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how so how everybody's which would be uh quite a
like a fast to present uh and this research in the transition it's quite difficult to so uh
i'm going to talk about uh and sustainability uh you're going to talk about that more
uh what you can see here is a picture of a bar that are going to be held the
the the next work up twenty twenty two and this place is going to be a sticker
so uh uh whatever you can sing and i mean a sustainability is going to be uh
uh at the agenda uh is it a a good idea or not organise and even their sport event
uh it's it's just a little uh to a certain event in football where i in a place where a
few people are playing football or are watching football uh this is a question uh that's is that right
so um the answer from the spot organisation uh it is already here
uh uh the question the i mean the answer about uh
a sporty vince um can be sustainable because uh and the last ah
yeah you see president set a sport has to be a sustainable
and what he said um that sport is too big now i mean is part of the society your where many here today
and uh we cannot ignore uh the rest of the society and that's what he said when the
lounge uh the twenty two uh and then pick agenda so its sustainability isn't the place
so the question now is here in laws and what can we do a uh regarding this um this question
and what we can do is uh studying studies so uh
uh this research is uh mainly uh a desk research
uh looking at all the tools that have been developed from like many many years
and what we can see is that we have many many um things that are the been done literature
but that there is no consensus today and uh um tools that have to be applied to a sporting events
what we can see that we have many a sector specific as to these lights
economic impact studies uh environment as a study things like that
often the tools are very complex fraction of the island p. dips impact studies
it's more than one hundred and twenty uh indicators so it's difficult to implement
and then uh sometimes uh and this kind of a sustainability studies
are coming from small organisation of from a black private bodies
i don't know uh always uh and a fully independent
so what we can do we know universities to uh to look at that and to uh to propose um uh and you too
and that's what we're doing here and power source students involve uh in
this study isn't in dow walking on the uh sustainability uh questions
and uh we are working on a new tool uh normally think one the idea is
to uh to cover uh the the economic impact social environment about legacy to
and uh data is also to to work with but um uh other
faculties well i will also the chance to work with the
e. p. f. l. on uh i i think technology also together that that twelve new ways of gathering
data uh to conduct this kind of studies and to have this uh a simple an independent approach
so uh the first results uh i'm going to be given
to the lesson twenty twenty a usenet begins committee
uh the idea is to uh i mean this is a partnership between the the university of those and the p. f. l.
and the there isn't twenty twenty committee uh to give them a tools uh expertise
about having a a indicators to a measure a sustainability impacts and
to also uh have been to manage these uh impact
and uh sustainability strategy so it could be useful for all cities for different
events uh to know if when it's more sustainable than another one
and also uh for comparing for smoking initiation for comparing when editions one
other thank you for attention and uh i think it ha

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