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so i would be in talking at the bay about that
block chain and start ups uh that's quite an interesting
will uh as you know we leave it uh uh on always on the edge of the next show
sorry for i would be talking in english as my friend just not right
so um did you don't say shit is what we have been doing away you know in the last forty yes
we tried to digital us everything that it is possible it
looks really linebacker revoke any formulation of minimum energy
this is to know what we try to do these days we talk about instant thing is information flowing
in the usage of this information for our it's it's uh and
not up everything that can be digital lights as being digital
this process of digital information that we are only many aspects of our life
it s. last forty years ago for what we call it that the foundation technology
the c. p. i. made someone of you was known this this stems not almost forgot went
easy p. was invented in nineteen seventy two was a bit like the block true of
um there were some initial applications of it are on it
but that was that you read your email update
this is for last the full something like uh it here is nothing really happened
that company started to see the advantages of course technology mean them was
running now than did the little some or is it something that capacity of calculation would improve
and company started to use the advantages of the t. c. p. for the internal
application company like sun micro sees that microsoft itself this started
to use this protocol internally on their own benefit
of course then it claims that
the world wide web any was the time when this technology became an aspect
which it was at the time when this information start to spread everywhere
i'm bill two thousand and five when i knew business small that start to develop
it was so yeah phase book you have you where you have go
go they base their business model entirely on the digital information
so what we have done it we created a parallel work completely digital
that's where we need it now we have a digital book wherever
you know we don't make much of a different our children for band that's the new we on would be a used to the
but there is a very special cases when it comes to
the exchanges so we talk about copy now part
there's a special cases in this is the exchange on that it's one one send
me a copy one hundred dollars i don't feel very comfortable with that so
when we go back to the exchange of value when we talk about uh
payment systems where we talk about uh uh well sessions of us it's a
registrations all property not our society goes back directly to the twenty century
the transition don't know really play it will we organise this pictures i took it because
i really like it formed on perhaps got is one of the major uh
innovators in this area it every fractions of
our payments easter something extremely complex
huh for something extremely simple so let's say it takes us uh
instantaneous it to send an email to exchange information it takes
up to three days for a payment to be executed
it takes up to you know a settlement in your t. c.
market you my last days sometimes months but oh well
this is so
the the places where we have it just out the do our society's regulated by knows
is regulated and does the society where there is lots of lawyers no real um
and then up all its identity came a bit cooling or because i can have very interesting point
in time two thousand and i don't know it was the time when the market was crashing
where the tossed into the system in the existing sees with extremely low where
in the the big cool when it was born as an anarchic
ideas behind so i want to spend my money i want to have full
control of my money in i want to spend that whenever i want
you know peer to peer protocol without anyone stopping from
when that without any central authorities they can say
this is a bond transaction not the bunny transaction anonymously
oh well we can discuss about that of course you know there's an arcade position but of course uh
what the beat going give it to us was the block g.
u. was that the architectures it allows the bead calling
so if you want to make it that it it's a messy a competition with the t. c. p. a. p.
i've been a bit humid was the first applications on the t. c. p. protocol
so beat what was the first applications then was running on the blocked
and bob chip get us the tossed get us it might be magical assurance that
no one can she i don't receive a copy of the information i receive
that they asked it is transferred for pass a two person
and that's what was the real revolutions all locked
of course
my colleague is expended be the correct there is the code it so block chain at
the fall corrected we see that allows block change it to create this dross
is basically the distributions the peer to peer my copy
millions of copy of the same information distribute it to
anyone uh the mute ability no one can change
the the the ball no one can cheat the encryption is
in the mechanism of the controller consensus that say is
how a transnational i is it daddy transactions and this
is where the power of the mathematical inside the
um yeah block chain as such
as involved in this year it's now they are many block change implementation
each one reason is want value proposition it's very important to understand
bob chain is an anarchic ideas uh and its own implementation it's a
suitable for the scope for reach beat going was oh oh
you know in others alien like in the financial industry there is no need for having their all the uh
the information pricing on every single note why people not belonging
to the transactions must have a copy of our information
and this was difficult to come means the banks uh to base their development on the
big calling the block chain so everybody in this last two three years tried to
take the best all the block chain be point and i started to set up something
that was more suitable for their venue problems each so you have it their own
which is a general papas block chain and say where you can once mark on trucks
on the top of it and you can basically do you help almost everything
but you have a hyper lecture specifically done it the for federated console too small
numbers all p. s. they they decided we build some things that more x.
oh and they can score is the last one you read about the air trig and talk to the bank
at court but it's it's specifically tune for financials up each say we don't hear
the problems of the others we want was something that fits our own needs
oh distributed ledgers in the specific cases means that
the the peers they don't cost each other's
in this is the reason why we need to have a block change
um of course there are some the difference among all of them i don't want to go the details uh under two
did you i think that would mean that ideas about the block chain is
that block chain is a foundation that now it is here to stay
that's the good news the bad news that as we leave it in the in
the time all the fast information we expects the things to happen immediately
this one at that it takes thank you will take time
before we will see the killer applications block chain base
the reason not to know there's lots of uh we'll even high of the block
change everybody's talking about block chip but in reality the reason no real
applications will be apart from some are ever ledger which is very they have
to go on very uh or you established they are beta versions
they are all foundation yeah idea score about is how far they assure the
iran it a long it's now reaching with the huge of beta
uh so easy we're it early phase so things well can't you will take time
uh that brings me to the core or my discussions that the startups bees
so start ups because this is it is it does this
you is there any of you than knows how to start a business is working
what's this thought that because this is is something that has to happen very so i see a specific business cases
in i want to take advantage of it had here in analysis of the uh just let make it
the in the case of the insurance get okay so is a traditional insurance uh it doesn't change
scenes years more or less as it was at the beginning of last century it is now
core of the industry is exactly the thing so are you and divide it by
the band you chain of the product designer in the pricing
on the writing distributions of the claims managers in strange
of course the generalisation is touching it any aspects of it it's it there's been digitised
there is room for improvement it any of does a we have a big data
you can not an ice back to the race can we can think about
more customised products afford insurance that we cannot distribute them online uh we can
uh every cow be solution for risk uh and the claims process manage
so companies look said that they realised this way he's the business opportunities the way
around the margins what can i do better is of the incumbents where
and they immediately start to be that very vertical business cases
a you see these explosions of uh you can
choose tech company all the size you can market that
these uh one thousand billion worked market well
this is how do you
that startup business cases normally works the average life cycle stocked up
on the phone thing on the idea that you can go
well only ninety percent those ninety percent of all the startups and stop in and no
business so we discuss about the ten percent of the start that it succeeds uh
and the most of them they have one big task to be
bought by incumbents they exit strategy is it to be parked
or a bigger than you change a bigger insurance that to be
bought in integrated idea technology or did innovative business process
oh so this is how the business cases normally of the startup it's work
they don't want to bring you to our journey
we uh in sweet and the and and together with other companies decided that
uh me last year's uh to make a consortium ended to propose a
together with banks that can be uh was the inside the
consortium we scorn was inside the controller to uh uh
we have to remember all of them are uh then in core was inside his consort
uh you meant takes with the schools in the idea was
uh to make a new uh obviously clearing sees them
in twelve for this one is a common platform way all the banks all the
uh do giving business it would be down why they
uh one of the major triggers that the sun even is always running for a for a or is it
the the compliance e. in the the regular to comply to new lows is counting two thousand acres
impose it to financial institutions to head to breed more
clarity in their books in the release good air
into the process how they communicate with your customers
all those regulations they have to be implemented
um every bank is to do that
if they want to people staying in this this is not into that in
a traditional way every bank as to implement those things by themself
every band is to make investments has to change the i. t.
c.'s that as they change today reported that means it
lots of investments of the bank that the basic idea was then let's make it once
based on the block chain so that any banks can use it as a service and we will guarantee
the compliance to the regulation compliance see not just that
well i don't know for any of you that knows how to market places in specific use
it your t. c. and english in the because of the shoes market is working
you know there is a inactive in between two traders hire this
guy wants to buy is is that this year's the other
ones okay am i will buy it at this price the agree
over the telephone the information is passed into the back
all fees of the banks where they start to uh the
payment process and then at the end of the day
that paper abusive physical representations of the shares of that company
ghost from one to study and physically bag to the other fees
to the other day he said paper based process completely
and the sacrament and of course there is a huge a counterpart to these
that is to be done don't you pay before when you don't know if you get the papers represent the the normal it works but of
course there is a lot of energy that has to be spent you know to to uh uh to to take care of that process
so trade reconciliation in case something the price is not is someone
writes the wrong prices there there there there are a
lot of back at all fees uh costs involved so our
project was to create a completely dissent right open
system prototype for post waiting process um for compliance with
the regulations instantaneous clear and set up so
pain in the pause in the beach so digital lies in the shears
as an asset on the block g. s. a nice the properties passing on the other
side mine is boring so it's not the only transactions so no counterpart the risks
remove that needs for trade we conciliation by design so
that's what we have done so the hula value chain allow us doctor was exactly
buy and sell as a custodian down brokers a digital assets company
they want to put issue in entire crew system of business
authorities feeling mark nation a national bank they wants
to control who is doing what where
uh everything's on the blockage everything can access
the same information guaranteed anyone can look
it what yes the right to of course all
the information block sheena by definition it so
it's it's public so we had to to uh encrypted
uh uh in that they could access only part of this
he was an extremely challenging pro you in this project came out something extremely interesting which is actually
the core of all the block chain discussions that everybody is in intermediary of someone else
any reality what the block chain could problem is to do is
to replace the rules of almost everyone in dismay she
we could think about they've gained or do or process
managed by smart contracts completely without any intermediate
does let you understand the complexity from the business point of view of block she
the people like there's an institution like the banks investing
in it and not investing to be these intermediate
they want to see what's the new value proposition what's the stack and technologies
but yeah intermediary option could do their job way more efficient we
could do everything so this is a bit to that
the part baby difference how the complexity of uh making business
start up a business into the block sheena yeah
context well just just a bit of it up i want to make it one no big view so uh
our new is the novelty of the business case verse all can plug is it was stabbed each something new
block chain happen it beat when it's a single use case isn't one vertical application
i heard about ah ah it's something real machinery in these ideas but is
also very vertical it isn't you know is it is unknown business keys
yeah as it was comments on online we were buying hoops before comments on that we're buying books with
amazon there was only do things with change something different is that you know when we go to
new business more we try to to do break what it is the existing good way
of doing business there yes and then there's the the resistance is way higher
and uh this uh said more or less where we stand in now as far as we see there is no
transformation does no sky but there is no you but
there's no kidding applications existing in the blocked you
not this year not next year probably not in the next five years but this is a journey with no way back
um the switch and was interesting company
just to say they're each of then i position them one in this uh
in this concept try to give it to their contributions to the
to you who shun of the block change and i have yet supple metaphor monet personally case the market place that
support is it that's all been one of the major issues it is normally the between exist is it one of the the
you have it it a hardware where you put your private key to store your portfolio
uh so interesting uh value proposition for that one none of them has probably
i i don't know figures but probably is not yet successful but
that they are trying hard to begin to to build a business it's
a very last one allows also is that yeah and then
as a company we uh our value proposition is it to help company to understand
what block changes to create prototyping on the top of the block channel directly
to um to create their pleases on the bill g.
right so we're consultancy company but we're endanger income
uh we strongly believe brought chain is going to be with us for the next
years and we as when i hear to help the understanding of this

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