Can a 150-year-old Swiss company act like a start-up, especially in a context of market transformation and surrounded by digitally-powered disruption? This is a question that the Nestlé global head of digital and social media, Pete Blackshaw, ponders every day. Part of the answer was the creation of a highly entrepreneurial Digital Acceleration Team (DAT), comprised of 12-18 leaders from diverse Nestlé markets who work at the global headquarters for 8-month terms. Housed in a start-up oriented Consumer Engagement Center right above the Nestlé Executive Board, the team members embrace an innovation culture of “Listening, Engaging, and Transforming”. Since it first launched in 2012 the DAT program has graduated over 90 leaders, facilitated 100 “hackathons” across key business needs, reverse mentored 75 Senior Executives.


How to Disrupt a 150-Year-Old Swiss Company in a Digital World?
Pete Blackshaw, Nestlé global head of digital and social media
14 June 2016 · 7:28 p.m.