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thank you very much and thank you very much uh john do an email for giving
me this opportunity to address a few words to this uh audience sport future rendezvous
people have a rendezvous with our future
what will the future be like
when we think about the future we do that from the presence the present with history
about um fourteen billion years ago or universe began and form the basis of our present future
living on a tiny speck of mass floating
in these last and fast expanding universe
making predictions is very hazardous and ever circling on such time scales
but even within the limited time scales
um that we are concerned with productions are still very hard to make
physiologist thought for example that mount everest could not be climbs without bottled
oxygen because of the lack of barometric pressure but messer and harder
they proved us wrong in nineteen seventy eight
also many scientists predicted that running a marathon
in less than two hours is impossible
well last saturday tell you to keep so get all almost it
missing the two hour mark by a mere twenty five seconds which is a fraction of a percent
it illustrates how strong combination of the right talent training and settings can create
strong symbolism around and in essence arbitrary obstacle but this can fascinate us
just like mount everest is just about as high as the human species can climb
without deleting oxygen from bottles it to our marathon seems to represent the physiological limits
to the human species that only some extreme outlier can approach
this fascination brick streams in human endeavour and especially in sports
that measure performance in seconds and grams and meters
will inevitably level out and stop being meaningful
why simply because even though we can expect other outliers like the amazing you sign bold
or you'd get should be to improve the records somewhat uh the hundred
meter dash or the marathon will never be run in zero seconds
our reckon breaking era will end just file everything out
colleagues have model that is will likely happen in a mere twenty to fifty years from now
depending on the sport with this influence the future of the sports but given the history
of modern sport over some hundred years or so fifty years would seem a lot
that they will be important changes with the seem likely given the
present dynamics of the world in general that sports in particular
choosing another time scale that of our species almost options
we appeared some two hundred thousand years ago
what is important to realise is that for most of the time not much change in the ways we went about our daily lives
expressed in a percentage only three percent to go we started forming became civilised
zero point one percent ago we started industrial education in nowadays major technological changes six
each other we devise panels of the needed individual lasting only fraction of percent
yeah what is striking is the acceleration of strange getting it feeling
of uncertainty about where this rapidly changing world will go
on may twenty seven two thousand fifteen just before dawn seven high ranking fee file officials
are rested at the prestigious hotel bar on the lake i'm sorry can switzerland
their presence is related to the election of said doctor fourth fifth term as a president
event is another one in a series of loudly media tie scandals around corruption lack of proper governments
this was the rest the subjects on behalf of the us judicial
system the letter have collected evidence suggesting wide scale corruption correctly
says with money transmitting through you was bank accounts which provide
the legal how hoops to make the case in switzerland
several the suspect are extradited to us and hand it over to the local you disagree
in the following months it appears that the problems of mismanagement are and then it
it wasn't the first time it was out into winter games in salt lake city were bought time aside on fifteen use present
of the international federation of weightlifting could not explain to disappearing of five million euros obtained from the i. u. c.
roebuck also obtain thirty three million commission during is twenty fewer young twenty
three twenty four year long presidency of the international volley ball association
as a new stuff vice president of the handle federation gave himself a nice five for the person's salary increases
and more recently i a. f. scandals also showed how rough high ranking officials
seem more interested in money then sport and this anthology is largely incomplete
just only mentioning some i cases that came to the limelight as a chip of a largely hidden eyes perk
and these are just a few examples of a seemingly accelerating series of revelations of
all the negative aspects of sports hoping match
fixing illegal betting correction violence discrimination
no but i station professional association in comedy to creation of that to like dynamics
in which conflicting forces lead to both excesses and calls for change
also more integrity more ethics and is shown you just mentioned
this led to what some not even call new industry
but what is just as integrity i think's all about are we
sure that we're talking about the same concepts i don't
think so it seems to be quite some confusion and misunderstanding
and certainly also window dressing highly polished the size settings
hypocrisy we have to make it is human trait we are all the pockets
the question is where to draw the line and how to organise things so as we
share them and to them to what is this call for integrity about internet excel
well x. at its simplest is a system of moral principles
the influence our decisions and how we view our lives underlies with
others it concerns are moral decisions was glued what is bad
it can change the language of right and wrong is about writes
its about responsibilities it's how to live a good life
sounds kind of simple huh
well it isn't the boundaries of what is ethical i'm not necessarily clear under under influence
of culture enhanced time it change philosophers have been debating on i think since ever
this is results in in useful framework for enquire read it
can help us to address problems it present moral dilemmas
but philosophy does not necessarily get us ready made answers here is a famous
example to illustrate the point imagine you're standing next to a level
there's a runaway troll dialling down the railway tracks had all
the tracks there's five people tied up unable to move
it probably is headed straight for them if you pull the lever
you can switch the trolley to a different set of tracks however you notice that there is one person on the side
you are confronted with a lemon nothing the five people main track will get killed
we had a white patrolling on the side track and it only kills one person
but it turns out that the majority of you would choose to kill one to say five but not all
now imagine instead of standing next to the lever you're standing next
to a fact person on the bridge over the track if
you push the fact man from the bridge on the track you can gain stop the trolley from killing five people
but now only a minority of you will choose to push the fat one over on the bridge
even though the simple arithmetic would agree to this act it is just to say
ah well many variations of this probably the lemma exist and have contributed to clarify
the underlying difficult questions how can they help us to make difficult decisions
no you may remark is all theory useless academic planner
but it is not think about the future i mean try for less cars are
there and we have to problem and these cars to make exactly these decisions
moral ambiguity is and will remain right this is also the case in sports on the playing field and around
in several very pregnant contemporary examples will be late on the date it this morning
what has uh integrity have to do with all of that and what actually is integrity
well the word integrity is used in many meanings integrity may for example re for prefer to be chew to maintenance
of identity keeping to some core values it made us with
for individuals with respecting to keeping true to themselves
but does that such integrity does not lessen their necessarily
mean acting morally that personal integrity might act immoral
important this is also true for organisations
the word is also used to refer to moral integrity which relates to keeping two
seconds a certain set the shared values that make sense in space in time
so this guy vacations are essential because it's perfectly possible to imagine a sport for
initiation that as a body is up right and acts in a coherent manner
but is involved in activities with consequences that becomes consider it more
charles chaplin mentioned examples of where reflection and action is necessary cheating
much fiction it's fixing hoping hooliganism gigantic isn't bribery corruption
these areas attention pose many ethical dilemmas that need well reasoned broadly accepted decisions
right now the diagnostic is still a lack of sufficiently high
standards of moral integrity in the world of organised sport
your original international federation's most of them dating from the times of amateur
sport and founded on the principle of volunteer work by sports lovers
have shown not to be capable to change among the maelstrom of commercial association and
put a season of top sport over the last fifty or so years
enormous financial growth of the sport sector in large part
the consequence of this spectacular increase in broadcasting revenues
was not accompanied by the so necessary structural changes in the organisational structures
the same time the old ideal of the ah aristocrat amateur
sportsman from it was not done too seriously train
was completely replaced by the professional athlete from the olympic marco faster higher stronger is taking this route
the winner takes all culture developed with all the slippery slopes toward the opening match fixing and
the instrument at the liberation of sports and athletes for the political and other girls
despite these troubled waters the ideal of yours for to still held high and is used but also misuse
the mother affixes asked to be in the supplements
and impossible ideal creature of impeccable status and
rather even better well some manager it's only manage
continue violating all imaginable law wasn't commandments
justice for politics in general also sports politics is not
free from large doses of metabolism and hypocrisy
so the good reasons to look for ways to improve looking back at all
that went wrong in saying that much still goes wrong today is important
it will help us in finding the right recipes for structural changes that reduce the probability of future feelings
applying good principles of governance in and introduction of more transparency
and more robust control mechanisms will likely be of help
there's still a lot you may be clear but they're also signs that there is movement in the right direction
although politics are marked the request for autonomy of sport
favourably for a long time increasingly there is legislation
but is also applicable to the world sport but conflicts of interest may lead to slowing up the pace
the trepidation of switzerland to with that it's small also has to do with the
fact that the majority of international for the reasons have their headquarters here
so yes i think we can all agree that improvement is necessary but it is important to
discuss what exactly we understand on improvements improvement
is by definition situated in the future
and implies being different from what was prior so improvement
is looking ahead look to works the horizon
but horizons of improvement can become cluttered with ideology
once improvement does that been convinced that the new way will be better
it is a promise that things will improve and this takes time
but in real time many things happen and not all the changes will necessarily be improvements
the ideal at the bases for change in order to improve something
may take on new token dimensions in the sense that the problems is not releasable
such is not without danger because it can lead to a gold justifies the means dynamic
with out of proportion changes that potentially can lead to negative even though unintended side effects
step four important to ask the questions where we are heading in the long term
how will global sports governments look like in the future where will today's dynamics beat us to
they can readily be forces heard that there's a need for more global governance in sport
two thousand one coffee and and at that time secretary general of the united nations
appointed the foremost was present adults will be as special adviser on sport for that and and please
this function was taken over two thousand about if we plan go to step down last year
for the time being the activities of this united nations office on sports for development and
he's are limited to the promotion of sport as a vehicle for positive social change
but now that we're confronted to all the scandals him problems should be
perhaps start thinking about extending this mandate with regulation and control
or should be created united nations office on sports and crime office it
cleans up with the help of interpol and the national executive powers
us uh started played a major role into the musky of the management fee for
this brings me to the dynamics of dropping an anti dumping all
the problematic surround sport governments and organisations such as the for
r. a. f. and interactions with politics of state searchers russia kenya you would say
sure this dynamics ask for action it's badly needed
but an important question is what exactly needs to be done sure enough better
principles of management more transparency more robust control mechanisms are again you
but some restraint is perhaps also abuse the principle
of minimum regulation is also here applicable
with regard to these dynamics of dumping scandals big automatically to the request for more means
for repression and i'm not only an elite sport but also an amateur score
in this case it looks can be deceiving you talking promise of adopting
free sport for all brings about the climate of goal justifies mean
the question whether this dynamic might not lead to more problem than it prevents is the relevant one
is a full blown war on dropping really a good idea is the direction we are taking the
right one or is it morphing into with dangers utopian idea there's a precedent here too
it's our disastrous experience with the war on products started in the sixties by mixing and then reinforced
by reagan and bush bush with the help of an increasing number of other heads of state
this one rocks was made possible to buy a very conservative united nations office on drugs and crime
making it very difficult for you and member states to experiment with alternative ways of dealing with work
these experiences make one think that a global governance of sport could lead to unintended side
effects if it would choose and rely simple goals perhaps we should tread carefully
but in the meantime video is on its way yes i would begin looking forward to the world cup two
thousand eighteen and we used games here it was on in twenty twenty just to name a few
i certainly look forward but perhaps not anymore exactly with the same naive excitation
is our experience as a kid in the sixties of last century when
i joined so much looking at those passionate semi amateurs with limited means that
their utmost best are we nowadays forgetting that actually so just humans
can a champion just be and remain move manage just human
sport was split but it's sport steel plate
some people think google is a matter of life and death are
you sure you which much more serious than that though shanty
yes it's complicated and there's a lot of room for improvement this will take time and effort and ask for
transparency and democracy in exchange between sports organisations governments and
euros actually it's actor spectators but also the academics
but it was an area is rich for expresses a both actors and academic no
recently the university of lausanne launched a campus wide platform for sports
signs between all faculties from theology through more to molecular biology
this platform is extended with the expertise from other big players into the manic area
such as the e. p. f. l. and other academic institutions uh in the future in something called smart new
the idea is to make access to academic expertise easier for
those grappling with difficult questions one good example is rats
research expertise not that hoping sciences competence back from this event i'd hoping that
by former was an attack hoping that director professional professor marshall so she
this platform provide service to organisations for questions related to the we could open problem
given all the different challenges ahead for global sports such initiatives are necessary in order to
provide is the best tools to build our future and a specific our future sport
to return to the greater perspective of the future of humankind which
sports just one aspect of its dynamics it's relevant to underline
the utmost importance of two major technological breakthrough
two major heretic magic changes are underway right now they
will profoundly change the ways of our world
one is the ongoing biomedical revolution and especially are increasing mastery of the genetic cool
yes the the general attitude on tinkering our own genetic code
was um rather uh don't go there today this clearly sting it's not
anymore requesting of if but a question of when and how
the other thing is that changes with regard to artificial intelligence
these two paramedics sits alone in combination represent
truly tremendous powerful developments that whole both
great promise but also great threats and there is no just saying no
and there will be no such thing as re writing the future
the sports world must also view with these developments will be
confronted with many ethical dilemmas important choices to be made
and it will need to try to do good well doing it right
looking for the best outcomes respecting all people concern avoiding negative consequences
while keeping to the existing or some rules in place now a task for the fine art
i urge the sports world to aim for excellence in this regard
and to include the academic world in this and there's

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