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okay thank you very much for this they kinda invitation effective it it's
on the the second part of my talk we we we
got this uh innovation i want it was my not my site has my student got that that price i wanted precise
for someone to thanks also mask and for the and all the the team that put that he
said is they a with so many people i think is really great to be able to
to put together all the different uh multi disciplinary in aspects physicians uh he sees the
chemistry everything that that's really a great trip that actually that that you know
so i'm not really on the at the very beginning your oh i'm not at all up the point of clear
uh the proper role researcher i'm really uh at the beginning
of the discovery i'm trying to find a new market
as you know that at the end of the day we potentially be how are not part of care
and uh uh that first uh i want to talk a little bit on
the the spot do the first of all the beer market discovery
and talk about some feed for us and some other opportunities that uh
we have in front of us with a white markers but it's still not easy and you will
see a different things and the second part i will talk on a i. k. is
my ultimate it to be i and uh where this still nothing
uh on the on the market i would say four
for this uh uh injury but things are just coming like now in many countries in the
stays in europe and the companies are working on that and so i will show you
just that example on the academic side and potential the translation to to patients
so coming back to the discovery so we know in my lab we have mainly using those put
your mix and the double mix and sometimes combining also with judges trusted probably still path analysis
there was a mass spec a mass spectrometer is our discovery tool and uh
what you can see yeah is the question that uh we have since
uh actually is is does the all these all mixed uh technologies
willie bridge you know to the clinics and uh
yeah but that that is what we've put your makes but we can you can do with any of the whole makes technologies and this is
just plugging in button and the you know the number of papers that
i've been to a beach input or makes combining two diagnostics
and you can see that has been uh since uh ninety four when i put on it has been a lounge
the now these ah an exponential i'll i'll increases on
the number of papers that publish with that
but then when you brought it you know with that the number of n. e. a. approved
my mark uh so that nothing market you know this as not you did
that uh i major impact on that you don't see the same curve
and this is the these many reasons fall for that but this
has been for a although makes the code is somewhat that
ah kind of button like and that people are saying about that these are not the right technology is
a two for that uh we have to find another way is you know is very costly and nothing is coming
out from the the supporters so we have to thought i think about it and try to see
what what we're the reason and try to circumvent also the these different bottlenecks that yeah
so one of the the reason that an open somebody specially probably bellwether that
myself even the that's not the validation a ah is very difficult
is very costly you have to do it in in a way to
civic study using a perspective way on the bedside and uh and
did you have the c. e. marking the one the oldies woody is yeah as a i. b. cost and if we
look in fact to the you know to i was it to the classical pipeline that we
are in mind when we are in on the basic science side on the discourse side
we can realise that in fact when you do take all the papers of that which most of them you know the study and after
the the vacation on all pretty valley dishes that and that's the most of the time the end of the of the story
and these very few you know that i'm going to to the last that
offer the um of the of this work for the other pipeline
an addition you know the the the the cost to develop you know i'd agnostic
is our own depending but it could be up to hundred millions and the we
see the the benefit also for the dallas companies is not very big
so all you know there's a trend that uh before the goal in
investing that in about market have to really sure justin issue where
where what is the by and uh what part of the by you you will be able to to share on the market
another thing is also you know being gain in the fields in sin now close to
thirty years and saying you know they're all these markers that we all self
detected than others and not seeing them coming up to the marketing we thinking also
in fact or long does it take you know i've been teaching school that the four drives
okay it takes ten years you know to be able to go to the market quite a long
time so we're thinking okay so that means that we are not things probably shorter the exact
when i just took five quite well on a would you know we're out markers that you know that
that in the market in the the market then when you look from the first day when
i've been uh uh i would say quote unquote this coverage and publish and then
you look at when it has been a or even the approval commission nice
you know the the fastest one if the p. c. and the beginner close to twenty years so mothers you
know it's even more than thirty years in teal these market how hooey found their niche you know
and if you talking about brain you know this is my yeah i feel of interest
is a few markets on the b. g. valid or not it's a long time and these non
that that really use in the click on settings none of them is if he approve
and somehow commission as but not when was that the inches so
really the the dining and also potentially also the you
know the the standing at the time to go to the the market is much longer but with what uh without
so the the other thing is also the the the clinical utility of what i've been uh
ah discover most of the time was not with the
i'm see interesting and this is mainly because i did discover label as basic scientists
you know uh anybody sometimes immature physicians we always think uh we have
to find a ruling marker we want to detect that disease
and in fact when you look at the uh with the one i don't know degeneres yuppie many markers physically deposit
they use as i without marker and so it but at the beginning
when you start that's not the first thing you without will not
try to find something that gives you a negative results you want something with these other positive results but other than that they
it doesn't bother because it's not really the that in some cases because this decision we
did not see you we without you you bought marker you need something else
and another thing also is that we're being really looking at
classical agnostic markers and the the something that analysing coming with the all
these a route precision me this interest i may be seen
yeah he's the company indignant stick thing that that's also something that doing that by the basic discovery
we're not looking at companion diagnostic we're just looking at you diagnostic
market yeah i think it's important to to look at that
that's where you can you know to basically was five brigade nasty
combinations to the the the the all in quality and
exhibit was sixty three and in any in many different disorders so
you can clearly see that in that is yeah these is something you know that that is going into in that
area and clearly you know markers for to try start vibration
that's where we should go and the discovery level
we've been just the op expand the design this also has been something
that with the time we learned that uh we're not very efficient on that and uh
problematic is also when we we want to look at ah i. d.s order most of the time you know we could be
a very complex and most of the time it is attached to ah and all done uh
and the when you are working with some more dance is quite easy to a lot types the of that order
for example and look at it and see what is different shall express and then go to the blond
they now because there's not much more difficult and possibly the brain throat with a brain biopsy of somebody was a
stroll cool watch omar this isn't absolutely possible so you have
to find alternatives because going directly to the blood
do the discovery that's what ah what we've been doing in the in the bass at the
beginning and then you have been doing that to look at proteins getting the blood
that was marcus that we highly sensitive we could find the glasses yuppie for example this type of
what what because inflammatory particles i. sensitive but this busy busy busy busy was close to
to um to zero in addition we would just looking at the most important buttons you know that that you know that
concentration difference within the most abundant unless someone in
the press my twelve log of magnitude concentration
and so the technology that we still even to the ad can only see five to six log maximum so
for example uh something that like that is that one and wondered mediator
is very difficult to see bypassed the committee just and examples all you can imagine that
everything that is lower than that we will never see it directly on the plaza
so that is really too fine but then at the centre but i kind of filter of the information and to go to
to phrase that approximate on to the the old kind of interesting and
that's in that that we should look to that we we
finally something that ah i'm convinced that we we need is really and that's and now it's coming in your field
of park is really that the multiplexing aspect in a point of get test next to to the patient
potentially this will also be will be complicated in the them's also of cost and
insurances reimbursement and also in need of some i'm sure it's but with
all the different technology that it's going going i'm sure that we will go to do that type
of uh approach but so far as to do that this type of uh of matter
so that was maybe what i think ah some drawbacks and what it is
is very many others that each of you can i mean nine
that you have to face that so being being in that as a basic scientists so i'll just
an example here of how we we try to deal with all this said different problems
and so i will toggle to dump how what it is a mile dramatic uh
uh i'm i to be i'd wanting brain injury to trade you a little bit about that
all we need to discourage occasion validation and then the perspectives now
the fall what we we've done the last a few more
so when they're talking about traumatic brain injury in fact it means it's very hard you know
it can be firms sound somebody within come out because it developed from one one thing up to
you and me here but you just have a a small uh oh you fall with a bicycle and you
you get up again then you feed more less well but okay you you feel a little bit to uh
props you you've been ball meeting a little bit uh uh and not well and
the so the that's the type of what record mile to my team
injury this is a c. v. a. directed injury and this is really important to go
what does the the different sometimes and i would come back to do that so i'm just so the set
what i would do to is really the my one day so it could happen you know when you
from us they are some nice bought with the type and also and that's
quite important yeah that's why the stays the so much attention on that
it happens on the the the second field on the eye socket feel rugby
at the heart me uh in addition to you know with the streets and
so on and so on so they is many uh conditions where
you know you can have this type of my dramatic really enjoying probably many of you one
it is a it is live all in you said i mean so i mean
so all the diagnostic of that so when you are in the
street soul uh it's somebody see you on all falling
yeah and you will see that the we take a few
potentially we'll call them millions all of the police
all we not do anything that's also another passivity but most of the time you know you go if
you i'm sure you will go to the hospital all too i'd even ah i do not practitioner
all to somebody in the f. k. or a system
the question is it do you about green day she is what using you know you
probably add that with one of your child when they differ from the status
unable k. e. stop crying fall thirty seconds and then it's not a crime but the question is always should i go to the
pay that to and the question is because i'm afraid that is as potentially a small brain asian last one metal now
so the the problem i think is that when you go to the hospital so you we need to wait a long
time because you are fine all you babies completely fine yeah
but enough to fifteen minutes you're completely back to normal
so the the way also to classified you know the the patients without ultimately
green injury i does people is to use the glasgow coma scale
that anybody can do you know when you are looking to the ice movement to move we get to
the the the bottle uh all to the motor movement and you can give us cool with that
and usually to be so to motivation are classified without a fourteen or
fifteen scroll which is the maximum we all here fifteen but
then she fourteen for the one that uh sleeping you know but the but most likely all fifteen all the one that ah
if you have too much alcohol up at noon you can be fourteen we've been thirteen so
that's also you shows you you know the the sensitivity of these all these uh school
so you know to classify that my t. v. i. is read that you are completely fine fourteen or fifteen
and then when you that's okay he's fine but we still have the doubt the
potentially visit relations so the only way to to know that without a clear
answer is to us it's get it so that's what the i is done on
all the patients yes it is again to see if these are really
and the main obviously the main healthcare cost problem here is that
ninety percent of the c. t. scan and you get a
and only ten person i positive
so all of us here the question is we to see if
we can into news marker before this this guy in
rather than it just you for example a market they can tell you okay this market is negative or we're not
so you can go oh no need to do as it is kind of the cities can we be they get even lot completely well
so well the one which is the most widely known is that a standard b.
and master site a marker with with this not completely specific sorry
and the commercial i've by writers the number of years but you can see that it
is not under this and sensitive is always a ah you force a negative
and it is i want to been go the studies between eighteen and twenty five percent
of specificity meaning that approximately you can send my call to patients out of them
so this as we never know who live um for the d. n. a. to buy into the sea
just because in fact the in the terms of beneath these cost benefit sorry did
more less neutral in on the most of the guys that you remove
this is the the test that you have to do is finally do many test for napping or so so they found that
it was neutral so that's why it was not accepted so then these other market is also that i've read the overall
but i'm not really much better than ascended the s. and would be
some companies you know and that are trying to to push for some of these markers to be accepted by the d.
although the c. but it's still ongoing i'm not sure that maybe they will succeed due to the performance of the of the bank
so we don't want that uh on that a stream input to try to see if we
can do only to be better than the others you know to so to at least
at the to replace isn't the be all too you would compliment under that's without become
and then on the banister complement ascended b. and tried to improve the the performance
you know to um a discharge you know a maximum of of patients
and those without but also potentially also in the in the fields uh
in the sports fields and and and other type of of places
so how would we needed on how we need all the discovery just to to do that but we
when when i was looking on the proximal femoral free but we decided to do you
know to increase the signal not to be in in a very low abundant
a problem of plasma so we we finalise the service wonderfully often yeah patients and
the brain is that you have read as you've seen this morning also stop role but uh
that would be in the brand of the patient weight is the injury this just to control
that on and remember my put on its also covering to some markers on that
so we found the obsolete ten markers that we found in in a very small record of patients that were interesting
the most amazing that came out was was a standard b. and the
h. e. v. p. and others where less yeah interesting at all
we went further to try to buy a friday if if anybody
can be as good or better than not ascended be
and in this post cold operations on the uh uh all the geneva accords so you can see that effectively you can e. p.
so i think we you can see that i was in the or around
the work of is not very good but yeah the question is
this point we want to we are but it's it's it's it's it you don't want to miss any relation
and only sent back home the one that we are sure and if you could see that relate to ascended be we have
approximately thirty five having of say thirty five to forty five percent
so meaningful patients ultimately that guy can go back or
then we went to combination two panels you we just with these two markers with other
panels that on a computer with a with a i'm limited number of america
combining also with age ages really important though is of sixty five in t. v. i. is really important
yeah yeah because the the vessels the normal prone to to
um to prevent an orange yeah in or patient
and combined with a few of them you can see that with a hundred percent thing and it was and we we are
ah above sixty percent of specificity so willie increasingly you know
than the patient you can send back well we
comfy mentality that that and number security with these index thirty two oz people in spain and
one in uh in geneva again and compare them with the or more as the the
similar results if you maybe that one third of the patients can be the hours and i called and the panel
about sixty percent against all two third of the patient that you can be sent
back home and not going to the city scam a pipeline
so what on the the next step now full for that so we uh i i just so the us
yes but that patent all on that this two buttons in fact because other medical succumbing uh and panels
uh how but just here uh uh you uh the disease finalising can discuss
slices on in fact they know they agreed to design a next week
but these are and there's 'cause it nice and that that's the the cell
to uh to induce yikes that is here i we can do
now next steps for selected nice them to try to go
for than commercial lies no relief in e. p. first
and uh on our side what we want to do is to to to push bacon e. p. with a pot that
already exist so eva operative king i let our throw out of get test typically for a t. v. p.
with uh with that we'd or what but typically measurement and uh the goal is really to start in january
a prospective study to the the c. mark with all the different understudy
on that that it would be good this type of uh
of of work and on the medium term with the mask
and f. e. d. player placeholder on geneva infirmities
so we are project a bridge project the three we're waiting dances but the views really not to to push
to make texting blocked combining sort of all of the money makers that i showed you the the fall
and adding new ones that are coming in the pipeline to really about ipod okay test in and it it takes it from
so now just to conclude the just to finish on the bin if it
is true that the the the important so off we play that part
for the smile commenting brain injury first for patients taking each really it avoids you
know when this is the way the asians and especially for the kids
we can yeah whether additional c. stand this is really a something important
and i think the that is important is it along with in time that you can adding images you'll suspicion because you're
completely well so you will will be the last one that the that will go to the to see the doctor
and then there is also this question on to to be used on the field
as that elusive diagnostic organised it by the the team that is enough
on the on the spot feel on the docks show or even in the in the in balance
force without all this patient in the waiting list patients with individual so that's a major
a question for the it it gives the system is all these patients other waiting and that use resources there
but i'm not really needed for that i needed for the beings and also to to free the c. t. scan to other diseases
and funny for their care cost we yeah we calculated as if it's about papers on that you know
for sure that to decrease the number c. t. scan it something good on the f. get cost
it's in europe and we'll probably see a comedian appear it is not so huge
what is your age is that it is the method that is and minimum of one hour the patient
of waiting time on the resources that will be reduced and this is just
having one hour for this nation is one billion reduction in cost
so i think that's where really bizarre i need and these are a
potential big benefit also on the the l. c. or assist them
just to finish so this is a yeah we but effectively on what to think or
four is gives you work with the they can again but the the the price
the free hospitals that about dissipated you know that without the patients at that position we could not
go all the all the directions so mark a pity for the for the uh the the complex saying that we we want to
put in place and finally also obviously it's it's easy now helping us to go up to the patient visits which is that
a company that he owned by the university of virginia and the valuable was because it's
we're kind of commission on all the institutions i think if we have enjoyed high
thank you very much and some we have time for one or two short question
you know
hi and thanks for the the re interesting talked especially to talk about
how difficult it is to put it by remarking on the cost
and uh you specific questions for dues you mark your what is still mostly to
and the noises when do wear dark efficient because we know that me you to design markers in the
past have some issues with the you don't need to just too soon because don't not already in
the blood but not too late because disappeared you want to just into sealed or in the billions
disease of the week prior question so what is how to deter from shooting so there's the
so that was on one of the problem of this under the for example the g. five foot also
depending on the the thing they they're coming out eight hours all even twelve hours that is the the peak
but if you pay the peak is uh is it was image in the blood of the one hour
which is the bit but we have a as a minimum time frame that it's already in the in uh in the blood
and the in fact this this is is coming also from the the way we have been selected
because doing for them is you can imagine is not one two three markers that
we find potential market is under this you know with the different models
so then we have ah ah filter selection one of the
theatre is the stability of the the proteins and there
really is potential really is in the blood uh from the you know from the brain in the brown
and so all the buttons that we get you know in our well i i accept ascended
be that whether there will only for things that are going very quickly the blood
we do this in store for example is the same we've also you know to division between shame you can right click stroke
it's a it's a question also way you need the c. t. scan you know to detect the magic wands
so in this case is is the same we we obliged with a more opportunities within
two hours because it because he's the trip and treat men window the tamales
but you can use the t. p. a. can has to be there and even in the four
first are so the blood markers that to be very quickly with is in the blood

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