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thank you and good afternoon everybody should or it's always a picture and the speaker of the thing
not uh not easy i'm not presentation about the effect of
training with additive on learning following immediately control directive
not just start with a question what's the difference between a christian over now though and you should work
or what's the difference between mike sign so yeah i'm i'm simone buys
even though they all try and hours and hours to become the best at beep in
the the fifteenth some of them are used to train the brain more than others
chris channel for example is used to racked in a highly dynamic and continuously changing environment
and um and actually checked reese channel have to make quick
decisions have to rapidly at that too unpredictable situations
i have to be um could need to be flexible in other words athletes pakistan on not
only have developed their copyrights battery fitness or the the need the also trend that right
and the other was it you shane is used to performing in a stable and predictable environment
rise cognitive abilities are probably required there is no one expected surprise on the track
so now the question is how can we improve search cognitive uh abilities how does
the brain response to such training and those exams and if yes how
had brain imaging techniques allow us to investigate what happens
in the brain adjustable science institute of the university of clothes and we use the e. g.
excellent program to collect electrical activity is produced by ignorance within the brain
the objective of our team is to investigate the relationships
between the brain human movement and cognitive function
we basically transposed tools and methods use in our science to sports and movements sciences
let's go back to to chris channel as it on the finance yeah stop it got up to unpredictable situations
in which split seconds impressions of what the action are needed
um this ability to stop motto accents is commonly referred to more talking to be to be controlled
which provides what adapted behave your new or changing situations
but now i can guess as this ability in that that we the basketball courts
to go no good ask route participants have to response that's part of possible
on a keyboard when editor appears on the screen on is that it
or even weeks so i don't go or no go condition
thanks so that you do that you're recording during that that we can have
valuable to see how the brain adapts its itself through the the training
and we can then compare the brand at the beginning and at the end of the training
and demonstrate the um the meeting property of the brain
to reorganise itself even after a short chaining
when i see short it's fifty minutes so later now imagine how the benefits channel

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