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i just uh a couple of quick quick words um about the program uh first of all
it's gonna come up on me and i just i think it's some change since uh
i have ah we just heard from on on a problem that i've uh uh
i will give a keynote speech by the coffee break an interactive
discussion with the uh what is it just a lot about
and then we'll have p. h. d. students giving visitations in three minutes we had that gets a good thing
and then closing remarks i'm white like last word um will come up on the screen the second the t. is
um i'd also encourage you to tweak that as the twister i'm handing hash track um
and uh yesterday we ran an instant hole which was really successful i think we
have about sixty responses that we thought we do the same thing again um
here are the questions uh what is the law here is the question was the largest right is working very quickly
i don't mean match thing management rough and on is going to be with
you on thursday double facilities or events or other please specify um
if you look at your emails no you should be a receiving that
question and you'll be able to respond directly out by email
it would be great if you could respond by the time of the coffee break so that we
have time during the coffee break that take a look at the results and then lies them

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