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i have to correct you in the beginning you did say yeah oh no investors
in that room but i think that the the states in that room
so um we now invest into near cost more time and also
money or my name is for gonna bring in the figure
and we're happy to be yeah we are from that's african
uh germany and now starts to work in switzerland to
um what are we doing so i'm imagining you are managed to come next or
the boxes or whatever so what do you offer to your previous to learn
so most of those managers offer courses what be nice ellen s. systems and so
so if you think about how to you imagine how to you know envious that yeah
if i then my said in a company on my job what do i do first
well i searched aware i watch videos i look for articles in magazines i
follow experts i connected to other us to the experts active any content
and so on so the the way how people learn in business today is different to how managers want them to
so that is i think a key issue if you want to
to transform done so what are we doing so on
and they are quite small goes beyond classical and and as we have already found a company
to fifteen years ago and you don't company has now two hundred fifty
employees with a stage show that now we found a new one
on your cost will end with near cosmo we too
michael learning solutions so we we bit solutions in a way looking
like a bitch can i get seen on knowledge porter
well you can follow topics we sure raid content uh from different sources so we use
it as a communication platform to employees but also to
share knowledge to to provide knowledge in a structured
way but this knowledge comes from different sources like the great content from the web record from
areas in the in the um in the organisation um we could videos
into it but we can also structure it in kind of
but he is and so on so that people can follow topics and so on
imagine you want to learn something about uh the robots you have
just seen from the one company so you searched normally
if in the web and take a lot of time and in our case we offer that in a structured way
and the company can take the content that is available put it
in a nice you can use it morbid and so
so that is what your cost with us and we are now fifty p.

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