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hello everyone um i'll try to make this breed because i know the last is on a on
a church i maybe show the german and i'm the c. e. o. of intel crate
i'm here today to talk about logo be so brand use did you
know that it is a three hundred and fifty billion dollar problem
and it starts with something as simple as grabbing your logo from
the way we've all done it which is actually here today
um what happened is when you take someone's logo from the way you contribute to unfold on line
impersonation and fake goods and did you know that one can fix goods online is counterfeit
so what we've done is we've chosen to be the way to transform your logo into
piece of code that looks like your logo buddies actual protected and cannot be copied
and this leads to reduction in online fraud on an impersonation and fake goods
so how does it work we upload your logo into a secure
portal and using outdated technology we transform your logo into
a piece of code that is distributed to or you all of the rise to uses for insertion on the website
once this happens you can control we you logos being used
and do things like real time take that out
in some cases you might go from days weeks months two seconds but
we also have an automated scanning tool that scans the weight
looking for exactly the way you logos being use intel tells you was using it legally
we have a very strong team both in technology and in business
development i personally have twenty two years in technology and
this is my third business so we we have a pretty strong team to help us take this business for it
we charge an annual license be starting at four thousand five hundred dollars
all the way up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars
and the market size estimates is about four hundred and twenty thousand companies of
which we aim to trees only five percent which is twenty thousand companies
we have some traction in the market and we very excited that we're busy doing a proof of concept of the
swiss company to in play in big block chain technologies
and for the encryption to strengthen the our product
we're seeking two million dollars to roll out our products because we've discovered that
the need and the market is in the european and the us context
so if you're looking for a scalable global does this that is destructive that is a unicorn
pick us and we'd love to hear from you thank you ah
ah thank you very much any question
any questions last one anyone
uh we don't have any direct competitors full why flipping brands but if you look
at someone in the some of the space to be mock my data
but they do all the legal aspects of it nobody in the world will
virtually predicted trend like we do we the first press to market
okay nothing adam f.
that they can uh do a screen grab but in our automated scanning tool find that because it in it
it's an image which we do automated scans with clients all the time so it'll pick it up
okay great thank you very much thank you all for joining here

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