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and you don't want integrity um we develop engineering applications
uh using of material that netted related techniques
um it all started here at e. p. f. l. in our research project in pure slab
um this is one of the first prototype in
the context of a logistics so think warehouses
but that's moving around with a um forklift and we're
here in the classroom mean inevitable with um
a class of properties is rejected so who would be there later uh the teacher and they are building a warehouse the the
main point here is to to bring the house in the
class make that very very concrete by using physical object
and i sure this video even though the the to live div uh involved a lot
uh during the years because it shows a bit what we're trying to achieve
to get a difference is here to work together to discuss to uh
moves the objects to realised something to build a house together in a concrete example
why is that important because many of those don't really like to be at school most of
the time they spend a in a in the workplace they work during the week
they have to come sit in a class a once a week it's not one interesting it's hard to follow when you have to draw a layout
on the on the piece of paper it's completely different you have the warehouse
the shelves in your hands you move them around it's woody creek
and uh research uh in the lab has has shown that it's actually effective
'cause you go fast you generate examples and then you have uh sometime after the activity
to discuss to chance to compare is usually we try to have a several groups
probably hard to imagine with the the big table you you just you
just so so that's why we developed a a a more uh
uh prototypes and yes she uh the very last or version became really really
small i to simple webcam it's just connected to the to a computer
the application once on the web so it's really simple to to set up very easy to to
use in any any class connected to the web and uh you have you have the
the last shapes as well also very small and and is so
in greek words we'll just uh when implemented in uh
in switzerland many schools are using the the system we started

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