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good afternoon
i'm sorry i'm a little yeah i'd i don't feel very good but no i'm sorry i'm gonna turn something
because it's uh hum because so while we
we're not computer scientist that we're working with computers and
we are teachers but we're working with teachers
so what the hell are we doing at the collide
that's a good question because we i. t. t. h. x. media out we have storytellers
you know for thousand of years stories connected people together
and uh it couldn't be true myth box plays video games
and uh of course question stories and we believe
that we can use stories teach any subject and this is what actually
we're doing and uh our product is actually the mysteries of relaxation
think engine slide so what is the mysteries of relax
until it's in education and collaborative web that fall
it's for primary schools and uh teachers can find their demise cartoons and activities
and uh children they follow our stories like t. v. show
yeah for me in a two activities and a unification
and uh this is what we are doing and we also a
series of box six books that are connected to the platform
those books are which really tries to have a bridge between i wouldn't call it the the old
and the new one but it to to give pleasure to children to read using new media
and this is what we are doing we are here because we're looking for partners but
technology we provide the contents the teachers provide the curriculum interesting looking for new technology
and uh finally t. g. h. f. means time to offer an
because without fan we wouldn't do anything great thank you

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