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see all the talking about learning in simulated micro gravity
astronauts floating around doing space mission if it looks
like it's all fun and games up there
but the reduce crime has its side effects bones and muscles
are no longer stimulated because it to reduce gravity
and will decline in the long term
to avoid this
astronauts have to keep stimulating the leg muscles
by for example running on this special treadmill with elastic straps that
keep them down on the ground you simulate both condition
now if we get back to earth gravity as also it's adverse effect
activities such as running for example um can lead
to overuse injuries because of the repeated impact
so to avoid this what you could we for example one inspiration twenty one
a company has developed a treadmill that makes it last
it consisted with conventional to not enclosed in a lexical chamber
but in b. c. you have ways that
which amber if weights and lift you up to provide the design but what's worked
research has shown that this device enables exercising with
less impact and enabled sufficient training intensity
at fast these wars
what we are looking at is the effect at the cargo vessel level because usually when
the champ inflate it increases the pressure around the lights
yeah for the blood vessels can be squeezed and it would
increase the bar volume that comes on the legs towards the
part and that could influence the cardiovascular regulation during access
what we have shown so far is that the invasion of the chamber
indeed increases the law volume that comes from the fact was
dark so it displaces as to significance volume low
from the next to the art what these f. x. is only transit really
and is soon compensated while some weekends in that we don't know yet what's that of those
athletes and also patients to exercise in space
without disturbing there are the best system
it's a bit like

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