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thank you very much
after working with ever not uh with the silicon valley based company for quite some time
as a mother and there's a woman intake i felt extremely frustrated with this whole education
thing because it cannot be like it's not good for anybody actually mike it's offering
the teachers in the school are not very happy and we know that there's a society
there's so much more that we need to do to equip our kids for future where they will
need to be creative they wanted to collaborate they wanted to master computational thinking for example
and i thought okay instead of complaining and being frustrated and angry it's time to do something about it
so a few months ago i started looking into what is it exactly trying to frame the problem
and i was switching out to front just go here that befell who introduced me to pierre
and this is when the p. had talked about this idea starting the collider
and i got so excited about the project that i said yes let's do this because
in order to change something in education in learning i think we need to come together
it's not a one man do it all it's really a
question of uniting our forces and having an impact
so i started with a lot of research and reaching too many different people and
focusing more and more into a specific area that has to
do with learning landscapes if we think about it
most of the time our kids are awakened um may not necessarily be in the classroom
so this is a huge opportunity we have aspirants as educators as society
to do something when they are actually interacting with the real world
it's also the question off when we are looking at why are we trying to educate our kids
is so that they can become competence happy healthy caring citizens of
tomorrow and this should be happening here in the real world
so i got very much into this idea of why not
taking the real world the environments that are actually
there and our kids are interacting with every day and using base as a platform for learning
infusing this bases made concepts and principles of computational
thinking collaboration creativity and making a difference
so now that the collider is in good hands it thing yeah and that
our dream has come true today and we couldn't be more excited
it's time for me to fully focus on we are play lab and to work made a an amazing team off
many different people and interdisciplinary team from science of learning to technology
and many other disciplines and try to dig deeper make
a difference we're starting a pilot project with
the community near zurich switzerland and hopefully i will be able to share more with you
in the next few months so again thank you very much again now it's the

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