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and we're going to defy surprises and it's a privilege for me to have um
the hundred to give the by matter award and to i'm a member of the parameter come
a foundation and so i can give them but not to award two thousand and seventeen
and the surprise he's going to lose time and to anita totem on
there will be a lot of research work on then brain development on ice fix yeah and on
them out of thirty and i'm very happy for her very weird on any type thing
but there is no but not a whole lot without the but not a lecture
and this lecture is very well structured since we have to i don't know what we can you
develop this structure is a few years ago when he was the president of the foundation
this is a lecture louisa lost in for exactly
nine minutes three minutes for medical students three
minutes for clinicians and three minutes for research so any thought that to you okay
so thank you so much i'm i'm very one or two and uh
it's it's a great a pleasure and i would like to thank
of course all the committee who choose me and uh oh
it's uh
re station and and uh and the gift after all these years so it's it's quite
and achievement in the career to get such a price but i have to say uh
also for the other candidates that uh maybe sometimes it's
a little bit of luck and just uh the good moment and the good person and
uh i hope the other ones will have to look to see
so when i came here this morning to see just a little
story um i realised that exactly twenty five years ago
i was here in this room it was open here and it was the e. c. f. and g. text
so i was stressed at that time you know what is the c. f. n. g.
it's the american exam and that's once i started my tree in my dream
of being an academic noon that'll adjust so for those who know me
it's not a has it for the other ones you maybe think it uh_huh
so i once or
so i have three minutes for the students i will give
them in french i have three minutes for the clinicians
and i have five minutes for the research
so i uh and tied my my um
just to do um my lecture protect the new ron's the challenge
of then you're not all the just and the research
um that's sixteen near enough that that eighteen conditional save their key
to shoot one eight two four and then it starts
it emerged more but well i'd flap effective is fuchs yeah you
could make a sticker that's you don't sell secrets you
uh in a gem of bodily doesn't that's the keys l. p. e. still take domestic senior natasha
maybe it was you know the best to keep clean eek tree a dozen perspective do cash
s. t. c. l. s. is just to fall in baghdad you look see
i i in yeah yeah the the skinny at least do installs
just go back to what distance yeah um i don't know i speak t. v. still expected
that this sounds of well secure little when amy can not but a lot of yeah
will will do you good job in when you make a kennel but that will only send it out
this is used to listen to christian school three protect is and it's just a a
um no over ah of wow huh uh you know you never want to how fat
you know when they only would last it's you know shores more that the mighty
a polite if they don't see now the you put down me to happy t. i. do s. boxes off
i'll let you see now that that it either on or in um
uh in problematic too salty uh p. b. to measure a high priest or a a
focus not on people more general kept me you know do they stay behind
on our streets in a in a uh also we should move on their own people do i can't call for
a move when it at am best sixteen unit than the honey also ease
sample packet for trips and a um don't all the way in
the only uh problems it will be good to get your than the than winnie the
mom yeah that that steve on top of course all say uh uh the
the the move when they actually mel don't look at the last it's a state dump optimistic i must
admit it l. v. we l. e. d. four accused only pay yeah i'm too scared easy
may a landmark between older she if he calls the calls
pulses awful when you've will option intimately side by
when evil what are more time if i don't know most also yeah so uh again what is it
lou for two c. v. tells them mm mom does are not given more epochs eek
men sleeve was should set a foot to you later epochs each
test it on cloud i i'd have no interruptions um a
would you want to pull all those that was sounds about the uh
evaluate don't that cannot divest get cut back on the like at the proxy
a lot and it's also if that's about the only yeah let's see
uh it call lee yeah that that's almost asleep by the time all uh uh come come oh
it is all cease affair the problem and per study is this war
these huge us your time i teach to proceed only couple the
decoder more press out there due to reconvene back so
yeah was you've known samples all this se seen unit that you know can cool
yes much dish uh that simply nigger uh and pay him one tiny uh i knew file
for standing fun not and even as a yet strangely outlined
yeah but i must i mean people than i don't fancy kinds you can china shaft vocal plano was
uh but i know i know i tune contemplates leash contests so
i know for time practicality here just to take a um
easy yeah to to give light light minded trained done here
i introduced yeah for time in a a
should be a a fertile and a trace that
its contents yes yeah it's what i'm not for insects you
asking type up go off and we'll do we'll do
can get if they i mean me at how to pull mono in uh the atlanta who
put tell me is that just as as can did not have that in nineteen
the entire venues contests with a two stage won't exist explain blasts to compete and it once was you
that's not a problem for not time
not on hard to boss up they assumed was up i've yeah
that's into goofy a city of ten and one fellow from
in the fairfield what's and they're a strong much often uh how often
does the uh goofy say this huge yeah target site so
um what do you think if it's taken and the event yeah a
couple of a and discuss what a fork on as a hoop
to be yeah what does it stand for doubt as to uproot that's
done uh that you just can't teach their janelle extending yeah
yeah i know placenta which isn't a goofy is intact or does is deep lights
and stuff and not some want to use it in c. for like
she yeah i knew to be at a ski face as the skin tight it i'm in him a partition shock
want a of fun to just pacman i see launch of touch
rice i succeeded by the shop and that's pocket of that time issue as fixed yep and
it's into his delusion past sixty plus i'm twenty i'm phones tries to go yeah i'm cool can
i'm not going to be used to be able to wouldn't test a
drastic c. to asked how to join keen tend to kind of
movies check up to be as its cons clark done months each increase
yet no one touches multicast seen you want me to focus
when kinds long hot man and decent entertainment would make up by to be mine
yeah me much to invest some unkind human uh and assignments our stuff even though it
might need to be ends on mon and t. v. and vi i'm so mine
sure it's a pretty common motion as these are these events and stuff and what and then uh uh
good poked um manhattan game act as a um
uh to kinda foolish and fun to evaluate and all that
uh no location probably no harm for item no logo should probably not as a set
da man get not get nasty should make the uh and to get some by speaker we class and now up to go
that does and he does mind that stuff was the best time
to conduct about pages to one incident seemed a bit yet
i want to ask and demand on most on don't come down a a b.
do i pull me to who put them into ted operator should be put to me right yeah you know what
you more time it takes an encounter other i'll there's
no solution of concepts and code orange um the
as a as a scientist at the question of course is
what are the fundamental questions and you heard about
as income my cells you heard about uh uh and uh in the long run in
the brain in the white matter injury uh so there are many ways to
to uh uh to propose questions of course i have one question
as a uh scientists is when i see the stammer
here is an enter i have a very savvy or a stick to page would die
what i see is this black lesions here in that talent
was in the special nucleus of the taps and
this new clothes is very sensitive to i sixty and to hike box and my question is how
how is the new on dying in this in this um
in this area so when i look at the histology i see i'm going excels like here you
see in a big magnification you see that um the how i'm going make they are
going to die maybe programmed cell that men maybe not in when
i look at other markers i find apocalyptic markers and i
find out to fade to workers and that's the last a couple of die as a slides i want to show
is more for logically what are the different types of selfless well there is apple chose this
macros is because this is eve or irreversible you cannot do anything probably
will never do we will never have a treatment for the groups
up to this the programs l. s. meaning that the cell get the information
to die in one week to die in three weeks and then
since the nineties there is another form of cell that's which is called will to fight age
or all to fey g. excelled switches the type to twist described first
by one of my mentors who was peter clarke in ninety nine
and uh what is it actually it's some it's a it's a physiological um
sell yes okay you her before by i think it it was the
first speaker um he told you that the new round half to to
be cleared huh they die physiologically and they have to come back
so it's a recycling fabric that gets the new
rounds and get some some uh energy back
from the nuance to get it in a in a modern humans again into in order process
so i cannot go into the details but they are different compartments or to fake was on auto lies
and there are different types of uh to fey g. but i speak about maker who to fit each
so what did my group using several models of in the evil in vitro
and um and also human tissue we had
uh access to adopt it to should we looked at enhanced also fey g.
after high proxies kenya and what the role because if it's how right you don't know if it's good
or not so you want to know uh what is the role of the sort of thing
and i'm just going to show you one uh which was for me and i think
for our one of our best publications wasn't an ounce of neurology two thousand four
we looked at brass rise spend which you model it's uh hypotheses
kenya model and we looked at how to teach teach
and what we see using specific markers uh of auto fey g.
that in the racks or to fey jeez very much enhanced
and in the u. t. should we had um i haven't babies
five died from c. viewer is fixed yeah and six
died from audio conditions all actor and we saw that oh
to fate excelled as in the ten numbers with very
a a much enhanced uh in this baby's around ten times
and this somehow was called for in the demo right of three of the patient
that show that the lesions where in the channels these lesions
were seen early emma right on diffusion waited much
so we could show in all the models that
um oh to fade you was enhanced and that all in all the models that are
in purple but of course in the human have not the answer that the inhibition
we tested several inhibitors that the inhibition was new or protect
so this is the end of my um my matter tool i would
like to thank not down and his family he likes coldness
uh and he got a just a a little uh that's the state
and he's very good very fine a despite his zero zero up go
i would like to thank my research lab and all the collaborators from a
a nationally but also internationally specially a soapy to clark and this guy
here it's not my collaborator but it's the nobel prize two thousand sixteen year
she normally me who was a a nobel prize for to fiji
and my mentor this is uh john mack weekend was physiologist
and magnesium specialist make um are you again
k. c. also never alleges magnesium specialist
no yeah they've all yeah but but don't put out she's onion at allergies from philadelphia
peter clark he with the fundamentalist and sell their specialist
and i really am missing out of course um hum
took me from burn too laws and and uh
i was his first part time uh stuff uh comedy
stuff doctors so it was quite an achievement
and of course my boss and mentors office what does a could not attend i thank you for your change
actually i know simple who when you topple fit presenter
some fantastic only got this enough mutable doris
not about the little chip a city fussy no i don't

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