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thank you very much to purpose of also b. c. to introduce um
i was perfect you want even our topic of today's portend digital or revolution
so i will briefly introduce the the to pick a social
media i speak up sport event as never before
for instance during the last three for work up fritz which the
i. s. figure ever nearly seven and what medium of sweets
and in e. r. is one officer route researcher was an allied this
imagine key topics this is a cover of is the last book
the tendency of increasing social media uh
using sport reflex original right evolution
today fifty percent of the war petition use the internet
social media have open new ways of consuming sport
entertainment including x. specially the initiate sharing
of experiences as you can see in this picture doing the final of the superbowl
mobile devices that i've become the so the high of spectators
immediate sharing as also become natural in amount of support parties user running application
and after a exact thing is just icing you share
you your training statistics in footballs on social media
between two thousand eleven in two thousand fourteen movie user
have doubled and evolution is even much faster for for football fans
what is actually interesting was football is the use of balls
new and traditional media channels to diffuse the operation
mobile phones in the sense of sunscreen are primarily used for direct comments
phase book and you two are the pressure channels waiver for different contents
his book for direct commands you to prove videos
these two thousand ten
sixteen wanting of z. thirty five olympic international federation
shows that the biggest federation are not necessarily the leaders in social media engagement
if if i easily in fifth place and the
international twenty situation is in the last place
social media and new technologies i've said or consequences for all daily life
four files as much as for updates and support organisation
the influence sports in at least seven areas
social me yeah we sit on screen
big data that that did not so cool matrix set a matrix which are used
in professional sports but also come to fight self e. sports
also stallion connected to and also connected devices
what funding as sponsorship two point zero
but also e. governance in management communication
i rise the question of new jobs with e. competencies
the separations challenge spoke organisations as the after that too fast changing
and id taking college you call a environment digital conversion
re sync spot party sunspot events organisation
professional edition of fee sport what animals are
controlled by the international olympic spot movement
integrate the actual reality a new technology for new experiences
but always vision of sponsors on these digital platforms
the answer to this question off
what can you don't we have the chance to welcome probably but ask you not speaker
approach presentation will be followed by the reactions of four experts
through the bait led by i can remember it
so many things to them and i wish you a frightful the bait on these dramatic for that
very important for the future of spot thank you very much

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Patrick K. Magyar, Interface Marketing AG President
9 May 2017 · 6:37 p.m.

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