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which is to make you an macgregor the co founder and c. e. o. of extra ready to
so two extra ready t. uh we have a big project it's ad learning by doing
so quickly it's a digital platform of human development so human development is
not just a lot on a stand or history or art
but it's a open your mind uh two or relaxation
or don't know about and one on total stuff
uh and for that we using the mitigation because we are veteran of a gaming
uh we come of a u. b. stuff and then go and
also and we try to pray to bridge uh between uh
game an indication so entertainment and uh indication so it you can't
and we used makes it realities and the crowning so for me
said where it is you can see just few concept art
but if you want you can try uh some course uh in our studio yeah
and we develop also tell tell it's a teaching and awakening all that
it's like a result profile to know which kind of you
you have increased you have uh improve or not
uh plus it's a link to a digital platform it's a like
a computer company and ah because every day every time
everyone learn more so you need to to know it
uh every time and just yeah you can see we
have developed some uh stan application uh for uh
is it in a learning yeah it's more say use gaining a with a lot of street
uh when uh you our project manager and in this one you are in the oven go
be a masterpiece and you have like a bongo good repaint a is the shop ah
soul and uh also about a a priest a re pass so we don't
really uh use uh they g. is
a a reward currency competition but
the best way to learn is a frightening in doing so i need you
to to test that's enough thank you and we are just three actually
to create a and to improve this bridge between education and the egg innings or really sayings to uh

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