsorship and merchandising licensing and were active in china and all these four areas
working as the major rights holders were based here uh the i. o. c. v. for u. f. r.
uh we sell all the rights uh all the ticketing for the world cup two thousand eighteen
what about ten thousand chinese people going in a in a few weeks from now in
russia were also very involved in or the partnership between the i was united rubber
and where it's great to have joey also year um and i'd love to talk
more about the fascinating things that are happening in the chinese market in sports
and which is very exciting and which uh is going quite fast and and in many ways
i think is leading the way as to what the future will like for sports
would look like because try not being so innovative on the digital and so many other side
i wish i knew how many english we're going to the uh well compared to show that i think has been
going down like this for a while so what will the balances and thanks very much that levy that stephan
thank you for a bite me times if i get a president of
the other sports and entertainment we are um sports marketing agency
a l. p. m. g. a browns an institution to create the most uh
a meaningful and impact full connection with the sports fans was
both little soul entertainment which mean music and some
amount of the biggest one is uh the sports interest uh we worked for companies like the coca cola
uh orange go down a b. m. w. and uh
different sports like football of course uh one
of the biggest no well in europe a red be able so a tennis and the
and all those models oops to right across the board basically in terms of what you'll target
absolutely and uh we have offices uh all around the world okay glibly stefan thanks very much uh joey hi david
okay a fax filing it it was the everyone my name is julie i'm from alabama
oh i solve you know i live about was an e. commerce company s. q. is any commas company
but since nineteen ninety nine we have change and evolve i'll
sell completely from just doing e. commerce into various businesses
such as sports technology how can i ask and everything else that's
important to the future uh off human health and happiness
so that's where i am today uh i'm helping the olympics working
closely the i was he's looking at which the transformations and
uh evolving the games as we out while the top uh sponsors for the olympics
ah i know when the alibi but the the the contract the deal with the i've seen a
lot of people shot in the chinese it coming what so that for us we'll have
some little local to who's gonna be calling the shots from that direct show as well um
i'll but tell us a little bit about the uh the balsa of c. hub
so um my role at the club but if they were so nice
leading and managing the bars animation have within no it's the foreman
and what we do at barton emission having what we want to be common we are one of the sports uh at because lap
we want to that our products and services together with a huge range of different external stakeholders
from an open innovation perspective and you know we leveraging our
expertise our know how but also this sample that we
have a we have more than two thousand athletes training every day in this per c. d. we have
one hundred and twenty teams playing every weekend but those we have almost three hundred million fans for me to
be there's a year's so all these big ass it's can be the perfect testing lab to again
party with third parties to to solve challenges that we have internally
but also uh that can go to the whole the whole industry and and look at the future
and based on on on these on these type of ram product development but
that testing lab um i'll but others but more about the sort of
liaisons you making the sort of partnerships that y'all bob obviously buying into but not quite buying
into that you're creating things that work specifically for you for example what sort of thing
that's that's one of the key what i'm that's one of the key strategic this young we
me a one year or two years ago when we actually framing the whole project
we decided as a strategic decision that that you want to be uh we want to put
rather we want to develop products and services that can be at some point implemented internally
that of course makes the filtering process kind of tough an because
the main idea here is that we want also to use
these new uh tool marks innovation have as the diversification
business model of the of the of the club right so we want to also explode outward know how
as a commercial ads as well so if we want to help these companies grow and
prescribed them to third parties we have to use them as well so that's why
um we are sort of the lab that also are at the end of
the process of quite about women are the first client as well
but i mean crudely there's a lot that's there's a lot of self interest there about getting things that work
for you absolutely yeah yeah yeah yes there is and and this is also a way to again
me the whole clock looking at the future it's not like having
one innovation department completely um you know in one part of
the club just doing crazy things but not creating body for the clock it's that because you have to you know
work a lot on internal buying but but what we're creating again is we're changing
the whole crop in terms of how the thing on how they can at some point rethink what do you
do wanna babies is right right okay stuff and then let me ask you about that sense of
calling the shots will control also your looking very carefully the way in which fans
i consume as a whole word but enjoyed the schools and
and that obviously is changing and in what way
yeah uh input into the uh millennial that's true what we see is less t. v.
less attention and these changes everything for sure um first thing
we see that they don't even only t. v. sets
usually they don't subscribe to a twenty t. v. a chapel a a t. v. subscription
so um but they really want to news is a net
flicks and you to for most of the time
and there's some more interested in highlights um and and statistics as
well done really uh wanting to to see the ball game
um they can barely watch uh uh will game
from uh the kickoff until uh that's whistle
uh so this change the fishing and and what the watching
of calls they are sharing a chatting with the
with the fans on the on social platforms so uh
for claps for brands for broadcast of this changing
everything and that's where we start to get into the next year that that's why face book in particular
but which was well they all the driving forces would you say now in terms of millennial isn't
and there's to come behind the manuals are gonna get things from from this
side of of the blue we'll get to get john in a minute
yes in in terms of engagement definitely so this changing things fall sponsors
if you fighting to get your visibility on or around the peach
it's my probably not be aware you should fight uh you're not fighting the ride a battlefield
you you must also activated and the n. gauge on the on on social media of for sure
um for instance uh what we are working on right now is uh how we can use brought shame
to um better reward fun setting gauges through uh
the social networks so we can write
smart contracts it's time uh a fan on gauges with the come on come
ten video uh supports the team simple to boss our uh or even when it
comes to uh to see the game in the you know when you
uh by giving intelligence are uh boston points
we can we will them and then they can spend it's uh in the value or a response holes of
the ability and the great we're keeping hold of the fan and exactly that base and where you want
spend them and again build a direct connection that meeting full impact full with the
fans with so there are a sign on a bus alone or on
the the rest of uh the well the jury is is this what i
mean you talk about digital transformation which is of quite a cultural
thing to get your head around as well is that how you understand it
or it could actually put illustrate explain what that actually means remote you
use them okay i think what stuff as it which one is which i
completely agree we've is the lack of attention with the mainland yes
so if you look at the meeting click on a a groups that is very appealing
to these spots markets yet actually spend has to be read using your yeah
so with that in my the whole concept also sat yet communities also evolving
in the past you know the tradition that concept community needs i mean the same club
su i mean it seems to s. u. and we pay the same spots
well with the at buttons also share media which is very different in that he's versus
the west the whole all the real what classic your committee has evolved as well
so if i look at the the differences in the additional destruction between that you send us
right in his uh one things that uh as a company we realised very early on
is that the only way we could get the mean any to engage with us or activities e. commerce
boss you know health care whatever is to make sure that we are part of the habits
so if you well in the in china today for example uh of the problem on when you decide to
the get a taxi for the moment you pay for your uh subway rice and the
buyer for every single day time actually views are in some way collect that's
by certain companies and with that we are able to decide you know what's the best community grouping value the
social map associate graph any become habitual they you you it's automatic you you will be looking at the
the vice second shot fun videos of the last year of school goal desk all
by a a football or busses me sitting brought cameras and watching four hours
so i think that the whole habitual uh integration bit of a of a life style we spots is well the trend of se
and and that is far more advanced would you say more sophisticated already there in china for example the idea
well i was a small advised by say we can break it down to a few differences
uh the west that while has forecasts of community that is evolving arouse certain platform
so phase whereas community link it has community and yeah pay pal in the past i always depressed today was
community it is you see the monolithic applications to the updating falls we caught and the supple at
the channel that's practically just possible at everybody does everything getting on that
platform they do not leave them farm and it would not leave
the conceptual idea of how to use it and therefore you know that has to
do with the control and i was they accelerate innovation in a different way
uh lydia was so you you have the the great understanding of the the chinese market as well
and this this interesting sort of dichotomy between that the face but model and the chinese model
what what bobbing up some down sides of of those different you know that the
lack of competition versus this huge competition what difference does that actually make choosing
so you're that's a very good point because if you look at the um the digital media market in the west
it is quite monolithic you have phase book which basically own the space
of of social media at quarter to sit next and also owns a micro barring
you two bones at the video space and if you're the rights holder
and it's sometimes a much more tense relationship because again a lot of
the rise for those that i have x. millions of fans
and face broke the face but fans are you are you are the your friend it's always a bit of tension where
paradoxically if you look at china you have actually on the digital side you have much
much more competition and you have this this acronym got b. eighty by do
i read about ten cent actually there's a lot more other payers see now so who
um and uh and that season so also it's it's much more diversified
and you have much more competition and each of these companies
is sometimes active in each other's territories so no one really can
say i own the digital media space white owners also media
and i think that healthy competition is actually very very good for the right holders
and as as a joy was saying is great for innovation because you have
a lot more innovation happy where each company is trying to to outsmart
its rival uh sometimes by investing in smaller companies acquiring smaller companies
creating new products one example would be live streaming lice training is a is a phenomenon
which happens which has developed in china are which is the concept of a platform
where individual users can starts in the living room this starts talking about things that passion their interest
and some of them actually have millions of followers and you have stories of people
and it's a revenue share model so people will send them virtual items
and uh or shop online so they will they will promote certain products and they get a revenue share
you have stories of waitresses who suddenly becomes millionaire by visiting interesting in the living room
or you take this to sports also great because you would actually use this
working with some major events we've taken some of these famous blogger is
backstage to the champions league or even with actually report then
we're talking about the attention of the million euros what we it's true that they
have the less attentive especially in china on its ear to our stream of
of competition but they really passionate about their tribes especially european clubs are i'm
sure i mean even tens of millions of fans you have in china
they're very interested in the live interested in slightly different things they wanna know about the person alive exactly it
what they're doing what they're thinking um what how is the training outside enter
and i think that notion of community and and providing more then then just the
live broadcast is very important and van sorry they don't get right nature's uh
add on to that bolivia point i think we've got the redefine money to rise
asian because of social media that might be true in the western well
but if you look at how the consumer behave in that he's gone along the monolithic be
looking at a social media as a single platform on the radiation you connected with
e. commerce connected with your payment behaviours transportation b. a. does any whole string of value
chain guide it yeah so which is why the whole evolution of how consumers
assuming sports would be evolving very differently so if you leave with
good looking at the source immediacy these i think that we
have right my should restrict but by what associate but for office i be light streaming and not just you know just
i said vision that that doesn't really change that habeas of how how i look at
it right but what about what about the bus learner than how much of
oh we wanna you can't control everything that's out there obviously but it sounds like with
the lab you do want to exert a a fair element of control over
some of the types of products you might want to use perhaps the way in
which fans in china role wherever else you all three hundred million dollars around
the well want to perceive you as well so are you trying to make sure
that you all calling the shots about better that way in that respect
um i was one of the things so we don't know what's gonna happen in the
future the way so the way we're sending parsing emission happy that we want to
each rate as much as possible with the users right so martin emission happy the
tool to tess examples like watching that the uh we were mentioning here right
are we able to create sort of a small pilot leveraging specific data that we have
and pass the solution any beat goes well then maybe we can
start scaling up on a on a global scale thing for
for asian markets are we able to set up specific projects for the user market with specific companies from easier
that knows well the the the marketing easy but and we can leverage our know
how from a bar some brand it brought a mars uh expertise and
yeah join together specific things that work together to develop any product anything
that will be specific for these kind of a market right
so the the meaning here here is how we can start um iterating products
and service in the sports industry with the sports uh entities as much
uh_huh okay let's have a look stuff on them back come back to face book from and
um i mean you you told me i didn't know this about the standard printer
uh uh_huh as actually broadcast is um tennis match of the
most uh open on is an face put page thanks
very much i'll take control of that well how much of a model is that the for the future
yeah i think we will probably see a i. p. owners
whether it's a club or even play uh what was it on on the game trying to broadcast it directly
to his sons so for instance yes that is that's the did for the it was the most states ornaments so
of course the secondary tournaments and uh maybe stan could not access to to this game uh
on the on the t. v. cable channels so we decided effectively uh to uh
buys them and put them online for free on is on page and it feels
good page but tomorrow you could also sell them fruit i did about platform
and and decide the the price of a each and every game he
plays uh to sell it to to do is on funds
we we also so uh in the u. s. um leads
sell selling you package to uh to the fans
uh for instance basketball n. b. a. is now i'm selling the the league bass
so that you can directly by to get into it can be a not
the a. b. c. or or traditional t. v. uh about testers
and um we also see a finance decided what interesting for them for instance now
if they want to see only money time which is the last what so
of the basketball game second no by its and only this one so
i think we're heading to uh well where um the fans will also design
maybe the rules but all or in fact what they really want to see and when they want to see
that's interesting so it's the the ultimately i think the idea the fan as being the sort of downtrodden
lost soul soul individual and the whole sporting landscape maybe that's
gradually coming than the other way but if you've got about brink uh
example and e. mail what should tennis maker that what should um
the the lawn tennis association all the the spanner uh the french
tennis association be making the how worried should they be
they don't therefore will have that control they they are no longer possibly calling the shots well either an oven
yeah well i've things that for locals will still be all i got was into the silly to
a big broadcast uh at the end of the day but this also means that um
when the player is maybe a little less famous but it's starting to add these
is finance you can also have a direct broadcast direct connection with uh its
own fans that one would be playing a a t. t. master's well it
will be a broadcasting the line but you could also met spatial contents
before the game then after the games that we own low only maybe sell little the broadcast directly
so it's that's less still broadcasting is is a rogue are also and uh the u. s.
tennis open all the big these and many other a. t. p. events at the moment
but leave yeah let me start the ball rolling on how much longer that is the case that the
t. v. broadcasters are cutting we have this conversation all the time that we all they picked and
yeah haven't quite still seem to be going on for but what is your
views to to how much longer a t. v. calls the shots
well i see i think t. v.'s gonna involve in t. v. even
all the the major broadcasters now are having a combination of
off line online broadcasting as with s. t. v. and and then the fan
still go to that brandon i think if you if you look at
it's a what happened in traditional media or even like it's a
traditional press you always think the internet is gonna kill everything
but in the end contents becomes more important if you look at again
greats the b. d. c. or new york times of the economists
they actually thriving in the age of the internet because it's actually very good quality contents so i think you're gonna see two things
the the quality content is gonna become even more valuable so i'm convinced
that the big the big name should become one more valuable
because especially for t. v. broadcast is the one thing that people still wanna watch on t.
v. because it's also experience you get together it's it's at a very precise time
and that's always gonna stay and that's actually gonna to syntax and save the traditional t. v. model and
i think the other promise of the internet is the other aspect a long tail the fact that
it's a the canoe federation or archery or which are great sports bets
have have sometimes difficulty connecting to the final even finding them
and then suddenly with the internet you can create this committee that people who are interested in
a specific sports and give the opportunity that's the model i still needs to be fine
for these content on the rights holders to directly connect with their fans
and and sell them tickets and sponsorship an e. commerce and so
now regarding regarding this this one of the main channels that the i was thinking and
if you look at what's going on in terms of another sectors with saying that the platform business
model is the one that is the right right so you can see our review when someone
and my question is always it scans for scraps also become sort of a
black from so we can rely on the third parties user generated content
leveraging our brand and then connecting to other uh potential consumers that would be interested and
in the sort of content here is all with is the tension number and protection
and also and leveraging you know peer producers and per year year consumers
we're developing at barton emission have one sort of pilot and that um buddy it's
more uh on a professional level in sports industry we're developing an online community
here are experts on specific topics in sports from sports science yeah
coaching two sports management so one so they create content
not only from f. c. d. professionals but didn't talk about it to be professionals and we're creating a community off
sports professionals or features sports professionals that wants to consume these contain enough for most of what
online certificate so we're somehow creating leveraging out what brand our magnet as a brand
to be the platform for professional development schools in this procedures
my question is can we do that on us and on a wider scale on defence
and a sector and i will keep this open that okay joey joey i'm
uh maybe alleviate partly on so this uh this point but i
there was one thing to have as you say the big broke us is pumping in the billions
uh there is a ready sort of growing acceptance
that some of these packages are actually worth
what we've all they were worth i mean is it really still worth sharing a
a whole match which maybe you've got two hundred thousand people actually what she
so there was a tools there isn't it you where if the money is not coming from the broadcasters into schools
are you quite sure what it will come from other platforms as that maybe
alleviate touched on that but i just wonder from the other yeah but
uh i think it probably comes some channel spots point of view and t. v.'s not gonna galway and we've been
working with the law broadcasters and all t. d. provided to the and you will see most of them and
uh starting to adopt a second screen concepts right the bleeding for the users to q.
rate at the site which angle what kyle but you really want to see
plot historic a profile of the play is that just call goal that kind of interaction is a is a very
family less appears to the mean and yeah so the question then is a is a mad or where the
is that the only channels where the user's intelligence boss today is that we need to t. v. seconds because them all
now with the advent of technology like five g.'s as well as ah you know more connected so that these i
believe that money's not just going to come from uh the
consumption of media content we will also be commas
the perils that uses varying the brandeis a face uh this is being shown
because my affiliation you know well i the light up uh the most consumers in that he's i would say it
would have preferred to be associate that by reading the same brand as well as budgeting cosine chi of um
the pairs so that could be another ad revenues so actually
the the the name on the apparel is what
draws in new fan yeah i love the necessarily the fact that i love where i come from
but that supported them so i supported them as a completely just completed if i i think so because the
visual impact of this pasta day because of all k. t. v. usually i've hired definition is when a
play look schools long that justice has style of the way he walks it is also the well what he
wears and the desire that powers so they sell it becomes a new at division channel you mean
and it's it is pretty much to my technology as well i would highly but i'll be interested in even buying now
teams in clubs that fitted that but i mean come on your colours that another
i think where we either this there's right i'll i'll i'll grant your vision
if you may is to continue the personal health and happiness far cost
and i think the there's more than one way to do so i was just speaking to l. but behind the scene right
we've been very much going after all the venues on is trying to make this
to be smart the by just by looking after the us not the venue
by adopting is not of any we've marquee sports events there's got to transform
the way people go about their daily life article possibly mobile that these
how to the city manager ways big reno reducing traffic jams the me all those uh the roles that uh
sports order or sports bag you can clean city transforming the way people behave and and you know
improving almost and it's only because they can call the shots of a much
broader spectrum of silence anxious yeah well yeah for calling the shots
of the b. s. screen if you may have sorry maybe i thought uh uh it's a bit aggressive from my point of view i
don't think is calling the shots by the the the ability to impact agree doesn't start the two spots is what we'll see as the
future improvements that's the infrared words you might prefer that just calling shot
at stefan just wonder preview your view on the the broadcast
yeah well off i think um broadcast so are you to say it would change of course it
would become all digital uh it will so what we see in a in a new um
i. p. rights false false it's uh it's smaller more um get into pieces
so if you i want to see only the end of the game i can see only the end of the game so
and and they also want the ideal as i've uh yeah far or be eighty two wanted again
not on the on the top line at this stage but getting some uh the highlights are like
edgy are like age already for them we can see it soak a in a in basketball
so was on during the game will see they they will come to
to buy the the big game uh alive at the end that
uh but we yes it it it visible being ready okay thank you very much indeed um as a sample
was going to ask uh you lot to help us out with some questions as well we've got this
or just to to the thing that i'm just put to throw someone at some point of
we have we have a take a we have a question of the supervisor that to you something and you give it to the members stand up
microphone and that was it doesn't work now ah oh yeah working
this question joey on job you see we hear a lot about batman it's olympic sponge
and then there's still divisional e. sports which is also working with will be um
looking at least that's most of the session he's gonna call the shots so sports and future
yeah lots of conversations with people over here some people think well
i'm like bob maybe looking school some big shots in the future what what is what is the vision um
or the aspirations what is that and for what's the what's the angle
yeah there's there's a great and half question i might say well i
i think they end up they uh or technology companies ah
i have has to be an advantage although howdy pack the society any
freezing it because of the market that is available to the next
so when we talk about valuable buys hitting the grand vision as always is that we believe in the next ideas
computers and yeah i spend a lot things like humans so was level as opposed to in terms of you know strategy and directions
which both out of something that's you replaceable compute those would not be able to do it for you so health and happiness
he's always acting division responsibility from our point of view so either look at where we are hitting does all spots
the whole atlas off our investments including the directions allocating it was useful and hollow
troll spots the whole changes in the countries that c. d.'s that we're in
so there's a like it does now was a mock event so if i want to be in the marquee events for c. d.'s
web address salary the whole translation of the c. d.'s by bringing smarts smart transportation technology and everything else around it
that either the egg it is then sports in itself but the end is how do
we as a result sports and the technology converges create a better society for everyone
thank you very much indeed any oh yeah we got a little add on to that
question okay i'm on if you go with metaphor it's join from right to watch
um when the presence of digital communications engaging going good it's it's um
well sports um like a football boss especially possible enjoy china gets t. v. time
smaller schools my struggles i guess on the t. v. by g. david c. s.
um a lot issue platforms out there massive fragmentation
so which you know pretty early top tips
that you may k. c. helping smaller schools to cora already
it's across digital channels when boys channels so fragmented
yeah that's a very good and and have questions so it's two traditionally at c. c. t. v. which was
the uh national broadcaster and and again it's this dichotomy in the west you have massive competition on
the broadcast t. v. but little competition digital channels the opposite
when you have monopolistic monopoly which is the t. v.
which is the dom was a dominance ports are that form and it's true that some some of this for
their shoring are even sometimes to put a record out of decision so it's difficult to get there
um it's i think social media is probably the best way
and and again there's multiple socially a platform but
the dominant once you know we bore sorry barbara yahoo and some other platform obviously transcend is still there
a player so i would actually start with social media as opposed to try to do
the the the city directly broadcasting because the keys how the
abstract that user how do you get that initial
uh view and customer um and then and then the social media platform are probably the best way
uh to do that and anyone naturally attract a smaller sports community of interested users
which for every sport erase and then from that do broadcasting versus the other way around i think it's difficult
and stuff and you have a a a view on that as well i mean
acted john is talking about the difference polls that international federations as well
a struggle to communicate actually with around athletes with yeah styles as as well as they do with the ah
that's another point but i think federation will uh of phase so how simon become you me is because
we can small mo um oh by and social hats that it people to back to sports
among them without the for the region and a distance is that everything again uh because when you use a
sports easiest to uh organise you or so to uh
playing with your own team but finding new teams
finding the field where you can play uh you don't need a federation to
do that and so why should i buy a license to do so
and if the less money for license all schools the federation was still at the
money for a bomb for for the big gains but not from the people
and with this which only beefing everything i'm not sure the federation
that we'd be able to buy these social sports acts
i think the bats i think the gaff ow would be better ways
to uh to buy them that moment is our mall uh it's
more the usage is interactivity in the ways it's an
organised life for a better life for uh let's move uh
and and and and and seamless organisation of the light
so i think the the balance will um with switch from federation
to to get sign bats and um some of the
maybe the the smallest federation on individual sports could disappear
that's pretty gloomy prospectuses and i don't know maybe it's not so
q. t. which in using that um little because i mean another aspect
of what your doing within china as you are opening up
our eyes in the way to the scale this well in uh in these masses
and surely there for the opportunities however small each one might be it's another opportunity uh whether you're
a minority sport or bookstore yeah i i still see a very important role for the federation
even all the let's take for example three on three and feedback basketball i think they've done an amazing job of creating
a grassroots environment where people can play among themselves organise themselves
but eventually they can also because in the end you also want to aspire to the great athletes
you wanna watch the men even become them and it actually for example in three on
three so great example how do you actually do that you can actually bring up
um grass with players to to to be to play in the big lead and even become professional
so i think that model is actually very good models so i i don't see this computer's intimidation
you you you pick another interesting example is very much a than sports as well isn't it and and joe you were talking about
the importance of cities in upping the okay here over time i mean i think we get an impression that
most cities many towns are looking for something if not quite everyday
but a lot of stuff a lot of the time so uh they going to be in a position to start holding
more shots to think in the future the way in which sports i can
and can't succeed without different versions of the traditional that's right okay
yeah and the definition uh what was it you a healthy sports is also evolving
as well so's above spots as you rightly point out so the the
thing is that we've city management the idea is that the eight is the speed of transformation how fast
can adapt themself to the new and i'll do the do the appetites and the behaviour than you
similar to small federation is i believe the better entry for small federation engage a wide audience
is much lower today because also sure media the only question why ideal surviving wise
d. not evolving facilities because they have not adapt themself to
the new transformation to the average british that technology so
i'd be uh i i would say the a key component of inferences see how the spots leave off
uh the destiny will it be part of the you know calling the shots if you mean
it sounds like uh i'm gonna just to bring you back in a row wake up
call that we're getting yeah to those who are if in any
way not fully engaged now that they've got problems i had
i mean uh yeah i'm back to the to the uh
to how i'm just good c. d.'s right so
we see that the example barcelona for as is is the big brown as well and not only for
and with a desire with this tension is is f. c. where someone or some on the because ran right
and we are partnering with the uh we we actually we're partnering with the city hall to actually
develop thesis or running of the stadium um in a way that can
sports and the c. d. can work together and actually developing
more openness and mow i vow a neighbour that's right so
how and and not only that the the new stadium and it's gonna be open
at twenty four seven with different activities all other being edition happening there
so how can so the the plot is actually thinking any way he wants to relate with the
c. d. and here we can appear out of potential projects that we can develop together
again with the c. d. on mobility stab but also
energy an energy when you renewable energy sources and
so yeah i would say that it would c. d.'s and sports has a lot to do
together that's and mesquite one class comes with more more i've got a
couple of minutes uh is there another um hand coming up
then what else like to direct question to our panelists yeah yes
right sorry the lighting stuff from a so we start over
um it you'll recall from sports coral medical record a few weeks ago we discussed
uh one of the threats to the parental support which is the
joking side and we discussed possibilities all those benefiting like responses
putting that little to trying actually rose all issue i'd like to uh to the panel with
paper picture chip in to deal with that sense clearly it's a big threat to run
now that is a good question responses broadcast as uh you name it i
i would like to uh take that on the chin will be briefly
that's a bit of questionable and stuff angle having well don't thing with that
the question should should sponsors all sports be contributing to the anti dumping back really
to broadcasters be contributing to the cleaning up of sport i mean who's calling the shots
well it's um very difficult issue because uh of course of course it should
what is stopping when you can um when you can have an agreement seed a
skeleton where it's not only what you put into your uh your blouse um
it would be more and more difficult to make a difference in between biology
and uh computing we know it's ah i figure you will agree and so when
is when is it the actually it's uh i'm doing it by himself
or is it helps by uh by computing i think it will be more and more
budge some we call the dropping some we'll call it a mounted sports and um
i don't know if we couldn't uh really really a file it's find this progress
well you took the question also live you can have a quick start as well i was when i say i think it's a fundamental
really fundamental issue that has to be sovereign has to be addressed and i think that's
one of the key role that the international federation have to pay an are paying
um because the notion of fairness was again for sparing athletes and everyone for spectators
yeah there's a there's an aspect of cheating you feel cheated when you realise that the the person who
won actually was cheating you also feel as a spectator cheated answer other sponsors feel the same
uh and maybe i'm sure again that take digital technology
big data artificial intelligence these are things that can dramatically contributes
to to taking that out and spotting monitor and spotting and i think the war i agree with you that there's
there's a boundary but best of all the federation to say this is the boundary this is acceptable says nods
and um and then everybody has to play fair hopefully technology can how maybe your yeah some
for the for war so that for the next slide that page question partial answer thing
but thank you very much for for taking that on a as well and
can i say with but again we run our time panel thank
you very much indeed background when voyager off finally saw half

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