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oh welcome everyone i'm have a mari i'm editorial director spoke out
and our moderate this session this afternoon and try to guide you through uh the various parts of the session
other programs been a slight change the program i think so just to clarify
i will call ray about keynote speech that followed by
um a presentation by alex sanchez and ah
excuse me and then the coffee break uh so um before
we go into clothes um a keynote speech just a
a a note for about the wife i code which i think is also on the back of your badge
and uh the twitch or have you had had i've had a or e. seventeen and
please don't hesitate to um to eat uh if you have comments are interesting observations
i'm quite a question to the participants this question is
being email to you i think as we speak
um we'll immobile on them on viewing of four overtake traditionally
new t. v. viewing in the next ten yeah
we'd be really interested to hear your answer to that question what do you think
um and uh if you could do that uh give us your answer if you if you look
at your emails you see the question your in box and you can also write the
if you get give us your uh also before the coffee break that'll give
us an opportunity to an lies the answers during the coffee break
and then maybe we can discuss the onset is uh during the panel session after that so um
next up is ah called real well um uh let me introduce him
uh he's from intro from sports media is executive director digital
production but uh he has a long and interesting
a history in uh in the sports business and uh he's going to dress you know fine school

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Conference program

Emmanuel Bayle, Université de Lausanne
9 mai 2017 · 3:08 après-midi
Introduction to the Sport Future Rendez Vous 2017
François Bussy, Université de Lausanne
9 mai 2017 · 3:09 après-midi
Sport and the digital revolution
Emmanuel Bayle, Université de Lausanne
9 mai 2017 · 3:13 après-midi
Introduction of the keynote speaker
Callum Murray, Sportcal
9 mai 2017 · 3:18 après-midi
Keynote - 10 guiding principles: Preparing your sport for the future
Claude Ruibal, Infront Sports & Media
9 mai 2017 · 3:22 après-midi
FIBA 3x3 in digital
Alex Sanchez, 3x3 managing director at FIBA
9 mai 2017 · 4:04 après-midi
Interactive discussion led by C. Murray
9 mai 2017 · 4:54 après-midi
Dissertations in 3 minutes
Emmanuel Bayle, Université de Lausanne
9 mai 2017 · 6:19 après-midi
Can sport events be sustainable?
Olivier Mutter, UNIL-IDHEAP
9 mai 2017 · 6:20 après-midi
Analyzing trail runners' psychological activity
Nadège Rochat, UNIL-ISSUL
9 mai 2017 · 6:25 après-midi
Forensic Intelligence to Identify the Structure of Doping Markets
Alain Schopfer, UNIL-ESC
9 mai 2017 · 6:29 après-midi
Running in simulated microgravity
Frederic Stucky, UNIL-ISSUL
9 mai 2017 · 6:32 après-midi
Keynote - The Past and the Future of Sport and Olympic Games
Patrick K. Magyar, Interface Marketing AG President
9 mai 2017 · 6:37 après-midi

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