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well i uh and i've been asked to do the presentation of what a three by three is doing with digital
uh before starting with a shorter presentation yeah eh eh i would like to show you
video the other one of a lot bigger during which is the other words
eh i split uh what we do in digit dialling in to p. c. yeah and
the the one of it and the other one i would explain in the presentation
this is john he's a baller the lights up every local playground and his friends are the same three
on three basketball is where the showcase their town it's fast paced and it's played virtually everywhere
but three on three is never been officially recognised in this leaves john and millions of other
players without access to games and tournaments that showcase their skills on a white or stage
see but it's pretty three on three basketball into the spotlight
for individual athletes like almost like m. play more
korean all her all right
ah ah stage here's how it works john creates a profile on three on three planned dot com
here you can find official tournaments track is results to build his ranking
to play on the world stage john needs to clean official tournaments found
on the web site and answer is pick up the results
using the free three on three mobile at the more it plays
the further who go so anyone with the talent in dry
can make it from the streets to the world stage three on three basketball is
everywhere but now it's it's social and fur balls like john opportunity one lifetime
go to three on three planet dot com register for free download the
at and start building up your three on three world ranking
but you can see these uh if it's a little with let them hurt the in the in
the pit of presentation yeah it's about a connecting the likely the asian we've uh play yeah
eh before i start to they would be doing digital um i would like to say you to think no
eh um digital uh and it's it it like ski or snow shoes and we can make an example with this key
i am just yet because uh you have two options yeah you got
a you'll use key this key or or this kiosk is
you know meaning that in in the second case you end up uh with next and no funding of this clears yeah
and there's a little what happens with digital no uh i think we've understood from the previous uh
presentation that the digital easier initiatives they any value at dot two digit don't try to make
the best out of it or uh basically you will face no
because uh i think that the well today's digital yeah
a what uh and this goes back a again no i think uh a digital is on one hand at big opportunity
but on the other hand is a big said no because you can see a lot of people speak about the digital
and so that is a little off a a push to do digital not because people rely that they they
don't do anything digitally we face the problem is that digital to sports yeah except the view of uh
expert that had you know a and he's not the
core business out of the federation genders why yeah
it is a new terrain yeah a name and a lot of this the attached to it no uh
obviously digital is a huge investment they can be wrong uh you can invest in the wrong thing
you have the skills to control these investments you need external people but you don't know which other right um
and i'm a consultant that will help you is not part of the business
is something can be defended the need to acquire these uh uh knowledge
so basically it is a it is from moderate problem
and the solution yeah uh however no no here
the issue is that everybody understands yeah that there's a need to recognising different output from the presentation
that passivity is not really a choice yeah not forced to do something the problem is that uh you
may do something that is wrong in this young was not not the not doing anything yeah
how about this for for their over the the positive side no and i think uh a digital is also a lot about
this into mediation yeah so you are talking directly to the fantastic uh uh the player
to have a button to at the end this broadcast them i don't know
thing variations on one hand uh we have a little uh at double drone
or we need to develop their sport yeah and this is too great
a bigger fan base it is open to play a bass and on the other hand you uh you you tend to
pay the development that you need by having it be fun base people pay for the content that you intend invest
interest part to make this board bigger yeah so at the end we need
both yeah uh you need more players and also more fans yeah
because the fans pay the betterment of the players yeah now here um
the beauty of a digital is that uh you only the meeting men's
anymore yeah so we've so we should it be a before yeah
i am the fan uh and the content that you are often to the fans yeah you'll need
t. v.s anymore yeah like you do need them but am but you can access then by other means yeah
um we've seen before now also we in uh in in fee but we have a pretty aggressive
digital uh contends that the g. with phase group with a instead i mean that
was really the chinese equivalents because china is a another planet in this uh
in digital and uh these had this also us but we're
all quicker then uh maybe ten or twenty years ago
yeah where we didn't have this means of directly contacting the fans yeah something that we have now yeah
however these means to have a specific knowledge yeah how to contact these friends yeah
and if they can be the pages happens the same the the the data we just show you eh is an application
then we have the basically is in this in the mediation application because a few but contact
directly at them with a white and a player white you're in passing them to
play you know it's a little what we saw before no eh i'm the same way
that we have all this uh applications yeah four runners or a bike of no
i am we are using these application not to to be in touch with uh with the players like yeah
i did this integration is also a a potential business no i think um
one hand them a what we are trying to yeah is probably
this of course is an affront course need to invest
in all these new things and also in acquiring these new uh uh
eh competencies that uh if asian does not have the um as it it to start
because they know about this boarded the rules competition systems but they have no clue
uh or or we don't have no clue yeah about a digital in general yeah
and there's a however um digital team in my in in
our opinions as a way of getting money now so
you need to do it in up front investment but that um and like for
example betting there was a mention briefly before yeah exploitation of hype you're right
that should allow you to first to recoup the investment and second hopefully to make some money no
a what we are doing it we as explained in the video
goodly yeah eh yeah that they play yes you can see
we can uh we all thought that player worldwide yeah the option
of finding events what is an example of the obvious though
yeah i was wounded in geneva switzerland to see what these what events out here in the idea it gave me
and a bunch of events then i can pick up i'll one and i can directly
of it just that that that phone or so we have a orson aggregate or
of uh events yeah so the mm that platform allows you learn to
find depends and that at the register to those events yeah
so this is what we do on the page aside no yeah yeah and this is also but it really was explaining
on the fan site uh also a place in content yeah yeah yeah and we and we are doing more or
less what a business plan before yeah so we are in all so we have a on a production team
we offer all the gains eh live streaming then we have a specific via
the production job basically yeah yeah our different media assertion either channels
uh i've dated uh on a daily basis and we offered
between two to five new videos basically be they yeah
some of them about up with the competition but a lot of also behind the scenes about the stars
so basically um we're doing but uh it seems to be a perspective set and
with that i think i'm done at fifteen means if i remember yeah

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