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oh good evening everyone um i'm sure you all have a friend who wants to do that
you run a huge actually running race and i bet that you thought is crazy
because we all in mass in capacities to enhance its kilometres intending environmental conditions
the running is a fascinating in recent area of investigation for sports psychologist
and also possible grounds like the right company which the rock travelling here and managers
or community using an online forum on which twenty winners can share experiences
make this is an s. closely these experiences because our goal is to understand how people do to run for too
long time what are the strategies to avoid working down how today trying why do some of them wish joe
summary statistics so whether they're myself which droll where around forty cents
as we did not know the processes that are involved in the achievement of of such kind of performance
it's a scientific sounds to understand how people deal with the difficulties of this ball
a result highlighted two main findings friends finding runners go through three typical state
the suffering states when run the struggle with pain and exhaustion
the revival state runners have whites inflation
and the preservation state when runners try to manage their their resources
like for example adapting the pace or taking that worked
so what are the key elements to finish a race when comparing features and
we'll dollars we found that finishers spent more time in the preservation space
why with rubber is women for too long in the staffing state and became unable to we
it's huge you finish the race that uh there for the feature is a careful runner
the same finding
runners share common constant regarding health and training have it on the red light for
the committee is supportive and even if runners may go through difficult moments done never completely alone
therefore in the light these findings if i had to answer the question are clarence crazy
i say no they are actually rather reasonable and smart running freaks
because it's obviously all travellers usually usually train by themselves
we hope that by sharing our reserve with the community it will bring awareness to run
as of all levels so that they can all successfully been used their races
beyond that they can also only do what experience of crossing the finish line and be
able to enjoy themselves were running across amazing landscapes thank you for your attention

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