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me here this afternoon um yes the tool with for a
lot about the jewel ready uh since this morning
have a genius yet and a lot of really nice session then yeah digital is a lot about the
future about incredible growth about exponential curves and yes a
social that work have to change our life
um they way we stream video has also change our perception of sports immobile
she which can change that you know there's also some other model fit more
difficult uh topics liked references a are a blast as already devices
um i like also for instance a and t. v. three d. um for the television
was draw a bias on in the last player is last year um so
the perspective are not always so perfect not always not exponential
so i see a lot of in my work uh sports federation but not in
the research project not in how we give off of the the new technology
i had the chance to lead a allow pets uh e. p. f. l. so it's uh
you're right e. d. f. l. that we're sitting in the design school a cal
and we tried to define what is the use experts what other perception of user what makes me
and just to prevent you and just start the discussion uh
with what above about a a million yells uh we
spoke a lot about um you know the new generation that will use this kind of uh of stuff that's
here is here see some of the um receive project fronts that we're doing with a lot of archives
with sports archive with also a culture archives yeah even moving so it's really train it you know
that's you know what's the future for me ah in my daily work mostly it's
this are the people who are making the future no i don't show us a picture of me then yes it's elderly
people in why because working with and and work a lot
with and also select work we have fantastic discoveries
first a lot of people tell us that you know this will be solve one of
the new generation born with a computer with a sore select work will be there
and no one really it's it's kind of capacities with them it's
another for finding something which is meaningful in their everyday life
that one is meaningful how can test this and also they see
huge diversity you know usually we think about elderly people by
tony handicapped people uh making cookies uh on sundays
no the first parents they're getting in the late sixties right now
you have people who made may sixty eighth you so you have such a diverse
you so that when you're able to convince them with a meaningful proposition
you're able to address a wide range of people the side and it's a huge market
any takes thing and so forth the other generation where when you work on the
all the thought of that generation um that part one it's all that
more difficult to get something which is what we call the clues
so that was just to show that the discussion with are getting a bit out of the
preconceived hide your about a perception and what could remake the cats in the future
this afternoon will discuss about again digital media especially about
the next generation of video and we'll look at this large sense and the fan engagements so we'll come
back to this efficient fan engagement how we create a better link with the fan digit sports federation
the um uh a sportsman and how we can bring in the active way our
our fans not just watching yeah peacefully at home and for this i have
they change you have a lot of really interesting people with me free but they're really
nice the first is that the whole place that that co founder of my control
that oh so bad oh you know when we speak about
in the newspaper about the new deal um about
he has of rights and any of them if uh uh and i give us a remote control uh
uh when we speak about you know my ideals of pain and suffering some it is not the
guy he's not doing this his thing yeah seems to the small stuff with remote location what
he's getting more and more people right because he's really speaking with kind of a
normal means to real people in real life and i think it's a very
incredible actually that you work your running so just a few insights from you
uh about what is really so exceptional in this next in the video for you
thank you very much for the flooring for deviation to be here representing michael joe
uh um that we go for them i could go back it's doesn't fourteen
the a lot of people ask is what really it could you means the there's actually
an hour movie that has a dog that as a see the name but to
i'm good joe according to v. phase the first game that looks
like football so see you mean speaking double the defeats
the ended you it's a better ball it was like you and me going in game played in china
when we created mike would show it was a time where there was a huge
need to have a focus platform dedicated to football rights holders and then only
uh i will challenge that a little bit today but um what's
the what's so when we launched the age doesn't fourteen
uh we were very very well receives a and we empower basically it football right shoulder so what's the exact federations
to live stream the and the generate on demand contents into their communities and build
these around them uh i should go into the it to the slides rates
the um the uh we were jealous of that speak of
a specific to a social um the impacts that's to
our company heads with the technology that we we developed one of our partners is the ocean everywhere confederation
we did we broadcast it for the first time in because we're able to scale the
the streaming of all matches of the chip is the get the really low cost
we broadcast at all matches with four g. a a with some with mobile phones others with the streaming devices
um and the we had a really massive impact across communities in the pacific so for the
first time this is the the the example of a community in divine law too
the their team were almost qualifying for the last sixteen of the the job is the
but because of michael joanna where we did together with u. s. c. and the the technology we provided to them
they were finally able to uh do a public viewing in the in a small village and find what to
and for me this is priceless right this is why the the pie could
joe to the more per ties the football streaming across the planets
the for all right shoulders and the nowadays for really low cost you can
really rich communities that's before we're not out there used to be
it's it's thank you very much for the introduction page you so we can leave the slides for a little while
um so the seconds a speaker uh without says a case that time
a director of digital service production and sports solution at in front sports and media
so before joining in front for sure in front is a great company he's
doing a fantastic job but you must also know that he was
you dudes had us ports in europe middle east and africa since you're fat
fourteen what also for approval um in the framework of the i mean the games and future watching the chip
and also before the microsoft so your there were basically all the big companies a lot of chaney so
a lot has your insight in terms of the sports what kind of
example you could we bring today to start this this discussion
i'm hoping maybe um so what i was also bring an example of
the accounting campaign that really excited me i thought of um
one of apartments cool couple ninety based in the u. k. there um of an independent for me to business
and we recently in in less than them and um they're actually i'm doing a lot of
brand activation so the example i brought is the partnership with mentions united in mobile
everyone knows where everyone is probably using what you get from a to b. and kind of the theme of that partnership was too
basically freely ways a bring fans to manchester united because some of the fans
globally measures slide claims to have six hundred fifty nine million fans globally
i don't know where that number comes from but it's impressive um and they certainly people in bangalore india or
in johannesburg or in san paolo or not really able to go to all try for every weekend
so um pay pay pop up with people and they pay for what can we do to bring mentions united to than what can we do
to bring those fans and even some would drive us from from all
around the globe told transferred and also to bring some fan stories
from fans in johannesburg and a bit crazy fan uh that they didn't portrayed on um
that you know has been mentioned i spent thirty years all of his life
but never been told try for that actually bringing those stories back
to the whole market and bring it back to mentions united fans all
around the world i thought was really really in innovative really interesting
they use the content written that were fifteen hundred people globally to capture those fans stories and
to to bring that to live so i thought was really impressive and if you
probably will use you'd human face book you'll probably be able to find it online and and check out some of the videos they did
that's why i think that was really the secret of this such a success i think it's i think it impressed me because
this kind of combining very traditional activation of a sponsorship like
for instance they would take dimensions united museum to india
and and and build it up there so that people who've never been told
traffic and experiences physical the physical manchester united is almost like a
five to you experience of what mentions united would be if they would be in manchester but at the same time they also you know
work with video work with with all kinds of digital activation had
a virtual a virtual twelve fans go to through the stadium
so they combined a lot of different things which for me you made up the really creative approach of the campaign
okay now our what our he's one of the back of the stage and
no and spencer he's a global head of media yes that's part
so but working with numbers company has an incredible experience uh
of they don't stray jeez a worldwide that one
ah as a channel operator as the channel owner that why we like it's
it's what i read uh on the different what five and also what i get it's me that your
interest in the value chain i think you're eating a lot into this value chain i think
it's in many cases recently see that it's a crucial question that
is not always address uh in and all the initiatives cell
well i can't hear an example of some very interesting stuff a good example okay thanks daphne never on
uh it's i tickets anyway um and like you anything uh my example we might just visiting doubleclick
so uh it is is an example of yet still that that graced rage because engagement but
i think it's really really interesting kind of um piece of work say just
a couple weeks ago um as it when the when the championship
they uh they they portray it uh each the different players underscored and the staff
uh and i projected images of where they but first let's play football
so either case three i'll tolerate and more the academy is for a full kinda boring it
was uh uh one of the belgian skills that you uh the first uh acceptable um
and so they just into this uh this is a a small play focus
the warm but ultimately unknown cities paucity full group inflated and i that's
elves in affiliation lots of different uh different filters and and the membership scheme there is citizens
uh it's uh it's global citizenship uh the membership association holds on the uh the support
club it's called citizens visit every global village side to side of belonging as if
it it really neatly and say you know also that overalls time
and and and that that most operandi around global village just
uh that is nice personal touch the players as well they get fans in different why uh of the money
um so you kind of have a successful season say really really push it by the players themselves
um and yeah it's just a nice template not creative and it
be it right now and yes that that strategy overall outside
okay i think you're right so we spoke about fact engagement so that it's not always easy to get this a definition
of what is really the fan engagements and how can relate this to you next generation video perhaps that's that
think about what is really for you guys the next generation video
how and we can open the that the scope like traditional
video but what would your visual content and how what will retrieve
your ah they defend engagement in the next few years
so i stopped or
we'll we'll target i gave an x. t. is i mean well well
fans already engaged i've you know we were already there and insensible
within the it we would see in the future you can more the same so the idea of light contents trained three social through
it's all platforms uh yeah the understanding of yeah the the the the the oranges where the l.
well the one uh when they want it you know that will forever nine and um
yeah i'd is like i you know all these lie available yet feel certain elements uh uh
foundations but as long as it's it's personalise is uh in a sieve impact full
then uh you know yeah that's that's how right sort of need to and
browns details to draw is that content strategy towards indigenous fan base
i would just provoke oh that because if i follow you i need to invest in all this stuff
but i don't have so much money as a sports federation so select chore
to cover everything in a bad way or satanic some very strong choices
i would say visible federation has that much money either uh yeah alternate uh
yeah we would suggest that is is important to to do what you can in
in the right way say look if it is around a contest tragic pays
uh that's actually get a rhapsody rightful your face what kind of strategy and you know
let the let the other platforms may take a long but it's all you can get really good in in that that
from the you really care about and you're gonna get your fans most effectively then it's like someone thing it's on
that's obviously listen learn from what other people are spending the results on and and then from that
so that you're not spending the big bucks on so they the five years that happening in in change
the other other rights holders so if we come back to more aggressive more what it's like to
next in video or something which is related to video what do you see
the as if it's you driver in the future i use it
i think spencer already eluded to the personalisation aspect which is i think very crucial because at the moment if you look
at what some of the federation's or do we can also other let's say organisation institutions is full they're kind of
all over the counter they they they upload to social median they put on digital
platforms are is derivative of of a t. v. product so it's highlights or
you know they have a they have a cruel inside in e. g. croon they just have a couple of back
no behind the scenes footage that's nice but it's not really personal it's not really relate to bowl
in most cases is not conversational live out because it's a derivative of a one
sided kind of medium so um i think that's a problem in itself
so if you wanna talk about next gen i feel that if i care about something very deeply over the over
the course of the next year is in machine learning and i that will be so many advancements that actually
my counterpart the the media complain interacting with well actually hopefully understands why
really um what i deeply care about and then give me
the bits and pieces i'd i i actually care about instead of just flipping the channels
'cause it at at the moment i think consumers are completely overwhelmed with constant
they don't really what's what's relevant what's not what is relevant to then versus what's relevant for this that they were interact with
uh i think that technology will play a major role in personalisation i also feel that
if you look at some of the some of the social media content the moment that you
know institutions federations clubs and leagues use the user for brand activation unfortunately there also
kind of user athletes and a lot of other people influences so none of the content right now was not commercial which i think
is a problem in itself so i think the future will hopefully we'll reach a tipping point in over commercial isolation of constant
and go back to what's really authentic and what fans really care about because at the moment everyone seems to be an influenza
and is trying to even if they have two thousand followers is trying to commercial lies that's
and from a content perspective i don't think that's really relevant to the fans but you have product placement and brands and
brent messages in every single video but unfortunately the tolerance for traditional advertising is almost zero from
lenny alls to their way to reach them is branded content so i i think
finding the balance in the future will be very important as well say you bought speaks a about for sensation but does
that new legal framework in europe effect this a vision or
is it just a some technical stuff scoop web
like i mean it makes more difficult official but i guess uh the focus
should be on your hands on your fans audiences segment them effectively
through the tools you have at your disposal a period zero m. system the you know the the unwitting see how from the magic
and it says maybe platforms i i'm really just understanding the batteries that you can seven
that as we talk about what the right content at the right time uh
uh the right amount uh et cetera so that's that's really good if if i
can add to agree with with what what what what are then said
i really think that it's a content is being served not in the personalise matter you need
to use the the different platforms to serve the content in the right way um
i also agree that uh that's to although i does the i agree it ice
i still think that live is still a very important piece of contents
um but how you creates an interactive environment around the lives what's missing now in
sports no this is still very traditional the way you sort of the content
right and the the way the reason why i wanna say this is because the i really
do not know or i cannot predict and actually i believe that in the future
the uh minor league game in the mouths might have more people watching it
that the then the words what gets me if you get in lisbon
it just depends on how you create an environment around experience basically i also
think that uh sports federations needs to start in this is not
um this is not speaking as a mike which is your intro father but speaking the uh is
a person though the opinion over the giving an overview what the better should should do
is they should as well open the doors to user generated contents in
the allowing these the new type of content to come into
they don't want friends and allow them to take control of the community
it could start from the the players themselves were from the in
a controlled environment but they need to evolve in that direction as well so this is a good topic because we so far
so i think what six years ago when the folding lot it's this big right sitting right around the world
uh aside to bring them and their uh their their um uh the series to
bring their own content from the bucks you change the whole relation between the
the the the fans and uh uh that the the sportsman and for instance the last two of
the race because they were really nice guy one was an italian cooking in the past and
is there any they have incredible they have better impact than
the guy one writes uh so the first one was also happy that means that it's expand a lot i
mean especially for the sponsors the impact which is good for everybody to in your case each want to
do you have this we chatted but you still have to create in a certain way
ah the content to have that something which is too messy ha ha you
it's at and that's the thing if you do it in a controlled environments the in in the focus market it's much easier to control
that then on applied for might face with where you have massive amounts of contents coming from everywhere um what i think is
we speaking about the type of entertainment sports that is the most emotional the interest in what in the world
and you have something very valuable then we're speaking about the data collection and a a lot in the back
uh we can collect emotional value over the friends that are watching the contents at least in our platform
uh and with right so there's a working together with companies like nielsen reprints um and these
valuable that uh is what needs to to be analysed to understand what the user wants
but most importantly i think we should let the user drive their own content by themselves because
that's why people relate so much to with influences on islam or face would because
they are few very close to the to the story that of that single
percent of that that individually target that is cooking and screaming and
we pass that it's such a so i think we should let the user drive that's already another source telling them what to do
so you use all speak about how we can observe the user it's important to understand he's ah
what he wants a worry he's needs but often if you just try to understand the user
user can always imagine extension of something that he already knows
it's we always say that we haven't been invented the electronic jacob about bob by
looking at the kennel ah so high high can you put the or
think about you know they are read next generation of innovation where you have
kind of disruptive ah technology or use coming yeah here we use
you've always because seems to be quite incremental if you just for or
is it valid even if it's a disruptive technology on it
yeah i guess it's a hard one to answer anyway um yeah there's there's also there's sayings i think um
uh and we thought said you know with uh we're gonna we would people of astronauts festivals rather new car uh you know i
think it's just side here if you need to have to think outside the box sometimes if it's about next generation stuff um
but yeah it's around as soon as the tech companies around fading fast because the norwegian
works as time um but i think it's going back to first principles understanding
you know also what your objectives from this is does attack this kind of next
generation it constantly the actual software hard when the light whatever it might be
um on sunday objectives was the business models are all out yes just said we kind of very clear from
um and yet if you can fell fast it's not what first time that's a bonus but it's expensive
to do that um i was just that's kind of standing there it's a kind of look at just
back to basics in terms of how you might rolled out you some some the people that shape
new media in terms of presence reach engagement these days take the n. b. a. is example
when i was a huge u. n. b. a. launch that channel on huge you um
i think three or four weeks off to use you as a side has gone up so they had channel number eight so we had
a channel count up from now there's like twenty five million channels on you to be n. b. a. runs channel number eight
so you can you can tell from that if you look at what the and dated
back then in two thousand and five until to day it wasn't fundamentally different
it's just you know between the let's say the thirteen years in between of course the iterative cause they scale that massively
because i think last year the produced three hundred fifty thousand online videos
which is massive right to use a i mushy learning to produce a lot more content they did do that two thousand five
but they still upload content that is trying to gauge the fan they're still trying out every week what
works best they do a. b. testing on different formats they customise the constant every single platform
yes they've scaled out but they fundamentally you what they did thirteen years ago which one to four
to talk to fans directly so it doesn't have to always be disruptive you have to be
you have to have a strategy and see it through and do it over a low long period of time it took them
three or four years to get to the first million subscribers on huge you it only took them another year to get the five million so
that as they as they actually progress they they hit that hockey stick growth and they
they actually had that breakthrough on social media and i think that right now there
for me the leading actually in terms of content strategy user engagement going direct to
consumer while option actually also doing and maintaining that their traditional media business
but they've done done that for thirteen years some people forget that they they think that all
the n. b. a. is on some really crazy stuff for the last two years
we have to keep up but actually they have a thirty here is advantage versus
a lot of other federations uh now waking up saying oh we need to
do something direct to consumer just to keep that in mind so sometimes things
take time and they need assistance in resilience and and dedication as well
so you speak about this idea of sustainability which is a really point
to get a return investments that how we can perhaps improve this
chance of having something sustainable when we see you know a lot of device that came out like t. v. three d. and other
is that yeah was plenty of investment and then that looked for perhaps we cannot predict and we cannot do anything that
but how can perhaps moved forward something which is what stable when
it just happened bounce that you have with several technologies
i i mean i can i i don't really have a strong opinion about the all i i think the art is just not
where will eventually what it will eventually become there's always this i think it's a carton of
thing right you're you're in research i got the hype cycle when i have this
is massive take up and people overestimate the impact in the short
term i think they all also often underestimate the impact
in the long term that's typically how a lot of people look at inventions and innovation the wrong way um
i feel that the r. a. are a lot of other technologies will will progress and they will play a
role as small as it becomes more in a certain more engaging the and for me personally um
i feel that everything that is not a share herbal experience in some way will
will not have a breakthrough and at what i mean by that is
if you look at social media and some of the content is being created you better talked about user generated content
but the fact that it works so well and it works very well also for writes all this is because people can create a cure rate
and she yeah content with others that other people will enjoy and then
it becomes a viral thing and it's kind of uh cheryl experience
if you wear b. r. glosses um you're kind of cut off of
the well the you don't experience anything with others at all
so for me that's kind of the limitation of the technology right now but it doesn't mean that the idea of you are
will not assist will be successful in some distant future some things will take time and then we'll
have to be integrated from a technology also from uh probably also from a user experience perspective
the pedal i i do you look at this all these innovations because ah you're off looking or
small uh our communities and at the same time you cannot say oh you're small communities
don't use these technologies that well how you yeah it's always accompany the um
are much more in favour of developing good software in the clouds
uh that's it's mass massively scalable we're not speaking was speaking about
federations that do not have the resources three buses that technologies
uh i have to admit that in a specific case we have few companies that are focusing their business model of
on having automatic cameras which is a type of hardware that is expensive for the moment is lowering the cost
it doesn't it doesn't necessarily mean that it was a failure uh what it did it was
uh it's not scalable definitely body drove the phrases michael joe to focus on developing
this type of technology you on the cloud with a i so we um
we just we would not a big believers in developing specific card where's
that would we rather use the the technologies out there from apple to to go or other providers some soon
uh and focus on developing uh uh basically what we are best uh a two week
which is something scalable for uh for our partners in for the consumers so that
i understand well that's that is and that's a big change or for the sports federation considering that
that encroach income outdated so packed for compared to the sports federation because that i just make check
when your government you'd you princess these tents on the revenues of the ah see ah
which is in terms of relation it's i mean it's really big that's something which is
really you know and at this area if you take the history of of sports
so all they put themselves in the factual situation you mean the federation's yeah
yeah well yes and no i think i i wouldn't it's kind of an apples and oranges thing my comparing the audio c. to
you too i think they're very fundamentally different businesses all fundamentally different
organisations with a very different you know target in mind
um and and and by the way the i think the olympic channel if you wanna
talk about the i. s. e. is is leveraging all those platforms to build
their audience is they're actually trying to to to use what's there have fish where
the fish are and and put that console platforms that really work well
at the same time the also trying to build their own properties and
and convinced as sponsors and the founding policy olympic channel that
their platform is an interesting platform for those brands to be active
to activate and to talk about them as well i'm
we'll see whether it works or not but i wouldn't necessarily say that that's a
fair comparison to make i think the i was he's not a technology company
um and uh you cheap is not a a sports federations so it's really hard to compare the two to be on the side in terms of
chain guy you lay still the balfour the sponsor of yeah well yeah i would i would say it depends on whether on the journey
so you know all the lips what is it about acquisition is a a
fan bases about engaging the sun visors about but it's as asian
i'm right with you probably won all three right that the role of different stages of the janine um like to some extent say
with a lot of clients yet that yes the country deposition face that there we strive now but now it's very much about this
kind of engagement pays a you know how how yeah well then that face how they engaging it must that somebody's most effectively
the human citations of syndicated kind of complete cycle mostly completely
right um and this very few that do not really effective i think i would also say n. b. a.
you know one best uh in the business in terms of a minutes silence of the occasion as well
which helps to see the cycle and crisper the you know that your circle around engagement ultimately
if i cannot really quickly just had a really quickly is that i i really believe that the solution
sits in the middle uh the i think there needs to be more than rubber ties markets
where you don't have these big that accompanies multiple lies in the the whole environment that's
why you have big discrepancies uh i agree uh with what was said here that
they basically uh their sees that it is the company but there are companies out there that could partner uh
with the federation's to build their digital solutions and i think the solutions each somewhere there and everywhere
how just current with the last topic very shortly because we're almost at the end
in the different example that i uh i listen to you i am in the presence of the real people how
we sure as with other people exam also brings some physical isolation gathering in in the as you said
so when i look at your picture i mean we see that there is a real combination between the
the next in video or audio content and the physical not the social gathering that physical
environments uh and all the um me at home with my own a device
how do you see this combination between the physical environment and uh what type of experience we could think about
i think it's it's a specific think about scores to acting when t. v. started if you look back in history or
study communication people would gather it want to listen to radio right when it happens to be a a program
then t. v. and they were watching super presents movies the only
thing that survive to public viewing sports right so it
i think digital is just increasing its to but they think he's their specific events that you do in the public viewing matter
the the most important thing is now you have the opportunity to be in the pockets of the consumer the whole day long
so then you can engage with the user in the more the emotional way when the when the matches live
and the biggest opportunities not in the public viewing it's on the small device that occur in our pockets so
how can we create content in a creative way in a scalable way as well because you cannot produce all the content
the that engages the user the what the twenty four hour basis if possible
yeah there there's some very cool examples in a ah we talked a little bit behind
the behind the the scenes about my hand to collapse and and the um
the paul come on go game where you actually interact somewhat with the physical well but you still use
the device you have a are you have you gain the file your environment i think that's
those things really cool my really engaging but at the same time you know i haven't seen really
sean examples in sport to be on is that that that take that idea one step further i
think some some right souls are experimenting with virtual stadiums was the one i mentioned mentions united
um and there's some cool examples but the actual experience of b.
either in a public viewing sport or be in the stadium having you know guys
next you having it be yeah that kinda cheryl experience as long as
you know you can't really synthesise that virtually you know and i still believe that were bit far
further away from that um i don't think it will be banned engaging to be honest
my personal been uh yeah i'd say i agree with the shared document you need to pace but is a
lot small different types of fans and just that you know we uh we've done some paper segmentation work
and yeah it it's definitely meaty a elements of it that is also a kind of gotten trend positive
so the evidence about the kind of the the the phantom the cost that the celebrity element
uh then you have the dates rex that's a very much and i will see you probably know all these here in the room as well like the
stats exactly that's very different about whether or not they're an avid sports fan
is that you know why they're in that interested in sports this place
uh and understanding there's different pace that that helps again for uh for the and stood
to attention commercials and but also talk to find in a different way different content
so i thank you very much and i probably their people here can see you later in the
crowd and running away something um i got for the next step i will just finish
one uh a slider it's about an initiative you can bring to the last slide place
if it's the last slide is coming you know if that's uh just to tell you
that we're just sitting here with a cotton ball and initiative here and uh
to bring the media industry and the sports federation uh together uh to have access to
she each uh it database of the trans what's going and we have about nineteen fans
and media rather well uh working with us uh for really go and fatigue innovation
well so setting a research um a partnership with all the
european projects so that the media industry and the sports
federation can be part of a research project and influence the outcome of this project in terms of use
you know also education a module that are accessed in fact
already in the industry and have also network of um
i have a different media labs that we already have bills are right now so people can access all the
starts coming that opting out and they're a bit easier to this new upcoming at people on our market
so i want to thank overmatched or you can contact me uh oh later if you will have what have some news about this initiative

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16 May 2018 · 4:06 p.m.

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