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i i i uh mm hi everyone i mean it's i mean it's got right and i'm the founder of calendar
uh i gather in is the um results of very long thinking process
which i'll explain very quickly and when i was a child i wants to be a teacher
uh but we're in the nineties so um that's when a c. d. rom scheme along
as well as multimedia content and i think that's the first time
maybe lies that technology has the potential to improve learning
and that it could reach a much wider audience not just the single pass from um
so when it was trench coat university i went to cambridge to study computer science
and that's when i realised that it's official intelligence could be used for that's nice training
so i created intelligent tutoring system that i tested right to the
school and it was uh it was very exciting project
but that was only the technical side so then i went to new york to study instructional design
and what did i realise there that you don't have to finish my studies
the world was changing so quickly that i'd be learning all my life
and actually this is true of almost every single industry
so i created gathering because i wanted to help people burned throughout their life i wanted
to help them um reach their full potential and even perhaps go beyond that
so down there is that learning content can be hosted on any platform in on any device
it's about digital contents although some projects are blended learning
during his uh both online and off line
it's about teleconference so the idea here is to really focus on the specific needs of mike fines
and in particular on the specific needs of their injuries and the difference is important because
sometimes there's a mismatch between what we teach and what learners actually it's that's problematic
uh clients i mostly work with large corporations but also n. g. o.s in universities
projects there are many different topics i currently work on a supply chain projects but i've worked
on dictator digital marketing people management um i've
recently finished a project on mental health
what would happen to your state um anyway and very happy to be on board

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