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okay i'll write a so i'm like and what i'm or we go from the pocket campus and our
goal is really to bring universities to the mobile there but what do you mean completely by that
so as you know or can imagine universities provide i. t. services to their students
well what the content is that is put all the services in in that
for quick in the early a quick and easy access on the basis
to use a local analogy with the other digital swiss knife for
students on campus but what do you mean by services
well it's really about the most important information and tools that's make their live the shoes
live ease your uh for the studies and the the eye on the campus
so it's very white goes from visualising there's there course schedule read and print their
course documents find their classroom on the map or even pick their lunch cafeteria
but why is it so important to have all the services isn't in that uh mobile that
well students are young and constantly on the move population we go from class to class and by billy gonna
have that's put all the services of different chip with that and focus on the most important their studies
um look at campuses or even place a calf out with about twelve
thousand active users um we have almost full penetration among students
and probably the most important is that we seem to like it by the ratings you can already don't leave
if you want to search for each f. l. and we have sort of play so you find it
find useful actually define rooms have meetings at the p. f. l.
so uh that's okay campuses isn't exactly the example of the mapping to the elderly where we are right now

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