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so i would talk a quickly just about the uh grasp a social learning
platform we are developing in the form or cover when a research project
uh but we focused quite a lot on product and actually usage uh with
people so we have about a t. a thousand a user has
uh already so this phone um is that up from the beginning to support you know of
the acquisition of twenty first century scales and specially collaboration and uh also uh um
to support science education uh at uh at school
so in terms of uh of collaboration we have been trying to uh put together a platform which is helping
the students themselves to a quickly uh establish a share
uh online spaces where they can uh you know collects processes to support
uh their activity and only managed to the team by uh by themselves so you see that they can
put a document they can put a bookmark but that can also
connect with was also is from existing social major platform
to have really everything at the same place to support an effective uh uh okay right
then they can it really uh your invite a collected uh with different roles to my natural
sources and the and the project and was it a at the end they might
you don't invite the the professor either really wish to share something with
them and they can discuss the content and also uh the
we have a strong focus on providing awning analytic about the attraction
which are happening in the space to work for reflection
but if you are a teacher it's not enough and we wanted also to help the teachers to create a educational
resources to be able to share them late uh with a student so for that we have a specific
uh learning a space which can be structure with up spaces where
the teacher can aggregate all the resources which are necessary
to support an activity and really if this is the mouse supporting the scenario which will
be follow in that case it's enquire yearnings annoy you but it could be
movies chapter and then they can just chair that wizarding cruiser students and just see that
as a you know a single or sources which can be used and this is what the
students that uh seeing this either so that's that's the that's that's where they can
just to get the was also as an expert the web application which are
provided when activity like something like that to learn about uh about you
so a raspy the open access we really want to have a as much as possible user
uh it can be you used in the town but now we also walking
and sings to want we we have a small version of it
to be use uh in the field for example in s. f. is using it to teach

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