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to see your uh hello everyone
just a quick question who has already watched the olympic channel
uh i love this corner actually i don't want to talk that long although christoph
even haven't give me the time how to see how long i'm talking
but i want to give you some examples of uh what you can do actually
with an o. t. t. platform and how to engage better with fans
um there is an explosion actually of o. t. t. platforms and
everyone tries to do streaming everyone tries to put something
on uh the web sites and putting content out so i thought i'll show
you a little bit of contents it that we have put together
with the olympic channel and there's some examples uh which uh will show
you that you don't have to have always a huge effort
you have to have a good archive and you have to have good creative editors to put things together
and one thing we have put together was one of a junior added this before the channel was even
launch a little my story about the famous athlete calls out the back and his wife setup echo
oh no no no no
oh no no no no no no
oh i'm i'm
simple example just to see you have a little bit of archive footage you put a little bit
of graphics together and suddenly you're getting a piece of content that you can put out
and uh one of the examples you see in the background the bit pictures from
the plan channel a winter games from our beauty shots that we have produced
at the games you have always this example that it's multi sport people are not
watching just one sport people watching difference borden switching from one to another
this is the same idea that we have with the olympic channel when we say we don't
want to make a sports channel just for one specific sport we wanna do multi sport
and uh one to enhance people going from one spot to another by
doing this we needed to introduce this was some original programming
so the team in madrid that produces the content is not always producing it sells with production companies around the globe
producing content from different cultural aspects and putting that together
one of the series which just a one and where the awards recently is uh
e. twenty five and identify is telling the stories about athletes
a trans gender athletes so it's a series where really difficult topic
comes into play and where the production howes vice try to put
it in an aspect which is very engaging with the fans
to watch t. v. identify it's a bit too long here at the end results
always six seven minutes but i have a thirty second straighter for you here
i knew it before you worry
you do for years remember someone's liable for so the question is currently q. are there are ah
yeah yeah i why i am i at high
yeah yeah you wanna little channel dot com
we got the feedback from one of the fathers to set before the topic was ready very hot in
the us and people were reporting on it but after the series was published on the internet
we actually that's the father saying we actually got much more
engagement and actually get a completely different tone of voice
so that people i'm just look more at the behind the scenes discussion
and this is something where we want to really put the athletes back into the focus and the we
invest a lot of money of the production budget that we have into these kind of original programming
and we had recently launched here the museum and the laws on the news your is which
is called file from home some athletes who qualified for the olympic games in jan channel
for the winter games but coming from exotic countries like i mean the the jamaican bob everyone knows but
we had a nigerian and the jamaican bob in that can channel participating with women and the bob
we had an indian a luge athletes and we had a figure skater from malaysia
and uh therefore we decided to produce a series far from
home with athletes observing them their way into the qualification
until plan channel and uh it here is a little bit clip of the far from home
oh yes i want to make a statement
there's a new one ah
ah well yeah you know how to solve it
no matter what university use yeah nobody will
so these are examples of original programming where we want to offer to the awfully
it's a new way of uh telling their stories and therefore to the fans
a different approach so that they can follow the athletes on the stories not only
during the short period of the games itself but outside the games and follow
one of the examples that we did last year we had the world game so the olympic channel
is not only done to produce content for olympic summer sports olympic winter sports it's beyond that
we actually trying to make it much broader bringing other sports in
the world games to place last year and browse laugh
and here's an example how we helped the games and ross left to reach
a much of draw the visibility and uh reaching much uh more audience
the idea behind it was the olympic channel itself is not producing the holes
broadcasting signal that was done by the older noises in a rose laugh
but they together with the spanish production company produced every day eight
to ten hours we pulled the signals into madrid we
added common three and turn that signal into a ready to go production signal and ready to go error signal
and then we returned that's twenty four seven channel back to browse laugh and the
world games organisation could use it to give it to their rights holders
for the linear channels like the normal to rest a t. v. stations they reached about twenty eight million viewers
and the third of that came for that twenty four seven show that we have put together for them
but it's not always these production it's actually the short production as well with the
angie cruz where we put small clips to the social media one source immediately
reached for the half million and we had this uh for example
hundred fifteen source media clips around the world games thirty
five on face broke and all the thirty five on face book reached as well the total of twenty eight maybe
here is one example of an an ex cons and auxiliary comes into
the world games not directly related but in the well games
there's a sport called fins swimming we put a little bit of michael phelps into it and uh uh the success was there
right now there is important uh to have a high level production like sometimes important if you just
had a camera crew you're running interviews and you put a get out for social media
and then you can reach a lot as i said this clip alone managed to reach out to four and a half
million people if you want to watch the full clip seeing here that i have about twenty two seconds left
um i will leave it to you to call him big channel dot com and what you yourself
the last little clip that i would like to show you is of
course a famous athletes uh from the pan chan games and you
and uh a here is an example where the athletes i mean
after the game second channel we have five thousand clips ready
and we were showing them these five thousand clips as well on the olympic channel
they asked me can call in and that this video into his website
and this is the advantage where we say here is the whole of content specifically olympic content
and people athletes federations fantasies can take it embedded into their website
plates and a watch and uh this is a little bit
a kind of ten minutes uh x. course to what we have done the same as
the two years not yet fully previous relaunch gonna pick channel in august twenty sixteen
we have a pool of now more than thirteen thousand pieces of content on the platform
and uh i'm happy to engage in any discussion with uh someone here
would like to see indeed uh what can be done in that uh what uh

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