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okay um it's my great pleasure to introduce my movies d.
a vice president for innovation and transfer of technology
and keep a fair you self made him look which is quite famous
on entrepreneurship for africa and translated into chinese mm so and um
and he has been from the very beginning very supportive to does id of
oh and i just ask him to say how we perceive these from the top of the school okay from the top
of good so welcome everyone uh have a good afternoon i'm i'm really pleased to be here and and uh
i'm actually at the end of all the pages so you heard a lot of people talking already so i make a little pitch about
why i think this is important that um and then you all have to get
funding to um so i i've been at the helm of the vice
present for innovation since generate and and in that capacity it's my pleasure to
welcome you all to to to e. p. f. l. the stops
to the ecosystem uh you will hear from from the president later at five
o'clock the president will give a speech so i do not officially welcome
your part of the management that's his job at but i was nonetheless
as as the person running device presently for innovation i want to
especially first thank p. l. for for pushing this this initiative forward it if it's
material to us in the sense not only the startup numbers you know
on the innovation park we have about a hundred twenty startups
located over there and if we come to twenty five or more stops here it's
a meaningful increase of startups on campus but what i find particularly interesting is
the the the bundle of competence that we're developing in that field and that's just remarkable because if you think about
the costs are rather the moog movement that we have been launching a couple of years ago
as as the first ones in europe i think no one has would have thought that
and a byproduct of this initiative is actually our increased expertise in educational technology
and and and if you allow me up a personal vote on that front i think eh
as a federal institution our drop to a large extent is to educate not only the
students here but in the twenty first century although the students know within switzerland
abroad and educational technology in that sense is the key catalyst to our ability to
to actually execute on that for a and if you think about the changing
uh requirements of of uh of the workplace if you think about the changing
the demands placed on workers and i speak particular digit
playstation uh educational technology and bringing educational content closer
to people who have a need to be educated on that front because they might be forty five
fifty fifty five sixty years old and are no longer equipped with the right tools on the job market
think educational technology and all its colours can play a vital role in
helping switching to make that shift helping countries to make that shift that's
and i think uh what what a purist doing and opinions doing
of the startups you're doing is just fabulous i heard that you had a lot of pages this often i would've laughter come
to look at them listen to them uh i i have the brochure here
with with the snippets i will look at those closely and and
if you allow me i will invite you for one of the other events because we like to showcase our startups as well to that
to the campus and we only get venture capitalists coming through who and we got
increase the altar bankers uh investment bankers with rich client somewhere in the
world trying to invest interesting startups and of course you know
if they asked me if there's an interesting startup i first think of of of the startup to on campus
um so in that sense uh we will call the on on you in the not too
distant future to give you some nice yeah visibility to others to the ecosystem et cetera
um maybe one final note what i'm trying to do as vice president of innovation is
to increase the exchange between the start up the lot firms and the campus
uh i think there's still some some work to be done to make this more fluid to make this
easier for parts now i've known professors on campus that have never even step into the innovation park
uh and this location here think it's it's you close to computer science you close to everything
you know so we just have to make this an eco system where people exchange ideas
what i'm with anything you want to you launches for instance and this is very operational as a as
an information but i come from bavaria so it's it might be understandable to like a like a
after work with with unlimited peer okay so that the ideas flowing l. i
don't know i i don't have any other tool in the repository
uh at least it works very well in bavaria you know so i have seen that first day
but that's not one initiative but we have many others we do ground for students we do support structures for students
and so on so i'm really looking forward to see you all at one or the other event don't a
few shy coming up to me if you have a recommendation of well we can further strengthen increase
the power of the ecosystem that's what one of my main missions isn't the vice presidents
of innovation and i wish you all know enjoyable afternoon but most of all uh
lots of success with your startups and if you would make a nice x. it remember

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