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um gosh the speed with which stadium design arena development is changing
is if there is any water saying it so far
and furious so what is the presence of what is the future we've got three experts in the field
uh literally in the field to talk about it let me introduce them to you first of all
danielle mary all change technology actuate
oh and recreation
is found a whole come and join us
say yes i thank you very much indeed all of you for coming you say stand out a little bit it will fit can again
i promise you people are gonna get a coffee and stuff but uh uh nonetheless we're gonna get cracking with this session um
small venues i think the important thing i want to do first of all is for everyone's relies where you're coming from
so perhaps um play all start with you you don't want it to tell us what you're doing and that's true
okay and fancy good morning to everyone and basically stay nearing an an
i can't friend i well where at fan fast i
come from the land ranked second scenic decides
i spent many as lacking any entertainment and did his own
media industry and maintains yeah nice sports i can't
i now run my own company and and we think it's specifically on an audience school been ninety nine percent
and that's specifically means everyone he doesn't attend the stadium and passing it ceases instead
define a frown it's a fair and one around in advance i had on the guy
and back we should be ignored because that's a nice connected audience we had
and painful one second thing and i'm here to battle against the stadium fan because identically
i'm one of the one percent myself sarah i mail stadium guy hand we help
brands in business days in broadcast there isn't right now there is an
i'm this standing ninety nine percent even data happened which then that engaged in and
out and twenty minutes like a lovely thank you very much and you
just that the the little ninety nine percent you're working on 'em fade on
here come from the other side of the fence it to a
certain extent tell us yeah just we just musing before we can on the
i'm actually in charge of the one person suppose uh and maybe a
problem i don't know um anyway but yeah much always on architects on a
spill something so i specialise um on the soft martin in um
developing stating infrastructural a reunion is um and if you do
with special school so it from the technology side actually
the athletes inflicts to in terms of high performance but also down to the actual falling coachman the idea of
um anything to do with large amounts of numbers of people is very much or expertise of ensuring that people are one full time
when they go to visit these these ones so your good every x. the
tiny millimetre benefit that you can put in the stadium to announce
the experience obsolete out yeah people spend money and the you know this is an exceptional mine in the lines where they they they go
from the everyday license looks like this extra rodney experience it's our job
to amplify the experience to make it something exceptional and special
okay daniel obviously with the working with your way for you but it has but what you do to actually first of all
so are are run technology to wave a technology as in
most or media entertainment or organisation is quite pervasive
so it will project is technology having you if we compute today today where we're looking at the
how to all be the advocate of how to bring a i make sure people
when they come to ben used to enjoy their experience because the ninety
nine percent i think we deliver a fantastic experience if you stayed home now
with television and actually the technology doing huge fans of all but uh
one of the formation of you a phase also for people to play football we need we need people back to be active in the game and i think
one of the key component there is too good venues and one of the key things
also for t. v. rights to be highest values to before i mean if you
watch in any sports news you know nobody watching it live them but in the
interest of watching it on television diminishes so we have this full stadium um
goal so i think it's hard to bring that i'm bring more in the stadium for people to be
i mean i'm more encouraged to go there don't but it can you just give us one or two concrete examples of the soul sort of
illustrate the sort of areas which are you are either looking at already implementing that you think are the sort of the
the quantum leaps perhaps at the moment well you know we we we like to think that
there's a sense this sort of stadium this is sort of a on strikes going
on it and that is called idea versus save the arms right yeah i mean yeah
that basically you clearly everyone at home has access to all sorts of you know
um data and such like we need we need to ensure a enable people to the stadium
to have that data as well so that it's comparable at least to the sofa but i think that is
is our responsibility well we can't acquire additional theatre like i'm the only accessible when you in the state
so uh i think that we're moving into this well where there is this convergence of um
the the digital technology and physical technology together so somewhere like the atlanta falcons the mercedes benz
side in that we recently completed um you can see that is the investment technology significant
so for example there is a available which is that you know the the john birch from turned up the significant knowledge
well we have a you know up a five storey l. e. d. screen that wraps around the entire stadium
it's a conference so that this uh most of you know digital technology coming into the physical space
is very much and see but but this is quite a challenge isn't it because actually if i'm
watching a room on the t. v. all still seal that i'll get all that feel
so you're talking about having to make a a real difference for the fans to go along and
pay that fifty sixty seventy dollars or whatever instead of sitting and all the other was big enough differences
well i mean you know it when you when you watch t. v. or use in one
sense you know you're using a visual sense i mean the reality is people five senses
and the the actual atmosphere within the stadiums something very very difficult to replicate
in my my sense in in in perfect sporting moments time expands
and i'm not sure you get that same effect uh if you watching the the came home and i
really like how do we embrace those other senses that the atmosphere the intensity of people coming together
yeah exceptional character on lots of people coming together to cry that energy
it's something you'll never really truly go on clay or eyebrows a shitty apple that yeah i'm thinking
yes any and now what you're saying and i think what's interesting is so
we're not competing against the stadium experience we sometimes feels that way what
well it should be said is nothing actually eats nine space is
is nothing better than experiencing nice pool night entertainment and
if you are lucky enough to be back then you know you're in a privileged position but we know annotated praise
the more populated sports franchise the cans they're they're not likely it is that the majority of
their fans and now when near the stadium itself they have to look at ways see
shag that experience i get three the audience in sounds in in the
stadium say that one percent actually becomes the protagonist of the
events they say that basically fancy will be able to share their experiences with a ninety nine percent on this i think
they say the one that's that's why technology becomes that's a crucial because
not everyone is watching an adhesive so and a enormous television
sets the what's important is that you're able to communicate
into tiny little night that's screen it's in a parking at every single fan wherever you are now out
and and i think that in for active season of intonation has to be a priority to the industry and how important and those
that for you i mean obviously if your football for a soccer fan i'm a die hard you want to be the game
that's what you what you want the match do you want all the paraphernalia
that that john and they're talking about do you do you think
i think the the easy answer is it depends i think it depends from where you are i think they are they re firstly a big difference would be
american sport because the venue the larger i mean you did experience the entertainment is different
in europe we have different countries uh and so i think what you can bring to the fan i mean would be where we're lot of chance about
kind of mobile formats et cetera so some then use for some
menus it's interesting but the numbers show today that actually watching
uh replace on your mobile phone it's not something that people do is not very
much happening in europe anyway adding in the states that have these large
screens issued although issue everything on the large screen so why do you wanna watch a small screen if you can watch a large screen so
uh and what we also learn from the from the u. s. is that most people one commodity services so
they wanna know traffic they wanna know i mean maybe that they give you wanna buy stuff the
they wanna know with the the smallest q. to the shortest to to do the jens with the ladies
uh for these community services more than content what below what they
want really today is also to approached also they wanna
big picture isn't sure having the in in europe today we don't have
much connectivity in the news today i think it will change
we hope we're trying i would again at you you if it we don't want any stadiums would be trying to
to uh instruct people influence uh when we brought new bills being
done that there is a bit of technology there because
i think the next generation they used to be connected nonstop and i think we have if
we don't offer that we might have rules would be preserved the younger generation going because
uh from the again the numbers we see it to make it expensive to go there today it's complicated also to go there
uh so why bother if you have an experience at home but these phenomenal in most easy when we look up the flagship
events i wanna come back to this um the best q. for the toilets it's sort of a perspective in a minute
but that does raise an important point and jaw start with you know want to turn to players well on
this about the cost of going to to again these days i mean i've focused as a as an
a hardened docile file and all the fact that taught them all
spare operators rivals of got a wonderful new stadium coming up
but it's gonna cost a fortune to have a season ticket there
uh and yes you get the benefits of you can stop your
favourite vintage wind up the ground you can go to the
new from marjorie that they've got to the ground if you can get an issue a calendar restaurant about
what about the days of the pie and applied to the good thing so i mean what where's that going on
well it out from the sport is all about how you present the actual journal page
and you know clearly you the people demand will choices that and every every aspect aligns
people want larger choice uh they want more diverse product i think's gonna sporting stadiums
uh no exceptions to that we need to cry don't us a product range that people want to
go and and experience but at the end of the day it has to be about
really showcasing the performance in the page i i think we're not told sort about the study in the legislative this is so full will
i think you know we should should underestimate clearly us a cup final is not problem you gotta fill that stadium
five times if you wanted to it's it's it's all yeah it's uh went
into it i think you know what what tuesday night in february
you know how do you get people to that state so for that you know for the for that purpose you need to cry additional product that
people will attract people just as a recreational factor i yeah i i think you know if you look at barking call people like that
but the really sort of um identify this experiential colony what people are spending more
money on doing things rather than buying stuff and i think this was an
industry should really except that on on the stand that and start to cry
product that can actually gonna attract these people of a more diverse demographic
we want to get an experience something that just i mean have does that resonate
with you play in terms you artist that's fine your season to get all
around yes man i can't wait to get to the new stadium when i
things and they think they speak and i think what's interesting is how
it's an asian and that the audience that sounds can
be filed into the free e. construction phase
when it's nice stadium is being balanced aside from the technical infrastructure that is and asked
and we need to think about not stay in three
distinct phases everything happens before the game everything happens
any fan is travelling from my high and all the way up to the stadium ten style
everything happens during the game set in nineteen x. advice that i respect about the fall
and actually that's probably and ninety meg to now when i paste again
that depending on the race out you can i began yes alright and
and the surrounding area at all in jail they pay snatch entertaining
if it's put on by the cat is i think the whole extension of night stay needs to be thirty nine and match
no entertainment chatting rye inset markets as we now yeah alright ten
ninety back and stay entertaining given format like us i think
getting back to the i call community and making sure that the stadium lends itself to a
recreation nice yeah entertainments and and that's another kind of preference at this is outside of
the ninety minutes itself is a creation way to think about the future of the stadium at
john uh dunno use the word i said it depends uh america and i guess
the way in which you design the stadium does depend very much on the control
expectations of you'll you'll crowd also you will support is what you get in
i'd play as lived in italy is in is enough what an italian fan wants is very different from what
um that's an american support would want at what are then the this if you like the the common
the the common ties that bind that every stadium has that well i
mean the selecting secures is starting point would rather than sort of
you know that that's the the first thing that everyone expects us to be looked after
um you know in terms of it's quite interesting not not just geographically i think clearly difference differentials between spool
so if you look at and i fell the crowd and n. f. l. game spend
a little money on food and beverage doubled food than the the football or rugby
uh going whether spend more on on the news is what so it is very much a us a spoil sort
of um topology associate with specific sports and when you've got multiple schools coming it's the same then you
that's with the challenges start to go to like like tom holes like what happens they'll do n. f. l.
and any yeah and so you know the design aspect but also culturally in terms of uh you know
um geographical location that on that is very specific as well i think you know we we need to really you know
the the identity of supporting the team has an identity that that we should celebrate
and and somehow you know amplify that within the bill infrastructure associated with it but in terms of what
what you need across every state in clearly safety security you need the ability to you know
a basic provisions and everyone expects log data that you know how much work for you give them
but actually in some state is maybe that isn't approach if you've got a really authentic
you know hardcore fan based you want everyone checking of phones in the games going
on maybe not on the there's a discussion there that needs to focus specifically
on the on the from the the specific fans specific team and specific geographical location
so what would you say are on on security and safety what what would
you said the big advances that are i the now being rachel could soon
be reached the that are going to babs transformer sensor saved insecurity misstated
well i mean you can now you know you can memorise crowns in a very different way you can you know much huge amounts of data in real time
uh which means it in a a fluid uh uh for them fixable things such as the crowd is far more easy
to understand how it may react to certain situations and you can model that as well which which is exciting great
um i think the fact that uh into the security you've got c. c. d. v. where you can i don't for troublemakers
a very also that the whole experience before we can change dramatically since
the eighties in the back of the trouble times of the
um when when when football violence and we'll hooliganism was was quite commonplace and so which means you going
invariably have a different crowd coming to get you to take the children and such like say
that that's a starting point to to try eating i i mode all those rounds of people being attracted to
that event mm general you've got the um the european champions league final coming up in kiev in
ten days or couple weeks time um my son's a liverpool fans of you know anything you do the l. good um well
obviously like um but how much then to you know obviously you select that then you and that stadium how much
pressure you putting on stadiums for improvements like that on stage insecurity or do they give you
what they've got menu make you all your choice to do sort of driving the shirt
having the venue somewhat writing to shorten we are uh after receded become would be then
then we would pick what we see what we see fit again there is a
there is of an operational trend in kind of a very concrete analysis and then there are there are the politics of the sport
that the uh have to kind of mix and match uh then nothing paramount it's it is security for
sure after today i mean if we go into a into smart venues per se i think
it's not a a show stopper if the venue is not connected with them have
a wife i connect t. v. people work three g. forty five g.
a connection et cetera i think today it's not be caving if we go sergeant joe
when you you would you go along with that be yeah i was just
about to say yeah i i would have had only interact you know if i
can you know that one example that just comes in nineteen eighty yes
a couple of weeks ago id on say the funding cuts and and and and they did that guy's yes and with allies
of her coming on stage within its effect coming of states people
thousands of miles away i had seen hans i sat
they had to sell a lot pot made upon a real nice to protagonist in one if
i do me one of the nice exciting nice performances at the last one hundred yes
if they had not been connectivity if there had been a way if any native it as
i said the on say stands to be able to spread the message across the play
that would never have been directly affect and well why the quest and stain
instead that importance of hair performance and the champions league fine now
if arguably one of the nice exciting name and it's on this point in time
that we have the next show that an ethics can extend beyond that
was that the alien television brings that message worry on mondays and the but
the thing when you added during the live uh i mean having
fine connectivity menus is not or at the top of the of the tick box existed today
for how long do you think i mean it went television obviously huge
funder of of what your doing what so many sports uh doing
there are there's always a question that was in there that i would've have we've had p.
t. v. it's on the decline of yours to fill that's quite some way off
i think the it depends where i mean when you look at the revenues t.
v.'s going up man rights fees are going up for my major sporting events
i think consumption is changing for sure are after when we look at it again
the specificity of football specificity of european football you forget we compare it
with the with the us leagues in the u. s. league what you can
be a in american english or in spanish is probably fine worldwide
i think in europe is very different so if you wanna watch a a a game in a store near
you wanna stone incoming three you don't learn english common trait so i think the broadcaster is like today
the person who produces and puts the common tree what's comes around the game
tailor it to their country and their culture is still instrumental that'd be cool too i mean the currently
for us the best beagle to go to the fact i think it's not like having a
a a a vanilla production that is exactly the same for the world i think the broadcaster brings that
human element into the mix that having today is very difficult
to move away from whether after you consume that
uh on the form on your lap screen it depending on where you are what make sense that at that time more them
the the the fact that we challenge the production company i
mean today to broadcaster in many circumstances are it might
remain the broadcasters would would might change to become a feasible who or something like that but i think the production element
especially when it comes to to football in your word language i'm gonna localisation is still
massively important i think this is actually what where the complexity lies it's not
the distribution mechanism and the consumption device it's that how do i make
my content the best content for my audience i think it's good
answers yeah and the thing i would i sat has the same
class in and asked an artsy identified yes tyne and
see happen at the again that's a nice and i think that as it again may change i think me
race if it don't change the different methods it's content consumption and nice plan stain
is changing said quickly and a simple and say to help make and decisions
fifty chair that we we get more help us see set aside anything
they can see mac today tomorrow and i'll say in accounting
it's it it tends twenty yes because again to see in the next year though changed
has more right so days and got an exit the game investing in a technology
we need to make sure that the distribution methods are really in a nine rapid option of this this technology
just the two with all respect to specify something or whether just say
that applies to the i mean to deflected competitions obviously uh
i mean on the seventeen uh but the whole ecosystem around that is gonna probably up the other side
of the spectrum where actually you can go and experience new things and we we are looking up
the best vehicles to go to france especially to get the product out there
because we have all these images all these informational this that's all this
the tar ball games that are very hard to watch even if it's in each having its its uh i
think technology today i mean menus or even um just the the football pitch your next door you can
film automatically created about product that is good enough to watch on the seventeen football even if it's two
thousand people watching it it's still something that was not possible before that now technology can bring uh
oh can enable and then therefore again engage people maybe to play more because
we can watch them seven t. v. show the goal they scored
the the little thing i mean to save the the the the goalie adventure so i think they are again i mean now we can all focusing on
n. f. l. champions league your uh european championship that's probably here there's a lot of things there i mean if
we go for what it's worth so i don't know archery fencing i mean technology can bring a lot there
uh doing good with people that i mean if i you will hear the olympic committee's not far white white vans thing i
have no clue i'm born in laws um i have no clue where if i wanted to do fencing well go
so ah it's very difficult i think these are the other thing what technology can be definitely
an enabler and they only saw lawn jockey doing the tennis match okay so you
you yeah i it's it's it's interesting for my point because it it's a two way
street in someone's so if it's so what choose to infer during it's raining
technology is that to make sure that you can get fans to the guy that you know the something attractive enough to attract them
and uh well to the colour red people that but actually it on the contrast
is the that that the champion in the u. i. for the final
well uh actually it it the the fullness the theatre the then it the the white showcase that
also i i can see the evolving is in the future where part of the actual
showcase part of that it is actually have the fans react so you're always gonna
be harvesting the experience the fans the authentic funny thing in the in the in
the stadium and then getting that out so well as part of your product
and i don't know why will make sure that the the t. v. content on the product is is a higher level than just to his it i'm
on the person with you and uh really the fit is gonna that we were almost designing that it is now it seems the stadiums
is about what it looks like on t. v. but how do then articulators of the senses to the ground out out with
study more cost in so i would like to test on state in nineteen s. n. r. a. n. for exactly say
and yes it's david their champions eight fine afternoon everyone can relate to that
say that progress is manager a fairly yeah yeah yeah yeah and ah any tendency sheets out
okay if game that's a finish after extra time and the game is into fantasy town
that will have being a number of fans around the wealthy but of course they created asset to the nineteen at
and sam would have happy staying panicked enjoy extra time we height nice
there will be a settings section of fans well i excited and
i checked it died each raw not dependency c. town
anyway i sit and i know they're really interesting trials canine in specific sports
by fans can have a call to action to to see any specific claim to the five minute
segment they could be axed it's nine it could be a fancy sheets that it could be
oh wait see in valve anyway and segment of the audience that eventually
can be very many ties benefit to imagine being an ass
to pay a fine here is on this part of cyanide are to get a price point because i'm sure this is irrelevant
it would probably be a lot more and this is a really interesting
way of creating an e. digital matinees james said they die
and changing and adapting the distribution method any consent chan
and based on your audience habits and and needs and technology that
that is certainly moving away from the the the concrete nature
the stadium which will complexion the minute on t. v. you got the microphone it's at any questions coming from uh
from you lot out there at the moment you are just ready questions as but yeah that was gonna be the first to use the magic blue you
okay it it's they're not alone okay we'll just put your hand up if you do you wanna get
involved 'cause we w. to if you can uh can i come back down to that point about
um the stadium we're talking about its connectivity its efficiency the weight can be wall i'm a
fan friendly family friend all these things what about for you at age okay in particular
what about the personality of the stadium um i mean i
i know that the the the amsterdam arena which was
as to the nineteen twenty eight and picks is still an arena effect is the
remote nice but they value that sort of sense of legacy and his
um okay we've lost our old wembley with one another one would building how important is that a lot of it in terms of you looking
at the the value of the state and uh i mean the character from is is everything i think everyone should i you know
i i will turn out the the the volume elections the specific character that to the history and such like i'm
clearly history is not something you can buy readily um so isn't architectures is a wonderful thing to have
if you can go to stating that has this history you can amplify the history you
can reading cajun and don't understand what it means to be part of that tried
for for long periods on it's it's it's wonderful stuff for us to get it all sort of attractive
um you know get the judges for others that are the two systems for the the the idea that you know
you can actually celebrate that something is quite interesting i i think there is this trend with modern stadium
to my buddy buddy make them to futuristic somebody take the fans away from that
i it's a real challenge especially these the biggest stadiums where
young young sixty thousand plus it there extra roll me
buildings in this this is a style and size it's something which is stupid human it's like you don't experience
in the data bank and and so how do you make these these experiences more human thanking so it it's just
contrast between the coming together of lots of people which is is is a massive sort of scale thing
to to actually having a very intimate human experience within that crap i had that is the real challenge of architecture these these building
i mean you're losing white hart lane the the the traditional home of of top malls but that mustard
yeah anti spacing just things and you know i i still the stadium is actually just needing a
little bit to the left say we still within a high an off white hot pain alice facing remains
the same as a kind of cultural reference points remain the same i'm delighted that you know
an attendant had decided course this a note and then i'm ecstatic sam
i think what's interesting and a challenger my technology they can play around is
how can be a is f. this lady and they clad and i will invest is
no more about the audience that can sit again said in
a file that is uh say before the myself
they should really yeah yeah check out by check oh he'll a scanning and say that
high because we see in i i. n. s. unless they're actual high and
we should be made to feel like the idea is an after as i hide yeah you get way back pain
i and that it's the first time that an eight again next season they neither perhaps i have time i
might want to cut the t. n. a. that i may want to buy she i think it has month
of the season i think i'm more the c. i. a. is now that that be what it is
one that premise as can really help say say say integrate
technology into the fans expands to help make it more
humane and i think we'll touch on this in the course of the the the next and a half but
do you have any concerns of that vision which was of a is a very strong vision
and so widely accepted even six months ago has been tarnished a bit in the last
few months of look good face but we look at cambridge analytic uh peoples
concerns about how much you lots of got tossed is growing yes i think there are in i guess
the second base that my niece like ulysses and taking collide into how they you you should be
at comforted by the fact they you know you signed up to back even though
it's easy to get it's the crap it's receiving a date sat and
i think his head at point it makes getting season has there to to
fall by the wayside and you have to give some days yeah
i'd i'd say at that nineteen would it be able to be rubber what did i think i think i can i expect anything else
there has to be all bad okay no well that's fair enough john can i just sausages we haven't really touched on it with
smart new state idea how do you look
best to um in haunts the experience
well for the fan necessarily not necessarily for the club for the sponsors and the partners of
the club because obviously they're putting their hands in the pockets they want about it
yeah i mean yeah clearly with technology you your operational um aspects of of all more improved
uh this is small buildings so you go again and that they can reacts to to to have uh the
people inside the the crowns of forming we'll talk now the other additional size you can cry additional inventory
the online like some response upon ships so you know the access to where is that other people wouldn't get
both in terms of the physical and also in terms of the digital is somewhere that little slogans are exploring
so i you know i think the single remote t. v. studios even within seconds ike writing
you know um the round content which they can give to the media people within that environment and and also
to the the the nameless and sponsorship um you know ponds i think you know the ability for them
it it's it's it's a fundamental and says when you're creating the inventory package that
they did you guys and i you know boxes sweets or naming let's opportunity
you can connect with the digital footprint as well and that's an interesting point even that
is interesting is that what what people want in terms of at the stadium
is changing i mean it's interesting back in england the talking
about standing there is again as a throwback it's of
look back to the features and it but but there are bigger groups you want to go as a group
and enjoyed their own group experience it you you building that in to
comply which is probably along the social media the way that they
don't use the you'd go with us on all the p. two or three of you know you getting groups of people going to
these the the to these events i mean it's great product for that so you know if you've got a small something table like
that title begin maybe there's a few tables after ten people that can get around that maybe is an opportunity to highlight table
so your pricing in real estate on the concourse that can actually be hired
or utilise by those those socially groups so it's not very different
very very transit the fact that um you know the product but even
this will like to that basic concerns where you will sit beverage
that's it because that's issue that's just sensible smart commonsense thinking rather than
necessarily smart technology you know a a modern isolation of of
of a technical opportunities i think is understanding how people want to use the state is an understanding that
the the the drive us to the people after that eyes and and that's you know that's why we spend a
lot on analysing these things okay like a good option yeah i'm gonna give you one last chance for uh
right we got a question then the middle or the key oh for goodness sake here at
um we talked about new building about new uh facilities we talked about spurs
um we have to wait for their workers huge organisation all different price club so many many levels probably go quite far
what are the possibilities for smaller clubs or organisations older
values true incorporates for technology um and what would be
the first apps if they want to start to
move in that direction if it's feasible okay thank you would like to take that one for him
one of us uh i'll start i think the venue i for i think there is always
when it comes to our modern icing anything there is a because to put in
versus the potential revenue you see that's normally how people look at these initiatives and i think
the uh these goals actually from the top to the bottom 'cause you see a lot of very rich
uh stadiums or other clubs will their stadium we don't do anything with technology because
actually down to their president or the top management not being tech savvy
which is the total opposite in the us where most of the
club owners i actually made a fortune in text so they're very tech
savvy so the investing back i think i probably the bottom line
in eighty percent of the cases basically down to that yeah at any level uh
i think the small venue the cheaper it is to to implement and also i think if we d.
with the arrival of new technologies like potentially five g. in
uh in the future you can bring firstly connectivity
but i think if we look at smart venue i would go away from surely looking at bringing
just a a signal to connect with the the internet i would say
you can have digital advertising uh so you can potentially promoter
the spirit more fruit here jerseys are the discount if you have too much inventory of the end of the
game of four balls you can see if you buy two beers or for you all but for free
uh so you can do all the things then you can have also i mean brenda
stadium with one sponsored and then another one and then changed out quite the
quite quickly which brings again potentially new revenue streams uh doesn't work for the
ideal way for model but can for club model of thingy works
very well and it goes back to uh what was said before thing
is the bland of how you can make physical things become a
become your average generators they are then using the us went with tears started to be a to be a um
more use them in like seven eight years ago i would say if i'm not mistaking in dates they they had a large screen
somewhere where they just put the treats of the people talking about that game and then
there were a lot of people staying there so they decided to in this
whole the to all the and that there was a there were two all the cars there that again it will it's just really was treated that costs you
basically zero to put in place and it gives them another the virginity for sponsorship to to bring your revenues in i think the
the cost to bring technology in is really i mean back to what the fans want in the realities of your
are you ready to invest in the same way are you ready to make a point it's better
i do i do to invest with technology i mean for for most people probably here
being able to be connected is a commodity it's not not it's not value added
value is just something normal like boy it would be unlike of being able
to buy a drink would be that's kind of the same it's just expected isn't anything to add on that yeah anyway i clearly you know it
the technology is continuous and tons of this improvement so years ago used to be that you'd
all your internet and such like would be three copper infrastructure then it goes to sort of cut six five that
and clearly when i'm moving to sort of mall clout based environment not clear cloudless environment is far easier for smaller club
to actually access and so i think this this accessibility technology will actually help
the smaller guys really tap into that that those sort of opportunities the revenue generation done that either historically didn't have
so you're not sticking came in a cousin miles of cable you action just that adapting to the clout
uh but i think you know the the way that people can since was gonna be different it's gonna be more of the
top all that kind of thing and again i think that's really fascinating for the smaller clubs 'cause drama can happen any
any level it doesn't have to be in a championship finally could could look at your local dial the and
so that really you know we need to be looking for opportunities to harvest that that that trauma
and then basically give that to people who want to enjoy it and amplify that experience for
everyone yeah the first would you get the last word as well i can privileged and
i don't just say x. and one comment i think any
enormously young inspection and from cross rates sports all the
right c. high tech connected stadiums and i gave a
if that many small pads are ready to even
i can see what it means to have it connected stadium aside from the fact that you don't
have to be happy with that text at the management team an authority for not that
i think they're a much smaller steps to be taken to whack
on hand dating technology can be an integrated any sporting environment
and i think that i said i think we need to think that i think extrapolating more than a friend eighty you had
i think the text and then chase that time is an extension of the way that time is can activate
even at a basic level is is a fast staff i think ten excitation
and and save actually kept if they want c. can go all
the way to obtain innovative and connect eighty three sixty degrees
i think it's not smaller steps to take and we need now rash to finish line
we got a workable they want to what we've we've sort of scratched the
surface in a way which is a bit frustrating but fantastic thank
you so much for your insights that um uh can i just saw
sorta put hands together then for clever drawn up or down there
craig start we've got our next feedback session actually in another couple of minutes

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