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like is then gentleman friends and colleagues welcome to the sport
we're delighted to have you join gas to celebrate the lounge
of sees new event which promises to be diverse
out of the ordinary and of course for of innovation so
why have we created sport right here and right now
according to the world intellectual property organisation switzerland
has been number one innovation scenes twenty twelve this is
perhaps not as well known as it could be
we have had the the i. o. c. basie here in laws on for over a hundred euros
since nineteen fifty in in fact whatsoever more
than sixty five international sports federations
and organisations based in these count free many of maybe in the state of origin
we are extremely proud too often the core
system that includes framework conditions for reading
the development of several or iris of interest affecting the wall of international support
had to these the large number of for general
business with interest and investment in sport
technology companies that boss forces innovation and promote economic enterprise leading
academic institutions such as e. p. f. and here
u. s. a. t. and i. m. d. the tower hub of training and research as
well as words of leaders in the field of us feet that's and sports sciences
uh the idea of creating a place and any event
to combine nine or of this expertise was to introduction to pass up sports
on physical activity player browning road in society today as we
face the hurts consequence is of our less mobile lines
technology and innovation is it makes possible is changing on all fronts
sometimes faster than can understand or even keep up with
we have indeed reach a time with the possibilities are endless
in light of this state of all the c. d. over advancing sport
university and e. p. f. l. in connection with a smart move academic that work out the light
yeah i did i did sorry to announce intention to create
an integrator for start up over the coming months
what the details of the c. d. v. initiate even if you had to be free night fee not i used
this will be an opportunity to further strengthen zero just because system within the field of endeavour sensible
it's very important that we work together and connect this vast amount of knowledge
that's what ties wheezing devoted sectors as we're we're move forward into our future
the sport should be seen as a use use full to all these jodie
a place where one so you uh we can all connect to deviate a challenge is that is cool
and where we can begin to make connections beyond our comfort so
we are excited about the prospects ahead and invite you
to come with us on this show the

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Conference program

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David Eades
15 May 2018 · 9:06 a.m.
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16 May 2018 · 9:38 a.m.
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From Racing to the Road
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Closing Words
David Eades
16 May 2018 · 4:06 p.m.