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for pro sports club or stop getting to do you know who
not the fifteen because if it's very low but you gotta legends team for football
and then engage to new types of fats format so the this is uh
a lot of top teams oh every top team eh use a it
has either raise money is raising money or will soon raise money
is like a non stop raising my eyebrows because salaries uh bobby now then no one wants
to still be relevant any of your one of the top five things in the world
then you want to remain there as a result you want to raise money and of course another it some of the conversations you have
are we traditional sport teens and agencies organisation in the right
and and and yes of course we we you know any top teeny
spores has gotten this conversation ready with many of iterations fourteenth
and the reason uh it it hasn't happened yet in a remote in a remarkable minor
use is there's a reason for that and and the reason to make charlie
i will say is because while right now there is a perception that we may
need then there is a reality that we don't and uh and and and
at this point in time if you asked me uh would you rather have a you know a partially with a sports
team and they have a lot of know how in terms of sales to get in and things like that
versus would you rather have a partnership with a a really forward thinking mediators see it i
would probably choose the second uh uh isn't just more in sync with the philosophy
with that i'm not saying that not traditional as a team sexist with the uh with the attribute but it's hard to find
here in the first row
i just building up onto comments i heard first about reflects being central to
weaning okay and second towards traditional sports that have a lot of other
what the matrix for training coaching performance access or you think there are
other stuff to learn from traditional sports uh bjorn reflects and
trading inspired by traditional sports or close i think you guys you you
have to act like it's a traditional sports sports actually because
there's another thing about when you are on the contracts in that same it's like you
have a coach you have a manager you have a someone who likes um
um who propose the match for you like uh did do the study the enemies and
stuff and it's more like all about preparation it's like sports i think you know
because when you go like um i don't know running or um when you would
what you do with sport any sport you just trained before you know and you you
have to train you have to be like a conscious you know that uh
um you have to put a lot of work in it's actually and
it's it's yeah it's it's exactly like sports you know you
have to be careful what you you some uh just let's get
you on the uh oh when do you start like um
when do you start like i'm just packed this thing on the day if
it's like a five p. m. a six it's really important you know
i think that's one question that comes up because we've heard a lot but this one here if i
could just yeah i'm just gonna interject something quickly which is which will get back to which is
the appetite for easy words and traditional sports because i think we've we're getting into position
with this idea that people playing sports of our sports don't have any interest in
uh you know the sports which of course is is is is not the case probably get this question here in the front but you could say you are
with because we must with this show i'm a i'm a member of the switches
sports federation and my question is uh quite simple it with talk about
an ecosystem and and they were out what all the division and also important
in sports professional sports so i know i'm a member of yes e.
in musical system or a portion is in the hand of p. p.
sure what are the walls of national federation like is busy
yeah that's a very good quite say yes i just to clarify i'm i'm basically the
legal counsel will take jamming e. sports federation which is ah i'll use p. d.
and um i would say there is a very important role for
these federations in in in how many aspects i think one
federation spring to get that this take all this off all you
sports basically and we just had and have the publish
a place a big balls so there are a lot of inherent conflicts actually when you look at the cases stands
can i would you can actually maybe resolve within half a direction i think it's also very
important to have representation of basically they societal
movement because this is not only entertainment
all the kids and and they say that time they they engage with the sports
they want to play maybe they want to try him and what well they say we get now when talking
now about grassroots they want them to clark's an island that exists in a very broadly already gemini
i'm gonna white you can actually think tickets to clubs and
bars clubs again i'll get nice in fact directions
i'm in love the i think it is very important to can have to just have a federation
that also talks with politics about it explains what we're actually doing what he's what it
for example that you sport is not only like of legends it's also
counter strike because and i sometimes i'm hearing um diagonally slide rely
playing games spike that shoe tastes are really a key i don't think we should engage with it but
when you get the sports factor people who are gonna when i think last they would say yes
first person shooter yes there at the very cool off you know
what he split is what i'm very passionate about it
and um i wanna play it and it also doesn't i'm i'm not playing it because
it's my like i'm playing it because it's such in depth strategic and then i'll
i'll take some i think this is and how what we may need it for and
then of course professionally thank you shane and i are trying to carry chase
actually identifying on the research lab well what makes a good usable display yeah you can have it's like
it's insane just to give you an idea yeah he's multiply yeah
they have reflex faith that they gave four hundred movement
it won't make that's more than a pianist or i take
attacks by um so the hand eye coordination is insane
it's a and and we i think on on a broader level it's it's very necessary that
we develop for everyone who wants to start the next idea age health environment also oh
teach kate's for example to be responsible and not by then i would twelve hours a day because in fact
i think probably can say planes sixteen hours a day well not necessarily make your pet apply yeah
with getting back to the other sports question um for for cross and and michael
um do you find your your pliers or your friends or your fans also fall
football or basketball or the mainstream sports as well as at a or
do you find the attention is been shifting away from us
you wanna do that um it there's of course overlap um
yeah the the only difference all the the only thing i
would mention though is that you spores use undeniably generational
um as a matter of fact i have a two year also right in my two year olds on may be a football fan
i hope with numbers on often does only thing without it like he maybe have little time
yeah but i and he may not like the sports but he will undeniably know what it's what it's
and that's the shift that is going to happen till the next you know
ten fifteen years yeah yeah generational shift in which each portals lonely
become more more relevant and yeah even the well it was still don't like it uh_huh it'll increasing
popularity the same way i i may not like boxing it or you have see whatever right
but michael do you have any time for sports or um for all the spots no frills
pause you know at all that watch on t. v. would you want to yeah
i i do watch bubbles but i'm not a big fan you know yeah because um
i really like found the atmosphere of a you know real stadium football stadium
when i match uh uh when i watch sorry i'm i'm a huge counter strike match you know
i i i feel like it's real sports for me you know because because yeah off get
must for because because of the people like a shouting in this the the um stuff
this is really really impressed in like two prefer watching this than a football match
yeah it's interesting to picking up when i was a while yet oh sorry
my dad is very laid back i mean no laid back sorry traditional right they traditional
he lost from roll one d. you know football and so on and i've watched with him a
lot of motor bike races informal i i watch a lot of sports and i remember
there was a a tournament what i was a player before i did that for many years
company in those tournaments i was complain because it's a big break it in that time
and he was watching that tournament i was in plain so he had no emotional attachment whatsoever with again
and he was jumping from the sofa i've never seen him down to this over with any facials board
and and and he i like asking that way that is just he he doesn't know why
but these it gains are so action packed that's something happening that special moment
the main react and just jam project just something he never did right
that's a bit before with with other people i know so i don't know why is that i think it
is the very nature of of each again is very action packed in in the two moments like those
another question here this time could you say where you're from a server
soccer stuff uh apologetic just broadened the scope with something we
discuss uh it's generational but what about the ah f.
your vision that on the bed up i think that's actually back games so what about them or we did you know what
is the general 'cause there is a tradition perception that there's a gender strong gender oh well uh orientation towards male
well male fans participants it's all yeah uh we have uh there i did that data and it
there is there more women uh plano watch and then we think that first
it's just that this is a phenomenon that is increasingly being more more accept that and as a result
wanted for some reason levels the you know the whole perception of how many one thing i watch increase
uh it but the truth is that there's a lot of like the the the level is is be higher than people think
it is not public for some reason maybe i can't think and uh that's a because i think that's a very important question
um some mikes gaze at the grassroots level is that you have mixed tapes my
people come to get that i i d. on a plate that it's international
i am not into the game it's very likely i pay together with many web is just how it is um
the reason i think what we can see this in competitive yet
it's just because the way it developed before it's just i i think you is just
an environmentalist not very attractive to be honest um to can i become a probably as a woman i offence that
it really meant like an alley staying in the basement for it's not like
that anymore but i'm just saying now that it's evolving it symbol
attractive environment but of course we have inherent problems just like in every sport buckeyes
you know the wide open eyes right now people have to get an houses they try to get a it's all like
it's like you know you don't have space for yourself when you think a mixed tape i work with seventeen
year olds that might create problems and i think we have to be honest about this and also out
and i maybe change our thinking what's that yeah i think it's the i mean
to me it's really important that it starts at the grass roots to
i mean gaining has to be inclusive the there's no gender gap there's no physical
um difference and has to be inclusive the the teams and organisations we
work with we we really try to push this is an issue
uh all the time we think that gaming is one of those things that
uh it it kind of zeroes out all barriers its ears elderly raise
gender or any more intuitions or whatever it's it's open and so we would love to see
gaining especially be one of those expressions of just uh open isn't world i guess
that's with the genius developers are probably hard workers trying to find the game
that that brings the female the female part of violation strongly out but you know what i think
there is a very important point to make and i think generally society gets very annoyed at
at an aspect of the and i am gonna gender
equality when can have one advantage gets pushed
too hard i think we must not forget that the e. sports it's about the computation
so we can i'm me actually help that is one to the probably top level i feel really bad
so i think we have to be very careful get i how we support tape and and that it's channel
into the space because in the end it's a competition and um yeah that's a very good point
i think we have time for one more question we're gonna stick your uh your schedule here
simply say where you're from my arms knowledgeable collier uh let's see our style um
i saw a long question also like this works like al sorry my early for or spend time is making computer games
i'm liking games like kills are on playstation the boss talk
a lot sicker olympics um all sorts of these guys
the last thirteen is open about working with sports operations
helping them correct additional stresses websites songs off saying
goings on of saying schools for construction i'm curious to know how to use a guy comes on
stole being a lot closer so twenty twenty two action games i think these thoughts will be a model school
so we're starting to see what comes together in the science twice so howard power struggles for at least for the
close over time
does anyone wanna wanna talk about uh the the directive or someone in particular uh oh oh well okay
maybe i can say i think they will write to get that some more than others just because i said i'm
i'm new to magically they fit attitude that bag you will see this already
with fever are and um and for twelve freight found how how me
in the end we will have i thing and makes of traditional
sports and the by then i'm in th with it in
the fee ha through it has a three d. divine things now but every taste and then you have the sports and
we already see this as a development and i'm i'm some e. sports and now
um i'm a sport presented at the olympic games as i think it's good that must've game or something
sorry i'm i think you will see them quite together that i think was side to
um we have to be on s. yeah that this isn't you think
it's in a a societal development and it will always be at
the different from how schools develop and industries say thank you there's
also that i. p. element because it to question the ownership
yeah who owns it and if it's it it you know it's that comes down to who owns the i. p. and okay
the weather's work benefits from that or not but that's a different question and maybe they can get to
in the next panel which is what's next any sports we haven't touched
on betting at all which of course is on everybody's mind now
with the uh the ruling mistakes but not only but of course the sports world is
one that a lot better companies or or circling around with uh their eyes
carefully looking at what they might be able to uh take out that
thank you very much for this panel we're gonna move into the next one uh
um i'll introduce first of all bradbury
actually more errors
specialised and she's well no if one another sector
sure no we sure any actually say here in switzerland
also or just wait was is the c. e. o. g.
choose for the sports changes uh for for yourself
i haven't had a chance to look at this so report that was uh distribute here by
when the ocean or or more or friend or stick women from yours will be moderating the next the sports section
which are your stay around for new it no doubt which is about where is for
just going but in this is an amazing a figure about the sports fan base
say the percentage of parents get started following sports within the last year
and this uh ranges from twenty nine percent in the u. s. o. o.
through thirty four percent u. k. thirty four percent perhaps thirty nine percent
uh in japan in other words all the people that are following those that's so quickly they're they're coming on board
the revenue figures for this sector of course are are astronomical we're talking about a billion dollars in and uh
by twenty twenty something something along those lines of the other thing of course is so relevant for this
so a gathering because we're here there with the capital was um is uh
the fact that the world of traditional sports is taking on board
the importance of of these four to the growing importance of the sports so you know the i. o. c. well last year
said that a competitive e. sports could be considered sports activity uh we have
a situation where the asian games this year is gonna have the sports
uh has a uh demonstrations for them they plan to include these fortune the twenty
twenty asian games of course the asian games as it is the uh
the main component of the of the uh the with the world and and the traditions portable
oh what we wanna do with this panel is just really get down
to what in america they call it sort of one o. one
he's more one on one with a sort of basis which is proceeding
from the the assumption that people don't really know much about
these project assistant and i'd like to start with a friend from
logitech detail was i think a good place to start is
why where is logic you have as large take it into the space because um
you're not thought of as a as a as a new sports company but it's obviously something that's
become important for you yeah um thought light text then really around the world of these
words since nineteen ninety seven so it's been a a long journey for us but
our our real interest uh i mean what kind of all aspects of human performance are really interesting to us
uh as far as our gaining division goes there's no better place to see
kind of the capabilities in in human performance and interview sports athletes then to be part
of the space i mean helps us for everything from designing new products to
to kind of understanding uh how the better connect to you know fans and and people out there
on the market would be fair to say that you were the things that you manufacture or
related e. sports people would you think of yourself yeah sports equipment that i absolutely yeah absolutely there's
the the game in light of your to reproduce our uh i mean we we designed it specifically the
needs a what any sports player is looking for and everything from the sensor textures to she
uh we is everything that we're building is is really on a looking for ways to improve their performance
so if we think of sports uh uh you sports within the context of traditional supporters people understand it
if we think of equipment tennis rackets golf clubs keys or whatever with other sports professional sports
your space is really kind of the point that side yeah yeah yes yes heavily word even with the equipment side of of
these boards were the were providing the gear that you need to the can next you to the field of play
the one of the the the big difference is of course well between these words
and uh and traditional sports is the way that the the uh the
sporty ownership of the of the sport work said and i
this is one of the fundamental point either one us roof let's
call it the the um i thought the legal structure
the the the business structure of the way these pieces fit together shall absolutely
sorry uh first of all east full word means that very much like in sport you
have a lot of disciplines which other games imply salad than many different games
um the nature of the games it's very different for example yeah fast has ensured has
and we have multiplayer online panel or a bass um
such as for example that would ah or in
the complex and so it's very different but yeah ask about this talk chase how how death whack
every game has basically it's i'm ecosystem work on it
but structurally what it really means is you have the game probably share the islands
the intellectual property related okay and they say don't tell yeah basically the monopoly
and they decide how they license how that intellectual property to address decor
hammond organ eyes yes class participating in now um competitions
even then how to the tiny piece of the pie yeah you can
either how they can participate in gains what the rules are
i would um to see quite different approaches sign for
example oh val is um uh well develop and
publish out of counter strike which is a fast passing should have and what they actually do is
i think in a way that line things fall a um tenement organising quite easily
sell it that racket to see a lot of competition and many leaks and
he was a cop can decide whether they want to participate need a or b. for example
and in the collections which is published by right games it's very different
they made very any on ideas that are the decision to ah
there any kisses then they withdrew late talked about ham and they were
nice everything themselves they keep that protects very close to the hot
and and the result if that you have now i
you basically have now leaks which see that eight
these anywhere in the eighth here as you can imagine that's already quite mitchell for for useful
side with the developed who broke and had developed economic structure round it
so if we skip michael come back to a second that cut across your e. sports club
um there are these different big games that are the popular games that we know about um
uh we've heard with the wages is counter strike go to a number of others
you as an e. sports club um how would you describe yourself sitting within this space
if you could relate that to our traditional sports club might sit within sport
so in in colour by the way i'm in the way we operate
um easy not bad different from what we see interracial sports um
for many reasons in terms of revenue generation uh things are
pretty similar or so below the line a sponsorship deals
merchandise in eh and you know in the future will be ticket sales
i'm in of course player transfers so there's a player transferred period and things like that so
what we see with the sports teams actually not that different from what was inspirational
sports there's just one particular um a kind of viable here which is that
unlike most traditional sports which are focus on a single sport we're multi disciplinary
and potentially even we on multiple different brands in each of those discipline
um so as a result you have um portfolio
approach to the way you operate your teams
that's a pretty much you know really simplified and the way we operate the business so if we
use the parallel of a of a european uh multi sports club or slower will be true
they were basketball team mm and watching football team of course you would have
change within your cloth the plane different ball of ten is a little
early and they or what but in your case you've got
you got a camera striking yeah yeah that's like team league obliges rapidly
first um so you know pretty much all the b. games in the market uh or most
of the big games in the market we're a part of and and thankfully successful at
so you could have a team that was doing well in counter strike and not such a good team illegal weapons
for example there is a world in which there is possible this yeah but your
top of everything of course the s. and l. playoffs michael first of all
i carry on from that are you a specialist or you like acting of what's what
sports did you play with um i do play counter strike bubble offencive and uh i'll
play like a from how for twelve years i think since i began like um
um on the first version of construct which was like one one five i think
and um yeah um started playing with my brothers because the the showed me like uh
what is this game and i was like okay uh it's pretty interesting because
at the beginning we played in you you just when the player you know just
like uh you play for yourself even join stuff and i really wanted
like to to compete you know i want like to to to fight all
the players but not like yeah it's or something like this just like
real players you know and i begin with like a friends
and we played like for fun on construct and them
i just realised that there there's competition and scream actually
so you can play against all those players and
there are like organisation we can for you and they're like
um i'm trying to to to get this um
we should you play for them actually the the look for you and uh when i
started playing in the room real likes with it's like more national here uh
in a swiss organisation that was like a a revolution for me it was like
okay apply for it or organ is organisation story and it's flight um
i have like matches like um this week i have like three matches offer
some matches and i have to like um be there be ready
you have to practised before i have to be like and all this environment is like that was really interesting for me actually yeah
so sorry so how long you been doing this for several years you
said yeah i thought that would be the end and the um
the how how much longer do you think it how long does the career of a of a new sports player last we do we do we know i mean 'cause you
have to be very fast talking to um yeah i it's it's all about the rest
like some like um construct will offencive so it's it's more like i think you
you can play until you you thirty years i think and then the rest likes already know but
we see players like uh in many organisations like uh um there's an organisation improves problems like
all players you know and this spell risque there's still good at this game but when you see like
fourteen fifteen sixteen years years all the players come in and they have
like they're amazing you know they have so amazing reflexes and
and yeah you just um considers itself a bit i'm all for
this show just step back per second when you started you
talked about starting to play and then you were playing with friends you know that means playing with friends online yep
it i mean the thing to move with timit like just with friends for fun and we look from for matches
to play but that was not like we represent an organisation you know that was just for fun
and then an organisation can't wasn't okay guys you you play pretty well now you wanna play for
us and that that's pretty like it you know when you you make results and stuff
they come to you want to say okay do you wanna play for us and uh we give
you a contract and stuff and you signed a contract from you on the contract excellent
so that was the first time for me so the organisation was which are chain right yeah right yeah that's that you're
still went no no okay so you you been transferred or you move to another table it's not about transfer because
some thought that uh i'm i'm not a big player innovating to to be sports uh like the the the counter strike
better isn't it was portals like just amusing like the the the best players from in the world you know
so um it's not as does the same level you know rather better than
us you know i've really talk like i'm more national bouts with okay
right so the the um when you when you go to
you talk about this international be i'm sorry multiplayer competition if we could just go back and i hope the audience is not
a word by this particular phase of things there are different types of game
counter strike is a first person shooters yes i threw five on five
if you have five against five under all first person shooters yes but then you have battle battle games
we have elections yes about it it's been over a a multiplayer online ballerina
five one five five info so uh what is what's the fundamental difference between those two
wow yeah uh what's the fundamental difference between football and tennis
um the uh i mean the perspective and the objectives of the game or are very different
uh i'm in in one of them it's almost it's like a a
in counter strike your objective really used to stop one team from completing their object
in uh in league of legends uh each team has a base
and that this is the funded by towers and it's your teens objective to destroy the other team's base
but the perspective is different first person shooter you're looking like this
and then um oh but typically you have a a perspective like a nice symmetric view
of the battlefield so it's just it's it's kind of a fundamental difference set of skills and in movement
right so and and within the um within the sectors within these games
i'm sorry different types of games you have competing games correct
yeah so i mean you have other first person shooter games you have other mobile games
yeah the the the really big ones right now that i mean there's there's counter strike a which is i mean better around
for instance ninety eight what was released and you have like league
of legends which is on its eight season uh don't
uh which is been around for a long time as well if you take the earliest versions of that would uh
and then over watch which is a really new with those are really
the biggest of the of the traditional used words that are
that are out there today there's other things like rapidly which are
you know to such a um easing different use port
i mean the as and describe it flying cars and the football exactly so it is
possible for new ones to come to cover well yeah absolutely right so what what
what would happen if we're a small club like yours for example is if you've got
seven different teams are over so very teams you might decide that one game
it's maybe not as popular as it used to be or maybe you weren't
as good in that game and you decide to adopt another game possible
um yeah that's the beauty of engaging our operations is a powerful in this case because
you in many games you're making a bit it when the game is uh uh not that noun yet
that means the players of that game uh going to be cheaper generally so if you're part of the growth of that
game then all of a sudden you have really popular players for pretty cheap prize maybe for to your consideration
it does the good deal right but many of those deals if not the vast
majority end up in a game that end up being not that relevant
and as a result you have a contract there was worth nothing so uh you know place and the
content you paid for pretty much nothing of value so what you do is you make bets
a betting again like little like it's it's a bit because again the ready
that's very well it's gonna be watched by millions and millions of people
so if you have a good team in that good game he's gonna good for you good for you and then you have other games
such as fortnight which is a new game uh it which mores call battery out which is pretty much
everybody against everybody only one guy stays alive right in
that game mode it's that'd be unpopular recently
and those themes that got in early are now reaping the benefits of having been there
early and as a result they have you know want to three year configurations we
really popular players that is allowing them together business for almost universal for lower cost
then it should be right so basic question to you have to have a relationship as
a team you have to have any kind of contractual relationship with the publisher
it depends on the relationship wise that because even publisher
decides that they are going to operate a lake
then you are bound to need to have an agreement in place with them but you the
publisher decides that they're hands off in regards to the creation of their own tournaments
in a third party takes care of those then yeah as an organisation will simply so plain that
either party tournament and would like yes l. would be a third part for example itself
would play in in your tournament in e. s. l. we we need to have a contractual
obligation with lot of which is the owner of counter strike in this case right um
be yeah i just wanted to add that i think it's very important to understand that
it's very beneficial to invest into a range of games will suggest because the fan then
you create for your irene ryan it's very likely that i found what chase
qantas like for example but also watch like of legend side of the typical easy sports fan is
not very much like a sock only fact where at tennis and the fact it's very likely
at that these guys are into range of sites actually very beneficial to
um to dabble in every new game that's and i probably think
by the way uh with this particular panel especially if you have any
questions as we're going please raise up your hand there's one there
if this this one there and make a noise because we don't wanna miss it as we go past um
is that they they do that from helping every second so that the back yeah
he can feel very much i i thought was very interesting point you made before or for the management
as a team or is it keeps your we need to manage your portfolio of keen sure
and the question was how many pets we could where you saw how many times are you
faced with the decision point to specific games up pick up there or not that big
um well the let's just say that we have to say no ninety nine percent of
the time so every two weeks there's a an opportunity and there's a new publisher
really you know we're we're family members of for example the wally's pronunciation yes there's always a lot of
you know all first to know from publishers that create games that are not necessarily that known
for us to be part of their gains and we get paid for it and many
of those we have to say no to because we can't spread ourselves too thin
um eh in in and we have to focus on where we feel uh our f. or someone have the most amount of impact
so we face the decision of getting to this game or not getting into this game
almost every week i would say and if the result is a byproduct of
these being a completely open market i'm gonna use an analogy that
will help so football soccer will always be there because the
really the easiest sport in the world to play in there
is no one else communing with new traditional sport ideas
that will eventually take over full in terms of popularity is really complicated however here you have legal i guess which
is probably the most relevant game on the market but at the same time this goes on simultaneously there like
hundreds and hundreds of publishers and developers creating or wanting to create the next
the compliance as as a result you have an open market with lots of opportunity where every year you can you can
do it you know the the best game is going to like the change how many teams are going into this
but all seven right now we we had a twelve teams but we have
we felt it was maybe a bit too thin so uh we uh
maybe the uh i shorter range and having to be good if we are talking about the monopolist but
from what you're saying it means that the monopolies in principle or really only temporary monopolies because
those current binoculars might lose their positions caressed taste change i imagine this and and
i will i will uh service but i imagine this is as um uh
hollywood movie like you see a publisher is like a movie probably
user they wants to create the best possible movie and
break records but only one out of i don't know how many movies accomplished uh even with a great idea
um you know the you look at the c. and they managed to screw it up so
she is really hard to make it to make it be a as a as a game
publishers sort of say to leverage is only there when you already are the wiener
uh and they can redo them a 'cause colours for you so you can strike has been going for about twenty or twenty one something like that yeah it's
i mean that that's um doesn't really go to renew itself yeah there's been several
iterations of the gain some of them have been incredibly successful like the
the you know the i guess old school people look back and think about the
days of one point five and one point six know how amazing that was
but nobody really play the game for a while uh the competitive seen kind of died
and then they had a new version which i think is the fourth version
called global offencive and it suddenly became huge again i mean just soared as
these words so it's constantly carton room you know be reinventing itself
i i'm sorry sorry supplier do you ever look at new up like older versions
no no but i mean you gave you ever look at new things that are coming down
the wine to see if the review together just like phone more fire before i i
stay with construct because i lost the first person shooter and um uh play a us
mention mister rodriguez like fort knox this new game and it's it's pretty fun but
um as i said like they're now creating chains around this game but
yeah i personally don't really understand this because like this is a more
like that's all right like you said like you i'm just a
big in the game and the the last one standing is winning and they are that's a bit weird for me you know that
these kind of games are going to the sports you know that's good that's pretty good i think it's
a bit weird for me because um yeah it was mostly like counter strike week of questions and
recently like more over watch and stuff and this is like um more competitive to
instill that bar while doesn't have a team then divorced what is just one
what where well you don't have a team of four players and this kind of tingle all in the west one of the four yeah it's
less competitive i think that's all it's it's it's a difficult thing to
do it's difficult to be the um you know to observe it
simply because you have if you have a hundred different people running around in the game
right do observer find the story line with a hundred people it's really difficult
any sports is a lot like traditional sports the the
really good compelling fine game as a storyline
it's not just two teams that are happen together and somebody's forcible in yeah it
it's really you're thinking about the yeah would you choose playing somebody you're thinking about
the history of the you know when they've been playing this team or
you know that they've been having a great season is this underdog gonna be
the one to take them down and there's always a story enough red
and when you're in the game there's a story not read that really makes a compelling
we get into something that's that's hard to serve in hard to
find story it's just not is not as effective i mean
the the key for any of these words is that it's you know it's entertaining
it's fun and you were gonna say something yeah maybe it is i can i to make a point here with you and i i think that i like
call you sports fans and for them it's all about the computation and
and the more complex the game and the high at that
let's see four yeah i mean individuals scale the mall entertaining i
guess basically because you you can very easily differentiate between
very high school play yeah for example c. s. k. means you move freely
in the three d. right um and you have very complex static teeth
and of course somebody who will just start the game will never be able to actually you know magic
that you have a game like fortnight and to me it seems and i've tried to myself it's a lot of fun
again i want to be the last man standing you can just type in about four fifteen minutes
and then come out when the last two other guys find themselves insisted
i be the when i said i'm just saying you know it
the level of entertainment is quite different on the other hand denies some of these like
easy games that might be was easy to understand why did take into audience is
um now we talked a better team that we talked about watching we talked
about spectators and it's adorable well has something for people to follow hands
that happening knowledge twitch they're different platforms for that to happen on where's
the audience yes i mean most of the i mean if you
first well having the experience of being in one of the arenas
and actually feeling the passion of people that are screaming
and yelling and cheering is amazing it's it's you know it's awesome is being in any kind of major sporting event
but most of the people are watching on a twitch where you
two were some of the other streaming uh channels and mean
which is like the sky sports uh of uh of uh the sports
um you can watch pretty much everything it's all all broadcast there and
you'll have in you know huge events that are being shown across crossed
which you also have lots of streaming like carlos uh kicked is
career off you was a player and a stream or uh aunt which and so i
mean there's another kind of piece of these words there's a business model sorry
had a what is a streamer men so i strain imagine yes again used a straight a sports analogy imagine name are
goes out and uh with the ball and stars track does it by itself while talking to uh go pro
all life while people in the chatter speaking and just watching him that's literally what happens when you live stream
yourself uh you know that's what i did i was in the bedroom of my parents uh on
and i build my brand from zero to to what was called a big brand
i am just from from that room the showing people how i play the game and how i had fun with it
so it's it's it's a very unique way to be build your fan base
but um a way that no traditional sport ever get anywhere close to
because that level of engagement interaction with defence you some parallel
imagine engagement with fans which of course is what parameter all looking for
uh these days because you hear about it nonstop whether you're a big football for whether you're a
sport try to get a letter that off the ground um is easy words uh as
becoming rubber is it relevant in that competition for
sponsorship now or is it is it still
looking for rabbit from other writers here here's the beauty about sponsorship in the sports um
do is that you know the target audience you are yeah you engage in
which is the best thirty audience you can you can you can engage essentially sixteen twenty you
can say approximately i'll be tired and and that's essentially what every brand wants to reach
and you do that through traditional sports uh i did it with is that there's a lot of fifty five year old that
you don't want your we wanna catering to and um and and pay for uh
the you region and and here you're directly going for the for the
young audience that you're gonna be out that culture of loving your brand and
it the same way bobble the with twilight way back in the day
and and and and yeah make them love you've when they're young in their careers so
it's a it's it's an ever growing um source of
income for fourteen some players yeah that's the truth
and as time goes by and we find better and better ways to interact with fans
and then uh that that those packages it'll get get bigger and bigger so it's definitely
it one of the fastest growing revenue stream what sort of parameter interested indeed you
have conversations with the say the normal usual suspects of that consume you know
could drinks and and uh and uh of normal part of your you you
always wanna hear what products you always wanna carry into the liquid ran
straight into into the brands that people look up to as a matter of like let you take and and you two are partners and
we have one of the most remarkable partnerships actually in the industry as a matter of fact
um so but with that said you always wanna you know you you
cater to those brand that you find cool creating content around
the way i envision this in this actually i'm very very passionate about is
i it when we create content for a fan base east much
more original content much more engaging much more natural and organic
then the way you see a traditional t. v. traditional sports or
if really many of the for interchange we already know
and the people that apology to i wanna receive this email
from the uh uh sorry already and i wanted to
yeah give them a million dollars and that bad emails a radius button i don't know but i see that right none
of them i promise you there's not a single person there follows the two there will ever taken that you know
and that is because they grew in this culture in the d. tell culture of uh of of
all original content off you know i you expect the experiences and emotions where the brand
yeah so so you know in in in a way i feel very emotional about
catering to those people and and always having you know the the biggest thing we have is the creative team
there all the time thinking about what else can we do that is cool and how was
can we engage defence and make them feel happy able be not you do then
that's something you'll see iterations per that much maybe i can access my site
festival structurally what what you will he and went to interact with the sports people
sponsorship guy that makes one says basically that was high c. make again yeah and unite
and then you have no need to make spun say it's like i don't have any anything you could think off from
drank too on t. v. whatever and but what i really would like to recommend yeah
because i think there is a brilliant piece of content that just came out yesterday
and i'm face not with t. k. but not the brand called a t. s. hand
which is also big clark and eighty eight i clip add together with top to pat pat
it's an amazing piece of content it's thirty seconds the play is can i run around as um
i think i see the right is it's very fun how they interact and every e. sports fan
if this helps i don't have that it yeah you mind my reality it's already everywhere
so if you want to understand what type of content can have contests is talking about
just just watch things because you look at places like okay every kid well we'll find that's very cool
just casting over the audience again i do see question here
david he looks like you can catch
pretty cool i die from heights forced action i have a question
uh because of the fact is very different from something that will stop would like to add
is that the did you receive any yeah a proposal to acquire clock

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