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the founder of a body be slept alone but the thing is i'm also
teacher and in high school and i teach french literature and social media
and when your teacher you have to cope with two things
here the twenty first century actually the first fact is
uh you me to cope with uh the challenge and with the
probably um fear of um fee of succeed
things students parents and they all kind
of scared to not go through the here and they have very complex stuff
to talk about with you with you when your teacher but the second fact in
the twenty first century said all you do students have the cell phone
and we have a cellphone to use technology now we are connected mall t.
v. but i don't know how to say that in english but
we are we are very much connected and the students like the cell phone is their life
and when you have twenty four students in your classroom you need to cope
with that so when your teacher and you face uh the thing that
some people are very sketchy not succeed and plus they have the cell phone while you think about it and you'd
you actually think of helping them through the cell phone that's
why we call this bowl be because we possibly
have a solution for school failure or maybe just a student wants to progress all actually
missing something in the class and they need a tutor white away
but i'll be it's easy you find your tutor on our codebook radar
so you are at the university you are after class and of course you little student and you don't
have exercise a lot your bath a math uh test tomorrow and you very panicked about it
so you go on bowl b. and you take a look and you could look
at all and you fight actually matthew roberts who's actually teaching math and he's
okay to be here in one hour for you because in he's
is on our radar so it's easy you select matthew
you found him and you check when he's available so he has a crime
calendar any puts all his availability i don't know if this means
something to you but so in green you have uh his um how do you say that
'cause if they would build the availability and you go and you gonna press it and actually ask him for lesson
so you're just a time listen you want our one hour lesson to
our three hours and you of course gonna define you need
hi i don't get the chance to understand very well the mass a statistic for me it was my
hard time when i was in college so for example you precise we ask
what you wanna learn from an n. you send you listen request
he has of course out and gets the notification you meet
where you wanna meet in a cafe university it and the or at the place they want
and then evaluate him so you give inappropriate evaluation based on
i don't know what his skills of course it had widgets skills but of also
is a way to teach you should be a good listener a good um
you're actually and maybe you'll have a six and a math test the day after

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