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ah i think is so much to hosting yeah so let me present you must yeah um my name is
'cause of the when the seal a office and that is a non profit decision which goes to
uh develop an created and make available products and services to help
kids to a discover technologies digital technologies and and sciences
so what we really want to do is we want to the mystified technology and to let people understand it mattered
instead of being just pass it uses of g. with small zones or computer really becoming actors
of the the digital the judge did not sorry digital world will either so hard
it's small robot called senior so uh it's male is uh okay
so that it was not starting can you maybe that
oh that's never mind uh yeah so it all a robot that comes out of the box like
this with a six triple can be it was which one as a as a colour
and uh but the the real good thing about this was that you can program it so
uh you can begin begin easily with just a visual programming language you associates
even selection box that you that you can place and uh a boom you you
create a new behaviour and you you you see it moving and probably guys
so what's the point of this what is really to discover um technologies
discover computer science concept of a off of sensors and so on
and to move that's okay uh and to uh don't really
uh also bring people together like adults and shouldn't
together to learn from each other and to to happen with which all that uh with this work here
so how do we make a living out of this uh we in fact
are part of the open source community of the project so new project
and not so we develop products uh like physical products like hardware the robots the accessories
software uh to program the robot an additional activities
to know how to manipulate it and what to do with the country so as part of the product a
lot of mature is available on a on line and
we sell physical instances like a robots uh accessories
cards so this is the new at you change back some big box with
everything in it that we just uh last uh last uh last christmas
but you know as um uh we absorption to twenty two thousand about since the beginning of the journey
uh on our you shop and also through a network of twenty three researchers on the walls
mainly it's france and switzerland and thanks to the inclusion of programming in the french director
and we have a lot of a rubber that wants to schools what more than sixty percent
then uh the rest goes to families for more like appearance and ensure the news
interrupting we'll now eights paid employees uh in the in the project
and uh that's of course without counting all the people walking in project grew older
and a product of buttons and will and probably the freebie growth uh since
twenty fifteen twenty sixteen we reached approximately one hundred percent of bruce
just internal often over a uh so if you won one information you have the
website you'll talk about the project the robots and not yeah that's all we
our shop and a bit more information about the association and don't eat it also to for some fresh and you

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