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while up that was to a. c. l. terrific to see i was gonna say the flash not quite but it's
a very good quality picture that i'm sorry thank you scott for that well i've already explained to our audience
when you are now and maybe we're not so very long ago so they have a pretty clear idea as to
um your pedigree and your experience where you're coming from about um
i think the best thing we can do rather than have an interview is to set up
a a bucket plastic but of all to run through the cage she is
but he wanted to address in this presentation here so we're gonna get this quite simple um
but all the issue here is digitised ration of course digitise stations board we've been talking about it through much
of the day it's very exciting it's got a lot of opportunity come on give us the challenge
uh just the but hold on a second we just need to get your microphone work it is that my job or that is we go
about that just testing testing vaccinate latin clear wonderful well i think i'll do something
impressive i think appropriate for uh the digital or or going into so
i just wanna read when shared thank you good for that great introduction i'm on reveals
you guys today and apology eyes i'm not able to join you in person
you know outdated share me earlier and i get the same sense
of a huge amount what's going on i'll i'll call friends
and i want to congratulate all you want a successful novel
conference i've made my share but i have the option
see some bubbles well known digital rights emergent real time uh back
and one hand i was the director for cyber strategy
at us department of homeland security and they're busily responder for
which he leaves on off prices loser by chelsea manning
and then after that i went on the white house reiser visibly staffer
responding to the on off right disclosure by edwards know them
and the reason i bring those up today david did all ready is they provide us inside
and a road map and what we can expect digital store over the coming years
so let's start then with the key risk if you like is used to digitise station is on
the rise and whether the risks law i mean we're seeing some of them impact some
oh precisely so so first of all digits station any
process introduces new risks and it happens that
the digits ratios for is what we're talking about now next call digital transformation into
digital transformation brings in new rest other we previously might not have consider
some some examples than all the threat act as if you like the people around that
ready to uh make the most of the cyber opportunities to to make our lives misery
i'm happy to talk about batch or so the the conversations that we had and you
will have that is how parents are going to demonstrate the digital ones for as
far reaching and it's beyond what we could even consider just a few years ago so
we have new ways to make yeah it's more competitive is the train smarter
with new types of intelligence in new ways to come he at a higher
level to enable them to break down reason all these are unable
through digital means a challenge it is that with every advantage comes down
side and the digital stations for introduces new ways to cheat
new ways to gain the system not to give you an example in twenty thirteen don't impress cover
up was a scouting director with the saint louis cardinals it's a an american baseball thing
then when he hacked into the database at the houston asked rose began access
through former employee who left the cardinals to join the asked rose anything they
were the most fatal mistakes in computer security to use the same password
so that resulted in from forty thirteen to twenty fifteen the cardinals hat accent
all the intelligence all ways all the strategy and all this yelling prospects of the asked rose
or access the ask who's database twenty three times in one was finally caught
you sense to worry six months in prison on twelve counts corporate espionage
personally he had paid the ass froze two hundred and seventy nine thousand
dollars in restitution and he's permanently banned from baseball in addition
the cardinals had to make a million dollar payment as
a team to the ass froze and they moss
there are two highest graphics in two thousand seventeen they were words aghast froze
so that's one example sort of within the industry if you like uh well
i'm sure that that could be fixed got it i mean you you can what
wouldn't you given examples of the sort of penalties that can come that way
but i suppose there is another spare yeah there's a broader spare uh it's uh um the
people that have that's nothing to do with thought necessarily but want to great mayhem
correct correct c. so one of the truism that exists in cyber security
is the nation state attackers uh the in attacks that
are sophisticated today i will become common next year
oh i so the things that we're seeing a of those types of sophisticated
attackers are the ones that are going to to get us and
in the key to this it snows of wanna create mayhem as you highlight is
because there's a hacker ecosystem and you can buy the latest attack tools online
for cracks so what was once the domain of state sponsored cyber actors like fancy there
sure we became available to activist groups like anonymous and now these tools
and techniques are available recreational hackers were they can easily get
um uh accessible justin low level of technical understanding
and here's the trick to that the cyber security market isn't patient market so
for your comments out there every year the price of exploitation goes down
thanks advantages into x. advances in technology and what's more
all prices get relatively cheaper at that point values go well
so if you have to be when you don't want to for a while you can buy
much more powerful and expensive tool than one you could have bought out in the past
one last point that so long on the sort of people who might look to
they get involved in uh in the cyber well the i guess
it comes down to the fans not your average fan perhaps
but the fanatical ones the passionate one of the ones we perhaps go just simply go too far
you know this is one of things and little else for because it's one of the very few areas for
maybe religion that we can get fanatics people who are
truly passionate about what it is that they're doing
and that well that's what makes this a unique challenge ins
for what makes cyber security as a unique challenges for
is the fans the fanatics those that are passion about because they will take extreme
actions for their objectives in this case is for us to way easy
bands are more engaged the players is work on a personal level
than they ever were before because the digital means they can
tweak either athletes get a response they can get copies from the boardwalk while and they feel part of a team
new digital technology allows the fancy interact with the gain in with the players and
feel like they're part of the action on the field all through technology
and all that ribbon through passion during cajun fans are passionate about thirteen
but now that fans not fanatical fans all have access to
tools previously that were the domains of activists and
nation states and by the way you can read between the lines nation states are fans as well
right so that's alignments between an activist hacker in a passionate
thing and is blurring the line between digital sports scouting
ends for espionage like i mentioned the cardinals worry
and the line between competing fairly with digital
technology like wearable technology in competing on fairly using a digital edge is also bore
right you're creating a picture which is almost want of a sports putting their
fingers in the dyke and uh another leak emerges it's a clearly
a big problem it's a a widespread problem that's a gloomy picture so uh i'll have a take
away message what would you say what is the reality of the scale of this problem
so i don't wanna overuse the word but many of her but it is the most appropriate and that's to be vigilant
that's why we're here today that's why we're having this conversation in just to bring
up the topic so that your audience is able to think about it
that's the person form or because new wrists emerge at the intersection of the digits issues for
was this ticket press and passionate teens and fans
they all use common techniques and all these incidents we should just be
able to see them coming it only we know where while in
so that's what i wanna share oh before you go into this panel
the panel but your about your from knows where to look
we know where what we know what's coming because we've seen it before
and so that the message i wanna share is to keep your eyes open stay over be vigilant keep your eye on
the ball so you can protect routines your fans and yourselves as we're going into this new era beatles for
your like our local community police but first i but uh oh thank you so
much for that really great to have you uh joining us ally blink
and it worked so many things and date for contributing to our conference today um oh great everybody
and that is the point which remain straight into the panel discussion has also brought people are really
they're the else's to some of these problems uh at the port practical ways around them
so i would like to ask the head of switch from aunt

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