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good afternoon everyone i think you with enough organising everything thank
you too for p. t. yeah for this uh
uh invitation uh to join this greater community here we're very proud
uh i know some faces and uh it's very nice to uh to be with you today um
now at k. well uh with who we're working with uh we basically uh
working with associations that can be international or ah like a local
ah um international organisations uh cooperates such as uh i companies
in any domain like health like architecture can be any domain
and what we do with them we we call conferences
or lectures will for academics and here uh the p. f. l. compass
we work for instance we a bunch of cake to record which is like today
by the way i this is my part of the team here
uh could yeah segments that we're recording the the different pitches
and as you see and be stressed why i do that for ten years to record but it's not the same to you
so we we got a for instance compresses at this respect to mention some to over there
and on the other side of the the war business they have science and it's one of
o. uh maynard because fans where we recorded congresses conference's symposium so and so on
uh and by the way a just a note to pay yeah one of the our most popular videos uh are
uh the p. f. l. lectures that students regularly uh watch especially before exams even
if it's private it's in modern just before the exam we seem to be
they watch um it's okay what is about lifelong learning
and we record and publish conference's pictures a journalist
um we web cast the content live on demand you we
see uh in a minute uh the link with learning
and uh it's can be pried it open a public the content is accessed the
anywhere anytime on any device and with our
responsive player slides are always visible
we always like sly that's why uh we have more than one slide
while uh it was a said to to people just one slide i would've slide
if if yeah well done and uh uh on purpose it then i could too fast
um clear what extends the reach of the knowledge shot at the conference
and um the conference for us we believe that
it's it's a strong learning dimension besides
communication marketing and networking it's a very good complement networking as we do today here
uh with clay well users it's very important can search through the content
full text in the slides and through the
speech recognition so everything is transcribed automatically
thing to uh it yep technology which is affiliated with the p. f. l.
and that way it's also interesting for a c. all for reference meant on on the web
oops uh_huh okay it's okay uh we have to do with technology
um actually why don't we have been uh yeah i i was very proud of this uh next the slide because
it's uh what mark with with you many points and we've been active in of more than forty countries
uh in terms of operations that means that a nice clients likeness they
this and as everywhere to a record the congresses and so on
um but we also have a tools for screen casting
for students and professors that's maybe the closest
link with the learning so we have a we up an for collaboration that's one of the
important a message here today uh we have a data to offer
if you working the learning uh of course you all working
the learning system uh we have data tool for we have somehow expertise in lecture capture
a lecture recording and publishing about ten years of experience and we
can contribute a to a research and development if needed
and uh our ambition as a conclusion is somehow to
transform online video lectures into vectors for learning
a vector was for knowledge sharing and also for
active participation uh to um power somehow communities
i like uh all of us today uh associated with uh what tested content

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