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and i'm very happy to be here i always love kickoff so it's always uh
big a big hope and a lot of nice projects which are
i'm being launch so ah i am speaking in a the name of you know who had already heard about you know who
yes some of you know some of you have met it's already guessed from you know
oh not too but but there there's some job to be done okay so explain you a little
bit of what we're doing so we will create it's or something like five years ago
ah to focus who created by the sounds that comes with couldn't make
so the us economy cut the the the part of the
critics which is dealing with the economics and we're here
to focus on tech innovation and business model innovation
so you know that's what's in and is is kind of complex right when you want to their lot of initiatives but it's kind of
complex you have things that come from the confederation you have things that come from the count on those things that come from regions
but sometimes controls are too small so they get together and have their own initiative well
it's an s. even you know if you think that or things that you can um
take from the european union it kind of complex and this is our job actually
to simplify all those things uh to make it accessible are to you
so ah when we talk about a supporting companies actually um there are four pages on
on which we can play to support companies the first ones financing actually everybody
need some money for the second one is hosting an infrastructure meaning like
where is the best place to put my company and obviously for
all of you here the attack could either is push for the best place to
uh to to put your company will see infrastructure like where in the
country could i rely on a device a certain type of struck infrastructure in
the university or in another company this is also where we can help
expertise the different uh uh networks of coaches that overhears u. t. i. for
instance is the most renowned uplifting perhaps you have a also heard about
you can get some coaching for your business plan for
your uh market access for your internal organisation
do a search phones et cetera et cetera and he does all things that we can we can facilitate access to you
and of course the network a company who is a is a very very lightly
in very uh dynamic area and do we even get to know more
more people more more company curious is how we've also to make you could
i perhaps not only your feud but uh in other fields too
right so we were fully independent from any program uh even from the controller so
when independent association which means that we can follow you on the long run
from the concept of the idea to do later phases and that also means that we don't only supports startups
uh but we also should to support us in these who have innovative projects and they want to computerised
so ah let's put some faces ah on on the team uh so i'm in
charge of the life signs that sean we share the uh i will
kind of small i don't know if you see them but uh uh we have
a guy working in the market techniques and um and the industrial technologies
and i think they'll be a of who and perhaps is the person who is the most
i'm in a skid for or what you're doing because he's a he's a
he's a strong background in the i. c. t. telecom internet et cetera
and he he probably does the the the the person who to contact and
the to a woman also with two working that was the need
mutation and then you're not in charge of a hour and destruction oops
so we're here to help you so don't hesitate to connect us to get to as
a we have an uh an apt that you can get on the cool uh
so all the underwear um was the other one uh up and uh apple and
uh and the window uh no not window okay and the license guide
i use that there you can follow wasn't with their you can follows also on on on linked in
so uh many was reaches and i'll be here also for for for

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