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that's fine that's fine job would yeah so first of all um can you welcomed invent a
curricular uh he is a a a a board member of interest to the sports federation
and he's president of this with e. sports federation
cracks that you've already and that same i'd go drury about from in front porch media
crime we have three than we should go
uh who is general secretary of the f. a. o. i. which is the international aeronautics federation
crap and how rash but i'm sure
trip or who is a
or b. director computer vision product
that second spectrum crew
curran finally uh you both met them a director three own freer people alex sanchez
crow varied with before alright you're when you're um would just have a look
at the results of the poll work that that we read earlier
question was you remember willow mobile our on the mound viewing of board or
take traditional when your t. v. viewing in the next ten years
and the authors where uh there were sixty replies or fifty one who
voted yes knowing who voted under that eighty five percent fifteen percent
and i happen to know that one of those in the minority rights in
there was that protect my d. r. is gonna be speaking cause a
lighter but i thought you just quite interesting patrick for you to tell
us why you said no that uh the microphone coming for you
thank you column very nice way of being introduced
uh because the question is are only if uh i have to answer that with the yes i would
have to include football didn't here but it my vision
i exclude football from sports in ten years
right why uh the because because it will have moved completely into the
bread and circuses area it is just going to be plain entertainment
so um the if if you take that away the answer has to be no
those of you who know believe they should leave before he speaks they okay thanks project
uh_huh uh_huh
thanks kevin um anyone else cause any reaction to the
results of that whole i mean this is anyone
surprised by by the cold you probably have to have a view on this i should think
it's clearly a biased poll high inference to i think we should come to that but i mean well maybe on this it is
in twenty twelve when i was a you to how we had roughly a
hundred million watch hours a day of video content so hundred million hours
a day watched on video ah new to worldwide and we set a goal
for ourselves and twenty twelve that by twenty seventeen in five years
we'll get to one billion hours a day of you are both video watched arm and i thought
the time the kind one of those stretch quality like right now the boss is great
we're never gonna get there oh i'm them we actually you to bed at a ah about sixty days
ago there was a blog about it and they got uh the one billion watch hours a day
but the more important thing to think about our as it relates to what you know what is
one billion much are today mean in terms of total video viewing on t. v. per day
ah then you start getting a perspective on this um i think the answer is yes is that
our and obviously not everything much to new to the sports arts mostly
about other stuff but the service boards a percentage of it
but just the speeder growth that had over those five years arm t. v. on
a global basis ah on a daily global basis as tenderly much hours a
day system is the estimates became up uh so you did now represents ten
percent of total t. v. viewing in terms of what hours per day
you know that that they had that number in five years so you know by the time we get to the date there i think the real
pretty high probability that you know in my view that there should be a dominant platform but again the day i just don't think then
your t. v. o. exist anymore tall gonna be i piece i think for me the questions doesn't extend that phrase probably because i won't be
linear t. v. that's called okay i wanted to just start by going
round each of you in turn and asking a sort of
in a fairly fundamental quite question i think uh in view of the
subject of this session support in the digital revolution which is
what single digital innovation is doing ways to change your world by and
maybe we could start with you then sends on that one
alright um first i hope i did start the right side of the of the churches that it's actually there
that's so uh i i was actually get it sent the question look at before we came here
so i could think about it because uh my first impulse was to save something very original like smart
phones or video games or i don't know but i'm actually came to the conclusion that the most
well single single most influential innovation digital was probably online
streaming to have a video on the montague to
have content or can be available from wherever you are to anyone who has a internet connection
and in my case it specifically influenced my personal goal that i take
up now that i actually got started by organising viewing parties for
for e. sports tournaments which basically relied very heavily on having online
streaming and the right now it's uh one of the core
of the core parts you have the drive the sports industry that makes it could make it is because it is today
which is uh the online streaming i mean basically everything everything signal minute consumed any sports is watched
on on some big your platform like you to bike twitch or any other
streaming platform so that's and it's going more more than this direction and
as your question from uh whether there'll still be linear t. v.
television um place directly in this direction that's i think uh
when your television basically goes in to do well i think i should make the pain of uh with
michael your try that but it will disappeared will transform
or more to the demand service and uh
pretty much e. sports the very important part there um so how does i mean i think for probably
a for quite a few people in this room um or maybe and all the traditional sports
i don't really know how easy sports work and how um how
a a tournament is developed um how it comes to be
strange to me that if i was wanting to set up and he's supposed to tournament and and and stream it
how would i go by say well i guess that's the that's the beauty of
digital innovation that basically anyone in this room could set up appointment right
here and right now i could just go over to my bag and they don't know it was smart foaming smart phone ago in one of the
dozens of online platforms we have nowadays and set up a tournament and
say it starts this day in um anyone can register now from
uh until seven days from now on that they will meet in an online journal maybe some sort
of trapped in game or wherever and arranged matches so it's basically and it's usually free so
anyone from anywhere concrete tormenting people meet online i mean obviously the games take place online anyway
and the um the games itself off as a lot of possibilities to
interacting to get in touch inform groups so there is um
and that's that to how it happened so of course you don't you don't have all the only small
formants which are organised by individuals like ourselves but you have the big tournaments um with
thousands and thousands of live audience in the stadiums of millions of concurrent furious online
and they um they basically set up professional t. v. set ups for producing their live streams ready
uh have studios would have commentators would have cost there's what any of the in
game footage where they have cameras filming the players as they play the games
uh get reactions from the crowds and make a really nice so sports
like production for departments and just renewed mostly for free as well
on the internet than anyone can watch it so if it's mostly for free where the revenues coming from oh i don't know
um i mean it's uh it let's let's mostly of um most
of sponsoring nowadays uh i guess it's also a lot of
love over to opportunities coming up in this area up a lot of money going to the sports these days is uh
from uh from many well that sends a chance to get the foot into the door of the sports to see the the growth to see the numbers
at which speed to get a bigger thing and they want to make sure that they
are one of the first movers the deer deer when it's uh when it's like
really picks off um other than that it's uh through the online
streaming similar to to to you too bored to uh
to to face before all the social need a lot of a lot of money
comes from advertising so of course when you haven't live stream on a website
it's usually free for the guys streams it but obviously there's some going to be some commercial break during the stream is going to
be advertising on the stream every here and there which generate some sort of revenue for the platform very stream it from
and the share of that revenue is goes to do to produce of the content obviously
but at the same time you have those big tournament organisers with their professional t.
v. set up which will also develop into direction right to try to
to sell the media right off their stream to potential other platforms i want to share it i mean for example in
in uh cory um which is very famous uh very uh a very good
example for the sports like the mecca of the sports they have
t. v. stations on the near t. v. which are um specifically dedicated
to broadcasting you sports tournaments and you also start to have
single t. v. stations also in europe or the us that start to
broadcast broadcast e. sports on their on their t. v. stations
um but in those cases mostly they actually take devoted toward a broadcast
which you get from the t. v. productions from the little tournaments
okay thanks for instance i called what singled into digital innovation is doing this to change your well how
i just think that it's kind of two things but it's the other for the liberation
of our smart phone with a combined opportunity to have you know forty or
five g. bandwidth with that third combined opportunity of having a all you can eat
package that doesn't crash in terms of what it cost of watch video
ah yeah that's pretty simple conceptions maybe the video haas conceptions
will be the mobile it's all primarily video consumption
yeah you enable that there's jackets further enable you know everything i was
talking about earlier happens so i think that's that's a key driver
can you give us an exact as interest in the the new cycling
series you were talking about um i imagine from what you say
that this was developed absolutely to to to take advantage of of of
these new for forms of media and perhaps wouldn't exist without
yeah i mean i it certainly makes it more interesting everybody we spend a lot of time
thinking about how to bring in adventure consumer and new and different way i mean
the cycling about amateur is you've got a point of view camera on the buyer writers you
get their audio you get you know in a sense when they fall when there's a
you know crash and the power town a lot of people fall it's a pretty dramatic view from that from that angle
um you get to feel like you're close to it you can feel their pain so the speaking on the lehigh
mine's a cyclists i know what those things feel like on but yeah even even when we think about or
are the production route for the future world cup and trying to make it more interesting we have uh
uh twenty four camera re the covers uh out every every second of uh of
the world cup match and then we can within two minutes turn around
if there's a colder exciting moment turn around uh looks a us between six and twelve camera view of that actual
happening which can make things really interesting allows consumers severed a deeper bite into what
happened there and allows us also take that clipper highlight and and stick
it on our google search and one box i was talking to about a further promote and that people know what's going on so if you're
you know watching on t. v. or on a mobile device are you having to be on the move you can you can find it easily
okay thanks close uh says than single digital innovation that's changing your
well i think it's a bit difficult to say i mean they're they're right as sports federation there we are
the governing body for asp wants everything that's in this kind of this guy's our stadium
yeah the f. b. i. is existing since nineteen o. five for quite a long time but only in the last few years
yeah we see through digital innovation the possibility to really bring the
passports experience to the spectators on the ground and um that is true either
footage which you transmit from the aircraft uh from the pilot's perspective
i know through data transmission like for example in the repair is that when you see the pilots fly you
see the g. forces you see the speed you see the or did you would you have to view
in the pilots cockpit when he has crossed the finish line and say he gets
the resides directly if he's the getting into the next round or not
that was the existing ten years ago and um this is what we need to grasp as an opportunity
because traditionally our ass sports events i taking place in remote areas
um on nice very good if we have here it's in the middle of the national but uh you
see something disappearing in the sky and coming back but you don't really know what's going on
so we can use all of that to really bring the the
asp what's experience to the spectator but they also some challenges
with it because if you have a three sixty year degree
funding uh of of an aerobatic aeroplane in the cockpit
watch it while you're sitting on your chair you get sick very quickly and that's not what we really want because people were
not really like if so how can we how can we actually use it and um the second example where we
driving what's the interest into our sponsors for sure drawer missing because uh and that's something we had
way which is easy accessible you don't need to tune here straining to get a pilot's license
yeah actually you can do a simulator have flights uh you can use it on your on your computer you can plan
play drum racing simulations and you will actually know how to fly drawn in real life
so to do your training in the spots and then you can go on yeah on a future where
there is still racing and you can slide but also it has the footage again from the drone
which gives the spectator the pilot's perspective because that's what he sees also
and that's completely changing the view and the experience of our spots
so apart from going to the airfield how how how do people watch your that's why do they go to see
oh i think we're still living behind the moon as they say in german and uh because we we
have issues to have interests into live coverage of all events because of the challenges i just mentioned
uh so we know before they've been asked huge success and big
event we had was the word at games in dubai
um where we had a complete stevie production and distribution globally and we're
still benefiting from it today because uh people still seated was and
in flight entertainment on on a transatlantic flights online to continental flights
it's still available on on the internet uh which it's still trying to promote it it's it's difficult to have
it life so it would maybe change with the drum racing that's yeah that's the way to go
okay thanks says and i'm a whore irish um to uh the same question to you but you know
what single dating the digital innovation is doing this change uh well that perhaps before you address that
you could tell us a little bit about your company because perhaps not ever ever on those will you do
yeah so i would start with and so so what they think is good to the the religion i
sport is actually artificial intelligence so and this is basically what our company second spectrum tries to look
is to the religion i support true intelligence and this artificial intelligence what we called yeah
machine understanding machine vision my uh department computer vision is is a part of it
so what does it mean yeah um it's expected we have several product maybe the first product that we have
is the for the for the ration we're walking wouldn't be a we have a seven year contract
to be the fishy official tracking provide all wedding it fully automatic yeah
using cameras that we installed in each one of the uh stadiums
yeah of the n. b. a. this is a one part of artificial intelligence the second part
is not only the statistics that we're providing on the platform then be a
and and to the all the stuff because then he is um
providing a better tools for the coaches we have eighty percent of the and the coaches
that are using our and second product which is um giving get giving them
analysis of the team and all the operating um for two years back
and they can better prepare for the games they can show to the players exactly what uh where they where they did
uh what the what they did and how did it together with the videos for every action and this is a breakdown that
is done fully automatic um this is in the in the scale is something that we definitely need to go automatically
um the third product that we have is for broadcasters uh we would like to not only
defeat of the video we would like to comment that would uh additional information um
yeah i'm additional insights and for that we have tons of data that is coming to have twenty five from second uh all
the positional data all the events the files so that we can was and so on do you need to choose
which data you up your providing on on the television and we
have a product is called storyboard it is giving the commentators
um um all the um suggestions about what to present next and how to to the
and how to do the show much uh more appealing for the for the audience
and the last thing that we're working on now is actually understanding of france
directly and providing this person a person as a sport for each person
independently so for this if we would like to do it for millions of people would like to do don't scale
we definitely need some kind of artificial intelligence to understand who is in uh i'm sitting uh behind the scene
the on the screen on which platform is is construe consuming it and what they would like to get out so this is basically all the
different product that we have in the company we're building heavily on this artificial intelligence to
provide an additional enhanced videos and contact for for the youth and because i'm
a business journalist i have to ask um this enhanced video is it simply to
enable the audience to better appreciate the sports or other revenue opportunities in it
well so differently um if your now uh watching a game and you don't understand it
so the first level is just understand how the game is that it is
being conducted and appreciated so we will uh walking with a with a valuable traditional
with a question for the version and this is uh something that you
to the novice people it's difficult to explain how difficult is what is so this is on the
on the low level the next level is okay if we understand the game as the coach
because we provide them some uh statistics and some recommendation can we provide
to the to the and uh making a more advanced fan
some more additional information that nobody you you would not get it on television so we can
personalise it on different levels of different contact and obviously we can with
that and who uh that through testing as well is that
uh uh an area so this is not something that we're working directly but we do how we are working with the
potato the betting awful so okay and um i likes um same question to you about
a single the digit in the judicial innovation that's doing this change your world
well i would shy yeah connectivity because activity allows trash too
to offer a nice demeaning uh to millions of fans that in
all the work without a b. k. from without budget now
it'll uh office also on tool for a beauty contents or that we're here yeah so people
can have florida for the sport not only getting depends but also for the year
and then they are connected it allows us to generate data yeah they
use afterward for for management purposes no shake the enticing connectivity
and i think all of them are very of touch connectivity in it we already know that
i think it's separate big game change yeah okay okay i'm insensitive can cut come back
to you so is anyone microphone so it's gonna have to travel back again um
so let's box said recently that the icy needs to study
e. sports to decide whether they are support um
my question is does it nasa and and what can traditional sports learn from
e. sports do you think well that's a question i never get
um well it's very unfortunate to hear the thomas but apparently is not a fan of us
well maybe not maybe it's wrong where babies not thought and the phantom it um i guess
honestly my personal opinion is that the question whether or not it's sports and doesn't matter too much um
i think uh even if it would be recognised the sport at some point the
controversy would remain for as long as you sports existed it's um basically
depends very much on your personal view on what makes a sport sporting mean each personalise of course you have the
you usually have the definition of a sport that all the
national olympic committees or national sports associations define and um
in most cases e. sports the doesn't fit tolls definition that involve um
excessive physical activity then again um i don't think that uh
it necessarily has in that e. sports requires recognition as a sport to grow i mean if you look at the sports today has
come all this way in such a short time without being recognised
and it will continue to exist it'll continue to grow even if it has doesn't have recognition i think
where recognition would be helpful is probably to speed up the process to you um
enable federations to establish structures that allow also young especially young people basically are the first ones to get in
touch with video games today it's just that it's just it's essential part of youth culture nowadays and
having sports uh recognition as a sport with facilitated for federations to create structures such as
local associations having a local club burke it can just go and find the team
really can play really learn how to compete we learned how to train
uh again which is very differently very good training is very different
to just playing video games and i guess that's something that
i'm federations like carl or swiss federation or the international federation still have to create a lot of awareness for that
the new sports athlete is not about trying to spend as much time playing video game
just like this but it actually about the way you played about the way
how you improve your game it's um when compared to the traditional sports
when someone treatment we happen to take it professional football player for example he's training is not just
going on the field employing as many matches it's possible usually have complimentary training such as
during the movements training the the reflexes improving is uh it's diet and things like
this to really get every last bit of performance out of the player
and it's very similar new sports infected those people like i said don't spend just as much time as possible playing the game but they look
the analyst against analyst your opponents ten lights especially their mistakes and see how we can improve them and
it also takes more more the direction of professional sports we also have complimentary physical workouts complimentary um
sports psychological trainings to actually cope with the pressure when you're playing in front of a
audience of thousands and thousands of people and you know there's millions other people watching it online so um
i guess that it's uh uh it doesn't really matter for development of these parts whether you recognise this is puerto
not it'll make things easier but it will definitely not stop the the pro from i. disease boats neither federation
so you need to federation for for many reasons i think you
have to day basically sports is let's say um owned
but to to put the tape to structures basically you have only one side
something that's very unique in the sports which you don't have any any other sports
is you basically have to give the publishers of the game you have uh
in the traditional sports where you have the federation's the federation usually is kind of the rights holder of
the sport that you're playing racing video games you have uh the developer of the game who's uh
who's the most the centre most interest of the developer obviously to get
more players to play the game to increase revenue three game
and the not necessarily to create any sort of structure that would allow more more
people to to uh get a organised in in in associations or whatever
i mean it would be probably their interest but it's just way too much work it would mean we too much
um manpower which you would have to have on the every nation on every region to establish
a to structure so that's that's why they're not drive there are going to drive does
this is the the formation federations and on the other hand you have the organise of the
really big torments the biggest tournament you have nowadays with a like a set of the millions of viewers
and they're of course also very corporate or not bother corporate stirred the profit driven so their revenue
comes from having a unique productive really polished product which as many people as possible want to watch and also
uh not necessarily the interest to create a structure people can get involved in for the same reason is the publisher wouldn't
want to do it okay great thanks of incense um says
um the um you touched on drone racing earlier what's
what role will trains drones play in the us in the future their sports your view
well that's a good question i i'm looking back at at at a spot switching matched um
she the founding me yeah off the f. b. i. at that time
gas ballooning was the most uh popular ah every nation activity
and the membership subscription was calculated according to the cubic meters of gas that the countries use
and then everything else can fixed wing flying a rotor craft and then narrow modelling
and see what the product lighting hang gliding and then came hot air ballooning
and so hot air ballooning people were perceived by the gas balloonists uh uh
to be jacks and they didn't want them to be incorporated and
yeah they didn't want to be associated with them and what happens now hot air ballooning is uh the sports in night and a half
yeah at craft and gas ballooning is a minority in each spot
which are takes place was long distance races and that's it
and uh i think the same might be happening with two marines who uh for our muslim community
maybe in the end we we have a drone maybe we have an unmanned aerial vehicles spots
markets it will just capture uh jones much more than anything else and
believe me than about twenty five additional distinct disciplines in our
modelling and say you will not know all of them but my
my assumption is it will fundamentally change an hour spots
actually in regard to this and and every response and they get a have to ask the same question else be
that incense white to the dreaded does trained racing needed federation
there are i know several uh leaks which uh
you have no direct links with who are doing very well well without
being link directly to use what why do they need their failing
well we're in contact with these people and i don't think they're running very well uh found
a large drawn reason community if you talk to the competitors they don't like it
because what you see at e. s. p. n. with the or drum isn't he cute name it's
it's a board and pilots uh uh with no qualifications keen with no what kept
ranking that they have worked themselves up through the ranks from the local events
regional events to a national event or events to qualify and that's in the long term not sustainable um so
we believe that's it's the needs you need a structure that's uh you need a structure and i think
i'm from uh from uh um development perspective
uh we have i'm dealing with drawn spots on a daily basis and we i mean
yeah you are too rigid
the federation's don't open themselves and for sure we're doing our uh things to open the national
federations they don't like it and i think it's a bit like three and three
and if we drive the development of john spots our national federation sometimes
the just complain and say we don't accept the way they were doing it but we we
see we need to open it but i'm telling these young a drone racing pilots also
it's nice that you are now found your organisation but in ten years time you
will have the same rules and regulations like any other federation because you need
you needs resources for example to publish and organise you events uh you need resources
to get recognition you need resources to get sponsorship and you don't get it
if you stay in this nuclear stage yeah where you hide the momentum and the second element i want to
say which is probably a bit the same any sports in any of the federation why do we need
in international sports federation i can tell you because then you have rules and regulations which i accepted on around the word
no matter where you go it's the same with three and three that is now a set of rules
for the event which is except that any than you follow its and then your mind the same
scheme of qualifying yourself of competing according to the same movies or you just need it but then it's not a
global movement and i think maybe you touched on this earlier but i would've thought drone racing has the
uh uh the possibility to become a any sports um uh uh that could be any sport
version of drag racing or are you speaking to i. e. sports publishers about that
yes we how can you tell us anymore and no not how yeah
okay interesting um our ash a a variety of um
what new developments do you think we can expect to see in in your field uh in the next few
years uh and what trends are you observing a a
sickly and so i guess player tracking that yeah
yes so i think that the plates making just a enabler to
get more information by a more insights about again um okay
this is one of the courting that we're doing right now but i don't think that this is the main thing
um because the meeting is is actually to understand the game so this is what we're trying to do and understand the viewer
um these out to below that we're working on extensively so without tracking the
players in or two but expand again to better trained them uh
to provide more insights before in the game in after to the viewers and this is the second when we need to understand that
that the viewers is what i thought that was the point i think that this is the meeting
that we are working on on many other people working on you know to to to get it to uh to the customers
the viewers um the fans would trust us and for the vision
use up little okay things which um i likes um
we've heard from you about three by three and how it's benefiting from digital innovations um
while technological challenges are you facing and i'd also an interested that
that the digital innovation you're talking about is being applied to three on three
is there any reason why it shouldn't be applied equally to traditional possible
yes okay but uh before uh allow me to yes to comment yes home it
yeah because uh about uh why you're flashed at the age yeah i think
huh i don't on on object yeah that's why i'll stick a a and i i think after twenty five yeah
is uh you want to go eh you cannot them you are yeah from cows she
was well yeah the first thing and then the other thing is even an attack
get together inconvenience yeah so if i like is that a neat altogether yeah
and jen forces but can you imagine if agents parts i think we should either fish yeah so you get the standard answer
when you definition yeah okay good okay your question handle so
uh on on so technical innovation to take the why
uh or is there really any reason why the kind of technological innovations you
were talking about on three on three couldn't be applied to traditional
you know obviously not no and uh i think we are taught uh and i know that um i found five projects i'm working
and implementing new stuff also sometimes related with artificial intelligence
no i think what we have heard about what
uh that doing within b. a. yeah i think it's a good example i you can apply yeah
eh activity intelligence any innovation to the televisions portable
and the only thing is and then you need to give some or you may have to change your
mindset and the way that you approach things and even your brushes yet to
be able to accept a technology innovation no english easy with a football
i have a a back and forth with using a innovation for the if if the
goal not accord and stuff like this know what even shy at the end
innovation is there you nash have to pick which one one and maybe the spotlight you to change
that way you busy yeah yeah so and that is where things get even more complex yeah
okay thanks to hold on to mike thought well we'll go back this way that this time um
i wanted to ask you about social media each of you and they
effect it's having on your business and also how can i think a lot of rights holders
are concerned but social media is just calls and no revenues
how can you make money i substation station media
with the a rectangle fade out our state yeah no yeah yeah probably
it as a way of uh or the initial way yeah
of uh making money at obsession media is if you have a big social
base yeah oh yeah a means of us to to follow you
it means yeah or the most easy where you stand to a
sponsorship and you know so um this is probably the
easiest back now so on to someone what we're doing with your life you know we are investing a lot yeah
in such an immediate because it takes as more time to get
into patiently yeah because yeah she can ingest additional yeah
zoe anything the innovative and that's not that rhyme well within with a with
a traditional yeah for the individual why why we are going yeah
yeah yeah and now we have escaping yeah from the problems
that yeah with traditional t. v. by growing social media
and uh and this allows us to get sponsorship and tooth problem of yeah
to uh the people are willing to pay for content yeah that annotation
a demand for our product yeah so right and i assume that
three on three is already creating its own style as and there are
you know people in a their players in that world who are becoming huge
names and i assume you're using station media to develop and accelerate that
yeah so it is not order without a status yeah so and if you
wanted to start an integrated yeah so it's just simple it is yeah
yes reckon the right now uh we have all and stuff like that we try to push yeah and to create
and um because it's the way you have tried to attract a tax that yeah and followers yeah and
i think uh this what was it before no uh fans don't follow sports yeah fan formal
follow off stacks see how many before the basketball on me before that michael jordan
in nineteen ninety two yeah so i think there's a big difference yeah
stashing part yeah and how do you go about creating a a three on three style
well the first thing you need to be able to be a good play yeah yeah so if there were a force
enjoy it if you don't have good players you are in the top yeah let's put it that way yeah
now there once you and i am these about putting more money on the table
trying to uh make the there's some attractive enough to attract a talent
and then once you have the stallions uses them and trying to make sure that you don't shame yeah and uh and
you great um social by someone think that this is what we have done yeah well we're trying to do
horatio um what participation media playing in in your world so i think those
are two things so one thing is with the the question to
ask to the audience is that we see that it's also media you don't watch the entire again you so you you watch a clip
and this is all the us so this is not in in the ah and um these videos they need to be well uh what
we need to create them was designed um we need to to provide all the inside that we can put inside these video
and with enhanced meant with uh with the right i'm a t. v. with the right
angle and so on so this is something that uh we're working on such
that the short clips that we have in this also maybe i would be a
viable people would like to watch them and would watch more than that
and then the second thing is that we are all the discusses upon personalisation this is obvious
and in this also negate you know exactly which person uh your your body's content
and these are to a big things that are influencing doesn't webbing on them
says and it's actually a good idea maybe two points and it's um one is the the
question if you if you go by a traditional t. v. you might have a
outreach to a certain number of of people but the social media allows
you to reach out to the individual and uh that you need
to be smart on to capture the attention and uh and i mean you have been asking why do we need a night
need to national federation because often they i mean they are supposed
to be our intermediaries and they're supposed to be transmitting
what we are doing to the n. w. m. m. s. and
we see that this is often not happening to sufficient extend
i mean we're doing lots of revolutionary things and we're releasing it doesn't arrive at our competitors
number or they go to the web championships are they come and make amends latency
where they haven't had uh the latest news it seems so that
is our opportunity to reach out to our community to our
ass sports people around the words and that's the the tool is awesome yeah there's no question about it and i think
the uh it maybe it shouldn't be and primarily driven by the question what sort of revenue we can raise with that because i'm
convinced that will come because there is a value in the individual contacts in the in the database and build it up
but you're using it um or to communicate with compressed as that with
we went into sorry i said competitors but audience is for sure
the this then connected to that yeah okay interesting a cool
also i'm anti secession media's is incredibly powerful audience activator i
mean just the number of people on the face but
platform of you to platform i mean it just massive numbers of people spending a lot of time there
yeah the challenge for on any rights holder the ones on my right my left is like
how to get found out of people even know you're there a hundred people even discover you it's pretty hard
when there's lots and lots of noise on the platform to even get visibility but the other are
yeah i'm sure q. aggregated all of your interest to fans are consumers are there
in the millions is not just another hundreds of thousands of thousands but
the only need to be creative on how you get down on these platforms i mean
i'm going you're going to face but because you're with the community of like
minded people so you might not engage with any of the things you have there because my like minded fans may have no interest in what you do
so that could be a problem because space box not gonna drive that for you and i do too
that's probably more or are you spending time surfing around and looking at things and then unfortunately
the algorithm that's serving new things up here is gonna serve things the
view that you watched it before or summer do you watch
before so again you guys lose so unless the person specifically interested
in your thing and then then you went because frankly
i'm gonna find your things under you to platform enough finder things on baseball clap foreman yeah but
it's a weighted potentially get more fans but it's definitely monitors ration tool you know the down
it's a inefficiency tool to because they provide you basically all your c. d. and caught sight of every never
is covered by this platform so that's a great way to be efficient money do things but
yeah the down side is yeah with you have you know martin
marta like some face worry about a lot of subscribers on
you to be really don't get to know with those people and interact with them and goes back to my issue you've gotta have a personal
relationship with people both yourself of your sponsors and that's but this party
gotta find some way to take them from there to your own
okay things could have been sense i guess your e. sports wouldn't exist that's
actually the only yeah i mean this is where where to start
um so supposed immediate basically the thing about the sports is that anyone
who's in in both these boards anyone is interested in this uh
two ninety nine point nine percent probably digital native so they're they're on social midi onto it to their own face broke
uh we don't watch t. v. so if you weren't t. v. that wouldn't be any of any use i guess to reach those people most the time
the true the true beauty of the social midi otherwise think is that
it's real time did you as soon as there's new sports formant
summary going on you can really inform everyone is interested instantly about
the current score about what's up next what torment just started
um i just made this discovery myself recently there was a a big tormenting key a few weeks ago
and a phase because earlier this year started a partnership of the tournament organisers so
what happened is i like i'm i'm falling this this is sports team and face broke and i just
logged on feasible for like what you usually do just to check the fees what's what's going on
and on the top of the list all sons as well you're that team is currently playing in the key of major going to steam and
click here to just does the current store the current score just click on here to go straight to live stream and i was
was basically really amazed of this this platforms basically uh actively supports these ports in a way
now to actually get people to the platform where you can watch the stuff and um
because right to if you just put something on phase popcorn quitter itself that's not true value not really
valuable you have to find a way to get those people to actually end up on your stream
on your website uh on on your apple on whatever you have to to use to to promote your tool would
you use for for marketing your your sponsors investors are you have sponsored content that you present and um
the same thing of preterm i wasn't with the other day and completely you can now watch like streams from
the sports tournaments so they're parking if certain performances well am i going to to put your nose
well not everything about me obviously and ignores them any sports fan and so they basically show
on top with that doesn't atonement is going on click here to go on the stream
and um then again it's the the power of having a targeted marketing that you basically
can specifically specified who you want do you want to see your you advertising it put out there
and um well then again of course that the problem this primarily gives you some hits on your page maybe some like but not
necessarily the value you have to benefit from this by giving them on your page or somewhere else in some other channel
and um anyway that also some e. e. sports again wouldn't be there where it is
today similar as for the online streaming in cold just described user rights holder was
not that's not quite that or or at least the system uh the structure of
rights holders in in in sports or the different on on like from interest
course yeah i think i think a touch on this topic really briefly earlier that the um
so obviously you have the the companies that develop the games which are the
real t. i. p. holders of the games which are being played so
when it comes down to defining which tournament you want to play at all which which going to want to play tournament it basically
comes down that you have to ask them for permission obviously i'm impact is most the time as soon as you
torment as long as common doesn't exceed certain size of prize money participants usually you're good to go with the
even according to their terms and conditions are good to go to just do your own tournament as soon as
you start to give a certain amount of prize money obviously you have to start asking for permission because
a tournament having several hundred of thousands dollars prize money will attract
a certain audience and this case is told by people that
want to make sure that the product that you're producing the twenty producing a certain quality they want to make sure that
their game is only showing a certain quality of parliament so that's where it gets a little bit tricky and um
maybe that's not the reason why there by we need federations to come back to the original question that the
through federations it's possible to give some more of a leverage to to the people
actually consuming games the players the people watching it and um i guess
the vision way down the road would be that it's not necessary to ask
those game publishers anymore for device instead of the games are tournament
but but they actually want us to have your grandmother tournament okay uh old all the microphone will
come back around this way i get um i wanted to ask you about virtual reality
uh i'm not sure whether virtual reality is yet apart e. sports um i'll but what's
what's uh uh is what is that um potential for virtual reality in the schools
um even though you might expect me to have a good answer to this i don't i don't really know yet uh
what to think of it i think it does have some uh uh some potential on i guess especially when you're
facing the controversy again regarding but it's a sport or not since plucking physical activity i see some some potential to
have a combination of physical activity in the of a virtual of of the few sports
combined through a v. r. technologies prove b. r. titles um then again i'm not sure of
i don't really see the uh titles yep which could be played in the sports context
nonetheless it's obviously something that we're having a close eye on on the international level
um we've just been a we have a board meeting in korea a few weeks ago were actually
went to basically little started development company that is working on p. r. content and um
try to choose and showed us some older of two games are working on it's it's
amazing to to to step in those based in this space as a player
um ben again sports is also a lot of for you sports and sports in general is a lot
of a lot of uh also entertainment even if you if not everybody here agrees that sports uh
it's all entertainment um so in that sense to be the art nor
to be excess as successful it's also important that you can create
some uh entertaining experience for the audience is one so it's not only about if it's attractive to the player to player is boards
game but you also have a way to to make it attractive to the audience for to to watch it
okay uh coda uh i think you expressed some steps is all about
um uh the our earlier um can you expand on that um
yeah i'm just it's damn when you watch content today i usually mon interact
there or more more but look at the big screen they go back and your mobile device and that's
the heart of your lease watching nobly on headset you're kind of committed to being done in your little world
oh i love your gaming doing that i think that works pretty well but
if you're watching a live sporting event i think it's less efficient um
that being said we're most of our clients are actively pursuing a craving of the r.
v. life either content to see kind of what kind of object there is you're
providing a separate opportunity for sponsorship around that live feed me of separate from their broadcaster
offerings or to additive particular sports that are our interest in it you think
yeah i mean i'd i'd sort of generically say all of them but um there's a couple or working on but i just did it it'll come
operation but i can't speak about it publicly are but yeah it's it's
it seems to bid for my personal view it's our our um
yeah it could go the way of three d. t. v. i mean i'm not saying
that it's gonna just die i think there's there's certainly attributes around gaming but
i think this works really well are there surely some aspects of around sport you can kind of be a hundred around they can play around but you
wanna watch my cam you wanna see our but up just for me personally i
mean i just it just doesn't work as well for me but you know
i'm i'm an old guy and you know what i now so i will go to it makes me feel sick another what i've what i've tried it
um says than um uh i can imagine it could look pretty spectacular uh the our um
uh uh when it comes to as a sports uh uh even looking at it
yeah yes although i have a certain uh skip this isn't too
what's the virtual reality because i think in the end
people still want to have a yeah contacts a into into
action there directly and not you know to to you
that you know but like a second life i mean it it is somehow still existing but not really
it wasn't really the broom that everybody expected so maybe it's more about augmented reality i think
and we have seen example it's uh and i mean base jumping is not an actually i discipline it
will never become an f. b. i. discipline because it's just so damn dangerous but it's a long
other things these crazy people with wings youths that off line in the mountains between the ridges sends um
dangerous enough but we have seen and sky dome was when shooting isn't actually i disciplines we have championships in
wing sitting and we saw one of the local footage is also so they do competitions about distance and
and speed and so on but i'm hating cute sorry to interrupt you think might have to explain what wins it
when suit is the people would jump out of a plane and fly like a bat so
they have this huge which which gives them when like and capability to not just falling
down but actually fly forwards and then they have the parachutes for the landing in the
end and uh as i said we had seen that in the group of footage
and uh we have seen augmented reality examples where the the our pilots we actually have the
cool glasses and when they jump out of the plane with the wings you would
oh they see on the on the display a virtual reality landscape so they off
line in the mountains and they can use that for training to understand
how do i not to to the mountain yeah so what do i have to do in order
to be actually frank through the valley that i see on through the gap in there
mountain range so maybe that's an example and the other example is for drum racing again
we know their competitors there when someone sailor on the race track layout
yeah they re constructed on the computer um and then they put on the
covers and they sit in the living room and they use that
to virtually fly yeah they're drawn to the racetrack so maybe maybe it's usable for training purposes
but i don't really believe it enhances the spectator experience on the long time
and in a in a selfish way because you always need extra
devices and then it's difficult to get that done thanks for
a show you yourself working in the are we we're working on it as well so we we believe in it um
well you can and think about how sport was being broadcast
that so it was in papers and and radio
and then television with a single camera several cameras what people cannot video cameras
with the slow motions on so this is another media that we can uh consume the game
and we can invest into the game understand it better seats from the eyes of the
uh of the coach the eyes of for one of the players and so and so this is going
to be something that is different is going to be but i can certainly see it as
a training data that's already being used as a training it i think isn't it but but as
a sort of a mass um consumer products uh doesn't have a future do you think
the this is a good question so i think that um the this is something
that we need to test and obviously there would be some people that would
but maybe would like to see the interval game from a single
point of view yeah obviously from the from the seat
yeah in the stadium and we encourage it all from television for multiple cameras
or from uh the ah i i'll set so i would like to serve all of them
um by limiting more information on top of just the feet of the video
okay alex um what about um you and feed them three three on
three uh using virtual reality yeah sorry yeah considering it in the
got you know technology can do a lot of things yeah the issue
is that she makes sense no eh for your purposes no
it's an example yeah quotation some i'd much that would knock on for that we get in the fact that
the something is possible does not mean that you have to do yeah any fish fishing to do it
yes but uh send it years ago and that working but yes what was
inside much snow so a at that point a pension sport yeah
or the other sports i would envision it it would make sense for for i. e.
i mean it's i question yeah one of the yeah yeah and
the and i started she how the ah what enhance eh
the the expedient play so i think you might start a practical uh which i
okay good i think at this point to be really nice to um i open this up to the room and see if anyone
has any questions i'd like to ask uh a panel i think we've got a yes a young lady that with the microphone
so if you don't like to ask a question um please put your hand up and say are you on your your accent
any questions
i thank you phil savage spoke with this um we've heard too interesting
examples of great comes and a a non proprietary platforms you cheap
um countries such media platforms for about the games were low cost uh games spend a
huge amounts of money developing the content in those environments is the act model okay
it says maybe maybe you could start with that one
what was the last with the up and what what model i'm sorry
um well i guess that's a pretty hard question for me to answer i guess lease for uh
for um well i'm all the all the sky like on the stand point that it's
important to you to get people to use a common up together rather having a
different federations different sports developing their own apps i guess that depends on the exact
application which are exact purpose someone wants to reach with a proprietary up um
so i guess it's not over at the there are some applications words to make sense i
mean it's for the other to the to the to the form only in the
three three basketball i guess it makes little sense very haven't at specifically to start appointment
when listing tournament to participate in parliament to track your ranking and so on
and uh i guess that's a purpose were it doesn't make sense of separate things for separate sports um
then again um i don't see why there should i i don't see the i think there's many applications which
probably are generic enough that he could applied you apply to all sorts of different sports anyway so uh
i have this general trend in all technology that you have more more generic platforms emerging
that basically serve the needs of a great many different uh applications so um
there again i probably would have to say yes maybe proprietary up h. does come to an end
called you a few on the proprietary ah i mean there's just a lot of friction many wanna download
it happening out of style only found any gotta find where it is on the phone and then
you you end up having thirty or forty actually use five or six of them are um so there's yeah it you're
really we're powerfully interested in a specific area that's a with the f. i. s. saturday march last year right
to really good tools happy i agree audience to deliver you know
while live content and my data to them are but yet
i think ultimately you need to have less friction around the the product so pride having
web enabled apps that you know are gonna interface and that way and then
you know the i spoke about the the google one box which is basically a web enabled that puts us basically
come to the top or search results it has live data lab results in there plus and embedded video
yet to super simple lap but it was a way for us it google to move be on
blue links which are kind of getting data to me we're getting sort of be
now by by face broke and whether another's with you know more relevancy
for the consumer the top end result so catch all about
discover billion relevancy for the user and yeah apps to
cause a lot of options i think finding ways to make it more uniformly accessible is the thing to do
but for the time being i'd still say you gotta have a now but
that's that's kind of off anyone else overview on the proprietor yeah
orange that okay okay um anymore quite questions please
um hum functional units to look of luzon um
these changes uh easy so you could rule changes and the old so
economical changes uh could you uh tell us about the straits on
traditions bold and you can um you've traditions boat because um
a lot of incomes are coming from a broadcasting m. t. v.'s
and uh watch will be the new economy come on who in the for the future
uh you mentioned for example the long ease that experience with from successful
did you bring some money choose to recycling teams or not and the
what's the future for that thank you yeah good questions right so the traditional a model of sports the
traditional uh revenue models sports um did you wanna start with that that long sure so arm
threat just from our support um it's a major the traditional model the
us in terms of our revenues derived through t. v. as
are and i think get what i was speaking about earlier you need to plan for the future and you need
to find alternative distribution streams and streams or your own streams to to start model dicing it's it's star
it'll be interesting how that involves what val on on that's definitely a um are
a new product so to speak in terms of nomad and put them in your band the first summer
and generally having won the race this year will have for next year ah
i think it's too early to tell but i think that mindset within
our organisation is uh this is our our health not a twelve month
but you're thirty six month view on how this of all semitic
of the world changing everything the way we think it's changing the yeah the should work but yeah you need to be you wanted to have
been take some risk are but you know conceptually as things of all
you know it's the n. f. l. and um english primarily
still gonna still drive a lot of money from t. v. r. but uh i
think they're your fine i think all those platforms as i pointed out
with the n. f. l. or also find their own direct to consumer opportunities
building their own assets are to prepare for alternative ways to model ties
seventy or the view on whether that traditional revenue model for sports is on the threat
well not not really but um because i think the the the it's
not really existing anymore anyhow is not uh the tradition forever
the city has already expanded into something completely different
when you have different revenues sauces and
classic sponsorship doesn't exist anymore because there is an expectation from your partner s. which is not
just pay the money and get logo exposure but you need to high quality
individually shaped partnership uh which benefits both parties uh to a sufficient extend
so i think there has a lot has changed maybe the danger
rather comes also from the host cities uh which might
not be able to finance the such events anymore big events that i think the change has already taken place
i would just like to add that um does some opportunities as well because now with the streaming technologies so not only the
hi and tournaments are getting being uh getting broadcast that so
all the tournaments on on every sport all only can be broadcast it to the fans and
even if it's um um college or high school and it's only for the parents
so this is existing right now it doesn't cost a lot and you can do like a very nice protest
and uh and yeah do it in a direct streaming yeah to to uh to allow a leak
support for this is an opportunity that we have right now that is automatic make
the market rising support we don't have only the high end unix but everyone
alex that fever you are benefiting i guess from
traditional uh revenues as well as from a
but but perhaps um a potential you revenues would you see the traditional model underneath right
or yeah yeah i'm there i've been hitting the the there's a model is on that's right
for about ten years now yeah and it's still there yeah for m. i. e.
even it in order it before yeah shit yes that's a that's not me
that that additional you yeah intonation income would disappear yeah the fact that a one although i know
that doesn't mean that the that this yeah yeah i know it does get a big
would that change eh means you need a new stage yeah
uh i i i mean it to get a good because if she is concerned yeah things
don't change that quickly and says you have a view on that one i i
well obviously i'm not obviously reasons another expert on traditional sports a marketing but um i do think
i i think i i'm uh i'm in my memo to people are by but i think
it's uh that's something we should look at as a threat it's more about them
going with the technological change going to for the change how people
consume sports nowadays where they want to they want to
watch on the mountain they have time not when it's broadcast on the regular t. v. station then again uh
i call them again the alex's also right that um the
roles fairly conservative so even linear t. v. something that
develops slowly to adjust to to new models i mean when you look at
that television stations today and the ten years ago now ten years ago basically had to turn on the t. v. at
that time in your program was on the now you have to be play functions and so on so i
guess there's some ways to to still to still use the
the traditional channels to market but the the traditional sports
and those channels all to do give 'em evolve of the technological changes then again i mean uh obviously
e. sports another problem to market itself without having the traditional sports marketing
uh uh channels and uh i guess there's lots of things that
traditional sports can probably learn from from the success that the sport has had in the past years
okay thanks very much any more questions it's one or the
could you raise your hand again please yeah thank you
uh thank you mark over sorry for must be sitting team uh just um you
are just the spacing different aspects that um what happened when uh we
try to manage to get i mean there's people is doing a kind of
a you sport but as well the kind of we veered pull racing
read the we were racing or even the apps for the sport can compare what ah um
fan can and can't do respect what are
top athlete and can make of the performance and um use that for a federation a
possibility to recruit new talents all people with
high schools and um uh use that
i'll wait to go you trying to email is the defining in the real sport
and and bring it to the sport it just out there you open question but it's just uh something that
came up in in my mind with all your your to keep yes i think um savings an interesting
a result wasn't as of a sport traditionally is quite
been quite hard to cover and a virtual
means uh make it much easier that's to cover them as being the case before it can
can't traditional ones virtual coverage be the uh the next
uh it was that your question are you
uh_huh so actually yeah
okay i'll i'll i'll i'll i'll i'll try to answer the question so actually that's a
direction where to do we experience a lot new sports david international federation that the
in terms of iterations talking to a lot of other international sports federations many sports federations
are interested in in promoting a sports simulations all the sport that they're standing for
the questions board the ratings board uh football simulation ends on obvious are you the obvious things
and of course you don't have the the question whether such a game falls into
the domain of uh so that's the fee for for example does i'm playing
the video game fee for fall into the main up the football federation doesn't fall into the domain
of the sports federations or that's the question i couldn't really answer here on the spot
um then again i think there is some some potential having such collaboration some obviously
the interest of many sports federations incorporating with t. v. sports federation is too
use the e. sports uh use the this does hype about the
sports to attract people to their sport basically have a
some sort of game component that their traditional sports events to make them more attractive to the young audience which they
currently i'm are afraid of losing to video games into the sports culture and um
on the other hand your another question from you was uh how can be uh is
there we to like have the people start to play something for fun flowing to
doing is bored more professionally well i guess that's probably true for every sport that
those the border between doing something for fun in doing it professionally is really
a floating any remain pretty much and everyone starts doing sport doesn't start
from the beginning of the ambition to become a professional but starts just for fun and
like develops more more passion for the sports and then slowly slides into being a professional athlete in that sport so um
i guess the corporations doing events together will of course get people involved in
new sports which i haven't tried before and might actually get them
you know to become professional players or professional athletes underscored specifically anyone else overview on yes is um
and i think it's a very a useful actually as a tool because you need a you in any sports there are
certain spirits and these kids you can identify which as you too good to be for example used in gaming
and uh you can with that attract a potential for um
uh practitioners of the spot at a later stage so for asp what's uh you could end and especially for drawings
for example uh you can just read usage to sunset so there isn't that's good three dimension and just
vices and so on and then you already have an entry
into this activity which might bring then finally somewhere to
have huge where they can fly it in reality and as you said exactly we need the leisure uh
a sports practitioners otherwise you don't get the each performance so we
need to look at that and we need to somehow captured
i just do that for this is obviously the
traditional sports football basketball they have um um
games excellent games where you see the visualisation the this is amazing you have the
treaty requisition of every player yeah we have scanners that scanning the place
we have the tactics of the team we need to analyse the tactics from the reward and put it into the game engine we can train
um and um and even as a family you can recognise all the players you can recognise the team you know
more or less how they're going to be you have in that you can watch the the real game life and see whether it's cause on a lot
and obviously there is a collaboration between these and game engine manufacturers and and every federation
i i yeah okay okay that's right at five minutes yeah oh right ah yes charlotte
oh it's coming
okay thanks
thank you very much and it wasn't the question must more reaction about the question from sixteen
we just found it's nice and they uh it's a doctoral stars titles league
so this with your trust bestselling where we want to make a
the ceiling and happens ways official t. two in a switch
on and and you know so uh of course uh the goal behind it's that ceiling is hard to reach a
old kind of population especially petition who don't have the money to
a seal it's quite expensive and with the e. sports
we try to reach people with video games to make them
understand to do the basics codes of stealing uh
how do i have what are the basic rules you need to know if you want to follow i get
so that's why there is again the name is if channel together and we are we will
organise and you knew that the first a championship of these came in uh september
this year so basically yes for sure that's nuts something where
you will never reach a future uh goods navigator
but there is some older spoke e. sports like i'm
drawn racing or a true um car rethink
where they use more and more of actual simulation to uh found new uh
talents um i guess i'm not to especially stuff to feel that
but in the past when you want to find a good driver you had to choose between the few one who had enough money
to be on coaching every weekend and wrote to have the parents to push them
to be a driver and with the right now with the new uh
a driver system who are closer and closer to to be up to the reality uh
you you can finds new tons and i guess the new generation of jump in
in a u. f. one andrew will come from the sport so that's an answer
okay so virtual sailing is a reality yeah i'm george on loop yet question
thank you very much longer sharply i'm i'm a little bit confused after is the big
because uh uh what is the sport really we we heard about the growing racing
we heard about the traditional sports like rick to free basketball or football
cycling enhancing the experience of players or or anything experience of or
fair and and we've worked also about uh gaining i would
call it rather than the sport maybe because it's
what is it's really see it shouldn't kill you could say also don't don't you think so
what easy spoke really for you this is all of this problem from racing too
gain or an easy easy to more we do set uh i'll i'll break it
okay well that was usual sports any so spent of players and fans experience
so uh maybe i'll try to break it down from the top to bottom so
based even so like in our community as we like to call
it we talk about gaming beginning is basically the entire
entire world of a video games that uh that involves uh of course the the place again to please e.
sports like a shooter games trade strategy games but it also gaining includes all sorts of mobile games
minesweeper card games the on which a virtual or role playing games all traditional things happen
all the on the on the p. c. but this is gaming does gaming
what uh when something the moment it something changes from gaining into e.
sports is basically as soon as you have a menu critter regulation
for for this game for for tournament format and people like him reason to
compete in the competitive formats to play the game so basically as soon
the very pragmatically approach to define you sports even if not everybody knew what would agree with me is to say as soon as you if you play it
the video game or a game on the electronic platform them all while p. c. or console
and you played in the competitive for the environment saying rules uh you have some
bracket if a letter evenly whatever that then it's then it's actually already sports
so uh then there's just there's all this elitist few uh that some people have that only specific
games that use board like specific shooter games or specific sports simulations um i personally tend to
i prefer to have a more open fee on what is what qualifies needs more than what doesn't
so uh if you start having sports simulations or if you have drawn racing um well i
guess i cannot one hundred percent lee answer the question whether disease puerto not um
since uh drawn rating obviously still involves a drone physical element which
is controlled it's not only on the digital platform um
then again person i think for example is the question if online poker qualifies the sporting there again i buy with the
notes on these boards because basically just a one to one copy of the game that exists physically and it's
the exact game but you played physically as when you played online or if you play virtually
well there's the competition but uh it's still poker right it's uh
and poke poke it than poker does have its own federation there's poke a federation for that
so uh well we can ask them whether it's news border not and does a maybe
one common i want to to react on it uh so i i guess i mean it's countries we get a
lot so you sports is just about shooting and about violence well i often like to respond to disable
then you would also have to say that football is about just randomly kicking a ball
which it's not it's basically the the meter which is behind you you
follow certain gold certain strategy by kicking the ball obviously and um
well i guess uh that's a controversy that will always have violence in video games is it morally is
morally okay or not but um i'll gladly disgusted you that over coffee later on it says that
yes on the drum racing i think uh the drawn racing in a as it is is
not any spot a drawer missing is then asked wants uh because you have the pilots
we have a drone that they fly physical admin to fly with a
remote control so that's taking place in a competition where you
are on a few it's of play with eight competitors and you
fly against each other and that's not mature reality or
yet taking place on the computer platform but if you have a drawer missing sooner data
we're sitting at the computer i'm paying it that would be something that i would perceive
as ease possibly gaming so that's i think how it makes sense to differentiated
okay thanks um maybe um if i can take the discussion of slightly different direction
and probably the final i'll final yeah yeah well i wanted to cover is
the stadium experience and and how digital
technology will transform stadium experience
um it says that you're holding mike for a a areas for exports doesn't exactly have a
stadium butts out for for spectator is how it's
a digital technology uh transforming their experience
yeah the the stadium is that this guy is almost a year and so it's not really
but we have asked what's in this day and in the meantime also the possibility you can do
especially with smaller with the models or withdraw once you can do anything in in uh
in a stadium and the we face technical challenges because that there that the
transmission the connection between the remote control and the device that is flown
you need to be very careful that in this setting it's not interfering with
each other so there are lots of challenges to implement its technically um
but we're getting into a new area who areas now with the what you can see outside with the freedom drawn spots
where they really have data transmission capabilities which i'm currently not existing
in our classic traditional spots so i'm confident it would somehow
and now for an enhancement of the spectator experience if you actually can
distribute the cart what's where you put your life on i guess smart phone in
and you can choose to have the pilot's perspective if you watch a
drawn raise for example but that's still in some way to go
and the other experience as a as i said with the and three sixty swimming
if you can really use stands there with a life data transmission from
the balloon that it's fine in a competition with eighty other balloons
and you can have the people on the grounds putting on the progress and watching it and actually having
the three sixty degree experience looking up and down and having the feeding your idea that should be
also possibility but we understand by talking to the uh to
the providers who can technically do it's i'm already
but there are some challenges because for data transmission on long distances you need more by networks that
are capable of doing it it's not yet there maybe with a five g. would work on
or your needs a satellite data transmission which is do not really affordable eyelashes k. so it's the
way to go for a show you working on technology that is transforming the spectator experience in
stadium so we had um some uh pilots and studies as well uh what i would like
to say is that the studies are extremely important for this population for the governing bodies
and for the fans it in because if you're watching the game yeah i'm on
television all your mobile phone or whatever platform you would like to see them
tens of thousands of audience cheering for your for your team and this is something that is uh i don't think that we
would like to replace it so we would like the audience to come to the study wasn't just see the again
and then we just see how we're going to provide them some yeah intense information during yeah being in
the study so obviously to experience the for the being with the families because of what the spectators
but each person of them is all i am is holding a small computer with the screen
and we can provide some additional information for the team all for that for them
yeah but about the uh especially in the act that was that was
the right now i'm too and then uh who to bring back
the spectators to the stadiums you know to enhance not only the experience
but all the meals of the people of outside of this uh of these studies so
i think that this is very important ah exceeding anything to enhance the spectator
since think with a i would agree that a decision
when no yeah because um if the sport
in the stadium i think so if i think if you're watching it oh you actually
okay so experience inside is a a very specific audience it is different the
online x. p. yeah for example uh get it at the groups
that that profile of that it is watching on site
it for and then the is it the at watching
so the it's more interesting shit hit the fan watching and individual like age it
yeah so and it is yeah for us and look back at the stadium
because it is it even experience that's why we invest in technology
on site to be able to which that expedient yeah
for example um we have now eh it's tough to something as simple as
eh a playoff and nice action yeah on the big screen i think most of the sporting doing this to the dishes
your technology if i may say show but uh you can start from there
and they're playing a difficult situation of asia allowing that dictate that
the b. f. any yeah eh and information about uh okay yeah so him
allowing such a need yet to be on the things i think they asked that thing
we can encourage expedient say so for us i think
the shift key okay thanks likes um close um
you working on the stadium experience so i think a lot of people already said
i'm kind of a um but i would say two but i may wanna
one amplify the stadium extra to make it fun to be there and you wanna be able to um
interact i mean there's just simple things like with g. p. s. location now you can
you know make uh access to live stream available to anyone to the state
they are and they can actually them get to live stream are there's all sorts of functionality should just make it more of
how often to be in the stadium in terms of no
i'm getting flute getting content getting other things um merchandise
just as he did you can order right off the rap are um i think
it's really important to start you saw for the bandwidth issue in terms of
being able to have all the functionality within now closed environment when you have you
know fifty or a hundred thousand people yeah i think there's there's a
lot of good value in doing that are doing that because i think you wanna
yeah increase the value of coming to live uh that that it's still i
think there's i think there's still a cool factor of the fact that you're
there but i think you now with virtual reality and are there are
yeah multiple t. v. screens and you're you're here i've had in your mobile device you get
a pretty good experience in your home ah here we did a lot of short assured
viewing test and we're ready to go to school hangouts where you could watch uh the
map with all your friends from all around the world yeah there's just lots of
functionality now in the home that makes it pretty exciting and yeah you can almost have a shared experience there so
i think it's an important thing to to continue to focus on actually doing that
with our clients okay and then sense i mean if i was um
rolling up to any sports events i can imagine that i might
see some people hunched over screen in the distance i i
presume that you're doing more than that to try and make the that it's an uh an attractive experience for them
well it's the same as another sports is an entirely different experience to explain to to go to
a two stage emma that sold out of tens of thousands and cheering fans and uh
i mean yeah of course you have uh yeah the the stage of a a few computers is that people
sitting in front of computers but i guess in contrast to to traditional sporty actually have the actual sport
foot to the in game footage as well you see the same stream is people see from home but you
get additional e. d. d. d. all the emotion the the electric atmosphere to have in the stadium
and uh it's in i mean i can recommend it to anyone to actually visit me sports competition at some point
pretty amazing experience um so for the same reason is traditional sports that don't
can can really add anything how the traditional sports stadium experience could be
could be improved in these boards i think the question should be rather how
do we get how do we encourage more people to go to those
events into stadium because out we convinced and that this is a unique experience
in the really should if they have to chance go and watch
uh any sports is these boards or something else should go and watching the sports
stadium or sports stadium and a camp experience that that that kind of audience
okay i think way only takes the experience he sportswear cells

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