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thank you very much so
i would agree to be to be quite a jump straight printed it
i e. e. e. for organisations sorry yeah bring together people
from all over the world cheering celebrating to get
so opaque federations on the one hand on the other hand great events that we eager to consume
ah actually organised by the same federations paradox no well let me give you more illustrative example
i believe you all know h. m. m. and perhaps you know this feeling to
you by the close even though you suspect that the production site in china
maybe don't care too much about fair working conditions you still buy them because
the production process is invisible to you and because you want the product
but federations it's simple as soon as cases of corruption and don't think i made
public we feel scandalous that most of the time we don't really know what
happens behind the seat and anyway what could you know i do change the
situation so seeing that that's the problem is already good however solutions that
we believe that one solution systemic profession ovation a systemic professional
they she integrates both elements of the external environment
an organisation internal elements and today they're actually seem
to struggle with increasing external requirements internal transformations
in my research i try to understand these external and internal challenges and opportunities
well before presenting conclusions i'd like to correct it common prejudice only
because most of the time he about federations like fitful
night w. f. doesn't mean that to reach the gemini cropped it you actually know that about ninety other federations
now the moment is how well i maybe have to disappoint you if i did not find
universes excess formula federation profession of age or so or the research for nothing no
and i'd like to address my concluding recommendations to the federation directly
yeah federations you absolutely need to develop and maintain a high
capacity of adaptation of its change will be changed
and we got was the changes your goals and actions should always be in line with the
mission that has been assigned to you by your members your mission is you beating huh
so keep it healthy okay and you should be sensitive about key aspect such
as having an organisation called chop it carries the profession of action process
i think the leadership uh_huh sound management factors us a commercial
station that does not undermine or contradict your mission
and the importance of external pressures in case all of the aforementioned aspects should fate
so our findings show that we can distinguish drivers embarrass of recent professional they should
and the dynamic interaction us federations plea to understand them
it's not about person records here is about striving for what's best for

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