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okay um so i'm gonna set key from a l. s. i was i was born um
following a a serious series of events in which i
was handed management responsibility of the international red
cross for the learning needs of seventeen point one million people in a hundred eighty nine countries
um one of my first insights was that the established humanitarian organisations developing
people across the will to face the challenges we have before us
um we're going to have trouble keeping up with the pace of change
um in the changing landscape of learning education training and this
is at the time when moved had come about
um so i left and created not one but two organisations this is
impart the story of of uh of the first one which is l. s. i. learning strategies international window
the focus the idea was to how do we make learning
strategic how do we move from training preparing people one
workshop of twenty twenty five people at a time to actually tackling the challenges that the scale that the
we're actually confronted with a weed that not on product or
platform um but on the web where on the people
and we pride ourselves on our having a team of sixteen people
you can see ten faces here but they're really from everywhere
um and in terms of the approaches we use again we tend to be
pretty it must think about technology because it changes all the time
and we tend to pet on using multiple lenses multiple sort of
strands of thinking of culture of research whether that's leadership development
organisational development ellen the h. r. yours uh of
course uh technology so that's your so
we bet on what where before the rest of it but we also have
uh no s. which is um not not a platform but an approach there is a
platform uh technology that's been invested in developed by the university of illinois called colour
but it's really the implementation of a specific pedagogical model and in order to build this and and
leverage it and and use it for the benefit of the organisations that we work with
um we've parted with the geneva learning foundation and the university of illinois having that combination
of a large academic research university a nonprofit partner which is actually the second organisation
i started um and together we're able to
respond and apply these capabilities to
different contact us which can be very different from one to the next
which require different sets of lenses and people
better ultimately about delivering performance and understandings
are cracking the culture of a particular work context of a particular problem
and then figuring out what kind of learning approaches what kind of technology what kind of change
process is actually gonna to deliver the results there are needed in a particular context
and connecting these initiatives to each other so potential for us is there and just
to give you sense these two numbers is actually the number of organisations
and in the old with whom of insight in the last three years
has engaged in or develop relationships of some kind or another
did i let mine i know that as start up his new companies were supposed to
sound like we have it all figured out this is some of the tough questions
that we're wrestling with and frost partly a value of joining it initiative like this one is actually
fig thing a betting again on the power of networks and and the power of collaboration
um even with people who we we maybe potentially a competing with so that's
the story where where um where we're at and really the key question for us is now how to grow
grow from use a sort of network of capabilities something more structured more start with and how do we
a year so it's sixteen people are not going to meet the needs of a thousand
organisations and that's really the jobs that we're trying we're struggling with and looking for
partners and and ways of progressing on

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