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hello everyone on yours from dell space i'm i'm not sam well somewhere
what you're doing the presentation um he would join us later
um we uh want to combine data with content to ultimately um
integrates artificial intelligence uh with a learning content
i'm originally we come from the th so um we we optimise the process of uh
i'm solving exercises well at t. p. h. usually and the students download
um the exercise sheet every week from the home page
then they sold it on paper handed in to the assistant assistant corrected nancy back you
probably not that procedure and the th and also at the university of some call and they wanted
to um optimised the process and put it on a web applications so that's what we did
uh we then we we had many thousand students and they
were quite happy with what we did and um
we then saw that um universities are not a very
good environment for start up because uh we couldn't
sell it to all the universe this so we thought let's provide it to for teachers
and we talk to many middle school teachers and they told us they spend
fifty percent of their time on preparing lectures and
that really blew our minds because they don't use a tool which is
maple teachers to use the microsoft word ninety percent of them and so
we thought well let's build a web application for making lectures
and that's with the it um so we have a large content cool um
which allows teachers to easily it's um straight lectures and students can interact
if the content get instant feedback teachers get statistics and so on
seems like i have only two slides on the uh_huh well
actually there oh about ten slides or so
this is a long technical problem but well yeah i can just tell you um
yeah that's what we're on and i thank you very much

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