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so you could afternoon or on uh my name is peace pants and i'm the k. from
the of raising seven imploring uh the more talented phones here say hi to them
uh we based the easy a start and with a strong network in the
city that i have often found find ourselves here in peaceful is on
so you will know when living inside extraordinary change technology
is rapidly transforming the way we live and work
this provides you job changes to innovate in this case to radically rethink today science education
so what really is this ice cover yeah the boys and girls ages eight
and out the story starts rosie sure it's robot from a distant galaxy
just crash landed on a planet it shouldn't teach rosie about magic of science on that
which really children read robot stories i think experiments which yes that's covers
effectively transponder small phone in to assign slap this
enables children designs experiments in the rules
so it's ineffective and fun new weights line starts at school and i'm not vision is simply this block passion
yeah i like compassion for sites rendition together to make high quality science education access tool
right now we're looking for talent isn't created illustrates is an easy programmers so if anyone is any of those trees can touch
i was super excited to be here today so it's part of this fantastic new community
it's a technical i that we can't weights him all about your startups
and take to collaborate in the future so finely look for to
get disney but in the meeting e. and we should we should all the best with your at tech adventures thing like remote

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