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okay hi everyone so i'm a cafe is the uh start up
that we started from that came from the fact that
uh for every student at the beginning of the semester they have just look for books they
have to go to stop bookstore a school library and amazon to look for books
and they had to pay a very expensive books uh at the beginning of the semester
um with that they make very limited a student budget
and you can bathe at me came up from this idea that we provide a platform
uh with the uh based on the policy that the
um cost effective and fair repaired pay so
they just pay for what what they really rate and they don't pay for the whole book
yeah that's a good next
okay uh so the um it conveys that lap on an object
platform that we provide a uh um with the books uh education books for student
and this didn't they just need to go there and then they searched all the broken and they pay just only what we need
like uh uh some courses that this didn't they just telling it like a
few paragraphs or they just need a a like a chapter or two
and uh uh up to know that have to buy it like the whole p. d. f. file or the height to have to buy the whole book
and in here that with me uh uh uh with the uh the and with that we just uh
count on what they really uh it's that like console to in in our platform
that uh we charges only on that so with that one that this didn't they can have what the books that they need
a specified on the uh um uh on the campus on the university uh
but also the books on or from all the editors or university
and uh with that one they don't like have to spend lots on to go
and buy books but they still have a nice to have everything on campus
and they pay really like uh the the fair amount of what they they they consume
and uh it could only that we ah in the uh beta testing up the the platform and in
the next few months but we do pilot in the p. of uh with uh some selected editors
and uh we as expected that we we try to launch the
application like a a route by the end of the year
so that is from a database you don't need to know some the the time

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