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uh well the mic
e. to h. e. r. i. him a little uh
yeah no or
um and ah rule
uh oh now i see a mm mm of
whom he yeah if you if you are
you know i uh
he then mm mm mm yeah
oh we already know which ah are really uh yeah on
oh okay well or uh oh
and uh oh
yeah yeah yeah yeah
uh_huh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah uh_huh uh_huh
uh_huh or your i don't know yeah
so the we had uh_huh
the uh you know if if
o. e. were ah cool
who uh uh_huh
the little you know uh huh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah it's a
yeah you know
the the e. mm new one e. or
e. u. i. or right uh
the the real e. i i don't know i
mm yeah oh uh_huh uh_huh ah no no c. e.
and then but uh oh he you're over there
whom you e. ah oh well let's see uh yeah
uh oh i know but ah that's real
have to well all the um you know ah
uh uh oh mm mm no no no uh alright
uh_huh uh are are we
uh that's cool oh or the ah ah oh lose
little or oh you mean uh huh huh uh
yeah oh yeah oh uh_huh uh_huh yeah uh_huh
uh_huh but or

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Prof. Marc Gruber, Vice President for Innovation at EPFL
27 April 2017 · 3:45 p.m.

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