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uh_huh uh_huh if you want some help on the quiz so you just got the answer the question is yes
but don't tell anyone each either um it's good to be here ah um it's also
sort of curious to see that i'm being book and the lower book ending this conference
with patrick maggie or patrick and i have a few things in common remote hungarian
we both work to the same sports rights agency in concord lucerne
on the same project i was all before i am um
we're both well he's smarter are just try hard but uh in any case of that is good to see you haven't seen you know and
number of years and uh i'm sure you have a lot of great things to tell us so i'm just gonna trying to view
no information on thought i have around a guiding principles for
rights holders when they think about uh there bob sport
uh some of them are doing a pretty good job also some examples of that some of
them uh have some ways to go some of them have a long ways to go
uh in some cases it's not their fault they don't always have the resources and the people on the time
and the willingness to take risks to really deliver on a everything they could to the wrong for digital
um but you have to try and have to at least try a few things maybe fail fast move on to something else because
i really do think computers gonna be around i. p. distribution around having direct relationships
with your consumer and not depending on the broadcaster to have those relationships so
for me i'm kind of three things to think about as relates to
challengers i'm a first problem from my perspective is around sponsorship
your traditionally sponsorship since the nineteen sixties and seventies and sold sort of on a
a broad reach exposure basis so you get your boards on the side of the catch you might
get some promotional materials and take it might be able to have your products around the menus
uh but there isn't much sense from the sponsors that you get to know in target a specific audience
uh and be relevant to that audience and it's really important province's today
to have that connection with the spotter the spot should have a connection with the audience um
and the way sponsor substantial today are are just not right and we'll talk about how to improve some of that
second problem for me is run t. v. ah it in front i work with a
pretty broad t. v. production team that does all the t. v. for fever
we do all the t. v. for the apply as for a h. f. is i
mean the world championship over the next few weeks on for the italian football the
uh but we still pretty much produced one fee for broadcasters
should be to their audience is all around the world
there's just not about one feed anymore you really need to feed
lots and lots of destinations are consuming content video content
so you need to think about quitting the diversity of offerings when you create content
video content for consumers and be on the platforms with they spend time
and the third area for me are has to do with relationships
ah federations historically have zero relationships with their fans i
don't know the fans are they know they exist out there they know there's x. number of them out there
but they really don't spend any time building a personal relationship
with them either through at binding able to personalise and
knowing who you are but what you spend time watching on that half and having you register for that out
oh ah it's really the future and you need to be able to do that so you
can really grow your community on a global basis and take that responsibility and not
give that responsibly to a third party like a broadcaster because broadcasters are really good at mass just distribution
but their primary focus is not to build your fan base
and build your audience they're really worrying about promoting
their own programming on their network and moving on the next thing of your love of and is over
a consumer today want content before an event during event after event in
the federation's no rights holders really need to focus on that
can someone just handed a bottle of water right there because i can and it takes some point thank you very much
so uh ten guiding principles first one is uh this was really need to embrace it so i'm just
i have a half hour here i have fifty some slides so i'm not gonna be spending too much
time on the slide arousing i get in trouble with these people appear the running and so
and they're gonna give me the at some point in time so just let me know if i'm running behind but i have a clock um i think it was so
global media consumption scrolling uh about one percent per year but it's almost entirely driven by the internet
uh i think is presentations available the people after this event so i don't have to go too deep indeed slide you
guys can look at it if you're more interested in in in digest that more detail i just go quicker
alright consumption is predominantly immobile i you can just see kind of the nexus there
when mobile over took desktop are just a and twenty seventeen and twenty sixteen
i'm a advertising standards shifting almost entirely or or or drama we're moving more towards digital so
our it represents a part fifty percent or fifty percent in the in the recent past
um and consumers are interest is really being deluded
so being deeply interested in something is decreased
by fifteen percent fifteen percent over the last few years twenty eight
two thousand eighty twenty fourteen not as much the interesting things
a more interest in general things a challenge for sports federations if you really want someone and
have it the interest in your sport to be a participant to be a fan
you need to be in front of them on a daily basis and you need to have a daily
destination for them to go to to interact with your sport content be on your live about
um the shift additional consumption is continuing so last t. v.
viewing more consumption on o. t. t. platform to
conceive a growth on board the bottom there on the on the right hand side of the chart
uh and lots more o. t. t. r. offerings are launching
thirty seven percent are globally from the point fifteen to
twenty sixteen just working noted your point across the different markets in the world you could see that there
and so i talk so fast that i need to talk slower does raise your hand and i will apologise
a t. v. viewership trends everything's going ah a down when it comes
to t. v. viewer except for younger audiences the only audience it
is watching more t. v. or people that are sixty five years in over which is probably just about no one in this room
um so you're all watching less t. v. you're watching things on your
mobile device i watching peas on your eye pattern on your computer
uh_huh trouble for broadcasters there's a lot of loss of subscribers e. s. p. n. maybe in the u. s.
a. is a few years ahead of europe when it comes to table bit destinations in cable platforms but
there's a crisis in italy right now media sets having financial problems guys you know
the major cable operator there when you go bit content into into italy
are people still got a bit their world cup for twenty eighteen are champions league and uh i was being bit
right now and the and uh are in later this area is being bit probably in the next six months
there's not a vibrant economy there for for broadcasters to build up right so it's gonna be difficult to get the
same kind of fees you had in the past and if you think about e. s. p. n. accord cutters
they've lost eight point four million subscribers in the last three years and what does that mean that
and that means a billion dollars a year and a video that's a lot of money
but they're losing him what's wise as a problem for them
because they committed to do certain things for rights holders
over a number of years they have broadcast deals for sometimes ten years out for the n. f. l.
and those commitments guarantee a certain amount of money they're gonna pay for those right there's gonna turn out
that the the rights they're paying for our cover just by the rich subscriber fees are getting
and that next is gonna take place in twenty seventeen or depending on their on their subscriber
fee they charge from the cable operator could be pushed out to twenty twenty one
but if you really menus e. s. p. n. can laying off a lot of people so softness
in the broadcaster it is gonna be difficult if you're gonna be dependent solely on t. v.
maybe if your fee for you can do that but if you pretty much every other federation you're gonna need a diverse distribution plant
and if our ratings to kind of you have asked five subscription b. o. d. in your home
in one ear and of our ratings of going down ten percent those um sets in one year that's super significant
i mean you think about the younger generation how youth are just not engaging with
sport as much as they used in the past somehow france's doing something
right with you we should find out what that is that's great they're up
eighteen percent but everyone else is down significantly in us say the most
uh so that's a problem of your right shoulder hoping to have the
next generation of all your sport so second a guiding principle
if you distribute everywhere you really need to think about not just going from one place to distribute content
what is at me so used to distribute to broadcasters broadcasters some
broadcasters have relatively good digital offerings many of them don't
uh if you rely on the broadcaster digital offerings to get to the younger generation you
might be good enough you markets but it's probably not good in most markets
so again you have i. p. purse just abuse amazons come on board they recently to deal with the
n. f. l. they can distribute are seventeen games for the n. f. l. on thursday nights
are they got his own put perform disturbing content in austria and switzerland and germany
are also doing this in japan are the olympic channels just shoving content and you lose shavings and
sports content to see need to think about can i use these platforms also to distribute
i think i got your white sphere distribution opportunities platform you shouldn't just just be the broadcasters
you need to be accessible across all devices apple t. v. rogue who x. box p. s. for gotta
be on those platforms gotta have a nap there you gotta have accessibility or carter those destinations
you need to think about betting if it's a problem with your federation your your capsule doesn't wanna go there five
ignored but otherwise if you think you can go there to revenue stream but it's also distribution opportunity for it
oh those are all non on platforms where you really need to
think about isn't on the platform and shared social platforms
getting content and just reading content across all the social platform to super important
and you can distribute on your destination there but you can also distributed on other channels exist
on those platforms or other pages exist on face broken we'll talk about that the second
so those are shared platforms and then we've got all the direct to consumer offerings which can be basically
powered by white label solutions that delta tray a new line arming on a band great for you
uh there's a number of examples here p. p. t. v.s a great when they're really pulling more
than their way in terms of the size of our consumer audience and fans they have
they do incredibly well on the social platforms like take a been sort of a leader money comes to subscription operate
it doesn't mean you have to have it subscription it could be
a are are free operating are advertising supported a bar
ah but usually explore those i think it's critically important on these platforms
because then you're talking directly to your fans in your consumers
and you learn a lot about them and can better help your sponsors market them because it's
and then finally into thinking about the rest of the world that china and being a big piece of the rest of the
world in terms of the population they have their everything you do in china has gotta be different than what you do
are in the in the in the western world and i just so quick example that record come back to this
if you look at the outside ring there those are all the sort of western
destinations you go to for for social media and other i. p. platform content
everything in china is different and you need to interact with those different platforms
in china to be able to reach the audiences that exists there
so i was talking about how we're thinking about distributing it in front
and this is an example of a ah cycling race we're launching
oh on the fourth of june in ah in the netherlands on and when
i think about distribution we're not just going to ah the quadrant
there the bottom traditional t. v. were distributing on traditional t. v. but
every deal we're doing with traditional t. v. is non exclusive
no one has all digital rights it's non exclusive they can have it in the market it has to be
an understanding that work and also put on a lot of other platforms to optimise you were shit
so we're doing video syndication there are companies that do this house is an example of one
they have three thousand five hundred publishers they work with in the us say
so that's three thousand five hundred websites like the new york times
and also it's about the website they want in bed video content on their
platforms to attract audiences around stories they right arrow other things they do
so when you think about the opportunity to exponentially it's a spanner
distribution working with videos indicators is something you should really consider
a bell on which is the of the group that's basically doing this event the hammer series is
a a consortium of eleven of the top cycling club schemes that exist in the world
so they're basically gonna put the video stream on all of their club channels that exist are on the web
uh both on social platforms and their own directly or else we're going to distribute across the other i. p. platforms
and devices i spoke about earlier and we're gonna duke you know full distribution across all the social platforms
well have it on you two bonneville on channel that we're also gonna have another channel called g. c. n. global cycling network
and they're uh especially network on you you to that really focused on cycling enthusiasts
so um we'll also have um places like straw about this is only happening thirty days from now so this is
an example we probably won't get all these deals them because we're in the middle of the right now
be conceptually if your right shoulder this is how i think you should think about distribution
and a lot of you might say well then the t. v. broadcasters won't pay me my fifteen million dollars for my rights
well i think when you look at the pressure t. v. broadcasters are under
and the need to have life support somewhat live sports can drive for
them in terms of showing their lineup and marketing for them i think you have more leverage new relies on you just need to say now
uh and we'll give another example maybe someone that has more leverage and some of the federations in this room up how to do that
so arthur guiding principle years are creating content for every platform and for your fans
well this is just a real quick snapshot of things you should think about doing the things we trying create every time we have
on the band taking place from one of our rights holders we have a whole bunch of prevent content we think about
we have a lot of during the event content be great and then we have posted an content we
want you to be consuming this board all the time and certainly not just during the live about
and the search content is critically important other something called google one box which
i was involved in launching which allows you to have an appetite
interface uh when you do a search for a a a product the
sports park that happens to be live at any given time so
uh if you did a search now for the art probably use in season the n. b. a.
you would find a google one bike shop before all the traditional blue wing so used to seeing all in the search box
many cases of the things we trying to just give a quick example of what we're doing
now with the ah the ice hockey world championships taking place and france and germany
uh this is their main side but we have our destination information we tell you how to get to the menus if
you're coming in my case from zoo we can show you the route to get there either by trainer by car
we can tell you what to do when you get to the destination how to enter where you see can be what
ah how you can buy a ticket that ah where you can get through right you can
order food so kind of full service to the consumer that showing up to the menus
we also have all sorts of games of recreating sort of
game application opportunities is a production game we created ah
and you basically have to choose ahead of time who's gonna win these
various uh i games are taking place i just wanna poll
the team here so how many p. people think u. s. a. is gonna win this
game any u. s. a. whenever says within one so everyone thinks when one
no one has been uh it's a majority us we might see if you guys get a
prize no us say one starring ah how about finland versus separate public used for finland
alright checker public
it's kind of even i think you guys are right it was a time perfect
so anyway these are things were running throughout the event which really drives more
ah time spent by the consumer allows him to have fun on platforms
we create all sorts of videos are to basically showcase what's happening at the event
i i won't spend too much time or else go well i sorry so another example
is we now have a camera on the rough ah so to ref camp
that idea then we have all sorts of gold summaries of we do everyday so you get to see goals faces
and we do the same thing to say here's another example
i may just leads to more consensual gets more people interested me and then and then they can
share this content with their pants on their social platform so more people get to watch
sometimes this happens at seven the me last an hour on screen or lights range was like
hey i can't get this would happen you don't yeah good so things go wrong sometimes the internet's not perfect yeah you've got except that
uh i was involved in the rebels stratus chances i remember that when the guy jump from really high up
so i was beaded all the backend for that it was it was our ally when you two and we did
the planning for that we thought we had three million light concurrence made of having nine million my concurrence
in about halfway through that my engineers or screening like this is gonna blow up or not
to be over so the standing when you can imagine that sees about the job everything
it's gonna crafted didn't but yeah those are the kind of stresses we still have on the web so we have
a lot of viewership what's not fully ready for that but i think it will be pretty soon
uh i'm just another example behind the scenes which i think is really important content be
to consider making it's not that expensive to do this is a simple channel camera
just tell gamut you got hundreds of thousands of light use and then millions of
oh it's very popular kind of thing my son who sixteen will share because with this as
so what happens if you don't double up all this extra content may good
content share at make it accessible to sponsors what are they gonna do
any guesses like i did around it that they're gonna say well we don't need you
we don't need your federation we don't either sport will create our own operate
this is the effort to do a two hour marathon didn't hear about that
yeah i got my preston that pretty interesting kind of interesting topic so
they might not be made it or not
yeah twenty three on the cockpit they changed the twenty five so you're correct answer extra credit
on the task um but it was an amazing thing to try and deal but
what's it all about it's really about this right about shoe ah what also that it's really about this too it's about
yeah dominance in the market place but the but if i can create invent myself but i can't get to write all the wrong gonna do that
next time the marketing power on this but my view is you should start thinking about giving
light content and parts of your advanced to sponsors and letting them distribute for you too
'cause i think you'll find that to be a pretty powerful tool and i think most of
you heard about this thing happening in price some of using some of the o. d.
so if you think about being creative don't sell every single piece of what you have
to the broadcaster hold some of that back my pinion go direct your fans
when you wanna go directly fans we wanna follow your users know with the
r. understand them you can complement on t. v. that super important
for all the money everything's shifting to digital so there's more money more advertising opportunities or if you're creative
you wanna understand your customer which are fan where they do happen you
personalise things to them give them alerts make them come back
you wanna basically not deliver are unknown on is we wanna know who your audience is if
they're interacting with the other person awake you can help you spot is better target
and you want to build your own asset when you think about building on asset think about the n. f. l.
the n. f. l. wants something called me and i found that work in two thousand and three two thousand six
uh they decided of their two hundred fifty six games they were gonna hold back eight of
those games and put them on this new cable net worth it when a lot in
the u. s. a. and with those eight games even have much other programming the start
of the term archival footage they went around trying to get distribution from cable operators
so they got a sub fee for every subscriber that i got a on the cable systems
they got thirty two cents which for them and the year they wants based on those eight games i
got forty four million dollars in total revenues you get thirty two cents per stop kinds twelve months
so average value per game is roughly ten million dollars uh at that point in
time based on what they sold all their other games to the broadcasters
so we kinda lost a little money on that deal but in the long run they're making
a lot of money because now they have an asset call the n. f. l. network
and that has seventy two mailing cable homes today about the ten years later it may
get a dollar forty per subscriber which makes him one point two billion dollars a
year they still basically have the same lineup of content that they had in two thousand
and three ah but they also by the way soul those exact same games
uh to n. b. c. in c. v. s. were broadcasting them at the same time so they're still being broadcast on the cable network
they're also being drunk asset in the c. in c. v. s. to pay them three hundred fifty million dollars plus
the production cost which is another twenty five million dollars you probably heard about them selling them to amazon
so now they have seventeen games of take another two hundred fifty six uh games in their work
basically a hundred and four hundred finally game based on the toe reverie they proceed for that
so it's create a lot of value for them ah but basically as i said if you can just hold back somebody writes you
might find ways to great destinations are about the for you can go like this maybe not quite this big but certainly
yeah and some way shape or form i'm really important to have a now or are some kind of web based out but
uh we did this last year with uh the apply as we watch the first outburst and it had lied integration
uh we got a huge number downloads in the first uh sixty days average start time spent was over five minutes which
is great for now and a lot of push alert so people wanted to know about when things were happening
um and going direct to consumer can be a subscription offering here's a whole bunch of barely sort of focus niche
offerings that exist out there they're doing pretty successful i'd like a month or our cost per month basis
these are very uh content specific crunchy role is and i'm a you've got really like data
maybe a doubly that we we know what that is you gotta really let doubly ugly
but they have a huge fan base and that's cheaper route for this content and they're
paying a lot of money with well over a million subscribers for that at work
uh in eating gated community take a look at platforms on on duty black
open ninety which basically this is a a a site a channel on
you too but as two hundred and fifty journalists to work all around the world pop open i need to produce their content for them
therefore alter leslie cover football games they roughly spend fifty thousand dollars a month to get roughly
one thousand video stories every month from these two hundred fifty dollars most of
the shows work for free books or super passionate about what they do
they do a lot of they're filming their videos with their phone maybe might have to pay them to give him
a out of a capture device uh and they're amazingly successful channel and you two been doing incredibly well
another channel like that is global cycling network they started a few years ago this
is the destination for cyclists are just so you could you talk about
part of our teen ah and we spend much time teaching them how to produce content too so when you think
about rap late they can actually produces of content for you and you can use that content on your platform
were you know we do top huh huh
really rest for the first two years really bad content have a lot of editing
that here and now it's a lot easier to get down on our platform
um another thing we did um you think about uh um uh info answers
uh i think about uh the creators on you to um when we had the olympics in
london twenty well we took thirty to the top creators i need to have a lot
of influence on that platform we sent them the london can take cover the model of the
games not the competitions but everything that was happening around them and the look again
they activated the entire you to view numbers because they have lots of lots of subscribers and have a lot of influence or
and really got a lot more young people aware that one again says going on in that interested
in watching it and watching it on t. v. by the by these are
amazingly strong platforms to market to get consumers to watch on t. v.
and just a quick example
mm kay i was gonna practised procrastination olympics blah
i got eighty more slides how we don't i'm okay on time
okay give me about when you're ready alright ah gets no your fans are really important are who are
they really care about where they wanna watch ah how often they what's gonna become you every day
just a quick example of uh of of how we're thinking about things you could take a sort of four step process
working with our rights holders inadequate like data integrations competition
portage notifications to the rat personalisation to wrap
fan engagement better fan engaged in other platforms including a digital sales capability so
they're selling their own platforms now not just letting t. v. cell
uh i think kind of step to improve their website mobile lies it make it more capable
go direct to consumer if you have an opportunity to do that with your own destination of that makes sense or go
that aggregate desperation like down if you wanna be there but again you're not gonna have that one on one relationship
quite a c. r. m. in the interface and you get to know your
people your fans all people are on the platforms kids moms that whoever
and think about innovative opportunity so good your grandson cradle of the are offering
or three sixty offering that lets people see things and even different way
i'm not fully i commenced on b. r. and how it's gonna take off uh it's
pretty intrusive in allowing you to interact with other people many of headset on
uh but we'll see how it goes then step three in for just other things uh that you should think about doing the
continuum as relates to quote going deeper in creating a a
really ecosystem mopping around your sport be on just content
um user out to do kind all the things i just talked about uh and think about sponsors and how they
wanna have content and use content and their platforms they've
exhibited social platforms lots of their own digital platforms
and you have to be able to give them content to use on those destinations you
can't just give and take it and hospitality imports but it just won't work
um few years for with animations one thing we did on a on a on you too but i was
there we work with the america's cup we quit all graphic interface of the ad data integrated with that
with the video with a whole bunch of graphic overlays you could see what but was which
half ass but we're going have far behind it where where the finish line was
but the boundaries of the course was insanely sailing which is just something that most people
can't even copying and if you're looking at a syllable from the side of a
of the of the of the water is something now that people could
really comprehending get it interested in really followed get excited about it
uh we're doing this with alan again i talked about advent hammer series of wooden with
them starting in june so we're gonna integrate all search aptly data you know
the power watts output their heart rate you have cameras on the bike to see
the front the back of the bikes are most so quickly to video
unique used from the from the bikes themselves and lots of different ways to see the sport along with all the data to integrate it um
another example if we did this with that track and field you can
it makes it fun
i'm also working a lot was something called virtual overlay technology i kinda
laughable but when i started it in front uh i've been
working at this other sports agency unless they're ninety seven and i was also it the time in charge of virtually technology
uh so actually really hasn't come to fruition yet than about what twenty years so
uh i think we're getting close we have a partner working with call does arty uh this is a machine learning uh
uh implementation of this you don't need not to gadgets and equipment to make it happen is the really smart machine that learns
what the players are how the players are moving other just alter to variables to
take place on the field play including some might including rain including smoke
that you know computers need to learn about so it's not a simple solution but when you think about
creating a self driving car that's not a simple solution either and i think we should
be able to solve with this and we're getting pretty close always around football
so stated uh but it's anyway demonic ties and allows
sponsors to have localised opportunities with their brand sort
even sell a separate sponsorship for the distribution in china you would have a distribution in germany
so better on side experiences of the really quick uh there's all sorts of things you
can do on site but that some other uh mobile devices you need i
a mobile enabled stadium that has not them but the oh take a vegetable this but i think
you know what you have that degree with indoor arenas or things you should consider doing
um so case are heroes really important you need to know the arrows on the sport
um and that's another quick video here this is something we produced also go productive you kind of a sense of
you know what it's like to be a ice hockey actually and kind of who they are and just how
skilled they are but they do you don't get that sense necessary mother out there up playing in competition
other when you see this your allies that these people have incredible skills that most of us don't come close to having um
so i think i'm gonna number ten is alright oops almost um that are
about that um so also you think about our development as the
development participative elements we're doing a lot with a digital platforms optically mexico
are working with the mexican national federation and be a professionally
to build the base of people in football so they stay in the sport
longer but people just basically they get five six seven eight nine ten
they just based on out of the sport begin should be against against
another sport big interest in girls whatever might be or boys um
i'll be quite a digital tool that up parents can use kids can use it makes it fun
to learn a sport and allows you to kind of go up this board based on a
developmental pathways you can be level one two three four in kits now can
play at that level so they're not that's a seven year old
some seven year olds are really tall and all the strong someone so work on strongly get discouraged or having to compete with each other
we're thinking of this concept of these developmental pathway ways that we're working on that coaches in the schools and it'll be
can really work well no mormon this launches and ah and ah this coming summer
uh but it might be a nice tool for a number of iterations in the future to build word interest um
and then find about new revenue streams anyone know what this chart shows any ideas
just keeps going up uh that's five million on the top right anyone is that a good nothing and
that's the first time event took place in nineteen sixty
seven yes superbowl so this this is the
price of a super bowl thirty second unit and that's how it's gone up over time
so the last superbowl was finally knowledge to get thirty seconds on the broadcast
so uh super broad reach you don't know you're talking to be you're talking a lot
of people hopefully some of them might your product that interested in a product but
um when you create revenue streams obviously all the things we talk about today need to drive revenue for you
ah you directed that's a direct to consumer offerings most likely will be that
you need to be in this for the long run after twelve months
a fan analytic says gonna help you target more sponsors and had you help you target
your your consumers better virtual locally we talked about ah video syndication we talked about
re direct links with retail you know sending people to amazon amazon did in a cargo probably because i think they can leverage
you get a return on being able to target the people that are watching this content in prime with
with a belated our offerings on amazon and and get that get up side on the sales
um so all those are new revenue opportunities uh i talked about search
now you need to be on church platforms to get that discovered
a super important abandon enhanced viewing anyways to get people to spend more
time with you and engage with you and share with you
virtually out we talked about and then obviously as the date and about that we
talked about that effort in mexico and it's something you should consider doing
this is a revenue stream of the athlete developed the stick the athletes in the
parents are gonna spend x. amount per month that accessed all that content
uh and then content creation the distribution of content is another thing you need to consider if you're gonna do respectively
so if uh to wrap up just be really quite well uh vigils real embrace that you needed to build the relationship
uh distribute everywhere it's about your audience finding you and it's really hard to find things today so you
need to be really smart about where you are and how you get that shared other people
our content for every platform and fan ah there's never enough for a fan of your fan of
aboard sport i've yet to find a van that's told me they don't want any more
honestly ah go direct your fancy great conversation again to do community
let them amplifiers board use them to basically help the market
i get to know your fans be personalise the relevant be actionable a few years
but with the innovations we talked about so you can stand out the different
great better on side experiences we talk quickly about that it's pander in the
new offerings are so it's fun to go to the lie that
showcase your heroes of these people know who they are and get really
engaged around it because kids and people follow euros not sports
and about the revenue streams it's really up to you to figure that out but
there's a lot of opportunities to do that are and there's just dial
one more thing i want to tell all of you better and support the you really really need to think about here and
it's a really important because i work with somebody federations in my career and it never uh ceases to amaze me that
they don't get a wind when you decide to do these things you gotta make sure your management
you communications team you're marketing and sales team any writing digital team agree on your strategy
if you don't agree on your strategy and we're all pulling together you're not a team and you will fail
so uh that's probably my biggest word of advice to all of you today because this is the the
in invariably this becomes the big men spend it out uh causes believe in the space
so that's all i got i think i'm three minutes over but uh i've followed size and like

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