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my name is christian and from that i thought i would consider myself for our company yeah
senior or mature um startup company and i just going to have to turn it or just
the second one that's okay um we focused on these realities meaning dyslexia is completely off
dyslexia is too weak to ride probably in real quickly enough you come
from exactly yeah it is but average or above average intelligence
and this cochlea is the same format we have no chance difficulties but mass really sucks for you
and the problem is it really write his fellas there are used throughout the curriculum
and this results in chill actually about labels adults we've designed difficulties to have
lower curry degrees and ultimately over a lifetime also earn less money
and that's a present already feel and perceive what schools are exactly she's prey on children at school
age to overcome those duplicate this because of the bad prospect to have in the future
the problem to be a is that interventions to help those hits on most heuristic
how they were proven their inefficient and they're one one approaches so
you need one teacher allocate one kid that was really expensive
our solution is to use computer science combined your scientists to help those
kids of colour colour is an autograph from as an for writing
it's it's a prototype exactly proved to be efficiently run several uses studies
covers the best apology mass of current world at the moment
that show that this is the present lessons takes off from the three month train even for kids of their own difficulties
it's a solution that that to each child has a vision collections to know what do with his strength are
and hence also allows individual us learning any pain learning
so you're one month they're human intervention you can really focused
on guiding tickets i don't like it coaching them
it isn't always that was all and the licenses both
to schools private and public as well parents directly
it's about eighty percent to schools that's recurring revenue everyday get used you need software again
impassable eighty percent of our revenues well one circuit board will progress um they could be steeply belief system
i thought i'd consider ourselves later but sure start about the time i've ever find two thousand
seven but we've been limited to german speaking parse winston so far across the recent
we generate a less revenues of with with a million swiss francs him germs become switzerland
and have about eighty percent of that uh reading recording from school
um we have a tall lose about how a thousand users that use
it um over time about twenty five thousand and all users
i never currents that is to reach a brawl we've got a situation right we'll help us reach a brought and that's really
what record for apartments to under brought force restructuring guy like

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