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hello jean marie from had swap and there's a few was about that
um we actually provide continuing education so yoga
classes a french classes english classes
and we tried to do this in a way that works for very basic people such as yourselves
um so the very flexible and very close to where you work unfortunately for you next
week we have video gonna plotting class that in five minutes away from here
so the first sessions free if you want you can sign up bonus i had sort of an
the interesting thing about continuing education is it's the market huge it's about seven hundred
billion dollars a well why any interesting thing for us about that is that
what problem is so big it requires seven hundred billion dollars to solve
every year and we believe that fundamentally the problem is logistics
how do you bring together it ten students at the same time the same place you want to learn the
same thing in the same way a good teacher any good venue over and over again it's and
the way this is typically done is by schools in small institutions
well the way they organise it logistically hasn't really changed for about a hundred years two hundred years
so we try to manage all this through the plot hole we manage all three sides and
it works a little bit like a. b. m. b. for education we have students
the host courses this can be in a office after work hours it can be in
a house and they get because for free what we found is that by managing
the logistics through the site in this way we can cut the admin costs by up to ninety percent
we can also provide causes which are highly flexible for busy people like to travel and have
and many meetings and uh they're also very close where people need them somebody working with something very much

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