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but i don't go necessary most widely tattoos good evening everybody
them thank you for the introduction and thank you obviously
for the invitation it's a pleasure to be and it's great to see so many people in the audience
yeah i'll take it as a sign that we're doing a good job with a marketing it
would not be and and that's exactly what i would like to talk to about um
i'll try to catch up a little bit the candle would walk and and talked about uh about um
yeah what we've done on the brand in the past five to six years and to give a bit of the context
you might have heard that there were recently finally again some
good news for the switch swiss watch making industry
uh and the month of march was the first month of growth for this
was export industry in terms of value after twenty months of consecutive decline
so the industry's really in a tough spot right now and you can see two thousand fifteen sixteen were
really two years for for many reasons i won't go
into detail political anti corruption laws in china
terrorism threat your prices and so on and so
uh too tough years um and hopefully the month of march not is the turning point and you can see this is an
estimate of a frontal bank who publishes this entering a research
but hopefully this year will be at least the stabilisation
now what's interesting is a tool that would not be good basically followed
this this trend you know the big boom again after the financial crisis in two thousand
eight two thousand nine and for the trend up to two thousand fourteen but then
we on the different or project trajectory and we have very all the fortunate and
proud as well that and we've been able to grow significantly also two thousand fifteen and sixteen so since
two years in containing this year we really outperforming the industry for i think
many valuable reasons i'm i'm always you gonna focus on the reasons
and that relate to the brand and to the marketing side but before i go into
that just to check who is from the watch making industry in the room
okay quite a few so let me change a presentation to the more confidential one now but uh
okay so obviously a few people who watch making uh in the room
i thought i'd start with a bit of an personal anecdotes or
when i joined um will not begin two thousand eleven
i as chief marketing officer and before that i'd spent thirteen years in proctor and gamble
and um those who work in industry they're probably agree that watch making is a quite a
close to still industry it's it's opening up but it is that it's a closed community
and those were gonna watch making industry also no
i'm probably there's a very famous gossip website
called does this multiple income so if you're in the industry you are always and does a small plant all the
like all the jazz music guile et cetera there's a regular updates and the latest gossip of who is hired and fired
and just before judge would not be gay on does a small to a very proud that made it on that um appeared
this post up there you go
so this is it is a small i translated in english and a famous manufacture all so
obviously in the rest of the articles was clear that it was or not you
is about records new marketing director the choices said of fallen on the top calibrate had from pampers
comment from the personal told us they must be in deep shit if they need an expert in diapers
so do things i actually had never worked on pampers actually i spent most the time kind of uh the
fragrances beauty care and okay the brand was not in deep shit that's and that's
the starting point and that's why i wanted to share this anecdote with you
and the brand certainly needed some work um soul going back to two thousand
eleven um the brand really read it needed a brand when you and
to start with a very simple thing uh starting with the logo an overloaded logo that tries to say everything
uh and the brand by the time and again out will only
show used to slide had really lost its its half
the branded really lost its identity it had served on ten
years of pool uh of the watch making industry
but had engaged in a multitude of partnerships of sponsor rings had
exploited so limited editions way too much and you know at the end of two thousand eleven sort of ten eleven this
is was the picture just when you looked at the advertising
all over the place no idea no identity from
just weird stuff to just to watch still at all so many markets had even disconnected from switzerland
had their own website so the brand was really in a terrible state and this is obviously
this at the same time great challenge but also great moment to come into brand like that because
i guess at the brand was never in deep trouble the fundamentals are incredible and
the company's incredible so you have all the material and to make it work
and so i'm just gonna talk about five topics that we really focused on and still do today or we see in
bringing would not p. back to where it really belongs which is
at the very top another history and that is mission
its identity its rarity and it isn't if
so starting with history and always you would not be is a
hundred forty to your brand like many others was watch brands
but there's some important aspects of the history that are there are quite unique in that also are very very important for
us as a branded you'll see that we really leverage them and in our communications afterwards so first of all
he on the very up stop left you see that as a like tissue and the valley do
probably all know what i'm up in the drawer mountains this is the
birthplace of what might be gate is also the cradle of
complicated swiss watch making and this is for very specific and very interesting reason
and actually the first settlers in this valley were
actually very independently minded people people who escaped
religious and and political persecution in france and came to settle in this area and
then in this area obviously they found in nature that was extremely harsh so
it's not anymore the case really but at the time the winters were extremely long extremely cold i
think average temperature over the year was four degrees and this is average i mean just imagine
and the resources were extremely scarce so people could not live on farming
you couldn't survive on farming alone and what did people have at their disposal they had action the ground that
was i run in the rocks that was rusted our new could extract there was a lot of wood
so you can make a fire to have for just and and and extract that aren't and
because when you are locked into a valley for eight months of the winter you
also had a lot of time on your hands and with these resources
people started developing a business in their homes in the farms that's what they were called base orgy
and this is how first a motel logical industry develop that then
obviously sought higher value higher value added this started specialise thing they were told in the farms
small parts and this is how watch making develop first uh
suppliers for brands engineer and then obviously the on brands
and this is actually the very specific symbiosis off man and nature in this valley that
created watch making and that eventually created would map yeah so those are our two founders reload mounted walk to get
that founded the branded eighteen seventy five there were both already descendants of watch makers it's just the two of them
founded the company eighteen seventy five they always look quite old uh on these pictures but you have to
imagine when they found the company there when they're young twenties so there was sort of the internet
startup entrepreneur was of their dane age um and from
the very beginning they focused on high complications
so the d. n. a. of the company from day one and this is actually before they
one was complications this is before they won because these are the school watches of
our two founders this is cool watch of your own mouth it's a perpetual calendar with
the quota minute repeater and the deadbeat seconds an extremely high complication multiple complication
this is a big is a school watch and and this is a complete or triple calendar
so from the beginning they were on the highest level of watch making and
this is something that obviously went through the history of the company i
just pick some very few highlights first minute repeater in a wrist watch great
about what might be a at the end of the nineteenth century
uh made of twentieth century the first perpetual kinda calendar with sleep clear indication so just
a few highlights of many will force that the brain created and then something
changed really the trajectory of the of the company and of the bright this was another
extremely disruptive invention i and that is the warlock
and and this watch was created in nineteen seventy two in a context when first
of all all watches at the time were very small round and in gold
and second at this time the industry was in the full blown courts crisis so the
industry lost tens of thousands of jobs and everybody believed the future wasn't quartz watches
and at this time in this moment or not to get
launched this watch with a an extremely disruptive design
very big thirty nine millimetres in diameter the time this was very big at the time to
bigger what was maybe thirty six thirty seven max in diameter it was made in steel
which is never been used in in in in that in that level
watch making the steel was treated like a precious metal so polished
second finished a extremely complicated finishing an inside you always you had
another quartz movement but have very beautiful ultra flat manufacturer movement
so this was the world nineteen seventy two and then twenty years later again i'm a
breakthrough innovation the first kind of oversized performance plots watch the warlock off shore
again copied many times but ninety ninety three would not be a lost this watch
and the last example just to give you a um an idea of how this continues last
year we presented this new model which is not just a beautiful open worked a
skeleton iced or log but it is also an invention it has a double balance we'll
still yes this wheel on the left for those another watch making industry that
cuts the time not that give the rhythm and there's actually two on top of each other also well first and created but would not be so
this is the history in a super fast forward and today we are still basically was to
my office is actually in this building um we um have
a around one thousand five hundred um employees worldwide
and we're privately owned company obviously so we don't disclose exact figures but in two thousand sixteen we
almost hit nine hundred million swiss francs in turn over and and we produce forty thousand watches
so this is a quick overview now how does this relate to mission so history is not just
longevity and that's the big difference history for brand like would not be is really about
the idea and the the desire to make history and to leave a mark
and this is really where we talk about mission and i already said
we are privately owned company we have an extremely um a unique situation that with the last
watch making brand on this level that is still on by the founding families so
do you see on the left but i'm just mean would now who is
the president of our board of directors and she's the fourth generation of
all my family and on the right is only about was the vice chairman the board of director what actually comes from the p. family
i won't go into the details with the names but uh just leave me that and so
we still family owned we still owned by the founding families and this means that we have an extremely strong
moot in the nation of the company in the history of the company and in the value and the mission that we have
as a company is very simple it is to preserve and develop the highest art of watch making in this place
and i'm not um and as you and i would often say the company doesn't
belong to us the company belongs to the watch makers in the valley
and that is an as you see later an extremely powerful and
authentic and mission in today's time and is also extremely
kind of guidance for the company out of this comes everything out of this comes the fact
that we still a lot less we we don't you know we could put marketing uh
so like what would be much easier you don't have to drive one hour like i would a bad it makes the difference so this is my mission
is so important and it builds on the history and it's a big bases for everything we do today
and then mission obviously is translated into identity and this was an
important step and clarify again what is the brand stand for
and and it's really a flow out of out of that out of that sequence here
and one important point to say is
obviously in fast moving consumer goods you start with who you start with understanding who is your target group
and based on that you try to
shape the brand and offering and you bring it to him and um
in a lecture re uh what i would call in in kind of a level of
brands that focus on excellent it is really upside down and that's really important
it starts with the what as a brand like would not be you need to
start with you identity you need to look look deep inside the brand
understand what i your true values what is your at uni convictions what is your position
and then you simply need to translate this will execute is in the strongest way possible
and you who your your customers as simply a result of this and and this
is really an intellectually strategy always in this is something that we really did
and and it gives you three points i mean there's a a famous a manager was making you always
says three words first unique different first in a different you know and talked and laughed maybe um
unique is important um but also authenticity is important and
relevance is important and our great strength is that
as obvious scene based on history based emission our identities truly authentic
and it's also relevant because people today relate to a brand like this into
relates to a true story like this so our identity is very simple
as you can see is rooted in the history we represent the spirit of independence
in fine watch making if you want and we have four pillars that we
communicate that would based a base all our communication
one is our origins obviously family in place
second is artistry this is the several fallon watch making which would be a point of parity for most brands
for at one is important and also very different because we have family
company when not a big group we off company that if you
get involved in the company you will have a actually a very unique
and very close relationship with the company you can and will
me just mean only v. you need you know people from the company and we're not
and stand off ish does stand it is a real family feeling in
the company and the clients are included in it so that's why
extremely relationships is really part of identity and last but not least
we're forward thinking and this does not stop because everybody talks about tradition
and innovation you know every other slogan is is about that
and it was the common history of swiss watch making industry but
fast forward thinking does not stop only at product and the technology innovation
it goes beyond and also have the brand continues i'm sorry communicates
so if you wanna be forward thinking you have the most innovative products you cannot stop
and have not an innovative movie too short or very forward thinking movie you need to use
the contemporary language to reach today's audiences even if you
watch is still made by watch maker by unique
watch make i would take six months to build the piece so this is in short um
the identity and just a word of independence again based on history and mission
this is an extremely strong rallying cry for the company we really
believe and feel and it's quite motivating that we are the last ones little
standing surrounded by the big multinationals i'm exaggerating but it's a strong
value for the coach of the company with the last independent little village
up there um so the spirit of independence is extremely strong
origins i mention that talk about how we translated this artistry again fast
i think also what's important different is it's not just watch making prowess and several fat
it is also the design angle which for us is quite important and unique
relationships that talked about um obviously from the
most incredible events but the most
important element and moment in the relationship of outlined with would not be get
is when you can sort of wants to it's the ultimate pilgrimage
when people come to look once you and they obviously get a visit of the museum i get a visit
of the factory i get to meet the people and they really come to the source so this is
an important part of this relationship and i mention forward thinking he you can see this is
a booth we did for the brand uh at our boss affair again it tells
our history you know this refers to the rocks i mention the beginning so the the source
of watch making in the valley and but obviously it's an extremely contemporary translation of this
and that's not only is this identity we also translated it in a creative way into an idea communication idea
this is and maybe you've seen it to break the rules you must first mass of them which is
a great 'cause entity because it talks about you know you need to be masses first
and you need to have this heritage and history before you can have the right
to go further and be truly innovative and daring and
in theory that's at least the wishful thinking but for now it's working it obviously
put this in any place because there's the brands that are only masters
but they don't there to go further but there's many that have the similar mastery so those are the traditionalist if
you want and then on the other hand as the people i only break the rules but they don't have
this history and they don't have the capacity in house to build dies complication so those are the impostors
and with a unique once and only once and so that's the communication theory
then we can so the first one rarity
obviously extremely important and actually and again i think you two are unique
situation as an independently old and family owned company we actually
and have reached our maximum capacity already by the end of two thousand fifteen
so we produce forty thousand watches
the manufacturer that we have and the capacity we have does not allow us
to go beyond um and we have decided was a very important
choices in the current context of overcapacity is extremely powerful to not expand
our capacity for at least the next three to five years
we think long term midterm longterm yes we can do more for the brand and probably all but
for now for three to five years we will not expand our capacity it's not the time
and we don't have to deliver quarterly results we don't have
to show quarterly growth to the stock market and that's
extreme position of power that we limit ourselves to forty thousand watches and in two thousand sixteen we grew from
a little bit over eight hundred million to almost nine hundred with
the same volume so it's all based on defending our value
up selling so selling more complications bringing the brand back where
it belongs and obviously shifting business from wholesale to retail
and this is still delivering a strong growth any other element of rarity i want to touch on is is
the perceived rarity text passivity and this is also extremely important from us for us
how you act as a lecture brand to be yes you know we have family owned we have this relationship element
we're not arrogant we're not a glamorous brand from paris with from the television when we
know it so well authentic that you actually brand it can't be too accessible
and it shouldn't and there's a very provocative quote i quite like
by this gentleman who knows a little bit about lecture is well most likely band owners
make a fundamental mistake they believe the task is to get consumers into the brand
the wrong key task is to keep consumers out
obviously he's exaggerating to make a point but how to play this
balance between being open bats aspiration all and not just you know
even on social media not show you some examples even also show me that you need to look the part
uh and that's an important part as well for us to always be aspiration
all and this is for example one of the reasons why we decided
to really slowly gradually move out of ambassadors and to not
show our customer almost the mirror our customers are extremely successful people in their
field they don't they don't need to start to look up to
um so there's many elements to that to to also create
this extensive eating this aspiration um for the brunt
and last but not least myth is also important point for us then
and there's a sort of pyramid of of a higher values or ways of communicating that obviously
in mass marketing would start with function you buy a product that does the job
that also mass marketing started to bring in the motions love brands
you know even mcdonalds is the laughter and i'm loving it
but the love affairs quite short it's uh you uh it the bar guides finished i think
then people wanted to expand the relationship and drive deeper engagement so you went to storytelling
um and to the next level and this is where uh we're playing and we're trying to establish
uh i knew narrative is really nice and missus
justin even more powerful way of storytelling using
certain techniques in in in storytelling and reaching beyond making the brand legendary
enshrined in the brand in stories and myths and tales and legends
that make the brand something that is beyond emotional beyond story
almost something spiritual and physical uh and philosophical and
the main uh area obviously we started should translate this is these pictures
which is basically our brand well the now um main uh mm campaign look if you want is a pictures shot
by a contemporary land sakes get product or photographer had animals
was and it really captures both the story in
the valley but in an extremely powerful the mystical way in that the copy here is basically the
the story of the value of the brand in a very short version and uh this
is really our and storytelling in our brand world an outlook that we've created
um across collections and and to show you a little bit how
we try to combine this may if with watch making
and with beauty i have a little film which is the film uh for
the collection we launched last year which was uh the warlock yellow gold
mm mm rue
so this is a little glimpse on a on a a part of the campaign
and to finish i just would like to show you a few other
executions across different touch point to give you a bit of a feeling how
we expanded this across um across the customer journey if you want
so we've seen that you've seen the campaign obviously extremely important was in another in major drive as
i said before of of our growth shifting business for most it to reveal and and
following this whole concept we developed a completely new retail concept
that we started rolling out in two thousand thirteen just finished rolling out in yeah about a year and a half ago
and is a few pictures it is again based on the same identity it is a contemporary interpretation of
the valley do so you will find the materials when you going on the big screen there's no
yes no uh event a sponsoring star movies no
that's only brand identity visuals beautiful films
uh in this style obvious you have other watch making content but this is really the translation of this identity
into the retail concept and we have now around just over fifty boutiques worldwide
um and that is the idea of how this idea this experience in trade is translated and again probably see
very contemporary in design so again the experience in the feeding get of the brands and ancient history
that's a super contemporary outlook and spirit
obviously digital is key as well and we are all the social media
again we play with certain strategies we started instead graham about just
over three years ago from scratch we made a choice to focus
instead graham exclusively on artistry so one pill of the brand
i don't know in so graham channel you have only beautiful the two rated pictures of our
watch making art obviously now you also have movies and within three as we have now over one
point two million followers never any investment into the account so it shows you the power
obviously of the brand but also of of focused strategy on digital media on the rights or is already running
another campaign we did last year for the launch of the perpetual calendar that
basically played last year was a leap year so you had a very
special day on which certain pieces in the perpetual calendar movement
moved and they only do these movements once every four years every leap year and around
this was the whole idea across social media that leveraged each platform to it's unique
purpose of for example to it uh it's all about news uh current you
saw today you have to tweak every hour of this very specially payday
and so on and then this campaign one uh one awarded a lot lot were lecture was last year um
so i i face but also with all the social media um and in the industry
why not the biggest but we have by far the highest engagement rates and
this is again exactly what we're looking for it's quality not quantity
and he is the film yeah sorry for the perpetual calendars well
mm kay so just a thing to more
examples um i mentioned before that we
a phasing out of official ambassadors and this was also very important choice for us
because we believe a brand on the level of would not be a
mm shouldn't borrow interest it should be interesting we have enough uh
to talk about we have enough things to share we don't need endorsement and the
brand on this level should have the confidence and the stature to not
depend on crutches to reach out um on the other hand we needed a platform
that enables us to really present the brent i'm to the right audience and in the right context and this is
why since two thousand thirteen we really opened the new
global sponsorship platform it's more partnership because we are
an exhibitor at about a globally so we travel without bottle around the three global fairs
hong kong about the miami beach and it is
a place where a weekend simply run exhibitions
we showcase our art of watch making in the context of
creativity cultures sophistication and and obviously too highly
affluent audience which is highly interested in
in in this um so this was a major step in terms of our
sponsorship partnership strategy and an extremely successful in terms of how it is unable to
talk again about the you know hundred forty two years of history and if you have a perpetual calendar
you know you can't this is this is not gonna work with an athlete and
if you want to rebuild your business in high complications perpetual calendars minute repeaters
you need this kind of context to bring this to life and this is exactly what about it as far as um
this is the kind of uh exhibitions obviously our watches and our heritage
an hour craftsmen should use a watch maker benches hide the centre
but it is presented in the context that is forward thinking that it's innovative
that it's creative and these are the type of exhibitions we run there
we also obviously engage artists and support artist but in
a very specific way um we don't just
support our to contemporary art in general we invite artists to actually
reflect on our topics and that's i think a crucial difference so if we invite artist to do work about
one hour origins so the valid issue this is how our
whole advertising campaign uh came to life and we invite
artists in the context of unofficial annual art commission to
do work around the themes of complexity and precision
so then we invite art is to basically portray us and this is a
very neat dialogue on it helps us really focus what we do
and make it's something interesting for both sides and just to give an example this
is the installation and uh extract from the movie of a chinese artist
um who did the last uh would not be our commission two thousand sixteen
and all the artists actually have to come to last you again it is absolutely key that they
come to that was really spend some time there they'll absolutely fascinated by the surroundings the history
the manufacturer and then the absolutely free to create and soon should not chinese artist
credit actually an animated movie made out of wood cuts so would cut is a plate
carved into word and i think for one second of movie he needs nine plates
you can do the math what he did uh obviously was a huge
studio of workers would cost all these plates and without us
obviously asking for it actually big part of this very surreal and that movie includes actually seen
rees from the bus you so he is again our office building in this heart piece
and the very last example in terms of touch with them ashore is always see um
maybe a great example of where it all comes together last year we created and i knew brand exhibition
the largest we've ever done with over two hundred watches and show and it's simply call to break the rules
must first master then we permitted at the use museum in shanghai it's an exhibition that will travel
um and again it is extremely and
yeah consistent with this fellow from history to mission to identity
and this is a few impressions also in a film on this
exhibition where you see all those elements come together to hum
um we are right so
basically this is a a short uh view onto our yeah on
on uh our strategy and what we did of the
last five to six years to sum it up i we really think there's a new language in contemporary luxury
and obviously uh will focus on the left talking about value not volume obviously and with a rarity
um kept that we have in place um it's pretty clear i also does about focusing deaf
not stretches service so for example we will i used to i hope never do anything else but watches
so if you want to be at the very top of your
category you should focus and watches the never do a perfume
uh something else uh we are as specialised brand i think if you look at the
key key brands this is what they've succeeded to do and we it's about
focus in depth it's about a relationship between craftsman aquinas was not
a trans actual business a relationship it's about obviously the fun knowing not
showing we want to take our customers on a journey of discovery
and it shouldn't be too easy actually um you know understanding the brand they need to be
surprises we open doors and they discover more new come into the brand and you
gradually discover more and last but not least obviously it's about
standing for your unique identity and not being everywhere
not loving everything will have certain things and you need to be poll rising
because don't forget we are extremely nice brand with forty thousand watches
you know we uh it's two to three percent of the total uh
market so it's an extremely small market share and it is absolutely crucial
that you stand for something very paul rising and we prefer to
have forty thousand people who passionately love what we believe in
and the rest you know we don't need to please the most common denominator
and that's that is an outlook uh again example right now
it's in construction and again it's it's summarise this this
you need balance between mastering breaking the rules between history and forward
thinking this is a rendering of the new museum we currently
building in the what's true so we've always or since many years had a private museum it's currently in the building
yeah you see on the right which is the original family home of the
well my family and we actually building an extension to the museum
and again this building will be only dedicated to the history if you want and
our artistry and the past because it's a museum but it is absolutely
looking to the future in terms of concept terms of design and and in
terms of at the end of the day the message of the bread
thank you very much i am very out probably because i caught up the catalogue ah
this all the valves also for says three just so you to one up on
the opposite you have a personal 'cause she will come adequate humid uh_huh
just will do so we look at the wheel hustler them is will have three
supposed to probably just choose to the pope of the fun he has little slip up on yeah
most honest people would present a solution just could own little position little t. t. usually ensue
keys are just also ceased nudist unit is open to to us uh um we see some trouble but i
was top of topple i puddles you you don't eat enough don't just looks it has a bottle
mister beckett controls scroll polls the vomit uh on eval
dolls when you don't you didn't ask your formal
uh what i just forgot he's produced surely right is x. the principle that mark don't say on actually um point of
parity missy back axle compliments on that so you don't you don't you didn't ask you to to miss it 'cause all uh it's impossible
what about you were not a good christian we
also messy pull all the sites bleach example doesn't let 'em scene and says of the
others will do little seed on the market in g. ten ten q. already uh_huh
those laws releases book as a it does create all the time i d. to initial
position less is more the d. v. d. plus to it's it's obviously new she's
no known cure on a common was it was wonderful to start your affair is a sample i'm portal
you produce you pull a pledge easy but what i'm i'm not a not a c. b.
local fit to so seasick like your example in so graham if it's you monster our knees or
uh president suppose cavities montage on their uh and this to you don't
know who posed to pull pull hash the whole crew to define
thanks to develop more in the inquest has done on any could mess you know
off apps remote to side digital ad social ads problematic on just real
he stops toots militant plays into this little episode dozens of the
top like these tools blues and then you do the mold
that isn't the connected uh not connected this is the question
exact double don't care about most yourself levels the metal or pause got them
sure it's go hop resulting mortal totally un model not to get
civil ham article shows the complete medicinal knock a um
pulling also work well companies are excited just gonna norfolk over got the knack
well i'm on oh that guy me this on but i've um i think the backside euro task of
was etched in malta a little dollars we've um all pole that is all corporate money found true
in malta connected owns one about apple uh uh scroll on of you have all
not really to see on a put the functional lash divorce most pop up last go
so would you guys planned emotional with ashley basket socratic suffer plant click
simple uh functional coverage d. a. in mortal totally will you would actually
to double bass coven
it was in a look of was that mailer to have like he aided
all of which have infested at some point i make any cruise it's
a question it but i would suggest exceed that steve i'm all a merger come back to draw on these all
a sick i'm uh i'm is always have a lot done a flat screen a cat cat
size issue neural net was it because i'm a lot lot for susan it out with the tableau
for by leftist solemnly or was it the whole betsy sat out a chemical knock the boss
paul sat door uh old gamma of at most you collect records about the when you know just talk of fruit
that that's all basketball some on his hat to dental clinic to which posts a remote uh on russia she
the shows where the show was a man the usual much required quicker
says kind huge just talk off three is cassettes savage even yeah level down
i'm pretty well medals you collected no bicycle might appeal
you deal going to establish huh number seven on
june middle english to bleep s. hasn't it than it is today cap apple about uh oh my design
um the turkey study kenya left has something to cotton part and the the the relaxed as a
sounds sounds on the net yeah you on down to the visibility not on the shopping experience
i just see tools a snail yes it's just ask you to squeeze lost almost sassy on this and then
in italy you should still do the shopping experience to analysis
as it haven't is joe or a a force was a course was gone our just opened it'd be don't see vegetables cannot too
canonical set t. a. i. c. d. fell down and used females because they are not
have partially retailing into shopping experience says i cannot tell call flannel crayon pair
um uh in many other fat when i caveman wonderful is the offsetting get some calls
oppose all colour that's true for probably could more fat part are the good old
uh_huh so not really big on retail launch a on a camel's uh we're able
to contact but that he uh you know all the details also mall
a penalty i don't all c. take a course was gonna but you to
try to have a complete is if i'm also another peek at cycle
go now see competing four fifths oddball cooper's the the fuckers
doc say um well on the alternate heavy so scion upstream all not
lost on those you create in sort of sing at your unique
would not be a i don't recall set actually on a d. j. c. them at home plus others was by example that till we
well i would think about to look at the design is i imac
uh at all on that note also let the tool long orgy assault
cohn was i don't i would seek to leak morris about two on your classmate was that it was that they that dwell for ontology
chip articulate yet but okay cepstral yet but the well our reason desk whistle tamper
don't movies all tie up all my contacts is also at a low energy
aquarius really i know a bit up the vault yep i receive a lounge you know what i call them the
shadow design was see the list that's uh is he did
a whole other subgroup recorded yeah civil to casual
a past college off at expel see it 'cause i yeah but miss it park well shoes cool
well well who team you comp optimal shopping experience don't on it as we've
the c. and c. d. c. t. s. u. folks anything on site focused security key
that's curious you see when you would likely need guess you'll excuse at the okay mounted him again there's
also i'm thinking hey come up with one high sense e. g. no no don't uh off at
remote little visit go shove you could or oh doh sector has two volume that plot shows i've done an easy
a i'm sure boss a diverse supposed to but i don't study
basket offsets the facial j. also g. one g. uh
for example normal is this excel yeah i'm going to to to put you
could show like signals it's time for tuesday to support me doc
just your c. so badly males alleges that right and fees y'all a cloud
is a postscript youthful i want a man a posh pull up that
that that like um you can still come all i live with
uh done is uh templates on that i mail multitude pony panel
nay a cat if you put it back to me after
a lot when you would you feel making for the f. e. two said what was your class when you wanna
a um dongle set in just people have like say a us when you
were a um twice employing desertion also nice it it was the uh
with the on yeah an evil you what i don't cannot put to extend an
easy got that and i don't know just you know if you didn't know
yeah and it's once it gets why does it and all that was no no no no
i just don't know apple a little bit use any static is
asked system we uh uh that could be wheels until
it is nineteen isn't isn't below mono men don't visit next
in a plastic gun instead and beat goodness said
a damn good might come design any mitzi yeah yeah dishes it on t. i. don't know about that is that
is obviously viva again you have it all you'll note gets is out there a cell is all about i'll
really that's real it was a tough as all i'm back all those 'cause
revival uh view as onto user boss of a commemorative alice deja um
i'll tell i patted just ah no clues you ongoing five or
more all yeah like nautical has a lack on on on
off else was it today on n. shows what i should take longer to uh puerto music over poland asian title
um don't dish right yep last um what us when you would look at that
uh peaks it i don't want it bad also can allow a piece of gum overgrown
eh excessive or marble top on the design of it was true is
why a flashpoint exact cautions only the fucking good little part
posted by inches joan normal not only to asia form of you grow these two uh
cohn uh the uh the the meat when ah come to a long gone all civil war to his
artist it was always have this like it's like all gonna have a week them aloud that east
and see how market controls healy fascinated isn't as inaudible in all of well fed
lay the the uh deserve what can actually also all i'm known
it up operate out on cannot but he's on his shoulder
crane corporate collection no cockroaches comes off it's a laptop either that's
just my prejudices or what cannot it the ah okay
not or cannot come stories again e. d. p. without the
ashley by the critics simply because of adult dog um
but that we see just what was you political to not least well myself stuff then you will be uh some men uh
a little point go for capital by example of how model sherlock
a colour conversion uh met kind of teased your remote
skis effect 'cause of all askew uh all point you know s. f. i. c. c. v. don't
measures to malta glasgow sustenance reported of it did not gonna see knows that is all
i think normal it is that is that because of like you see on dialogue uh oh menu will will move up
a a home uh uh no like the story raps on
the cattle it's uh uh some but not custody
posted below poverty visitors open local to the leftist your little
'cause you have the the triple b. that's another one
that's why i compare it had on there as well in case you know
by not getting it is quite easy test is the best yeah they can write
down monthly i joe every do exactly so when have humans nash nash
yeah well bad yeah the methodology it happens every d. c. it does i mean it was rainy
see quite as kind visual time count at all along just them
online could actually was ready um uh on l. c.
p. luigi city type us off at the well that uh then it said then is it a diamond outrage
um most of the diamond few really i've also the diamond park don't well that's at the top yes a porno at all
see the multitude that was very upset but naturally on going for uh what was
the point of focus and that on off at corporate my attitude actually
a lot of his uh or is it all says operas of appease us all six uh is uh some more to go but uh
for as the causal place your soul mate is older than separate conceded multitude really
don't get get basketball a bunny to see the amount yeah i'm all
and missus still too and make our product was several fat don't naturally plus going
s.'s act is all know as all is see a a say on
multiple she for f. l. c. d. s. l. type a. t. c. into the p. s. check
any missy i'm barely caught the vital to several found on a jury cannot comment to rule
uh with some of the manufacturer rebates informal the the visibility pop awesome
just not plastic frequent on the slide then yes
we seem to love isn't isn't known and the other computer presume on the old don't see cassie neat
a skit can maybe an an assistant we untie still you could you must say it's you you don't can yes that's nice
well should backup is uh definitely still it's nice
i i i ah i don't know when we um pepper
don't come one file will or quark on an occurs said well then you know the
like eighty dilemma don't buys all people on this site but you to do
for but apology by example in actually specific and made us feel all
very few d. c. on is horrible for the local fat
common could cure 'cause 'cause it to the magic sit down at uh but uh but 'cause we will mail
or doubts yes still fat the feedback it was it if not official now
novel pool cake because was all all functional though you need to do
oh no problem
does what it does do tentatively pool will continue to destroy a peaceful too
the only those with disabilities so to to to to know
uh_huh uh_huh yeah
otherwise yeah and all the time goes by file fact yellow brown building now are much polls enable
computers don't doesn't branding like construction mark pretty marketing
was only applies capital grass i'll come down
i know or whatever i found brand building with the marketing also that you that you know
but at times or a i think last into the thing yeah the phone automatic it's gonna happen
not some you don't eat the peanut honduras the up and up to the point contact
i can can ah consummate oh can you all can put on santa
uh what i'll contact that's uh not somebody who are very much
i know you can sample telemarketing problematic uh rips
would would only come with no yeah ripples
we did it on a national trouble control rescue hast
came on and said to communicate with no that's good will it would be a matter
which balls uh the fourth of july two hundred channels board so you yes you

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