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climatic song cofounder from mobility i i'm here we zone panel the responsible from that they
don't get canned department and stuff are as possible uh from the technical that often
uh no no maybe we wanna
um i guess they just bad we are active ten years ago and uh you don't think uh
uh the activities we are fifteen colour white or not probably just map or or or
yes well uh or or or a club a lot or
are walking in halls in mobile code into its
along and you know we all splitting for a different
country we have a pedagogical departments the problems continents
choose the can't and get to the certification or the and development department
with the consumption design and this is or or what tool development
we have our our self although we don't tour and our self learning management
ha ha uh some uh uh uh uh we have
all this that often with the convent problems the uh production
with our said street or an coaching we integrate all
the the sings between the you learning online
e. learning in the mix of the learning salty learning new and presence yeah i know
uh uh some our client um and we we produce
a lot of um uh huh pedagogical can't fall has the cop
now the shock you um uh uh do you say
you need for the sick all support is a enough top let's
so i said before about all of creation uh um uh resources
we integrate the resources that they can video or they can
dogs and or are we integrate it all the the resources in our sense
to or we have um how do you say uh the um
a drag and drop a auto he went to where it's possible but you see
the apostle says to integrate these resources in the in the hour to okay
and uh we do the promotion for the different uh

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