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come actually nobody wanted to work with minimal ah well
i'm i'm the and the logo i in here
so let's let's to work on us test cool all view has not
use to their mobile phones during the last two hours hands off
and you weren't saying or control so everybody please take after mobile phones now and put
them on like not ah i. c. s. i'm waiting for the month like more
because you know what i'm going to show that you you can now do two things at all
uh this is what digital essentially becomes a problem oh you cannot
consciously multiplied tossed not even the
ladies i'm sorry yeah um
actually i i in the since march of this year i was not a candidate for the board of
dining league anymore sign complete characters would start working with
uh with skills now so with professional skills
would i think championships in this baker's boxers
copper just it's absolutely fascinating um
so what i'm going to speak about is this past and future
element and i'm not an historian so the only thing
i can speak about is my personal experience and that personally
experience is believe it or not actually pretty well but
i'm going to say some things which maybe not everybody will like so
as i've also the really in penal uh i have decided to
start with a disclaimer let me explain what i'm talking about it's rude
up with video which is going to be launched right now
one point of view gives one impression that's clearly of that it
runs away
from another point of view that deals
the guy she here of what's going on
so my view is of course the last one but if somebody doesn't have
exactly the same view that doesn't mean he's wrong it's just not my
but this whole thing where it's coming from started from the
the first thing i can really really remember in sports
very actively of my childhood was the nineteen seventy to
eyesight was my family munich in the olympic stadium
and i saw all energy and then asked lee when the first
ever uganda metal in olympic games john i keep one winning
the four hundred meter prudence in world record defect with facts first we called i when you go okay i see
the uh the second the fact was that every day and i wanted actually
to be at all the big guy some as an athlete as um
as a coat as and when i tried of cord doesn't asleep but i'm totally
and talented so i didn't make it so i tried as a coach
the olympics was my big ideal that's what i always wanted to be
um where the olympics today well sometimes the image
has become a bit different and my perception
as the cities and and as a tax payer is very
very different from the olympics that i had it
and forty years ago you you know what i don't seem to be the only one sheridan that you
and then you look at statistics and you ask yourself well we're all these bits gone
and and you real nice actually people didn't want them anymore
they didn't like it anymore they preferred staying at home playing the games and stuff like that
but you you know and that is not even the whole truth because some
of these had to be replaced so it's actually worse than just that
let let's go back to history and i'm showing you this image even so actually
i started as a non football player and unfortunately for me
my coach at that time was also my school teacher
he was the goal keeper of the first team of the f. c. if the regular lack
and he basically started telling us serious stuff about spoke to
the first thing he said you can never win alone
what do you do with team sports on individual sports you will always
need people that you trust in and that trust in you
so i i don't guess i still believe in it might think
right that's the really yes i still do believe it
the wire chief that the whole time not necessarily so
yeah when i when i work for a fee fine i
chose this picture which i stroll very often because
this is the second lesson i learned it's about fair play it's about this or that i'll
actually when we play and one of us would file an opponent
i'd i'd only by accident not trying to tackle the ball and then
slipping into somebody that really foul somebody stopping him from the game
we would be taken out by our coach immediately because he said that's something you build a little
there are two day that's a bit different it's actually sell that in
professional football you'll be criticising east if you don't act on fear
and if you go to if if you go to see
matches of eight year old he he's the parents
i mean this is totally see it nonsense but that's what what actually is happening
so i appeared concur with incense people say let's not gain let's
don't gain with anything to do with the down but
at the same time and coverage i would hate to hit
your opponent in a football game that doesn't realise long
but that is a bit of the the club made that we're we're seeing in today's sports
so as i said i i used to work for free find i developed a program which you will see
on the next slide on the left which i'm extremely proud off i thought that was a great program
i i know my former colleague mccullough implemented and not off that was sent there
is and and then and today when i show with everybody starts laughing
yeah because somehow that's not what you associate with fleas friday mark
and so now the you you know we we knew
with that the day will preserve football's integrity
all of your way far that's that's always the top headline when
you speak about the distribution of revenues from the champions league
that's how you support the small clubs that's how you support grassroots sports
so what i really learned is that well what when
you played for all it was about the t.
when i'm watch a football day to day and somebody's got worse display or traits like
how often they turn it to to really complement
himself in front of the fans why because
only that will increase his financial value and
why do i say he's not his or her because actually the girls don't do that
when you watch women's football there's none of that crap activity
they go behind they don't to this ugly files it's more fun to what to good
football game with top when and actually that it is with top meant to that
so going back to my memories nineteen seventy seven nineteen seventy seven what an important here
for me because in nineteen seventy seven something happened which i could not like i
had to football clubs that i cheered for one was the essay by the munich because
that's where my grandparents lived and the other one was the f. c. liverpool
and that guy moved away most of you are too young to me than all that
these that's the first international superstar coming out
of an english really that's kevin keegan
he was that cool you want the club championships with with the f.
c. liverpool and then he moved to the humble gauche part time
that you wouldn't believe it but he started sinking as well and he had records with smokey
and stuff like that and he was very successful that was the first pop idol we
had in football but it was one of the first really big big names that moved
from one clark what it was a big history about the clock to another one
so i remember at that time and i i'm sure those of you were
a bit around my age who remember that as well i'm sure calendars
it was like anything between traitor and um
some people actually you know they they i i remember one article the was coffin on the front page
with kevin keegan read normally so that was held we're looking at these kinds of transfers that
but in the same year there was another transfer which was even more desolate
how bright the and i remember that picture i have that picture for ages in any speech i do
why not because i like that guy particularly oh i think it's not not really handsome either uh
but doesn't yes paul bright or moved back from um re
out immigrate to i'm craft but i'm sure like
i'm trapped down shy week ah the time was the only
german clap that could afford probably i there's transfer
amount of one point four million porch mark andes and you'll i'm i'm not speaking of a daily salary
like right now voiced his annual salary of four hundred thousand birch mark and how did they do that
this was just start of real advertising commercial advertising in
sponsorship like i remember it at my days
this company here called yeah that must it's actually like or
they went to i pop lounge like here and they change the
crest of the plot so yes well then the official
press of the club it was still cold i well that we
should like but with this crest bay well that to play
yes was the legal way of making this commercial sponsorship and for those who like me
or or working in a german speaking world bases do we'll start of commercial sponsorship
that's only forty years ago before that that was minimum and then it started
of all writing very very frost have the memories yes nineteen seventy six
feel better why you couldn't run the fifteen hundred meters so somebody else wanted the because there was the
boycott about the seventy six point courts were nothing
compared to nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty four
first against the russians than the russians against the americans uh
why is that important to me because that was the
first time we realised that politics can abuse what's
it and and i mean abuse in the sense of massively massively influenced
it talk almost twenty years for the next political see for
me to remember when i try to put this together
jesus when his politics feed into that and then seven they had this
picture of this gentleman i don't know if everybody of you
no same he's the record german chancellor helmut kohl and that
was in nineteen ninety four that was a nice email
he actually had push so hard to be in the
dog shit bomb this legal t. v. show
because he promised himself that he would display he would he would
really display his popular taste i'm a citizen like you
i love football that was the first time i remembered that um
i i remember analyse why was then in the stadium
and just starting to work for phase five
and that was the story gentleman and then i saw that's a room that
today when i found a picture so that's the pinnacle of sports politics
and uh but i actually you know you know i mean this is a former swimmer uh and for
an olympic swimmer actually uh betraying fee for president this was his successor is the swiss guy
we swiss that normally round the world of sports we're very proud of this
um so if if one person from from dallas
disappears we immediately take another person in f.
show 'em either i also had you know these these glued memories uh
as i said i'm i was totally free of talent in sports
so i decided okay i can't do it myself i'll become a coach
might be trying to coach was seventeen and on t. v.
i actually did my national college diploma with twenty so
that that was a long time ago and
since then i've actually worked in one way or shape or form in sports on
one of the first things i realised being a young coach he is
you may need volunteers if if you try to do with all commercially
it becomes very difficult because you move away firms what's into entertainment
i'll say moo when the soft words you you move from sports into your business
so to me i've i probably work more work hours on the one re bases and
i worked on that paid basis in sports during my whole life and then um
as she you off of free for our marketing at the time i developed a
slogan which was probably the best single marketing activity i yeah that the
um those of you who can remember that you've got some cost by form that actually was we're just
about the my name at trying to make friends uh and we we were at the time uh
it was a very legend the re meeting includes the like remembered out and and actually one of
the consultants of the terminals c. trying to steal that but we we protected it and
it it was just beautiful what's what but don't he's had done with
that determine organising committee developed the hold friendly nuts initiative about it's
and they they started a teaching volunteers they started
to teach try and drivers bus drivers
policeman all over the place and this world
cup actually changed the image of germany
mu what in any of the events since the second world war it it really
make an impact and it showed you how good that could be um
well not bought lawn tearing today if i look at
some of the sports leaders it's more this attitude
uh and and i'm i'm not happy to say that but this is
what i lived for many years almost on a daily basis
there is many many people in sport let's not fool ourselves that are working with a lot
of hard with a lot of the motion the higher you get on the latter the
scar so these people are too fine so i you you know then
twenty years later you opened the paper and you read the great thing you date had a lot to do with
some people paying some other kind of monies to other people so i i must say that looking back
i know that my name will never come up here i might be richer actually if it worked
but it would be more difficult to talk about integrity and civil courage to my own sounds
and that is something that i think is is lacking move wouldn't ever today and sport
let let me take a classical example who knows who these people are hands up
you you have literally step but for those who don't know that's is russian whistleblowers
that actually managed to get the uh sorry uh the russian dropping system to from
that's the two individuals that managed
to discover state organised dropping
now probably every metal on or that is available
in any kind of sports should be awarded to them because
they protected thousands of as lead from being cheated
who who knows what is currently the status of these two people
that is very interesting how do you know
can i ask you
you know with the everybody that had their hands up shared yes
well you say that's the news of eight months ago since then they have an official status of
refugee in the united states et cetera but the truth is they are not interesting anymore
they did everything they change their lives to help sports integrity
and the the audio c. in its toll cool great must decide
that they should be rewarded by not let you you around
at the olympic games in real they found some kind of
very weird the rules that we all knew were
not right we think we could afford that i've have union italy for two and a half year
and i can tell you it was a handful of the beginning and it still is a handful now
where is the i. w. f. word european athletics absolutely nowhere
what kind of support are they receiving from these federations nothing
just zero and this is this is we're integrity and civil
coverage on not getting recognised the way they should
and this is this is really problematic and it has
to do with the way the media landscape change
but when i was living as a boy in s. w. lack
the se is the seven t. v. stations we ha
yeah oh so that's uh for those of you who worked too long that's the former force on
before it was state all the uh before it was commercially owned it was still stapled here
but so often do today or falls do and that's a false to hua i hate said
they have remained the same we have no chance of seeing the sir german programs
um we had this to swiss channels there was search with channel
b. italian speaking one but no chance to receive batting estimate
yeah so so today i'm i'm living close to slogan a small city called shrine house and
and i have something like four hundred twenty and t. v. options that i can look at
and you know i'm i'm like most people i use regularly nine to ten
of these t. v. stations and an regularly another four to five
so that's what i've use of this and it's not that much more so
what is that proliferation of t. v. stations like to
actually in europe and now i need to be very specific as
of now i'm talking of europe not the whole world because
the united states is a totally different animal asia is a totally
different animal after check can be somewhat compared to europe
but but actually it's it's very different from continents contains
but in europe the us attorney station of television
has actually led to a mono culture of football on t. v.
and this is why i'm so critical about considering elite football i'm not talking of crossroads football
i'm talking of things like the probably only the champions league et cetera what is the
reality between the champions league t. two day
and drop top was playing football
outside that has nothing to do with the checked this has become pure entertainment and
it has become a commercial product that you move back and forth so
you know football is really as i said that's the bread and circuses of the mobile phones
this is about money this is a time show this is about entertainment
nobody gives a toss in the n. f. l. if
the you should linebackers our goal or not
you know work nobody gives a tops whether elite football
players are talked about this has nothing to do
with the sports i started what's there is no
values in there because if you're not cheating
if you're not die even if you're not filing you're being considered in it it's
so we're really looking at it difference that is happening in sports and by
the way one of the main reasons might be a small culture
is now becoming so powerful is sitting here and not down at the school p. i. m. c.
against all advice is of most of the federation is
not a hundred percent but almost all federation say
if you want giving the way the right specifically in europe
away from the e. b. u. from euro vision from the public broadcasters to commercial broadcasters
we fear that our sports will not be shown any more public t. v.
and guess what that's what happens so we heard today a lot
a lot about digital is asian linear t. v. yes act
the honest answer to the question that we have the full would
be yes that for what reason because the question was biased
like last time i suppose you could uh it why was the bias because it cost about clean your t. v.
i dare say that in many european countries linear t. v. if you speak really
of linear t. v. is already out of wood in switzerland for sure
the t. v. shows up being watched but sometimes it's like ten minutes the lay
five minutes the lay if you go when the replay function et cetera
it the reason why i say it's still i'm not sure back that is
because i have a little bit of the less technical you want it's
fifteen years ago i predicted that the tell coal companies will
not take over the t. v. broadcast the brats
at the time they were not many of us that belief that now it today it's clear they
didn't the big t. v. brian's are still there and they are still getting the majority
my question to you is everything we heard on digital beat yet today
does that help you gain new kids to wean your sports
or is it just the the the already convinced fans with
even more stuff that they want tons all and
as i said i'm trying to provoke a little bitty but the answer is
yeah and it's probably the latter for most sports is the letter
so nineteen ninety one i'd lofts that logo because for many years
i was the only person that knew what it meant
yeah that was developed in geneva nineteen ninety one this was
actually the first logo for the world wide web
and it was designed by one of the two guys that launch that on the sixth of august
i'd like to what off weeks later this was officially launched to the public so
you know some politicians believe they can change the world
the truth is no politician since the last world war
has changed world more significantly than the two guys that long yes
because the estranged everything the way it this this change our way of doing
business some way of of uh getting distribution down et cetera et cetera
um actually if you were a bit clever already quite really
you could say that that predicts that much faster
well i have a message for you that since nineteen ninety
eight assigned iffy funky a contract for free file
and that was the first game contract work i had included online gaming
and not just off line okay because we predicted band that there might be something happening there
and the two thousand and two there was a final of the free far
it was then called virtual getting because the speaker virtual reality that
the fee for virtual going in the semifinals stadium
in in korea for the faithful world cup
at the two finalists a japanese and the call really fourteen years
all likely the korean one because the stadium was full
and i told their say what would have happened so that that is a development that has not
been as fast as many people believe we have seen that to move very fast now
but it's something that actually started fifteen years ago almost um
i said the perception changed you know i i think if
if the digital media the it's something falls all worked
a big it it also to society i yeah as
far as information uptake is a concert it's fantastic
i mean you press on the button and you find almost any kind of information you want
and a certain american presidents can't differentiate would it's fake or not but
if if you have the ability to find out what this fate call not
uh then you get really useful information in a snapshot of time
but at the same time it's massively changed also a way to
conscious you information a way to consume entertainment and a way
to consume sports it's fast it's still important to date it's completely
forgot to more it's shorter important no no no no
couple of hours later it's gone and the the ears
yeah we look to do you put this in that kind of information
you can find it be if you if you really want to you can take that
the headlines is still what counts asked helen
on how important are the headlines of important articles you right sounds work out
you know the more aggressive he makes the headline the move clicks you hassle
but it might not be the most important information but that's simply how it works if i didn't realise that
you know you live in that world and you wanted to one that you live with it if you change but
in two thousand ten you same bold cancelled his appearance intel
classes or it just a couple of weeks before me
we had the media conference which was i was standard media conference will announce that
it was a young journalist radio trade was coming out the microphone beer it ensures
now mister meg here that you saying is not coming out going to cancel the meeting
uh i was i must say i that was one of the first times i had absolutely no
hands and so i thought as i said i will not if and she said yes
and i said you you know there used to be at the cast let's call the thompson if a journalist
could not tell him the right order of the disciplines the decathlon he would not talk to him
can i ask you what is the right order of the disciplines into the castle
and show it it it actually i i got a lot of
positive echoes um from from listeners to that show afterward
but that shows you how you draw things that you may think i'll not me
that important we have all the olympic champion coming all the european champions coming
yes one athlete missing that's no reason to not to meeting but
look at the olympic games in real whether bolt was there
or not may half of the attendance in the stadium
so these people have no idea about the slapstick seemed real but
they went to work out but just for the news content
and that's when you see in the stadium you know all the people with the mobile like
i picture myself they don't want to see they they want to picture themselves
with the cell sleek and show it to their friends i'm there
but that's not sports conceptions that's seven three distribution it's not exactly the same
so yes the weather changed web change so far that actually
today you're not even looking at the way um
things are being brought constant from the transmission me but you're looking at the final outlets b.
b. c. getting panic because everything seems to be covered in these contracts giuseppe i packed
so you're not allowed to watch um these right lamented
events these major sporting events that on the list
on the mobile phone on t. v. but strictly speaking you are allowed
to watch them on the night cat so as long as
a broadcaster that comes from outside you say you only allowed to
watch it on i can't you could circumvent that regulation
so uh i i mentioned something about perception actually one of the jobs i'm doing is
i'm holding lectures which are very much based on neural science and the way
and people should management lead other people from a human point of view and
let me ask you a question the the the human on picks up
ten million bits per second so ten million inputs as seconds how
big is the percentage of these that are
being pick up subconsciously or consciously
what would you think how big is the percentage of conscious processing of the brain off the
bits you pick up perceptions tenderly and that's that's what how they get the contours percentage
twenty thirty
five ah one let me just one that's five hundred thousand
but it's cool i'm sorry guys it's forty not forty percent it's full tidbits
the rest is subconscious and this is why i tell you
if you will the you can consciously modified parts
you simply don't all how the brain is why a human brain channel to that
while i speak here i have you read the text on its and then i asked you questions about what i
said what was written on the text you you don't know what i said or what was with mobile yes
i've never found that i've tried that with hundreds and hundreds of
people i've never found one single person that could do bowls
you roll logically it's not possible to doubles you cannot you the way of processing the information is different
so when we speak of seconds from the second stream is an alternative screen
why do you watch a statistics volume all by and you do not follow what's going on on t. v.
and this is why i'm not that has a mistake for the big
t. v. screen with the noise in each and m. i. e.
optimistic that the mobile phone will further increase
the importance yes absolutely because it's dan
convenient you can take it out anyway you can watch it that separate
but is it the complete alternative i'm not sure about that i think i think rolled mentioned a few times
this is all adults this is not just will completely replace this this is this is our idols
yeah if you actually don't believe me i can forward your brain i'll show it to you um
this is where a is darker but this where they you can say that on the t. v. as well right
i can tell you it is not it has just to do that the context of the
shadow shows you it's different i cut it apart i moved it um it is not
your brain is not able to see the difference i'll show it to you what yeah
this just this is the kind of stuff if you don't really
understand that it's very difficult to construct proper digital strategies because
it has to do with how the brain processes information how
would processes images how much context it needs or not
we all can recognise that record by mouth minding our brain
is clearly helping here what i told you that is
on the head that's not the way we usually two takes out for the image a hundred eighty degrees
for you to tell me almost like if yes the same as the yes
i promise you it it's it's just that a hundred eighty degrees
and i can i can make you a final example that
is to me is is is when you really special and that is this what you might see a ball he
those of you who have maybe seen that before see the cigar and
she's the cigar okay i have to just see the cigar nah
once you have seen the cigar try to look at the left picture and not see the cigar
i it's impossible to do the first reality was just visible
the second reality this is a wall with the cigar and there's
this fantastic historian at the year uh i i don't
know if you've heard his name you val her robbery uh and he just wrote a book called probably us
egg he has this this incredible example which
to me was kind of a revelation because that's how i feel a balcony sports today
you know he has this story about the young english nobleman
that gets cold to the second crusade and um
of course the priest in his church that that that's the smartest guy
he would know because nobody smarter than the priest in that county
most educated person tells him all the time going to that comes i guess the only right thing
to do you need to feel these them mostly is they don't believe in the right call
the right thing to do his patent thinks a friend thinks so
now i'm older ladies in the county that they worship in that used to
when they they fall in law so he's going beer he goes to
maybe syria or palace thing and details other young noble man that
in the name of the only one single bald kill themselves as well so kind
of okay now i guess guy we move when i when to virtual gaining
yeah we moved out a couple of centuries this young man
comes down and meet physically sent a young english nobleman
that works for amnesty international and hell syrian mostly it's
that's shop the question he's cool of them is doing the right thing
in each period in each context e. t. is the right thing
my whole sports is a slight takes in nineteen eighty eight that guy won the olympic
gold and was taken it away school ben johnson for those who don't recognise it
that's still is the biggest scandal in dropping in sports
but before that we call in the world in aesthetics every athlete believed it
was okay to take rods as long as the doctor had prescribed them
now coming back thirty years later and saying
all all the nasty people in the early
nineteen eighties help topic is not correct
because like with our young nobleman we just change perspective and
we cannot totally out of context judge these people so
i have a very hard time with that but this also gives me a second on to something
one i'm standing here and i look about the great leaders it's for it's about
the jenny from t. nulls of this world to thomas back off just work
that's a different planets they'll highly and not on
the same planet my view of what is
good right or wrong seems to be still i'll leave the different then they have you
i care about the sports i did they don't seem to do that at all
you know and the the is great people it's it's that's somehow
they don't seem to be able to access to leadership
um which i'm not a good example i refuse to become
fee for secretary general in two thousand and two uh
maybe i should have taken up that fact but i would've been sacked
six months later so what was the purpose it's a bit
the fact is that uh so where are we going from here
with all what i said i personally believe the importance of
sports in society will continue to roll up grassroots level
much much more import it is already today much more important than it was
thirty years ago and i speak of organised sports why why is that
but believe it or not most of us at my age we
got heavy with time ya would be more not visas children
uh maybe a bit later and it but it but this is a big big big issue
but the truth is that because of organisation because of sedentary lifestyle
do is walk it's they're ever going into the cops sweat
something that's just one of these examples that so everywhere
because the kids don't have a place to run and play with words
they do actually go to class and they need we need they should this safety
in these urban environments especially to fact this is what otherwise they wouldn't be moving at all
and as much as i'm in favour of having fun with e. gaming
as much i'm i'm in favour that's these kids also do move
kept ah we we had this wonderful a speech of kept ah
i was hired by aspire have to me with the simple goal to make sure that that
the amount of diabetics in the and the sixteen
year olds gets real use in calcutta
do you have any idea what percentage and do sixteen year old data i think i'm not
talking all their other nationalities that have been servant
so on their data is has diabetics
it's way over fifty percent more than half and it's a situation which
is being match since last year in the city of but you
so we yes sports will be an important social
driver but the issue is these kids
when they are they and their parents problem and the sports club with five
they will have done it for ten years they're fed up they will certainly not continue
when is active sports they might take a break that they get a
bit heavy with thirty they start again doing house but it's
but what we call the elites what segment is going to die out unless
we do something about that now can you do something about it yes
we had for decades now of focus on infrastructure sustainable we built white
elephants we've invested billions in say yeah that nobody can use
we invested billions in facilities that oh routing but
i i think that's not the way to go to go forward in
every property i was i've tried to to really work on base
you know when i was the general manager of a linking we actually did the lindy sailing too
and we tried to find new young it's waste sailors
on the swiss lakes with that too and when when we beat
for the european championships in aesthetics that we
organised in zurich to says that forty
we decided we need that pretty sustainability not as sustainability flat because
you know on the state sustainability ins woods is an illusion
once the thing happens in today's media landscape eats long so
any saying you have not done to prepare before
or to take care of this will not happen often it's just cool denies that the event will work
right i saw keyword chant digits one of my favourite topics anybody for my sucky here
oh yeah so so they're all that i think that only for the
money yeah so there's no i'll priest inability gives no grassroots event
they are given out whether pays moles and then they organise the track to chip
and you look at how many milwaukee it starts playing ice hockey after that in a complete it's zero
because it's not even part of the federation's why the
only reason to do that used to vermont oh
so they're very good at turning many by the way they have an excellent agency which i highly recommend that but
what we did is we invented a and aesthetics competition
it's it's just recently than sixty meters a ball stroke and a
long john from eighty centimetres so some up from the board
and last year handwritten thirty six i wasn't
participated in that event in switzerland
imagine germany just about ten times more that would be
one point four million young germans doing and aesthetics event once a year
that's a figure not even for people is reaching in in germany
in switzerland this is for one half times higher than the credit suisse football cup
so i did that have an effect yes it beat
in switzerland like in many european countries you need a license to compete in aesthetics
because the license with the license you accept the anti dumping
uh the the anti dumping rules so your name that for twenty seven consecutive years
as like takes lost members license numbers in switzerland we implemented the changes
the two sides then ten and since then since then um
actually the members doing aesthetics in switzerland were
raised by seventeen point five percent
if they were stable it would already be huge success
because in the same time we're having less youngsters every year
that situation will still warm force reuse and this is why big you
to to be aware of the difference between europe and other countries
our number of people turning sixty five years
in the next coming years is bigger
than the number of young people being born in the same time europe
so actually we are not just looking at the market of
young he's drawing we looking of a market of
middle aged man and when getting older as well don't
forget that when you speak about digital age so
it it's not just about the entertainment because there's a real danger you
have two options that are negative word sports could go to
the first one is is this one that historically i referenced doesn't bread and circuses
some people might recognise that figure that's emperor augustus
and probably one of the really important and produce light beer
say that most of you probably know me roll and
august of us and person that's about it so one guy build a lot the other one destroyed everything
uh yes no i actually only became emperor because his
political campaign manager wasn't i called my sense
by history he has been turned into a person that actually supported arts
that's not what he mostly eat most of mess n. s.
money went into when i sing plot yeah ha gangs
all organising people being eaten up by wild animals in the
circus says that's where the power of augustus came from
whenever there was chaos in the play offs blah i would organise
a new mascara and people looked at it and it
this for us what's is not so different from some of
the professional leagues we have in the us today
it's not so different from champions league clubs it's very
different from juniors on the sixteen years of age
but we're looking at some elements offs what's going into that direction
and the other direction and now i speak of olympic sports i don't speak necessarily of ease
what so ever on articles would but the classical olympic sports where will they yet
and i get serious about yes because you know what we're losing our base
everything we talked today about the digital essentially is
right it helps me consume the sport
but where is the key is drawing now that actually do that's worked
and i think it i was so fascinated by the example alex and just gave because
i think that is trying to do something with that day he is and
i showed it before yes b. he's a chance to change that
federations do not just have the power to do that be huh the mission to do that
that's why they are they are and fierce too much talk about just the business side
then about how do you use these great
platforms to actually recreate your old file
because you know what since this figure when ah it's getting
easier to sell i'm just like takes its with some
it's easier we're back on form from swiss television
we're back on t. v. it it really does work and start my last season is ah
war is not lost that i made some real big changes
and trains number one it needs to clean up
and that is directly linked to this strange here
uh as um what's rightly pointed i'm i'm how my father
comes from hungary and in hungary they have the same
they cut off the head it's but the asses we may
and this saying the if we do not change the generation of sports leaders
a that rather in the next couple here is the the next couple of decades
we will definitely see that now you're asking yourselves no wonder why that
guy's not getting a job in sports anymore no actually i i
wanted to get out of there so this aspect let's include let's think link
the card bastions unspoiled let's meet stories about those bars et cetera
you know what for most of those what's this does not work it will
work full balls that goal that but later way that all the
pure entertainment wait for all the others it will only work for those
who are already aficionados that are already hooked up with this what's
you can create a star needs what's with the e. sports community
it's very difficult to create real stars outside of the community
you haven't actually drawing community take advantage of it now
most olympics would need to we roll their community and this is why
copy paste these approaches won't work you actually me to to to
become sort of side actually relevant again as a sports
and if you do not achieve that if we do not get back to re new values if we continue to
create new essex words and we fill them up with seventy year old people
that were asked that compromise as everybody else it would simply no work
i have i've completely lost hope in nineteen forty one in the
united states there was a big belief that the what's going
fact and that the us maybe should not and should not have entered
and the united states government started one of the biggest marketing
complain ever which was schooled rolls the the river to
so i should pop rivets into the aeroplanes that would put them all
it's affected it never happened there's just certain association that you can
say with another big sports manufacture if we try hard enough

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