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one slide so the pivot extension school um isn't
you online indication offering by p. f. l.
that's very much focused on three pillars whether data and mobile
and we're doing this by building also new platform so one
of the reasons why i'm actually here um apart from
helping call found this and be really excited about this collider is that i hope
to be one of your customers um hopefully very soon so obviously we are
and non for profit project i mean being part of the p. f. l. but we act with the urgency of a for profit project
because i as i think anyone in here knows um the skills are
now a necessity in the job market job market's gonna be
very uncomfortable don't have serious digital skills and the skills that are
changing so fast uh that lifelong learning is a necessity
and so we're building this platform to really bring the skills at an affordable
a rate and in in a pleasant way ah to anyone so the school is open
to anyone know requirements necessary there will be some requirements they can self assess
but we're not gonna require any piece of paper from any other school that's in new certificate of open studies that the p. f. l.
a pioneer um and that's that's just become federal law this year
you won't be able to see this but it's self paced
it's um four hundred fifty hours roughly these programs to assist in france and want
is our model subscription model you personalise supported up to fifteen or u.
p. n. credit points so check it out it's it it makes the s. e. p. f. l. that c. h. we have a bunch of

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