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right hello i'm trips and the founder of a better
spelling better study is the accounting course online
um what we provide is um content in a in accounting with videos text
uh but mostly um quizzes manic with a thousands of quizzes actually
um now does it make sense to provide thousands of
quizzes to each student's absolutely not that's why we
created a tool that is able to identify the students learning needs
and to provide them with the targeted personalise a training program
so that can allow them to learn faster and better
um h. we also provide um assistants with teachers so it's
not only about technology but it's also about human interactions
so our students can get in touch with our team and get support when
the need um training centres use our um i'm content and our tools
such as the state of utah for instance the worst that says so that the train their own students
but of course which right also our own students and we deliver a certificate at the end of their programs
uh we have so far one thousand eight hundred fifty learners and
uh we're looking to uh we're looking for partners now
to read replicate duplicates the the modal in other areas where
uh right now only active in that says the
does come on french speaking part of switzerland and we're looking to uh expand our activities

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